Kwfinder Review: The Most Affordable SEO Tool [2021 Updated]

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Speaking about one of the better tools available online, Kwfinder is the one that’s better than the rest. Also, if you are searching for a good review of Kwfinder, then this article can be a good one for you.

Plus, if you are someone who is struggling with the search traffic, then there could be the following reasons:

  • You are not performing any sort of keyword research
  • You are unable to find them to find the right keywords for targeting

Also, it doesn’t matter in which niche you are in, researching for the keywords is a must.

Plus, you got to access the right keywords in order to gain massive traffic.

Right now, let’s go ahead and unveil the best review of Kwfinder.

Kwfinder Review: Is this Keyword Research Tool Good?

Before we go into the details such as features, pros along with cons, you will have to understand and read this article.

The Kwfinder is a brilliant keyword research tool that is developed by Mangools which is probably used for finding thousands of long-tail keywords with low range SEO difficulty.

Plus, Mangools is a good brand that is used by the brand experts such as Adidas, Alexa, Airbnb that offers different sorts of tools.

Kwfinder in Figures:

  • 5 billion related keywords where the company’s keyword database is growing at an extensive rate.
  • 100 million competitor keywords checked for each month
  • 52,000 supported locations such as countries and cities

Although, it’s as big a company as AHREF or even Semrush but it has some of the better-level features.

Kwfinder Feature List

The Kwfinder tool comes with some of the best-level features. In this case, there are some of the best level features of Kwfinder which are as follows:

  • Find hundreds of the long-tail keywords
  • Good ability to search for the keywords by domain name so that you can search for competitor keywords
  • You can easily find the monthly search volume of keywords that include the current trend
  • It offers a keyword difficulty score that helps to discover the low competition keywords
  • You can even find the monthly search volume of keywords including the trend
  • It offers you a keyword difficulty score that helps to discover each of the low competitive keywords
  • Find the CPC value of any sort of keyword
  • Discover the level of competition for keywords in PPC such as Google Ads
  • You can even see the SERP overview of keywords and find the top ranked pages for particular keywords.
  • Plus, you can organize the keywords with different keyword listing
  • Get the ability to import keywords in bulk-based format.
  • Offers a great range of keyword metrics such as DA, PA, Estimated Visits, TrustFlow, and much more
  • You can also discover keyword search history for different trends

How you can use Kwfinder for finding hundreds of easy to rank keywords?

Kwfinder Review

Any sort of keyword research process comes with two major sets of steps:

  • Finding the keywords
  • Analyzing each of the keywords so that you can decide on the good keywords to target

Going ahead, let’s discuss how you can adequately perform good keyword research using the Kwfinder tool.

Plus, given below is a simple tutorial for using Kwfinder to perform one of the best Keyword research.

Beginning with the basics, you got to enter the keyword of your choice right in the “Search by Keyword” section.

Here, you can pick any location where your target audience resides and then tap on the “Find Keywords”.

Now, here you will list of different keywords that you can target. In this case, you can see the keyword difficulty of every keyword that can help you know which keywords are easy to rank.

Plus, you can get up to 700 keyword suggestions on the basis of the plan and then you can search for keywords in three sections as follows:

  • Related Keywords
  • Questions
  • Autocomplete

Note: Each of the keyword suggestions that you get from the Kwfinder “ Related Keywords” section are based on a different Kwfinder database. Also, you can even get the keyword suggestions from the “Autocomplete” along with the “Questions” tab based on Google Suggest.

Additionally, if we speak about Kwfinder, it generated around 610 related keywords for example keywords.

Plus, the related keywords can be helpful for finding keyword ideas that are similar to the target keyword you are willing to rank for.

Additionally going ahead in Kwfinder review, the Kwfinder generated 240 keywords right in the “Autocomplete” section. Also, these are keywords that are fetched from the Google search.

Kwfinder Review

And, it even generated around 25 keywords right in the “Questions” tab as well.

Also, there are different question-based keywords which is extremely helpful for writing the FAQ scheme if you are searching for different featured snippets.

While you are picking keywords from the 3 mentioned above sections, make sure that you are focusing on the three things:

  • Volume (Monthly search volume for the keywords)
  • CPC (Keyword Value, cost per click for the keyword)
  • KD (Keyword Difficulty)

On top of that in Kwfinder review, Mangools has developed accurate KD metrics that is calculated from the Link profile of URLs ranking at the top of Google search results.

A Quick Tip

If you are searching for low competitive keywords which are easier to rank, make sure you have got a keyword difficulty score less than 40.

Plus, you even need to build links for getting the first page rankings in SERP results.

Additionally, the keywords which a higher KD score is mostly difficult to score compared to the keywords that aren’t.

Keeping an Eye on the Competition

Kwfinder Review

While performing the keyword research, it’s important for knowing the top ranking websites for a keyword that you are willing to rank for.

Why? If there are the latest websites or even fewer authority sites ranking in the top 10, then you can even target the keywords.

Even more, the Kwfinder delivers the competitor’s in SERP overview.

Additionally, as you can see above, if you are looking at each of the SERP metrics shown from the SERP overview, given below is a brief breakdown of the metrics:

  • DA (Domain Authority) DA metric is developed by the Moz team which predicts how good domain ranking is compared to different SERP results.
  • PA (Page Authority) is a metric that is developed by Moz which predicts how the well specific page will rank compared to the SERP results
  • CF (Citation Flow) is a good metric tool that predicts the influence of the URL based upon the number of backlinks on a scale of 0 to 100.
  • TF (Trust Flow) is yet another good tool metric that predicts the influence nature of a URL based on the quality of backlinks on a scale of 0 to 100.
  • Links that show the total number of external backlinks to a URL
  • FB delivers you the number of Facebook shares for URL
  • LPS (Link Profile Strength) delivers the estimate of how difficult it is for ranking
  • EV (Estimated Visits) which shows estimated visits for each month

A take on Finding Competitor Keywords

A take on Finding Competitor Keywords

Moving ahead in the Kwfinder review, one of the better ways for finding the traffic generating keyword ideas is to uncover the competitor keywords.

In this scenario, you can find the best of all competitors’ keywords with the help of Kwfinder.

Given below is a little process that can help you find each of those good keywords:

  1. The moment you have started the Kwfinder, tap on the Search by Domain Tab and enter the URL or competitor’s domain.
  2. Hit the “Find Keywords” button right after that.
  3. Then, you will be provided with the list of top-performing keywords of a particular domain

Additionally, you can also get more sort of information that are given as follows:

  • Close the competitor’s to competitor
  • Organize the keywords that competitors are looking for
  • Paid keywords people are using on Google Ads

A take on Finding Competitor Keywords 2

Plus, you can even sort keywords on the basis of:

  • Keyword ranking positions
  • Search Volume
  • EV (Estimated Visits per month)
  • CPC
  • PPC
  • KD (Keyword Difficulty)

Additionally, you can even use the “Filter” feature for filtering all of the keyword results. With this, you can easily narrow down each of the results and see the ones which match the criteria.

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Is Kwfinder the only Keyword Research tool present to date?

Although Kwfinder is one of the good tools available for beginners and other website owners, it’s not the all-around and ultimate keyword research tool.

For instance, there are even better keyword research tools such as SEMrush that can offer a more set of valuable features, in every case.

Also, whenever you are using the premium tools, you will get access to tons of more lists of the features.

In plenty of cases, there are huge chances that you will get around 10x keyword suggestions.

All in all, a premium keyword research tool can help you generate the following things:

  • More than 12,000 keyword suggestions
  • More than 2000 question keywords
  • In a total of 600 keyword variations
  • 25 question-driven keywords

However, even if speak about the Kwfinder tool, it isn’t bad in any case. It’s a brilliant tool that is offering some of a great and powerful list of features.

Kwfinder Pricing: Kwfinder review

Going forward in the Kwfinder review, the pricing of this keyword research tool is a part of Mangools. In such a case, you will get five extraordinary tools that are given as follows:

  • KWFinder: This tool is used for performing the Keyword research
  • SERPChecker: It is used for the SERP Analysis
  • SERPWatcher: It is used for Rank Tracking
  • LinkMiner: This tool is used for Backlink Analysis
  • SiteProfiler: It is used for the SEO insights and Metrics

Also, you must know that there is no sort of exclusive pricing for the Kwfinder tool. In this case, you will need an account with Mangools for starting using the Kwfinder.

In today’s terms, Mangools offer three types of pricing that are given as follows:

  1. Mangools Basic
  2. The Mangools Premium
  3. Mangools Agency

Let’s briefly mention their pricing plans alongside their limits so you’ll pick the proper one consistent with your needs.

  1. Mangools Basic

This is often their basic plan which is very suitable for beginners and their annual plan costs you only $29.90 per month (and $358.80 billed upon purchase) where you’ll get the subsequent features.

  • Keyword lookups per day: 100 (you can perform up to 100 keyword searches within 24 hours using KWFinder)
  • Keyword suggestions per search: 200 of 700
  • Competitor keywords per search: 25
  • SERP lookups per day: 100
  • Tracked keywords daily: 200
  • Backlink rows per day: 2000
  • Site lookups per day: 20 (you can analyze up to twenty URLs in SiteProfiler every 24 hours)
  • Simultaneous logins: Not provided
  1. Mangools Premium

This is often a highly recommended plan from Mangools which is beneficial for SEO enthusiasts also as most bloggers. This plan costs you $39.90 per month (and $478.80 billed upon purchase) where you’ll get the subsequent features.

  • Keyword lookups per day: 500 (you can perform up to 500 keyword searches within 24 hours using KWFinder)
  • Keyword suggestions per search: 700 of 700
  • Competitor keywords per search: Unlimited
  • SERP lookups per day: 500
  • Tracked keywords daily: 700
  • Backlink rows per day: 7000
  • Site lookups per day: 70 (you can analyze up to 70 URLs in SiteProfiler every 24 hours)
  • Simultaneous logins: 3 (that means, up to three devices are often logged in at an equivalent time)
  1. Mangools Agency

If you’re running a team or agency, this plan is great for you which of them costs you $79.90 per month ($958.80 billed upon purchase) and you’ll get the subsequent limits.

Keyword lookups per day: 1200 (you can perform up to 1200 keyword searches within 24 hours using KWFinder)

  • Keyword suggestions per search: 700 of 700
  • Competitor keywords per search: Unlimited
  • SERP lookups per day: 1200
  • Tracked keywords daily: 1500
  • Backlink rows per day: 15,000
  • Site lookups per day: 150 (you can analyze up to 150 URLs in SiteProfiler every 24 hours)
  • Simultaneous logins: 10 (that means, up to 10 devices are often logged in at an equivalent time)

A quick tip: accompany their annual pricing plans so you’ll get a 40% discount. you’ll upgrade, downgrade, or cancel the service any time you would like.

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KWFinder Pros & Cons

Here’s an inventory of a number of the pros and cons of using KWFinder.


  • Finding low difficulty keywords is extremely easy with KWFinder
  • Their search data including search volume and KD (keyword difficulty) is best than most of the opposite premium tools
  • Extremely affordable pricing plans as their pricing starts at just around $29/month
  • You’ll get access to 4 more tools aside from KWFinder when you have an account with Mangools tools
  • You can also discover what your competitors rank for by entering a website
  • It also shows you historical data
  • It offers an enormous keyword database of two .5+ billion keywords


  • Limits: KWFinder doesn’t provide you unlimited keyword searches per day.
  • Even with their costliest plan which is Mangools Agency, you’ll perform up to 1200 keyword searches within 24 hours using KWFinder.
  • Although these limits are refreshed every 24 hours but still it’s NOT a perfect choice for heavy users.

Final Word of Mouth: Kwfinder Review

Going at the ending phase of the article, the entire details about Kwfinder review and this tool is all here. In such a case, you can easily look at the tool and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Yes, it comes with a marvelous keyword research facility that offers quality keyword research, every single time.

Additionally, it even offers the backlink analyzer and tons of more things. With such things in place, you can research for the good keywords and even rank those without issues.

Also, the company delivers free trial options for each of the users. With this, you can choose the free trial and see if Kwfinder is a good fit for you or not.

If the answer is yes, then you can eventually go ahead, choose the plans and use the tool to the most potential benefits.

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