How to Use SEMrush: Complete Tutorial, Features [2020 Updated]

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Well, if you are someone who is willing to use SEMrush and you are new to the online industry, this article will help you tons. Yes, currently, there are many people who are searching for answers to the question, “How to use SEMrush?” Yet, no such better article has been produced yet.

Right in this article, you will learn about SEMrush features, SEMrush review and will exactly know how to use SEMrush, and increase your website rankings.

Being a blogger or a content creator is a tough challenge where you will have to face everyday challenges. With the help of a better SEO tool such as SEMrush, you can easily make use of each of the tool features.

Here, you can make use of the keyword research tool, link auditing, or even backlink building and eventually help your website achieve better rankings.

Also, speaking about intelligent digital marketers, most of them make use of SEMrush. Yes, what you desire, SEMrush helps you achieve those results and is benefiting millions of bloggers, SEO experts all over the world.

Plus, the tool does offer some of the best and quality features that make SEMrush one of the best tools currently available.

Before going ahead with How to use SEMrush, let’s first understand the true meaning of SEMrush.

What is SEMrush?

Speaking about SEO, it’s the number one way you can do in order to achieve the dream rankings of your website, you desired. Well, SEMrush is a tool that helps you to perfect On-Page and Off-Page SEO in a much more effective way.

Yes, they offer different tools that can effectively help you in getting better search results rankings.

On top of that, SEMrush is also connected with 106 million keywords. This is probably one of the best things for any SEO tool where it gives the guarantee to online users.

Plus, SEMrush helps in maintaining the track record of domains along with landing positions. Also, the tool has got the capability to provide data about each of your competitors.

SEMrush also helps in retaining Adword copies for different websites along with your website.

How SEMrush helps in pulling Data?

how to use semrush

Digging deep into the topic, How to use SEMrush? pulling data is one of the most essential things.

Yes, with the help of the SEMrush tool, you are free to collect data that can help you to assist and make your website better.

Also, you can use SEMrush data from your competitor’s website and use the same on your very own site.

This eventually will make you understand data in a much simpler way.

Further, with SEMrush you can even display reports of viewed keyword, domain as and when you will enter the URL of a site in the search bar.

With this, you will know your competitor’s website insights where you can find some of the best ways to compete with your competitors.

Speaking about the second approach, project creation is another one. In this case, the data is collected from the outside servers with the help of SEMrush projects. The projects help in evaluating website visibility compared to the competitors.

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How to use SEMrush: Toolkits

When it comes to SEMrush toolkits, they are combinations of different tools along with guides. These toolkits can help you get better SEO rankings where you can implement the On-Page and Off-Page SEO effectively.

Even if you don’t need every single toolkit, those are essential to rank your website.

Also, before you can make use of those tools, you must analyze which tools are the ones you can start using. Further, you must have a clear vision for the tools you are using and use them to get better rankings.

In an attempt to learn how to use SEMrush, given below are different toolkits you can use to rank better in search rankings.

Competitive research

how to use semrush

When it comes to the success and failure of your website, it all comes down to how well you analyze your competitor.

Yes, this is one of the most essential things where you must spy on your competitor on a regular basis.

Here, the competitor analysis tool from SEMrush can help you tons where you can use it to spy on your competitors.

With the help of competitive research, you can effectively track your competitor’s keywords, backlinks, site links, and tons of other things.

Eventually, you can use those methods along with techniques, use the same on your website, and achieve much higher rankings.

Position Tracking report

how to use semrush

Moving ahead, for further studying your competitors, you will have to make use of a position tracking report.

In this case, you can access the competitor domain, pick the targeted country, and tap on the search icon.

Now, you can see information right at the top post part where at left, you can see the total number of keywords. Also, you can see the monthly traffic average for the keywords and calculations of each Adword for the keywords.

Plus, you can also make use of custom notes into the graph and visualize when SEMrush makes SERP results available.

The SERP feature button is present on the right side. This eventually shows the overall percentage of the search result that is activated by different keywords for which targeted domain is present.

Now, once you click on the SERP features, you can easily filter the position table for different SERP keywords.

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SERP Feature Divisions

how to use semrush

Going ahead to know how to use SEMrush, SERP features two divisions that are as follows:

1., Linking to the site for different functions with the domain link. Now, filtering for such results will display divergent keywords that are featured by the targeted domain.

2. Not linking with websites for features that have no sort of links or are not at all linked by SEMrush.

Well, the SERP filtering is one of the best ways where you can know which of your competitors are ranking for a particular keyword.

Also, the right tab of the report has got a position tab. This tab contains keywords on which the domain is ranking for.

In order to sort out the tables, you can make use of the up, down arrows in the easiest way.

Given below are keyword data you can get from the report:

  • Volume:

Speaking about volume, it’s the monthly search number that is calculated on the basis of past 12 month results.

  • Pos

It depicts the overall URL ranking position for a keyword in a period of the SERP.

  • Cost Per Click

This shows the average price of click for any Google Adwords campaign

  • Cost %

This depicts the percentage of total traffic cost from a keyword on the website for some duration.

  • Trend

It shows the changes that have happened for a period of 12 months.

  • URL

URL depicts a specified keyword present in the search results

  • SERP

With the help of SERP, you can effectively get a glimpse of SERP results where you can see sites that are ranking

  • Competition

With the help of competitive volume, advertisers can use their keywords to achieve good google rankings.

  • Keyword Difficulty

This eventually measures how challenging it will be for a keyword to rank well in the search rankings

  • Traffic

It shows the overall traffic that a blog or website is getting in search results. Also, you can see each keyword traffic and then decide whether you want to rank on that keyword or not.

  • Last Updated

It shows the previous results until updated for any website

  • Keyword Gap

Moving ahead in how to use SEMrush article, the Keyword gap is one of the most powerful features available from SEMrush. With the help of the Keyword gap tool, you can see the differences between your’s and competitor’s keywords.

Therefore, in this case, you can then use those keywords in your articles and hope for a much higher rank in search results.

Also, when it comes to SEMrush Keyword Gap, you can match up to five domains. With this, you can eventually compare the 5 domains and see the keyword gap among each domain.

Plus, with the help of the SEMrush SEO content model, you can alter the content difference in a much better way.

Well, with the help of the Keyword Gap tool from SEMrush, you can know different keywords your website is missing. After this, you can add those keywords to your website/ articles and hope for positive rankings.

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Backlink competitor’s report & Backlink Gap

Backlink competitor’s report & Backlink Gap

When it comes to ranking websites right on the top pages of Google rankings, Backlinks are one of the most powerful factors. Yes, if your website has got some of the most quality backlinks, you can rank your website in the best ever way.

Also, with the help of the backlink gap tool, you can easily know the potential link gaps where you can fill those gaps, the best way.

However, for analyzing the link gaps, you will have to analyze your backlink competitors.

In the backlink report, you can enter the domain and pass the same on the competitor’s page.

Thereafter, the competition level classifies competitors in the entire report.

Plus, when it comes to statistics, it shows the closeness of competition which is measured with different sets of factors.

With this, you can know the backlink gap and the links that your website is not having. Plus, you can also find a different number of total domains and the backlinks that are associated with those domains.

Additionally, you also have the chance to arrange these by Domain Score. With this, you can see which are those domains that are ranking higher in the search rankings.

For this, you can tap on the number of referring domains and see which are those domains that you are not linking.

With this, you can certainly try different link building strategies and link your domain in the best ever way.

Traffic Analytics

Backlink competitor’s report & Backlink Gap

Going forward in the article on how to use SEMrush, Traffic analysis is yet another important tool from SEMrush.

Yes, for any blog or a website, traffic is one of the most essential things. With the help of traffic, bloggers make money where the more is topic, the greater amount of money you can make with your blog.

Coming down at the SEMrush Traffic analytics tool, you can easily track every single sort of traffic source. Plus, you can figure out different strategies that can possibly help you to achieve much better traffic.

For this, all you need is to type the domain name and tap on the search icon.

After this, you can easily get a glimpse of the competitor’s performance in the traffic tab.

Now, here you can determine the referral traffic, social media traffic, direct traffic, and even the search engine traffic.

You can then figure out which of your opponents have got the most number of traffic and from that, you can make different strategies.

With the help of such valuable information, you can accurately approach the audience and drive more traffic, without any issues.

In this scenario, you can effectively understand the ways visitors come to your website where you will know the real intention behind the same.

The more time users stay on the blog, the greater are the chances for the website to have better conversions.

Further, you can also go ahead and check out on the traffic sources. This can help you analyze out the sources from where you are getting website traffic.

Plus, you can even go ahead and start using the destination sites tab.

With the help of this tab, you can eventually get much proper, accurate data from where the website is getting traffic.

A Take on SEMrush Dashboard

SEMrush Dashboard

Coming down at the SEMrush dashboard, you can visualize tons of tools along with the features of SEMrush.

In the dashboard, SEMrush offers a different number of keywords, along with organic traffic, organic keywords, number of advertising keywords, advertising traffic, and many more.

Also, you can see keywords for different months where you can get better insights on each of them. Further, when it comes to site auditing, backlink auditing, position tracking, on-page SEO, and brand analysis.

A glance at SEMrush Shortcuts

SEMrush Shortcuts

Given below are different SEMrush shortcuts that you have a look at each of them, one by one.

  • Site Audit

If you are someone who is new to use SEMrush, Site Auditing feature helps to perform complete site analysis. With this, you can know the potential site issues and then you can go ahead to resolve those issues, one by one.

  • On-Page SEO Checker

With the help of an On-Page SEO checker, you can know the potential issues your site is facing. You can analyze the keywords for which site is not ranking, alt texts, and many more things.

Thereafter, you can eventually resolve those issues and make your website rank higher in search rankings.

  • Social media tracker

Going forward, the social media tracker from SEMrush is of utmost importance. With the help of SMT, marketers get an edge over their competitor’s website. With this, you can watch the growth of your fans, share strategies, involve in public engagement by linking your social accounts.

  • Brand Monitoring

With the help of SEMrush, you can monitor your competitor’s brand in one of the best ways.

Such a thing covers different external sources right from news to social media networks.

  • Backlink audit

With the help of a backlink audit, you will know the number of links that are pointing to your website. Also, a backlink audit offers different links that are good and the ones that have fallen.

Well, with a backlink audit, you can also go ahead and spy right on your competitor’s backlinks. In this scenario, you can see from where your competitors are getting their backlinks.

After this, you can take backlinks from those websites and eventually go ahead in the overall rankings.

  • Organic Traffic Insights

With the help of Organic traffic insights, you can get data from Google analytics along with different indicators. These indicators include bounce rate, average session time, keywords, and many more things.

With Organic insights, you can know the potential keywords you are ranking for. Thereafter, based on your analysis, you can alter those keywords and include those keywords that can help you attain better search rankings.

How you can add Domain in dashboard

add Domain in dashboard

Moving ahead in the how to use SEMrush topic, adding domain is one of the main things. Here, once you will visit the dashboard, you can click on the “Add Domains” option.

Next, you must enter your website domain and tap on the “Attach Domain”.

After this, SEMrush will take a few seconds and will reload the entire domain panel for displaying domain together with the metrics.

How can you steal your competitor’s keywords using SEMrush?

Well, if your domain has to rank on some quality keywords, spying on your competitor’s domain is one necessary step. In this scenario, I have got for you a two-step process where you can follow the same and steal your competitor’s keyword, the best way.

Step 1: List out competitors and evaluate website carefully

Indeed, before you can analyze your competitor’s website, you will have to list websites on the first and foremost basis.

Along with that, you will have to pick 3 to 5 competitors and have their URLs;’s with you.

After this, you can easily Sign Up for SEMrush free account where you will get a chance to use SEMrush for free.

Thereafter, you will see that the platform offers different details for each competitor.

Make use of the “Domain Overview” feature and with this, you can easily evaluate any of the websites.

Step 2: Find the competitor’s best performing keywords

Well, right after you have found the top competitor domains, you can then make use of the “Domain Overview” feature. With this, you can view full report right under the Top Organic keywords tap and even use the Keyword overview feature.

Further, you can easily go ahead and analyze the true keywords that can become beneficial for your website.

Here, you can make a list of 50 to 100 keywords where you can use those keywords and easily attain much better search rankings.

How can you find profitable keywords using Keyword Magic Tool?

How can you find profitable keywords using Keyword Magic Tool

With the help of the Keyword Magic Tool, you can easily evaluate niche topics, groups, and then continue with the same.

Further, the tool even offers you informative data that you can use to your advantage for businesses ranging from small scale to organizations.

With the Keyword magic tool, you can create a list of some powerful keywords along with blog ideas.

More to it, in reality, this can eventually help you increase the SEO Ranking with the help of related keywords.

Well, the tool eventually expands creativity where you can use the Keyword Magic Tool, search for keywords, and rank your website, the best ever way.

How to get SEMrush free trial?

Well, there are lots of people who want to try the SEMrush free version. With this, they can get a clearer idea which can compel them to buy the SEMrush plans or not.

Now, given below are the steps if you are eager to get the SEMrush Free trial.

1st Step: Click Here to Activate the Free Trial. After tapping on the link, you will be headed towards the SEMrush main page.

2nd Step: Tap on “Start your 7-Days Free Trial button“.

3rd Step: Right after you have clicked on the above button, you can register yourself by entering the password along with email id.

4th Step: Now, you will come at the billing page where you must enter information. Such sorts of information include email, billing address, name along with credit card details.

5th Step: Once you have entered the above information, you will get the SEMrush Pro plan of $99.99 free of cost.

After that, you can tap on the “Place The Order” button where you can then get access to 14-Days Trial.

If you can follow all the steps correctly, you will certainly find no issue to use the app and explore each SEMrush feature.

Conclusion: How to use SEMrush?

By now, I hope you have got SEMrush features and have got an answer to the question, ‘How to use SEMrush?’.

Indeed, SEMrush is one of the best social media tools out there in the market where you can use it to rank higher in Google rankings.

Plus, it also offers some of the best features such as Organic keyword research, PPC, backlink analysis, keyword magic tool, backlink gap, content gap, and many more.

Plus, for the people who are new to the online journey and want to use SEMrush, you can try the SEMrush Free Trial period. For the same, I have listed out the steps above where you can follow those steps and grab your free trial.

After this, you can use SEMrush and then determine whether you want to grab SEMrush plans or not. In terms of SEMrush plans, you can either go for the Pro version, Guru, or Business package.

Eventually, using SEMrush is an art where you can practice the same each day and explore different functions of SEMrush.

Thereafter, you can use SEMrush, browse keywords, spy competitors, build backlinks, and then use it on your website to attain much higher rankings.

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