Legal Transcription Jobs from Home: TOP Work from Home Jobs [2021]

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If you are someone who is interested in the best of all legal transcription jobs from home, this article has got everything for you. Indeed, in the times of covid 19, tons of people have lost their primary jobs. Due to this, for people who are good at transcription and want to try their luck, I have got an exclusive article for you.

Still, in 2021, Transcription work continues to be one of the best work from home jobs. Especially, for the people who need flexible work, legal transcription jobs from home are the true choice.

However, you must note that legal transcription jobs require some set of key skills.

Therefore, the salary here will be much higher than in ordinary transcription jobs. With this, all you can do is to go ahead and uncover an entire article on legal transcription jobs from home.

A Take on Legal Transcription Work

First of all, legal transcription work is different from ordinary transcription jobs. In fact, there are different types of transcription jobs which are given as follows:


First of all, general transcription work involves the normal audio files of speeches, conversations, speeches, and much more.

Also, any of person who has got transcription skills can learn transcription work just by taking transcription jobs.

On the other hand, the transcription jobs don’t require any set of tricky terminology or even subject matter too.

With this, even if you know a little bit about transcription jobs, you can go ahead and apply for general transcription ones.


Now, there are certain key differences when it comes to legal transcription jobs compared to the general ones.

Here, the legal transcription processes different audio files for the law offices and courtrooms.

Plus, this type of transcription takes special skills from different people who have experience for that type of a law.

Also, there will be plenty of terms you will find related to law. From that perspective, you can be sure that the given job is a legal transcription one.

More to it, in terms of salary where the general transcription people earn a decent salary, the salary of legal transcriptionists earn double that number.


Going ahead in legal transcription jobs from home, technical transcription jobs are the one that is a specialized one. Yes, for these jobs too, you will need specialized people who can effortlessly perform technical transcription work.

Here, you will need a good knowledge of computers, hardware and other technical things in this case.

Usually, the technical transcribers keenly transcribe pieces of audio which then gets into books and other documents.


Well, medical transcribe work is a lot different than ordinary transcribing jobs. In this case, if you want to become a medical transcribe, you will need immense experience in the medical field.

On the other hand, Doctors even record themselves speaking about the patient’s medical history during hospital visits.

The work of a medical transcriptionist here is to jot down the doctor’s audio into written documents.

Starting with Legal transcription jobs from home

Well, there are tons of questions where starting off with legal transcription jobs from home can be a tricky task.

In most of cases, you might need a legal background if you are willing to become a legal transcriptionist.

Plus, it’s unusual to enter into the fields of legal transcribe if you don’t have any sort of experience regarding this field.

However, there is transcriptionist who have long experience in other fields and are able to work as a legal transcriptionist.

Now, if you are someone who doesn’t have experience or professional knowledge you can still opt for legal transcription work.

However, there are tons of online courses that you can opt for in legal transcription jobs.

Additionally, you can take a step ahead and earn some good experience as a freelance transcriptionist.

There are plenty you can choose from different levels on the basis of beginners to experts.

Best legal transcription jobs from home

Now, there are tons of places that offer some of the best jobs for lawyers and other people.

However, plenty of them is those companies that don’t allow to work from home.

In such cases, below given are some of the good companies that offer legal transcription jobs from home.

Allegis Transcription

Starting with the first legal transcription jobs from home will bring Allegis transcription into the spotlight.

In most of the cases, this company offers legal work depending upon different requirements.

Here, you can easily sign up as a transcriptionist, tell your experience in the legal field, and then get matched as and when the opportunities arise.

Plus, all of the positions are kept for independent contractors and the rates they pay varies depending on different projects.

However, the company pay on the basis of weekly which is another good thing. With this, you will not have to wait for months in order to get the pay.

Depending on projects, the rate and pay vary where if you have got the experience, you will get higher pays.

Plus, for the legal transcription work, you must at least have a WPM of 75. If this is the case, you can try your hands at the Allegis transcription company, without an issue.



Going ahead towards the next legal transcription jobs from home, Athreon offers speed to text services for a different type of industries.

Here, the company is selective to choose their candidates where the ideal candidate must be pretty much qualified.

In fact, the website clearly states that the experience of Athreon transcriptionists is 15 years. This is a massive statement from this company where you know that they hire employees with massive experience.

Plus, another thing to note is that the company effectively specializes in technical industries like legal along with medical.

Here, if you want to crack the job, you should have excellent listening and typing skills. Plus, you must be very accurate in each of your transcription work.

The company prides on itself on providing a decent work-life balance for different transcriptionists flexible schedule and many more.

Plus, you will even get detailed feedback on work along with quick access for helping people with technical difficulties.

Additionally, Athreon even assigns projects on the basis of expertise. Therefore, if you have got the experience, you can go ahead and apply for the Athreon jobs, without an issue.


BAM Transcription

The BAM Transcription company is for entertainment transcription purposes. But, the company also performs legal transcriptions and other types of transcription work for clients.

Being a legal transcriber, you will have to perform transcribing on legal work in the best manner.

If you are interested to work with BAM, you can send your applications, clear the interview and work, in the best possible manner.


Cambridge Transcriptions

Well, moving ahead in another one of the best legal transcription jobs from home, Cambridge transcriptions is another great one.

This is another company that is qualified and experienced enough in legal transcriptions.

The company is specifically looking for candidates who have got previous experience in the legal field.

Plus, from your end, you must have a strong knowledge of English and immense good typing skills.

Additionally, you are also required to have at least one year of experience for relevant professional skills.

Any other person who has got the experience or the interest in working with this company can send their resume and the cover letter via email. s

Then, the company will look after the candidates and the best ones will be asked to give the interview.

However, the pay isn’t listed on the company website and if you are experienced enough, you will get better pays, without an issue.



Now, if you are serious to become an independent contractor or even CyberDictate, you can opt for legal transcription jobs from home.

The company welcomes to apply for their jobs and if you live in United States, nothing can be better for you.

Also, before you apply, you must have the right types of equipment that are necessary for the job. This includes a headset, foot pedal along with the transcription software. Here, you can use the software to read a different types of files, without any issue.

Plus, Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, and Excel must be readily available on your computer.

Additionally, the company seeks different legal transcriptionist work for fulfilling the legal need of clients.

Here, speaking about the experiences, you must have at least three years of experience before you can apply for this work from home job.

Once you apply, you got to sign an independent contractor agreement along with a non-disclosure agreement for clients to work with.

The moment you are ready to apply, you can easily go ahead and contact the Human Resources department for further instructions.


Daily Transcriptions

The Daily Transcriptions delivers different sorts of transcription services for a variety of industries. Such industries include academics, businesses along with legal transcriptions.

Plus, the company hires independent contractors that are available for different sorts of full-time or part-time work.

Therefore, in this case, you will be responsible for completing own taxes as a part of the contractor.

On the other hand, the Daily transcriptions don’t guarantee on the hours per work. But, if you can be with the company, goodness will come your way.

Also, you will be contracted on a call basis as and when the work is available.

Therefore, if you are searching for side legal transcription jobs from home for extra money, you can rely on Daily Transcriptions.

Every single US citizen who has got the experience in transcription services is welcome to apply for this particular job.

Also, it’s noted that some amount of experience is needed in the legal field if you want to apply for this job.

Thinking about the pay, it isn’t listed on the website but you can get some good amount of idea from Glassdoor.


Dictate Express

Wondering about the next legal transcription jobs from home? Dictate Express is another one of the better companies to look at.

Different legal transcriptionists who live in the United States can apply for this position to work from home.

Here, the company offers independent contractors where you have the power to choose when you work. Plus, you got to devote 45 minutes of your time per day to different projects.

Additionally, you will need intermediate computer knowledge, good speed internet connection along with windows 7 or higher for this type of job.

Plus, each of the applications will have to go through different tests to check their level of skills, grammar, punctuation, and transcribing.

In terms of experience, two years of experience is a must in this case.

Hence, if you are someone whose experience meets with the requirements of this company, you can easily go ahead and apply for their job.


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The E-Typist is one of those companies that focuses strictly on legal transcription services. Yes, as an individual who is willing to join core legal transcription work, you have the chance to work as per your availability.

Now, in this case, to work for a legal transcription company, you must have a pretty solid speed internet connection, Windows 7 plus, and the company will offer you the software to work with.

Additionally, from your end, you can even send the resume to the email address listed on site for the further type of instructions.


GMR Transcription

Going forward in the legal transcription jobs from home, GMR Transcription services is another good company. Here, the company doesn’t have openings available for the legal transcriptionists work.

But, from your end, you can check on the listings that are open for such type of work.

Asides from all the services which the company offers, Legal Transcription is one service that they offer to their clients.

Coming down to the other features, the company also offers a flexible schedule as an independent contractor for the GMR Transcription. But, you should be able to take some work every week for remaining active.

On the other hand, coming down towards the pay rates, they will remain private unless you clear the interviews to join the company.

Additionally, the pay rates will depend upon your experience, accuracy, turnaround time, and lots of other factors.

Also, after you submit the resume, you will be invited in order to take a test to prove your skills.

Here, you will be contacted in two weeks if the company has got the will to hire you.


InHealth Systems & Services

Well, the Inhealth System and Services is one of those company that offer professional services in the medical field.

Additionally, aside from the medical work for which the company specializes, they also offer legal expert work from home.

Now, speaking about the work positions, they can offer you full time along with the part-time positions.

Further, in order to apply for this job, you got to have two years of experience and must be a citizen of the U.S.

Additionally, you must have the ability to type at least 75WPM if you want to become eligible to work for the company.

Plus, if you know any other language aside from English, it’s a bonus for the company.

In terms of the pay, it will depend on the basis of the employee experience. Here, if you can offer some of the best work, chances are high that you will end up earning much higher money.

Additionally, you can even choose your own hours along with the days to work. After which, you can go ahead and apply for a transcriptionist job at this company.


Kendall Creek Communications

Kendall Creek Communications is the branch of Birch Creek Communication and the company deals with only legal transcription for trials, depositions, hearings, and more.

Here, you got to be an independent contractor for the company that pays between $0.75 to $1.75 per page for the Transcription Audio.

Additionally, the faster you can easily type and transcribe, the greater are the chances you can make each hour.

More to it, there can be some technical audio that needs to be converted into the text based form.

Plus, you must have an accuracy of at least 90% if you want to become eligible for this type of job.

In terms of the pay, the company hasn’t disclosed the pay from any angle. With this, if you are eligible for a good salary, you will get the same from this company, without an issue.


Net Transcripts

Well, among the best legal transcription jobs from home will bring jobs from Net Transcripts into the spotlight. First of all, as the name suggests this company is all about transcriptions and proofreading.

Therefore, if you are a passionate and hardcore transcriptionist, the company will welcome you will all your hearts.

Here, most of the work or the turnaround time is 3 to 5 business days.

Plus, you got to have a background check if you are willing to start working for this company.

Additionally, the company will give you an assessment period where you can complete each of the things and work on time.

Now, moving ahead towards other detailing, you must have prior experience in the law business before you can apply for this company.

Indeed, the company focuses on everything in a detailed way and if you don’t have such experiences, you won’t be selected for the job.

Coming down to the pay, the company hasn’t displayed any pay rate on their website. This means that most of the things will depend on the basis of your experience.

If you are good at legal transcription services, you will get much better pay from the company, without an issue.


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Pioneer Transcription Services

Have the chance to work from home with the help of jobs offered by Pioneer Transcription services.

This company is solely transcribing services that offer their services to legal companies.

Starting off with the pay you can earn, you can make around $1.50 per audio minute depending on your skills. However, if you can work over 24 hours, the pay rates are different and they go up too.

Plus, if you can complete projects with multiple speakers or in different foreign languages, the rates will be higher.

Here, you have the chance and the power to make a list of different on-call transcribers for the company. This you can do by completing the interview form right on the website.

Also, if you are a good fit, someone will definitely contact you for further instructions.

Then, the moment you are on-board, you can work on different projects and earn good money for yourself.



Now, going forward in other legal transcription jobs from home, SpeakWrite is a company that specializes in different variety of transcription services.

Here, the services include medical, legal, and even general services.

Now, the applicants must be able to type at least 60 WPM if they are willing to become eligible for the SpeakWrite company.

Plus, you must have an accuracy of at least 90% which will be verified right at the time of application.

Even in terms of salary to take into consideration, it will depend on the basis of your experience.

If you are someone who is vastly experienced and you are doing your work, a lot better way, chances are high you will get higher pay.



This is one of the best companies that offer transcription and translation services to clients.

Most of the clients are of legal and insurance fields in this case which is another better thing. Therefore, if you want to crack a job here, you got to be extremely talented in the legal field.

Additionally, another requirement is that you must reside in the USA in order to prove your citizenship. Therefore, if you are someone who lives in the USA, things can get much better for you in this scenario.

Plus, the Legal transcriptionists will be hired as an independent contractor who has come up after passing the professional experience test.

Now, coming down towards the pay, it isn’t listed anywhere on the company website. With this, each of the things will depend upon your personal experience. And, if you are capable of offering the best of all, you can have the higher pay, without an issue.



If you are thinking about one of the longest-running transcription services, TigerFish is the one that comes in mind. Yes, the company is an expert in transcription services where they offer world-class jobs to deserving candidates.

Here, the company covers almost all of the industries such as transcription video production, legal services, and many more.

Further, the company also focuses on the legal clients where if for legal transcribers, they can apply, without an issue.

Plus, a good thing about TigerFish is that the company also offers beginners to apply for this job role.

Here, each of the applicants must submit at least three samples with their applications.

Further, as long as you adhere to the style guide and the guidelines of TigerFish, you are good to go.

You can easily go ahead and apply for your kind of job in the company page. Also, make sure to write your experience so that the company can find it easier to segregate different applications.

Giving you an idea of the pay, the company pays $6 to $9 per hour for the beginners which is pretty impressive. But, for the people who have got legal experience, the pay is much higher for those job seekers.

Hence, you can easily apply for the legal transcription jobs from home offered by this company. If you are an eligible candidate, you will get the job, without an issue.


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FAQ: Best Legal Transcription Jobs from Home for Beginners

Q1. How much Money Does Legal Transcriptionist Make?

Yes, making money as a Legal Transcriptionist solely depends upon his/her experience. If a person is having experience as a legal transcriptionist, they will definitely make better money. However, even for beginners, you don’t have to worry much as the pay is good here too. 

Now, speaking about the average pay of a legal transcriptionist, they make anywhere between $20,000 to $60,000 each year. 

Day by day, this average is on the increasing curve and you can earn between $20,000 to $60,000 on an average for each year. 

Yes, this type of pay is simply outstanding where if you have got a lot more experience, you are qualified for more pay. 

All you need from your end is to work on your expertise and with every skill added, you will increase your pay, without a doubt. 

Q2. Is Legal Transcription in Demand?

Yes, Legal Transcription is in high demand, especially in the Cities. If we speak about the United States, Legal transcription is in high demand in California. It’s one of those fastest-growing fields and tons of people are willing to join this field. 

The key here is to stay focused and learn as much as you want from this field. Here, the main thing are the skills. if a person is determined to upgrade his skills, he will definitely get higher pays. 

Plus, no matter in which city of the world you live, the need for Legal Transcriptionist is everywhere which is a thing you got to take into consideration. 

Q3. How Long Should it take for transcribing 1 hour of Audio?

Approximately, it will take you around 3 to 4 hours to transcribing audio of one hour. Yes, it can take more amount of time depending upon your transcribing skills. 

Q4. Is Transcribing Hard?

Yes, Transcribing is certainly a Skill and how you can perform transcribing solely depends upon your level of skills. It’s a skill and it won’t be made in one day. You will have to give your all if you are real serious about performing the Transcribing work. 

Therefore, if you are looking to get into Transcribing work, there are tons of videos over the internet and articles. You can read each of those, see videos and perform Transcribing on your own. 

Indeed, as and when you will brush up on your skills, you can perform Transcribing in a far better way. Plus, there are a number of aids that can help you perform Transcribing, a lot better way. 

Q5. Is Transcribing a Dying Field?

Not at all. In fact with the rise in videos and audio, there are a greater need for Transcribers who can transcribe each of the audio and videos. Every day, the demand for transcribers are increasing and if you can become a better Transcriber, things can become a lot better for you. 

Q6. Can You make Money Transcribing at Home?

Well, Transcribing job pays vary on a larger basis. In this case, the least you can make is $15 for an hour and the pay can increase to any extents. 

Hence, at this stage, the things depend upon your level of transcriptionist service and how accurately you are delivering your services. 

If there is something special in your work, you will definitely get better pays even while working from home. 

Q7. How much do Beginners Transcribers Make?

If you are someone who is an entry-level transcriptionist, you can expect to make around $3.00 and even up to $11.00 for an hour. Each of the companies that hire beginners will pay less because you don’t have the experience. 

Therefore, with this, if you are into beginner Transcriptioning, pay will be less. After which, it’s up to you whether you are willing to enhance your pay or not. 

Final Word of Mouth: Legal transcription jobs from home

We have come to the ending phase of the article and the best legal transcription jobs from home are right here. In this scenario, if you are someone who is into legal transcription work, the above transcription companies can help you tons.

Currently, there are tons of people who are in the legal transcription industry and making a decent amount of money.

Indeed, before you can apply for the Transcribing work, you must have relevant experience for the same.

Still, there are companies mentioned above that do offer legal transcribing work for beginners.

On the other hand, if you are a person who has got the experience, you can land up with a much higher job profile.

Hence, in this case, you can easily browse each of the above legal transcription jobs from home.

Then, you can choose the jobs you like, apply for the same, and earn decent money in the legal transcription field.

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