How to Increase Website Traffic: TOP Proven Ways [2021 Updated]

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If you are someone who owns a blog, then you must be willing to find plenty of ways to increase website traffic. Yes, tons of people are asking the same question, and right in this article, I will help you get most of your answers.

Here, you will learn some of the brilliant and most popular ways to increase your website traffic, to some good extent.

Therefore, let’s go ahead and unwrap this article, one by one.

Best Ways to increase website traffic

Starting up with the basics, you got to know that Traffic is the basis for any website. Regardless of your blogging or business goals, if your website isn’t receiving traffic, then you may face some sort of issues.

On the other hand, you must know the ways to increase website traffic to some good extent. Now, there can be times when the results might take a good amount of time. Here, you don’t have to panic and you can stick to the process of generating traffic.

Plus, there are plenty of ways that don’t require any money for getting tons of traffic from Google and other search engines.

With this, if you are someone who is willing to generate a good amount of traffic, then this article is the right one for you.

Quality over Quantity

Before we begin, you must know that the traffic isn’t created equally. There can be days when you may receive a good amount of traffic. While there can be some days when you may not receive plenty of traffic.

Yes, this thing sounds pretty much obvious where if you are getting quality traffic, then things can get better for you.

.Plus, whenever you are seeing new traffic, there can be times when you may lose your traffic goals.

Unless and until you are running a publication where the aim is to read articles, you got to change your strategy on a dynamic note.

Also, deciding on the tactics, you will have to look at your budget if you want to perform marketing to gain traffic.

Hence, you must always focus on quality traffic as they are the users that can help you get the sales and revenue.

Increase website traffic: Perform Blogging

Increase Website Traffic

First of all, it’s been around plenty of years where blogging has been the means to boost website traffic. It’s still a powerful way to generate website traffic and a better means to reach the potential audience.

Plus, this type of way can actually help you get better rankings in the overall search results.

Here, you can start publishing quality content, build up your email list and considerably increase website traffic, over the course of time.

How do things work?

If you are someone who gets noticed among the competitors, then a blog can be one of the most important tools.

While there are businesses who get struck into writing about themselves, there are some that reach to a considerably good height while blogging.

In simpler words, a blog earns traffic once you build an inventory of content and even by offering expert advice.

Plus, it gives valuable insight into the online presence that the users can use for building their brand awareness.

Also, there have been various studies where it’s shown that an average blog earns more revenue and traffic than other websites.

Some Great Tips to Start

Starting up with the ways to increase website traffic, you will have to take a good amount of time before you begin.

Well, a typical outline can look as follows:

  • Start off by identifying your type of audience and even define your bog posts. Here, not just you got to define the goals but you will also have to build up brand awareness. Yes, here, you must tell your audiences what is that one thing your blog is willing to achieve.
  • Secondly, you got to decide on the range of topics you are willing to cover. Most likely, the areas of those topics can be related to different services along with the products.
  • Next up, you got to decide on the frequency of your posting articles. Yes, here, you can decide on the timing deciding which you will easily post the articles.
  • Further, once you know whom you are targeting, then you can talk to each one of them about market research.
  • Get on writing mode and even structure your posts for better understanding.
  1. Content Marketing

Increase Website Traffic

Now, you must have heard that content is king and if you are producing the top and finest quality content, then you will not face plenty of the issues.

How do Things work?

Content Marketing is something that can be a lot helpful whenever the audience needs the same. Yes, it helps create useful resources for the audiences, builds a stronger relation and eventually drives far better conversions.

In such a case, the whole key is that content marketing is educational or even helpful in some of the other ways.

Additionally, for some content marketing, it can be combined with blogging as follows:

  • Blog Posts
  • Videos either on YouTube or on other platforms
  • Podcasts
  • Visual content or other infographics
  • E-books or even whitepapers where you can easily create a larger pieces of content more often for download purpose
  • Slide decks and even Slideshare presentations
  • Tools and Quizzes
  • Courses
  • Social Media Posts

If you can keenly build something strategically to solve an issue, then the worth of your website will increase to some good extent.

  1. Creation of eye-catchy Infographic content

Increase Website Traffic

Well, the saying is true that a picture speaks a thousand words and this can be a better option to increase website traffic.

Indeed, Infographics are one of the better ways to enhance website traffic and if you can implement it correctly, then things can be working pretty fine for you.

How do things work?

Infographics are some of the better pieces of content where you can create them in an interactive, animated and static format.

Plus, you got to create better designs in Infographics if you have any focus to enhance your rankings.

Additionally, creating infographics does require a lot of work and once you can create each of those infographics, then you can attract better traffic, over the course of time.

Plus, with the visual effect present in each of the infographics, they can grab some good amount of attention from the visitors.

Today, plenty of the infographics are interactive that makes them interesting for the readers.

On the other hand, there are marketers that make use of animated infographics which can help you create the same.

Additionally, what’s so great about infographics is that it tries to explain almost everything in a single image.

This tends to save the massive user time and within those times, the users can read more blog posts of the same website.

Tips to get started with Infographic Design

As per various researches, you must ask three questions about any topic that can help you get started with infographics:

  • Does your Audience have the will to see infographic content?
  • Does the topic belong to your website?
  • Are you someone who is offering something that’s useful?

If the answer to all of the above questions comes out to be yes, then it’s fantastic news for you. On the other hand, if you aren’t sure, then you might try out other infographic methods.

Out of which some of the better methods include:

Don’t ever limit yourself to a stage infographic image where it’s interesting to create animated videos

Also, there are plenty of other designing tools that can help you create short-time videos to an absolute level of perfection.

  1. Become an Expert and Start Teaching your Audience

Increase Website Traffic

Indeed, if you are someone who is interested in teaching, then you can accomplish some of the better and bigger things in life.

By teaching, you can slowly acquire the trust of your audience by giving them knowledge for free of cost. Plus, you can even let them to sign up for your newsletter, in the best possible way.

On the other hand, if a potential customer has got a choice of suppliers which they will considerably trust, then the same can help you get a good amount of traffic.

Additionally, in the process to increase website traffic, you can impart your knowledge to the audiences, free of cost.

With this, you can considerably let your audiences know that they can trust you to some good extent.

A-List of Some Other Options include the following:

For creating large and quality reading resources on subjects like an e-book or even whitepaper contents.

There are ample of websites that make the e-book available for the exchange of an e-mail address. This can give you a list of contacts that can help you in the longer run.

Sometimes, the work can be in creating a good series of blog posts, how-to videos or even another type of social media post that can teach the audiences.

Plus, if you are eager to go big, then you can create a series of online courses for the audience. The audiences can learn from those online courses and from there you can earn fame and popularity.

  1. Using On-Page SEO: Increase Website Traffic

Local SEO Tools

Indeed, if you are someone who is willing to increase website traffic, On-Page SEO is something that plays quite a crucial part.

If you can properly implement the On-Page SEO, then you have the true chance to rank your website and gain some of the best quality traffic, without any trouble.

Basically, On-Page SEO is about optimizing the website content along with structure for making it accessible along with relevant. Also, it even helps websites gain some of the better rankings in the Google search.

Plus, this type of thing will improve the rankings of your website to the best possible extent.

Therefore, you can make a massive improvement to your website traffic by using different types of On-Page SEO techniques.

In this scenario, there are ample of tasks that you can do only once for your blog. These type of things include setting up the structure of your website.

On the other hand, there are other tasks such as improving your website speed. This, you got to do, every single time.

Yes, with on-page SEO if you can do the same correctly, then you have the potential to drag some of the best quality traffic, in the long run.

  1. Perform Email Marketing to Increase Website Traffic

Increase Website Traffic

The humble email has been with us for many years. But it can still be one of the foremost effective tools in your kit for engaging your audience and earning traffic.

How does it work?

We’re all conversant in email, which is a component of its strength as a tactic. If you’ll convince someone to check in for your newsletter. Then you can deliver on your promises of what they’ll get from you, you’ve got direct access to them.

In fact, because of smartphones, you’ve got access to them wherever they’re (according to Google, 75% of Gmail users access their emails on their phone).

According to HubSpot, 99% of consumers check their email a day. Even better, over 59% of B2C marketers say it’s one of their best channels.

Better of all, over 60% of consumers have made a sale as a result of a marketing email. Email may be a highly effective channel for getting subscribers regularly back on your site.

As a channel that gives an excellent ROI. And still features a lot of consumer trust, the question perhaps isn’t if you ought to be doing email marketing but how. As a channel you own, the power to make brilliant, helpful emails your customers love is in your hands.

Tips to urge started:

When beginning an email marketing campaign, you’ve got two key questions:

How will you convince current visitors to check-in for your newsletter – How will you build your list? (Hint: you would like a transparent incentive and to form the method as easy as possible)

What content will you offer therein a newsletter that represents great value? (Hint: It’s not talking about yourself – what do your customers want from you?)

Other hints and tips include:

To get up and running, take a glance at this guide on email marketing for SMEs

There also are guides on the simplest tools for email marketing, the way to use segmentation (dividing subscribers into smaller groups supported criteria like location, purchase history, and far more). This can be used to send more useful content to different people in your email list. And even what to try to if you’re struggling to urge signups for your newsletter

Don’t forget you would like to stay GDPR compliant throughout your email marketing activities – you’ll determine more during this guide.

Final Word of Mouth

 Coming at the concluding end of the article, given above are some of the really good ways to increase the website traffic. Yes, there can be some ways that might be an easy one for you.

And, there will be some of the tougher ways. Keeping each of the things into consideration, you can follow up with the above ways to increase the website traffic.

Additionally, you can even try other methods that can help in improving the website traffic to some considerable extent.

Keeping each of the things in consideration, you can follow up with the above techniques. Yes, there can be times when things will take time.

But, if you are dedicated to the particular thing, then you can easily follow the above steps and enhance your site traffic, to the next possible extent.

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