Leadpages Review: Lot More Than a Landing Page [2021 Updated]

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If you are someone who is interested in simple along with code-free page building for high leads, Leadpages are an excellent option. Hence, to make things easier, I have got you a complete Leadpages review.

Speaking about the past, creating a landing page was definitely a daunting task. Yes, it was endless hard work where the designers and developers had to put all their work. Right now, in 2020 and beyond, building landing pages have become a lot simpler. Here, you can easily create landing pages with Leadpages as per your convenience.

Now, it’s something you can effortlessly do just with the help of your computer and creativity.

Hence, right now, to let you know more about Leadpages, let’s go into the topic and uncover an exclusive Leadpages review.

Leadpages Review: What Does Leadpages do?

leadpages review

Well, I am definitely going to go in-depth about Leadpages but first let’s uncover a complete Leadpages review.

For instance, Leadpages offers:

Drag & Drop editing

Right in the year 2016, the Leadpages Company completely redesigned its editor and offered drag & drop builder. This thing was of really high experience and offered a glitch-free experience.

130+ Free Templates + Good marketplace for paid templates

Yes, the Leadpages Company even offers a massive collection of 130+ templates and they even deliver a brilliant collection of every single paid template. All you need here is to edit the text and tap on the publish icon.

Different type of marketing integrations

In this scenario, you can easily connect with your best-loved marketing service, email, webinar tool, payment gateway, CRM, and many more.

Hosted Landing Pages

The Leadpages company helps in hosting almost all of your landing pages where you can still make use of your domain name.

Easy A/B Testing

You can easily spin up the latest spin test and see which versions of your landing pages perform the very best.

Detailed Analytics

Not only the Leadpages platform offer in-dashboard analytics. But these things also make it a lot easier to get up and run Facebook Pixel along with Google Analytics ads.

 Now, apart from the Landing Page builder features, the company also offers the best of lead branded features.

These features are as follows:


Leadpages offers custom-designed pop-up forms that you can easily display on the basis of user actions.

Plus, you can also link up a button that you create in the landing page creator and even create a conversion-boosting two-step opt-in.


This allows you to sign up for existing subscribers to offer everything just in one-click. For example, you can sign people for a webinar just by sending them a link

Now, going ahead in Leadpages review, while the landing page creator is of core value, the above smaller additions can give you a great boost in landing page building.

How you can Create Landing Page with Leadpages?

leadpages review

Now, that you know which are the features that you can expect from Leadpages, you can go ahead and understand how Leadpages works effectively.

Well, I will take you through the actual interface and let you know how you can apply for Leadpages.

Now, to spin up a landing page, you just need to tap on the button right from the Leadpages interface.

Then, the Leadpages will effectively ask you to choose from the 130+ free templates.

Plus, the platform even offers the option to switch to an old standard editor apart from the Drag & Drop builder.

While, it’s always good to have flexibility, the older editor from Leadpages is also quite a good one.

Of course, in this Leadpages review, you can effectively start from a 100% blank canvas. But, because the major Leadpages library is the template library.

Therefore, let’s go ahead and unwrap a demo of the Leadpages.

A Closer Look at the Leadpages Drag & Drop Builder

A Closer Look at the Leadpages Drag & Drop Builder

If you have ever used the WordPress Page Builder, you have understood all the basics of using the Leadpages editor.

On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see a live preview of what page you are purposely looking for.

Also, on the left-hand bar, you can easily access the following things:

  • Widgets

Widgets are the building blocks of pages. For example, if you are eager to insert an all-new opt-in form or button, you can easily make use of different widgets.

  • Page Layout

This type of tab helps you to build a foundational grid layout for the page with the help of columns and rows

  • Page Styles

This tab will help you choose fonts, background images, and many more things

  • Page Tracking

The Page tracking helps you in setting up basic SEO settings such as meta title along with tracking and analytics code.

Now, for every single widget that you use, quite easily you can access the settings and deploy your useful widget.

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How easy is the Leadpages editor to use?

Well, going forward in this Leadpages review, the Leadpages is quite an easier one to use. Yes, it’s pretty much flexible where you just need to drag & drop and build pages as per your needs.

Similarly, you can make use of the drag & drop builder to resize the column widths as per your convenience.

All in all, each of the things is pretty much initiative and most importantly, they don’t require any type of code.

Being said that, you can easily build good looking landing pages even if you haven’t done coding for your entire life.

Creating Call to Action (CTA) with Leadpages

Call to Action (CTA) with Leadpages

If you are building landing pages, you can easily plan to put at least one call to action on the landing page.

Indeed, smarter use of the CTA button is one of the most essential things that can enhance your conversion to some good levels.

Whenever you will click on any button widget, it will eventually bring a newer set of options.

Now, the two middle section options are simpler ones and easier to use which are as follows:

  • Font & Font Size
  • Text and Button colors

Firstly, by tapping the button right on the left, you unlock the true ability to switch between different design styles.

While this thing is not a big deal, it makes it, even more, easier to create different stylish buttons without the need for coding.

For example, some of the landing pages might require you to manually set the shadows along with radius to achieve those effects.

But, with the help of Leadpages, you can perform the same just by selecting the preset option.

Secondly, the hyperlink button not only helps you choose the URL to send a button to. But, it even allows users to link another Leadpages or even a Leadbox that you have created.

Now, this thing is quite helpful as it can help you create two-step opt-ins which is one of the most effective ways to enhance the conversion rate.

On the other hand, with a two-step opt-in, visitors tap on the button to open up a new pop up with different signing details.

All in all, Leadpages makes technique super easy and it also offers quite a flexible approach.

A Keen Look at the Flexibility of Form Widget

Form Widget

Another good thing that you might need is to display some type of form on your landing page.

With the landing page form widget, you get complete control over each of the forms on the landing page.

Whenever you tap on the Form widget, it eventually opens up a sidebar area where you can easily customize every single aspect of your form.

Also, right in the sidebar interface, you can:

  • Integrate with the email marketing or other webinar services
  • Add new type of form fields
  • Choose what you can do after the user taps on submit
  • Now, the last option is a cool one where you have the option to:
  • Keep users on the page
  • Send users to another page just like the thankyou page
  • Email users a file that you can use and easily create lead magnets

A Take on Payments & Checkout Widget

Payments & Checkout Widget

Now, coming down at the last individual widget, the Checkout widget is an essential one. This is a recent addition to the list of widgets which helps you to accept payments via Stripe & deliver different sorts of digital products.

Basically, the widget helps you to effectively use Leadpages along with Leadboxes to sell different things such as:

  • EBooks or other types of digital products
  • Tickets to events such as private webinar

Further, the Leadpages even have got plans to integrate downsells along with upsells which is another good thing.

Leadpages Review: Publishing your Landing Page

Once you are done designing your landing page, all you need then is to click on the Publish button. This will make your landing page go live where you can still customize it as per your needs.

Further, you eventually want to integrate the same on your website so that you can make use of your own domain name.

Additionally, Leadpages gives you a different type of option that includes a dynamic HTML option that must work for most sites.

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Things every user will like in Leadpages

Now, going ahead in this Leadpages review, there are tons of things that you might like in Leadpages.

  • Availability of Dedicated WordPress Plugin

With the help of this plugin, you can easily log in to your Leadpages account right from the WordPress dashboard and then, you can import Leadpages content as per need.

Some nice features that are special here are as follows:

  • Making use of your Leadpage as a kind of welcome gesture
  • Cache different Leadpages to offer enhanced performance and deliver page loading times.
  • Creating A/B Test for optimizing Pages

Leadpages makes it far easier to spin up all the latest spin tests right from the very own dashboard.

Once you tap on the button, you can then easily choose the control page and then add divergent testing variations as needed.

You can either create variation by copying the control page & then you can tweak or choose a different page:

Also, you can even choose traffic distributions to control the traffic which is a really nice feature.

  • Viewing Analytics to see how Pages are doing

Finally, you can eventually integrate Leadpages with third-party analytics tools. Also, the Leadpages come with an analytics tab which gives you a quick look at the conversion rate along with traffic for every sort of landing page.

While you would probably like to make use of detailed analytic service, those are really helpful in getting a quick look at the health of different landing pages.

How to Create a Leadbox with Leadpages?

How to Create a Leadbox with Leadpages

As I have mentioned at different times, Leadboxes are sort of popups that you can trigger automatically or it can come up based on different actions.

For creating a Leadbox, you can make use of the Drag Drop editor from the above section. Here, you can make use of the Widgets and options that can create other key differences.

Whenever you publish Leadbox, you can choose how the thing is triggered.

You can trigger it by:

You can trigger it by

  • Plain Text Link
  • Image Link
  • Button Link
  • Timed popup
  • Exit Intent Popup

What’s nice about these options is that you can integrate Leadbox content that is not Leadpages landing page.

For example, you can easily make use of the plain text link for including a two-step-opt-in in a regular Page or WordPress post.

This eventually gives you a greater deal of flexibility that can help you design far better lead pages.

How you can create Alert Bars with LeadPages?

How you can create Alert Bars with LeadPages

Additionally to rolling out website builder, Leadpages also came up with yet another tool that can help you boost up the conversion rates:

Also, you must note that these things are known as notification bars.

Further, you can even create eye-catching responsive bars that you can use to:

  • Promote different offers
  • Drive signups
  • Grow your complete email list

For getting started, you can easily choose among different layouts and customize the text:

Then, you can eventually publish an alert bar on each of the landing pages along with sites you built with another tool.

Also, you will be able to connect the alert bar with the normal Leadpages integrations.

And, you will get access to the analytics to track your success bar

Leadpages Review: Leadlinks & Leaddigits

Finally, I want to round up the hands-on section of Leadpages review with a look at smaller but useful features.

  • Leadlinks
  • Leaddigits

You won’t rely on these things as much but they can help you in a couple of things.

With the help of Leadlinks, you can easily create a link that automatically signs in subscribers up to a webinar or a sublist with just a click.

This is one of the handiest features for sending an email to subscribers about the upcoming webinar.

Rather than requiring different subscribers for entering the information, you can easily sign them up as soon as they will click the link.

Further, you must note that the lesser the friction is, more conversions will happen, every single time.

Also, Leaddigits effectively help you do the same with text messages too. You can let your customer’s opt-in mobile phone & then automatically add it to a specific webinar or email list.

This is a better feature that can suit your audience and function in the best possible way.

What is the Costing of Leadpages?


Coming at the pricing of Leadpages, the pricing starts at $25 per month. Still, the cheapest plans come up with the following:

  • A/B Testing
  • Leadboxes
  • Payment Widget
  • Leaddigits or Leadlinks

If you are someone who needs those features or even advanced level features, then you got to choose the $48 plan which is billed annually.

Now, one thing you must note is that the pricing and features change from time to time. Hence, you must always check the features along with pricing and then decide on different things.

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Leadpages Review Pros

Given below are some of the best Pros of Leadpages that you must take into consideration:

  • Beginner-Friendly drag along with drop builder
  • 200+ Free Templates and even access to the Paid templates
  • Built-in Analytics for checking user data
  • Easy creating A/B Tests
  • Easy Two-step opt-ins
  • Good Selection of different Widgets
  • Lead Magnet functionality for different asset delivery
  • Tons of Integrations for email marketing services along with webinar services and more
  • Added functionality in leadboxes, leaddigits, leadlinks
  • Build an entire optimized website for conversions in a few clicks
  • New Alert bars that help you to add notification style forms and CTA to the website


  • While Leadpages offers a responsive preview, you cannot design a responsive version of the page
  • The pricing puts Leadpages out of range for most users
  • Not all the features come in the cheapest tier that makes the pricing a lot higher if you are some who like to perform A/B Test Pages.

Final Word of Mouth: Leadpages Review

Coming at the concluding phase of the article, the entire Leadpages review is right in front of you. Indeed, if you are someone who is eager to bring conversions, you can easily make use of the Leadpages.

They offer some of the best features, templates and with every sort of thing, Leadpages delivers the best of all things.

I personally have tested Leadpages and I am surprised with its extraordinary output. Here, you can design almost every sort of landing page to perfection.

In this case, you can make use of a CTA (Call to Action) and make your landing page look a lot better.

Further, if you are eager to use Leadpages, I have made things quite simpler for you. In this scenario, you can CLICK HERE and you will be taken straight to the homepage of Leadpages.

Then, you can easily browse different plans and see which plan is the best one for you. After this, you can create beautiful landing pages and generate leads, sa brilliant way.

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