Kinsta Hosting Review: Hosting Reviewed, Features, Pros [2021 Updated]

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Are you someone who is looking for one of the fastest WordPress hosts? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. With the help of Kinsta hosting, you can eventually vanish all your hosting worries in seconds. Plus, to take these things further, I have got you a good Kinsta hosting review.

In this review, I will be explaining different good features of Kinsta hosting. Also, you can go through each of the features, understand and see whether this hosting is a good one for you.

Hence, without wasting any time, let’s go into the topic and unwrap an exclusive Kinsta hosting review.

Kinsta Hosting Review: About

The Kinsta hosting company was founded in the year 2013 where they are working hard to impart hosting services to different users. Yes, they offer good hosting services that come with some of the top class features.

Further, the company delivers lower prices for each of the plans they offer. That doesn’t mean that the company will miss on the essential features. They offer almost every sort of feature regardless of the Kinsta hosting plans you choose.

Here, you will get managed WordPress hosting where the company will optimize your hosting based upon WordPress staging environment.

With this, different tasks such as backing, securing of data, and caching are done by the Kinsta hosting.

This will definitely save tons of your time and will allow you to host your website without any series of stress.

Further, this also reduces the risk of something that can go wrong. Also, with Kinsta managed WordPress hosting, you can expect really fast website loading times. Further, you will face lesser downtime and the performance issues will come out to be far lesser.

Further, as the company offers Managed WordPress hosting, their support staff has always been on the experienced end. Yes, no matter what your issue is, you will get good Kinsta hosting, in every scenario.

Going ahead in Kinsta hosting review, the experts of the hosting company are eager to offer good support in every scenario.

Features of Kinsta hosting

In this Kinsta hosting review, the hosting company offers some of the best features that can help you tons.

Right from the managing of the website to managing the uptime and tons of different things, Kinsta hosting offers each of them, without an issue.,

Right now, let’s go ahead and explore different features of Kinsta hosting, one by one.

Use of Google Cloud platform

kinsta hosting review

Yes, even today, there are lots of hosting companies that are not making use of the latest cloud platforms. Still, in the case of Kinsta hosting, the company makes use of the Google Cloud Platform.

This is one good thing that separates Kinsta hosting from almost all of the hosting companies. For their managed WordPress hosting, the company makes use of the Google Cloud Platform.

With this, each of the WordPress websites is hosted right on the infrastructure created by the Google Cloud Platform.

Also, these things are maintained by Google itself so that you can be sure that your data will be stored in a secure environment.

Also, by hosting on the Google Cloud Platform, it allows Kinsta hosting to host your website on the state of art infrastructure.

Here, you are given the choice of 21 global server locations where your data will be stored at any location.

Further, Google’s hardware is highly scalable and it knows how to effectively host your website.

For example, if your website is gaining tons of visitors, Google along with Kinsta hosting will automatically scale your website resources.

With this, the Google Cloud platform can effectively manage your site traffic to an absolute level of perfection.

Automatic WordPress Site Backups

Automatic WordPress Site Backups

Going ahead in the Kinsta hosting review, automatic WordPress backups are something that is worth every penny.

In today’s world, almost every WordPress user wants automatic backups so that their site data is kept secure.

In the case of Kinsta hosting, automatic backups are kept for a period of 14 days on each of the company’s entry-level plans.

Also, if you choose the higher price plans, you can get those backups for a longer duration too.

Now, when it comes to restoring backups with this company, the restoring option is quite an easier one. This you can deploy to the live site and the entire backup process will be completed.

Also, even with the daily backups, you can easily upgrade to the six-hour along with hourly backup plans for an extra monthly fee.

Further, you can even manually create complete website backups right at the touch of a button as and when you need it.

On top of that, the company also gives you the option to download and keep those backups for future needs.

Altogether with effective backups from Kinsta hosting company, you don’t need to worry for even a second.

You can choose their plans and you will get backups on each of those plans. Though, if you will choose the higher-priced plans, you will get more duration of website backups.

WordPress Site Staging Service

WordPress Site Staging

In this Kinsta hosting review, WordPress Site staging service is another good service from Kinsta hosting.

Well, as users, we all want to experiment and see which things are working for our website. For the same thing, Kinsta hosting offers a staging environment where you can test and try different things for the website.

Here, you can experiment and whichever things are working for you, then you can eventually bring those right into the final website.

Also, with the help of a staging environment, you can test different plugins, site customizations, code edits, and tons of other things.

With such customization, you can eventually make your website look better. Also, you can add your wishful features after a trial that can make your site appear attractive and eye-pleasing.

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A take on technical details: Kinsta hosting Review

Given below are some of the technical details you must know about Kinsta hosting. Therefore, let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the technical details, one by one.

  • Website Caching

The company offers four types of caching in the form of server-level caching, in-house WordPress caching, and two secondary caching.

  • Content Delivery Network

The hosting offers 50 GB of KeyCDN on the entry-level plans. However, you can increase this number by choosing the higher price plans

  • PHP

With Kinsta hosting, you can switch between PHP 5.6, 7.1 to 7.4 right at the touch of a button

  • HTTP/2.0

The latest HTTP version is used on servers for faster delivery

  • SSL

You will get a free SSL certificate with the help of Let’s Encrypt or you can install it on your own

  • SFTP

With Secure FTP, you can easily access your webspace or even upload and edit files on your own

  • Server File Manager

There is no presence of an online file manager and you just need to FTP access to the server space

  • Database access

With the help of phpMyAdmin, you can easily access the WordPress database with the help of a browser

  • Email Service

There is no sort of email service present on Kinsta hosting plans. However, G Suite is the recommended option by Kinsta

  • WordPress Website Management

With the help of a Kinsta account, you can easily update website plugins, themes, and almost every single thing

  • Plugin Restrictions

The company gives a list of banned plugins such as caching, optimization, security that can affect the site performance

  • Security Measures

There are tons of measures present to keep your website secure from any sort of malware and each of those attacks. Such measures include DDoS scanning, stopping of malicious attacks, and keeping your site secure.

  • Post-hack cleanup services

In case if your website is hacked, the company will fix that issue for free of cost

  • Datacenter locations

Here, the company offers 21 Datacenter locations to choose from which includes Australia, South America, and different USA, Asia, and Europe locations

  • Staging Sites

All the plans come up with access to a staging site where you can test different things and finalize on the good one

  • WordPress site Migration

This thing is available for free on almost each of the hosting plans. With site migration, you can easily migrate a website from an old hosting provider to a new one, free of cost.

  • Visitor Analytics

With Kinsta hosting, you can easily analyze different visitors with the help of the My Kinsta dashboard

  • Support Channels

The Kinsta hosting offers good 24×7 customer service support where you will get live chat, ticketing but there is no telephone support available. Still, the live chat support is good enough to get your issue resolved, in a far better way.

  • Kinsta Management Dashboard

When it comes to managing accounts, Kinsta has created its very own custom dashboard. Yes, the My Kinsta portal is a much easier one to operate and you can navigate different things on an easier scale.

Also, this allows you to perform different tasks like creating new WordPress websites, updating plugins, and even managing backups.

Additionally, you can even view resource stats and see your plan allocation consumption. Further, you can view your visitor analytics with the help of a dashboard.

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A Take on Kinsta Hosting Performance

Kinsta Hosting Performance

As said earlier, one of the biggest and top-class reasons to choose Kinsta hosting has always been their faster page loading speeds.

However, with the amount of competition that is running in the online space, almost all of the companies are offering good WordPress optimized services.

Therefore, to help you decide whether Kinsta hosting offers good performance, I tested the services on my own to see whether it was up to the mark or not.

As per my testing with different servers, I found the hosting to be of top-notch. Yes, the pages loaded within seconds and I faced absolutely no sort of issues.

Further, compared with different results, Kinsta was much faster than the entry-level plans of Bluehost and Hostgator.

Well, this shows the performance of Kinsta hosting where their performance can be at the top level hosting companies of the market.

Further, even in the uptime, websites hosted on Kinsta hosting didn’t face downtime. The company claims to offer good uptime and they have stuck to the same phenomenon, every single time.

With this, you don’t have to worry about the site performance, for even a second.

Either way, Kinsta hosting was able to deliver exceptional performance when it comes to offering good speeds.

Therefore, if your main priority is speed, performance, and uptime, then Kinsta hosting is inevitably one of the best hosting providers for you.

Customer Support

Well, almost every single customer wants to have a good and decent customer support service. Even before choosing any hosting service, seeing the customer support for the same is one of the most important things.

If any hosting is offering decent and good customer support, chances are high they will offer brilliant hosting.

Now, in the case of Kinsta hosting, you are bound to get every essential hosting service. Whether you are looking for live chat support, email, or even ticket support, Kinsta hosting offers every single thing.

Additionally, before this Kinsta hosting review, I tested the customer support of Kinsta hosting. Well, I tried the live chat support of Kinsta and got amazed by the response.

First of all, as soon as you will choose the live chat support option, you will get connected with the support executive, as soon as possible.

Then, he listened to my query and resolved the same within minutes. Yes, he was extremely capable of resolving the issue and had a deeper knowledge of every single type of such issue.

Therefore, from the customer support perspective of Kinsta hosting, this company has definitely lived up to the expectations.

Hence, if you are wondering to choose a good hosting company based on brilliant customer support, Kinsta hosting is an excellent option for you.

Wrapping Up: Kinsta hosting Review

Coming right at the ending phase of the article, you must have got a complete Kinsta hosting review.

Indeed, among the top class hosting services, Kinsta hosting is a brilliant one. Right from start, the company has kept its principles clear and has offered excellent services in every possible scenario.

Additionally, with Kinsta hosting, you will get almost all of the features every user wants. Right from having the staging environment to good customer support, the company delivers almost every sort of thing.

On top of that, the company does offer brilliant performance that is the need of the hour. With good performance, your website will load at a faster pace and you won’t face many issues with this at any cost.

Hence, at this stage, all you need is to read the Kinsta hosting review. Further, if you are interested to opt for Kinsta hosting services, I have made the process much simpler for you.

In this scenario, you can CLICK HERE and you will be taken to Kinsta hosting home page. From there, you can effectively choose which plan is a good one for you.

Then, you can simply choose that plan, host the website, and grab some of the best traffic, in the future.

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