Jobs with Flexible Hours: TOP 11 Flexible Hour Top Jobs [2021 Updated]

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In a world where every other person is looking for jobs with flexible hours, this article has got everything for you. Yes, if you are searching for such jobs, you don’t have to skip this article even for a second.

Now, as you know, the coronavirus pandemic is all over the place and for the people who have lost their job during the pandemic, jobs with flexible hours are the way to go.

Therefore, whether you are looking for a temporary solution for a steady income or willing to find some of the best opportunities, our given jobs with flexible hours will help you tons.

Let’s go ahead and unwrap the best flexible hour jobs right from this article.

Best Jobs with Flexible Hours

  1. Freelance WritingJobs with Flexible Hours

Indeed, the freelance industry is growing to some good extent and each day, tons of websites are launching. In the midst of launching such websites, there is an urgent need for content writers in this gigantic space.

Therefore, if you are someone who has got a flair of content writing, you can opt for a freelance career where you will get your very own flexible hours for working.

In this case, if you are a beginner, you can start off by reading different blog articles available over the internet. By reading blogs, you will get a much clearer idea of different writing styles.

Once you are done with the same, then you can go ahead and practice your writing.

Now, you can even visit Upwork or even Freelancer websites that can offer you freelance writing work.

In this scenario, you can bid on different writing work and hope that you crack one of your first jobs.

Also, there are tons of companies that are offering jobs with flexible hours in the field of writing.

In this case, you can apply for different companies along with your resume. As and when you crack for different jobs, the road will be clearer for you as a content writer.

As and when you will gain experience, then you can go ahead, work as a freelancer, and make tons of money in a short duration of time.

  1. Transcription

Jobs with Flexible Hours

Now, if you are someone who is capable or eager to transcribe audio files or video files into text form, you can take up a job as a transcriber.

In the digital age, the demand for transcribing is on the rising curve as every digital creator want’s to release their stuff into a text-based form.

Currently, there are companies that pay by the audio per minute format. Therefore, in this scenario, if you can learn to transcribe the file in the most perfect way, you can make a great amount of money, in the long run.

Also, there are very few companies that hire people will little or almost no sort of experience.

In this case, if you are lucky enough, you can apply for those companies and you will be selected, without any sort of issue.

For your experience, given below are the list of companies that offer transcribing jobs:

  • Rev

Rev is a company that effectively allows you to work from home as and when you want. Indeed, in this case, there are jobs with flexible hours and you don’t have to worry about your very own timing.

  • Ubiquiti

On the other hand, this company offers US-based working opportunities from home. Here, you can freely transcribe different contents as per your liking within the company hours.

Also, the projects of transcriptions vary in length where you can choose from among different job roles.

  • TranscribeMe

Well, this company offers flexible working hours for people who are willing to become independent transcribing experts.

The projects usually consist of transcribing short 1 to 2-minute clips so that you can easily work in your downtime from your home.

All you need here is internet access, a computer and you are very well good to go.

  1. Personal Stylist

Jobs with Flexible Hours

Well, if you are someone who is inclined towards the fashion industry, you can become a personal stylist in this case. Here, you can choose of the best products on behalf of your clients and send them straight to your doorstep.

Now, one thing you must note here is that you don’t have to start your very own fashion company. There are tons of fashion-oriented companies that offer jobs with flexible hours in this field.

From your end, all you can do is to apply for these companies on the basis of your experience.

Here, you must have a good sense of the choices to select the best products that will fit the fashion needs.

Also, you must note that most of the personal stylist jobs are location-specific. This is a thing that you must take into consideration whenever you are willing to look for jobs with flexible hours.

  1. Remote Call Center

Jobs with Flexible Hours

In an era of technological advancements, rising of remote call centers isn’t surprising anymore. The offline call centers are shutting down and in their place, remote call centers are taking up the load.

Therefore, if you are looking for jobs with flexible hours in the remote call center field, this section will help you a lot.

In this case, you must have good communication skills and the patience to listen and respond to every single customer queries.

Here, there is plenty of work from home remote call centers that pay around $10 to $15 each hour.

Now, before you can go ahead and apply for this job, you will have to first check for this position.

After checking, if you feel like things are good, then you can apply for the jobs and hope for a much better and positive outcome.

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  1. Online Teaching

Online Teaching

Now, if you are something who has got a flair of teaching, you can apply for different jobs with flexible hours in the field of teaching.

As you know that the pandemic is at its peak and almost each of the things has been shifted online. This thing is growing the field of teaching where you can apply for such jobs and get much better salaries.

Now, before you can start off with your teaching, you got to know your very own preferences and skills. You will have to become an expert at least in one subject so that you can teach and get a salary for the same.

Further, in teaching, you know that the salary will range solely depending upon your experience. Therefore, if you are someone who is an expert in online teaching, you can grab some of the best value for money in this case.

Going ahead, given below is the list of some of the best sites that hire tutors:

  • Italki

This site is a good one that offers to hire of tutors irrespective of their languages. Yes, they offer an opportunity to become a language tutor where the applicants living in any part of the world can apply for this job role.

Here, each of the tutoring sessions are conducted via skype call or any other free video call software.

Plus, in this case, you can leave feedback after each of the sessions. Here, the tutors are eligible to set their very own fees which is another good thing.

  • Brainmass

Now, if you are an expert in a certain field, Brainmass can help you tons in this case. Here, you can turn your expertise into profit with the help of Brainmass.

Here, the applicants can register as different Academic Experts if they are working or have even obtained a master’s degree.

Plus, the payments are issued on the basis of monthly format via PayPal.

Additionally, the applicants must be legal enough to work in Canada or in the US as per your liking.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are someone who is interested in search engine optimization jobs, this section is the one for you. With each of the users launching their very own website, the need of ranking those sites has become a major concern.

Therefore, if you have mastered the skill of ranking websites and attain the top-level rankings, things can get pretty good for you.

Here, you can first reach out to different online platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, or even Freelancer and look for online work.

Or else, if you are searching for jobs with flexible hours in the SEO field, there are tons of companies that are looking for online freelance SEO Experts.

Here, you can join a company and then expand your knowledge and skills to rank user websites.

Now, one thing you must note here is that for performing, you will need to have some good amount of experience. Without complete experience and hands-on with SEO, you may find it harder to rank your website.

On top of that, Google has made its ranking system a bit harder. With this, you will have to be right on top of your ranking game if you are eager to rank websites and get paid for the same.

With this, you can search for the companies on the same metrics and hope that you get a job in one of the better companies.

  1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Searching for one of the best jobs with flexible hours will bring the Virtual Assistant into the spotlight. Yes, the companies are in need of virtual assistants to manage their work and if you can offer them the same, you can grab the best of all jobs.

Currently, there are tons of companies that are looking for a virtual assistant. If you are tone who has got tons of experience or even a little one as a VA, you are free to apply for such jobs.

Here, your duty will be to make the work of companies a lot easier. In this case, you can initially respond to queries of clients where the greater work will be to manage clients right from your home.

Yes, the duties of Virtual Assistants gradually vary and you will have to do things told as per company requirements.

Given below are the name of some good companies that can offer a brilliant job for virtual assistants.

  • Time, Etc

The Time company offers jobs to experienced Virtual assistants along with executive assistants. Yes, they offer good work from home opportunity that is another great thing.

In this case, applicants must be able to work from home for at least 3 hours each week.

Here, the peak hours are from Monday to Friday and you got to be available in those peak hours.

As and when you will gain experience in this field, you can grab a good amount of money, without an issue.

  • Belay

Now, Belay offers virtual assistant work for independent contractors which is a good thing. Here, you can apply for work from home positions as a virtual keeper or even as a bookkeeper.

The company has got the experience to work with different clients where they will assign you a much suitable job for you.

Here, the company offers different part-time and full-time job positions.

Plus, for the new hires, they offer paid training which is one of the best things.

Now, here, you got to have a bachelor’s degree and if you have the same, chances are high you will land up at a better job.

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  1. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

If you are someone who is included in the world of social media, you can become a social media manager and manage different social profiles.

Yes, in an era of technology, the need for a social media manager is on increasing. There are tons of companies that are looking for experienced people who can manage their social media accounts.

Here, you will have to update, publish, like, comment, and do every sort of thing on different social media platforms.

Now, in social media management, several other things are also included such as writing, marketing, and other customer support oriented services.

Plus, you will be responsible to run ads on behalf of the company with an intention to bring sales or even leads for them.

Also, the best thing about social media management is that there are tons of tools available online that can make your work easier.

With the effective integration of each of the other tools, you can perform social media management, the easiest way.

Plus, coming down towards the salary of social media managers, it has been on the rising curve.

With every passing year, the salaries of social media managers are increasing where you can get much better pays.

Now, another thing you must note that there are companies who will offer you formal training before you can actually begin your work.

These are some things you have to keep in mind before searching for jobs with flexible hours in this industry.

In the end, with time and your experience, you will land up in a higher pay job, as early as possible.

  1. Budget Consultant

Budget Consultant

Well, there are people who end up paying for more and they are in a load of debt. By being a budget consultant, you can guide people to an absolute level of perfection where you can manage each of their finances.

Here, you can join companies that offer jobs with flexible hours for such kind of work. Indeed, there are tons of established companies that offer work for such a job profile.

In this case, you can look for those companies and see where you can easily get a job.

Plus, there are tons of local libraries and coffee shops where you can gather your own clients and perform the budget consultation.

In this case, you will be paid for your expert advice and if you can do more, the payments will definitely increase, in this scenario.

  1. MicroJobs


If you truly don’t need anything aside from a touch pocket money, micro job sites are often an option. The pay tends to be pretty low, but the workload is entirely up to you. Work the maximum amount or as little as you’d like.

Log in and devour work whenever you’ve got a couple of minutes.

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon is usually hiring freelance remote workers to help Amazon Mechanical Turk clients.

Tasks for this job are varied and include helping companies choose product images, deleting multiple images, and filling out surveys. Work are often completed in your spare time from anywhere you’ll access the web.

Pay varies per task, and you’ll take as many projects on as you wish.

  • Figure Eight

Figure Eight is hiring online contributors to help on various online tasks and projects. Tasks might include categorizing social media posts, transcribing audio, and selecting fitting images for products.

You’ll select as many tasks as you wish and have the pliability to start out and finish them as you please. All you would like may be a computer and internet access and you’ll work from anywhere.

  1. Travel Related Customer Service

Much soon-to-be work on home agents come from a travel background, or would simply wish to.

There are a variety of the way to feed your travel bug working with customers to plan vacations and book reservations.

  • Alaska Airlines

Alaska Air hires reservation sales agents to figure from range in certain US cities. As a reservation sales agent, you’ll answer income customer questions via phone, make and modify reservations, and assist callers with website navigation.

Applicants should have a high school level education and a minimum of two years of experience in customer service. Pay starts at $12.33 per hour.

 Currently, Alaska Airlines is merely hiring workers located in Washington, Idaho, and Arizona.

  • World Travel Holdings

 World Travel Holdings offer work as home travel sales professional and customer care representative. Perks of this job include having the liberty to figure from home, paid day off, and access to travel discounts.

Extensive paid training and ongoing work training is provided. World Travel Holdings provides you the equipment you would like sort of a computer, headset, and keyboard for a refundable $250 deposit.

Previous customer service experience is preferred. Applicants must be legal to figure within the US and reside during a state during which they’re currently hiring.

  • American Express

American Express hires experienced team leaders as virtual managers for travel and lifestyle services. Employees during this position will lead a team to realize and exceed sales goals and evaluate team performance.

Direct leadership experience is important and a travel background is preferred. Applicants must be legal to figure within the US, have high-speed internet, and a quiet headquarters.

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Wrapping Things Up

We have come to the concluding phase and each of the top class jobs with flexible hours is right here. Indeed, each of the above jobs are different from each other and you got to choose for which type of job, you are the most suitable for. In this scenario, whether you are willing to opt for the Social media manager job or other ones, you got to have the skill for that particular job.

On top of that, when it comes to salary, each of the companies will offer different salary roles. Therefore, even in this section, things will purely depend upon your type of skill.

If you are someone who is working hard enough on your skills, chances are pretty high that you will land up on a much higher job.

Also, even while preparing for an interview, you must study about the companies and see what their demands are.

Additionally, you can even opt for different online platforms such as Upwork or even freelancer where you can bid on different projects.

Yes, with this, you can easily work on different projects, get the job done, and effectively build your portfolio.

Then, you can effectively go ahead and apply for the jobs with a backend portfolio. If you will have a stronger portfolio, chances are pretty high that you will land up on a high paying job.

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