InboxDollars Review: A Legit Survey Site To Get Paid Online

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Inbox Dollars Review: Having a cup of coffee and answering InboxDollars surveys for side earning could be the best combination. 

You can do the task from your phone or computer is now easy with InboxDollars – iOS, Android, OR Computer.

 This Inboxdollar dollar review will get you through all the steps that you should follow to get started.

Important: “It’s NOT a get rich quick scheme” and ” is NOT a multilevel marketing opportunity.”

I was wondering why people are into the filling surveys from home.

I did research and eventually came to know that paid surveys gives an excellent opportunity for income that helps people to make cash.

In this review article, I will get you through all the important points you must know such as how does InboxDollars Works, how InboxDollars become legit survey site, How to Withdraw Cash from Inboxdollars, Is InboxDollars Worth, pros and cons, and many more.

“InboxDollars is an award-winning company recognized by Inc. 5000.”

They were also rated A+ by Better Business Bureau.

InboxDollars pubic review

The survey works best for the one who wants to earn a side income and have their bills, monthly expenses paid.

Sounds Interesting. right!

Let me get you through this InboxDollars review for more ideas and clarity.

Get $5 Sign-Up Bonus

InboxDollars loves new joiners and as a complimentary, they offer a $5 sign up bonus.

Trust Pilot Rating 4/5 from InboxDollars user + Trust Score with 8/10.

once you pick up the pace while working you can make even more than estimated earning. 

There are some steps you need to know to become a member. This might take up to 3 min to complete the signup process.

First, you will need to mention the email address. This is to confirm that you are a real user who is seriously wanting to join InboxDollars.

Let’s calculate the earning you can make working with InboxDollars.

Anyways, you can make up to $30 per survey but It’s not all the time. It all depends upon your profile. 

On Average, I will take $10 per hour earning with InboxDollars. If you get speed in submitting surveys in a quick time then you may earn over $12 – $18 per hour. 

$10 per hour X 4 hours work = $40 earning per day. 

Working part-time, you can make $280 per week. 

$10 per hour X 8 hours work = $80 earning per day. 

Working full-time, you can make $560 per week. 

Once you submit your email address, you will receive a confirmation email. After confirming, you will be good to go.

InboxDollars will ask you some basic questions to know what type of surveys relevant to you. Questions such as Gender, Marital status, Income, Education, etc.

They also provide points for completing the profile and replying to their emails. You will be asked to watch the introductory short video to guide you on making better use of InboxDollars.

I am promoting the similar app called Swagbucks as it has more opportunities to earn money. 

How Does InboxDollars Works?

InboxDollars allows their user to earn points at any time they want. You will be required to sign up with InboxDollars and get started.

How InboxDollars works

They believe in sharing real cash for whatever activities you do. Yes, you will also be allowed to take benefits from coupons for shopping. This feature is similar to MyPoints where you actually save money and earn on the side too. 

It depends upon you, take cash out or vouchers/coupons.

I was surprised when I see the opportunities that InboxDollars giving to their members.

I was sure that InboxDollars provides paid surveys, but when I did research on it, I came to know that there are more ways where we can make extra money that is by watching videos, reading emails, playing games, online shopping, free coupons for shopping.

I have included all in this Inboxdollars review.

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Is InboxDollars Real & Safe?

Let me clear this out! InboxDollars is a 100% legit company that really helps its users to earn real cash. They do not do spam activities.

InboxDollars has been rated A+ and Accredited with the BBB.

This is one of the oldest and highly trusted online reward company who is known for giving rewards to their members.

How to Make Daily Cash from InboxDollars?

How to make money from InboxDollars

Using a couple of minutes from your spare time can help you to bag extra income by the end of the month.

Answering Surveys

InboxDolars is one of the most recommended survey company by many experts.

You will receive a survey that may take 5-10 minutes. The earning could be $0.50 or $5 per survey.

The pay per survey can be high or low, depend upon the type of survey and how much a company willing to pay for each response.

When you log in to InboxDollars, click on the “Survey” tab to see the notification on the surveys available for you.

You can use your spare time and submit the survey to earn extra income.

Search on Web Earn Cash

You must be searching on the web when you need information. You can even earn money by searching on the web through the InboxDollars search engine.

The earning is very little but anyways you are earning money for doing your regular activity Why don’t we make full use of some opportunities given by InboxDollars for doing almost nothing.

Watch Videos or TV Shows and Earn

Do you like watching videos or TV Shows? If yes, then this is for you. They have bulk storage of videos and TV shows from different categories.

You just need to start the video and enjoy it. The more videos you enjoy, the more points get collected into your account.

Referral Income

This is what I always love to share with the readers. Your earning can be unlimited if you make better use of the InboxDollars referral program.

I did join many referral programs that I shared through this blog. I get recurring earning for just helping others to join InboxDollars. Sound good, right!

Play Games

If you love to play games, then you must try this out. I am sure you definitely going to like it because, InboxDollar pays users for playing games.

Reading Email

This is crazy, but yaa it’s true. InboxDollars make you earn extra cash on reading their special emails. They do send a special offer that can surely save your money while shopping.


There are chances you may get disqualify from some surveys. This is maybe due to non-eligibility.

Your profile may not be suitable, but in this case, InboxDollars will provide you the other link where you may get qualify to answer the survey.

Disqualification from the survey doesn’t mean that you cannot answer other surveys anymore. You can choose to work on another survey.

How to Withdraw Cash from Inboxdollars

The InboxDollars withdrawal process is simple. Just click on “My Account” tab and then go to “Request Payment”.

You will get an option to select how you want to get paid. Through Visa Card, Ecard(Merchant Cards) or by check.

To withdraw the amount from the InboxDollars account, you will need at least a $30 earning balance.

They charge a $3 processing fee, but it’s deposited back to your account in the next payment.

You can also gift your earning to your family or friends through email.

InboxDollars members are of two types. 1. Gold. 2. Non-Gold.

Being a new member you are by default a non-Gold member. 1st payment will take 10-16 days to process.

You will automatically become a Gold member when you receive your first payment. Once you become a Gold member, your payment will process weekly.

Make sure that you request payment before Sunday to get the payment processed on Wednesday.

Check payment will take up to 2 weeks to get it to reach to your registered address.  

Website like InboxDollars

Competition is everywhere. There are websites that give almost the same services that InboxDollars provides to its members.

In this Inboxdollars review, I have mentioned the competitors so that you could take benefit from them as well.

I am talking about Swagbucks. Swagbucks is one of the most popular online reward company and one of the biggest competitor as well.

You can sign up with both the sites to earn more that adds up to your earning.

If you only wants to earn cash from surveys, then Survey Junkie can be the best option for you.

I would recommend you to join at least 3-4 survey companies so that you get options to earn more.

InboxDollars Complaints

Of course, almost every companies face issues like what InboxDollars faces sometimes.

InboxDollars is a legit company, but there are few customers who were not satisfied with the services.

There are complaints like Auto account disable, Unable to redeem, close of account when you become inactive, etc.

There are users who complained that InboxDollars ask questions and finally disqualify them based on the answer you provide.

Sometime, you may get paid very less on lengthy survey and high on short surveys. This is not the case that happens every day, but I want to make sure that you be prepared if such an instance happened.

I have seen an overall average of 4 stars rating given by the users as they are happy with the InboxDollars services. Sources: “Trustpilot”.

Is InboxDollars Worth?

InboxDollars Partners

If you only rely on InboxDollars for the extra income, then it’s not worth going ahead with it. You won’t earn a great amount of money when you spend less amount of time on it.

To earn regularly, you will need to sign up with other reward sites so that you can choose to work on the activities which will give you higher earnings such as Survey Junkie, Vindale Research, and Swagbucks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of InboxDollars (Pros and Cons Of InboxDollars)

I want to make sure that you should be aware of its advantages and disadvantages before you sign up with InboxDollars.


  • There are very less reward sites who provides $5 sign up bonus like InboxDollars.
  • Online Surveys can help you to earn more. Although, there are many other ways you can earn like playing games, shopping, using a search engine, checking emails, etc.
  • They provide real cash. Not like other survey sites who only provides coupon/vouchers.
  • Can work at any time. 
  • If you spend more time on InboxDollars, then you can earn good points every week.
  • You can refer to your family or friends and make recurring referral income. You will get recurring money into your account whenever your referred user joins, earn points.
  • Inbox Dollars is safe to use. They don’t do spam.


  • There are many earning options where you will earn very little.
  • This is not for the one who wants to make huge in 30 min. You will have to invest at least 30 min to 1 hour a day.
  • You will need to reach at least $30 to cash out.
  • InboxDollars try to sell other stuff like credit cards offer that you can avoid.

My Verdict

There is no doubt that InboxDollar is one of the biggest reward company that helps people to earn money but, you should not expect that you will earn like full-time. 

There are many other survey sites that are paying good in this industry. You can sign up with other sites like Swagbucks so that you could earn more. It’s your choice.

Overall, it’s a decent online earning site that can get cash into your bank account every week for sure.

Here, I did the complete Inboxdollars review. Now you must have the idea of how to earn from Inboxdollars and support your living.

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