Liquid Web Review: 100% Uptime Hosting, Features [2021 Updated]

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If you are thinking about one of the best hosting services, Liquid Web is a good one. The company has been running for years and has offered quality hosting services. Well, if you are eager to know more about Liquid Web hosting, I have got for you a complete Liquid Web review.

Speaking about Liquid web hosting, it’s one of the leading managed to hosting service providers in the online space. They are powering tons of websites and users have chosen their services time after time.

Especially, hosting services of Liquid Web are optimized for different apps such as WordPress, WooCommerce, premium email, and many more.

Now, what makes Liquid Web special is that they offer managed web hosting customized to different servers. Especially, the hosting services are also optimized for special apps that is another better thing.

Alongside, with the Managed Hosting plans, you will get your very own custom made cPanel. Here, you can use the cPanel to manage different WordPress websites.

Right now, let’s go ahead and unwrap a complete Liquid Web review, right in this article.

Liquid Web Review: Features

After an immense series of research, I have jotted down different features of Liquid Web hosting.

So, let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the features, one by one.

Fully Managed Services

One of the major highlights of Liquid Web hosting is that they offer fully managed services. Each of the options is fully customized and with the managed scenario, you don’t have to put much of effort.

With this, Liquid Web will be responsible for managing software updates, security patches, and other such things.

Additionally, you will also get pure assistance whenever needed by the company where they have the knowledge to resolve issues, as quickly as possible.

Therefore, these things will save tons of your time where you can invest your time in other services.

Automatic Plugin Updates

Automatic Plugin Updates

While almost all of the hosting service providers update WordPress core, Liquid Web helps to automatically update plugins and reduces the risk of vulnerability threats.

Now, in order to avoid any sort of conflicts, the plugins are updated in a different environment before updating the same on the production site.

With this, you don’t have to worry about updating each of the plugins on your own. Liquid Web will automatically update plugins and you don’t have to do any of the things.

Currently, there are tons of hosting companies that don’t offer automatic plugin updates. In that scenario, you got to update the plugin as per the needs that can be frustrating and even time-consuming at times.

Therefore, all you can do is to install plugins and update will be done automatically, without offering any sorts of stress.

iThemes Sync pro

Going ahead in Liquid Web review, the iThemes Sync Pro helps to manage every other website from a single location. Also, it also monitors the Google Analytics data along with the SEO status and easily controls what the clients see in wp-admin.

Additionally, it will also update you about the uptime and the downtime which is a far good thing.

Hence, with the iThemes Sync Pro, you can manage each of the things in the best possible way.

Control Panel


The Liquid Web hosting company offers the best of all control panel to manage website hosting server and the environment. While this is not a popular control panel, it does the job in the best possible way.

Now, one thing you must note is that Plesk isn’t as easy to use as the traditional cPanel. However, the moment you will start using it on a daily basis, you will understand every single thing about Plesk.

Right from Plesk, you can effectively manage website resource usage, domains, and tons of other things.

Also, the cPanel from Liquid Web doesn’t crash and you can use it for hours and manage your website to an absolute level of perfection.

A Take on Features of Plesk

Going ahead in Liquid Web review, there are tons of features offered by Plesk that you must take into consideration.

Out of which, the best of features are as follows:

  • Add functionality to your websites
  • Build websites
  • Onboard new customers
  • Improve your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Install Third-Party app you wish to have
  • Set up different forms of authentication for your websites
  • Backup your website
  • Connect domains to web hosting
  • Set up email for websites
  • Check the Bandwidth along with usage

Additionally, Plesk even offers the option to access Softaculous that can help you to install WordPress and different plugins.

Now, the features which Softaculous offers are as follows:

  • Microblogs and Blogs
  • Customer Service forums and discussion forums
  • Live chat support and other customer service tools
  • Project management
  • Wide range of e-Commerce features
  • Ad Management
  • ERP
  • Image Galleries
  • Wikis
  • Social marketing tools

Site Speed Optimization

Going through different features of Liquid Web hosting, site optimization for WordPress websites is a prominent one.

Indeed, in a fast paced world, almost every other person wants their website to be fast and optimized as per the needs.

Also, faster page loading times lead to good browsing experiences where you can get a chance to get better conversions, leads, and sales.

Now, for ensuring better site performance, Liquid Web optimizes each of the servers using the latest technologies. In this case, technologies such as Mod_PageSpeed and Memcached are technologies used for faster website loading.

In addition, Liquid Web offers server-side CDN (Content Delivery Network). Well, the content delivery network is specially designed to bolster the speed and also decrease loading times.

On top of that, they make use of that faster SSD which increases the site loading time by a great margin.

Altogether, with the use of such latest technologies, the site loading time is bound to get faster by any means.

Free Website Transfers

Liquid Web Review

Currently, there are only a few hosting companies that offer free website transfers. Well, it’s a complicated process for which the companies charge a sum of money.

However, with Liquid Web, there is no sorts of cost associated. In this scenario, you can transfer almost any number of websites with Liquid Web, and still, you don’t have to spend any money.

All thank goes to the company’s free migration service where you just have to give details to their customer support.

After this, they will take your website into consideration and will give you a timeline of migration.

Once everything is done and your website is migrated, then you will get an email for the same at your email address.

Overall, with Liquid Web hosting, you can migrate almost any number of websites as per your likings and wish.

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WP CLI Enabled

Moving ahead in Liquid Web review, the hosting company has got WP CLI Enabled. With the help of this command-line tool, you can easily enable users for managing plugins, installing WordPress websites, and do much more than the usual.

Unlike other hosting service providers, Liquid Web offers special attention towards their WP CLI where you will get the same pre-installed.

The moment you have chosen the plans paid money and set up your website, you can stand a chance to customize your site with different plugins.

Also, with the help of WP CLI, you can install and at the same time manage different plugins at your convenience.

Performance and Uptime

Liquid Web Review

Coming down at the performance and uptime section, every single user demands quite a better performance and uptime.

Well, with good performance of websites, users are bound to stay for longer hours which will return a better conversion ratio.

Also, with the use of SSD, the performance of your website is bound to reach to some good heights. Indeed, SSD’s are faster than HDD which improves the uptime of the website to some considerable extents.

Going ahead in Liquid Web review, even the uptime of the Liquid Web is on the far good end. In this case, they make use of stable servers that helps the website to remain up and running, every possible case.

Here, you will not find your website going down in any of the cases. Yes, it will remain up, running and you can make far better conversions in this case.

Overall, I have tested the performance and uptime of Liquid Web and I saw no sorts of issues in this case.

Therefore, with Liquid Web, you will get greater performance and even the uptime will always be above par.

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Liquid Web Data Centres

Now, coming into the section of datacentres, Liquid Web as a hosting company offers some of the best data centers.

Right now, the company is operating three of its data centers in Arizona, Michigan, and Lansing. Also, having complete control over the architecture, the company promises to offer an uptime of 100%.

This thing is quite remarkable and stupendous by the company where your site will be kept up and running, every single time.

Also, all of the data centers offered by Liquid Web are SSAE-16 approved that is another better thing.

Hence, with Liquid Web data centers you don’t have to worry for even a second about their durability. The company makes use of the latest servers which delivers tremendous support, in every possible scenario.

Security and Backups

Liquid Web Review

For any user, security is something that is most important in the current date world. In the current online space, cybercrimes are increasing on an extensive rate and with the increase of such crimes, web hosting companies got to offer good hosting services in terms of security.

Speaking about the Liquid Web hosting company, it offers a great amount of security to each of their websites. Yes, they offer SSL and with their very own threat prevention measures, you can be sure that your website will not be affected by intruders or viruses.

On the other hand, for the people who are willing to get backups, Liquid Web offers good backup to each of the users.

In this scenario, you can easily backup different website data as per your needs. With this, you don’t have to wonder about backups and don’t have to pay additional money for the same.

With Liquid Web, the security and backups have always been stronger sides and that is what the company has been striving hard to achieve the same.

Even for the starters, the data centers are kept in accurate locations where the security is kept in a tighter way. Each of the server control rooms is accessible only by authorized staff.

This is a good thing from a security perspective as it ensures that the data is kept secured in every possible case.

Additionally, the hosting company even deploys security guards and each of their facilities is kept under surveillance.

Firewall protection

In addition to special security offered by Liquid Web, the company also offers Firewall protection. Well, the company activates a certain type of firewall in the name of the CSF firewall on each of their servers.

This adds a certain amount of benefit to the servers which offer SSL site encryption to a standard set of features.

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Customer Support

Liquid Web Review

Customer support is another one of the most essential things for any user. With a good customer support, you can easily fire your queries and get them resolved in a faster way.

Speaking about the customer support of Liquid Web hosting, it has always been on the better end. They have lived up to expectations where the company has offered some of the best customer support.

In terms of their customer support, the company operates a ticket support system that allows customers to pay customers and seek assistance in the best possible way.

All the customer support things are done via email and the company has excelled in this scenario.

Plus, every single agent offered by the company are well trained and are Red Hat Certified experts. Well, these sorts of things you will not find in any other company which is the thing, Liquid Web is such successful.

The moment you will email Liquid Web hosting, you will get a response, without any delay. Plus, the support staff are trained enough to offer solutions regardless of the customer query.

Extensive Collection of Knowledge Base

For users who are experiencing some set of issues and are willing to fix them on their own, Liquid Web offers an extensive collection of the knowledge base. Yes, the knowledge base offered by this hosting provider is massive and comes with a collection of easy to navigate menus.

In terms of the helpful resources offered by the company, it ranges from FAQ, How-to articles, and other types of tutorials.

With the help of such resources, you can learn tons of things from Liquid Web. Also, you can use these resources and solve almost all of the issues, on your own.

Yes, if you are not considering customer support, such things will take time. But, once you are able to resolve one issue on your own, then you can go ahead and resolve many of such issues, with no need in any case.


Well, being one of the best hosting service providers, Liquid Web comes with some of the best Pros, you will love to the core.

The GlobalSign SSL certificate is included in each of the plans which can add an extra layer of security

Unlike WPEngine, the Liquid Web doesn’t charge on the basis of visitors to the website. In fact, every single Managed WordPress hosting plan from Liquid Web offers unlimited visitor support.

  • Solid State Drives are installed on each of the servers
  • Liquid Web offers a 100% uptime guarantee
  • Heroic Support with one of the fastest response time
  • Customer support has always been on the heroic end with good response time
  • Site Migration service available at no sorts of extra cost


  • High entry-level pricing can be a little much for newbies
  • No sorts of free ads credit offered

FAQ: Liquid Web Review

Well, to make your minds a lot clear, I have jotted down some of the most important FAQ. Let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the FAQ, one by one.

Q1. What is Liquid Web hosting Uptime Guarantee?

The Liquid Web uptime guarantee is 100% which is one of the best things. This is definitely above the industry standard whereas other companies offer an uptime of around 99.99%.

Q2. Does Liquid Web Hosting charge for Site Migration?

Well, Liquid Web hosting doesn’t charge for Website Migration in any case. Each of the migrations offered by Liquid Web is free of cost and you don’t have to spend even a single penny on migration.

However, if you are looking for a bit more complex migrations, then the scenario can be a bit different for you. Then, you will have to pay a small charge otherwise for simple site migrations, those are done free of cost.

Does Liquid Web Hosting offer Free Trial?

Yes, like other Hosting companies, Liquid Web hosting does offer a Free Trial of 30 Days. During the 30 Days period, you can test and try Liquid Web hosting.

Now, after their testing, if you like their services, you can go ahead and pay for the plans. Otherwise, you can search the internet for other companies.

Wrapping Things Up: Liquid Web Review

We have come to the ending phase of the article and the entire Liquid Web review is in front of you. Yes, Liquid Web is one of the better hosting services that servers almost every single feature, right from start.

Whether you are willing to have a high-performance website or outstanding customer support, Liquid Web offers each of the things in a seamless fashion.

Additionally, there are tons of value-added features that make Liquid Web hosting, one of the best.

With their security too, you can trust the company as they make use of all the latest security parameters. Here, the company makes use of advanced level servers where there will be absolutely no level of attacks.

Well, if you are someone who is already in the blogging industry and eager to upgrade your hosting, then Liquid Web is a good one for you.

The company comes up with every sort of hosting options and features that can benefit you in the long run.

 Now, after reading the Liquid Web review, if you are eager to buy Liquid Web services, I have made the steps quite simpler for you.

Simply, you can CLICK HERE and you will be taken straight to the Liquid Web Home page. After this, you can explore different plans and see which one is a good one for you.

Thereafter, you have a clear mind to launch your website, write posts, and bring that to the top rankings of Google.


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