How To Upload A Video On YouTube From iPhone (Beginners Guide)

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Nowadays, people are taking interest in doing YouTube videos and yes it’s a great platform to upload your video and have a good scope of getting your video reach to millions of viewers.

If you are using an iPhone then there are steps that you must follow to upload your videos in a perfect manner. 

YouTube has made the procedure to upload a video from a phone super simple that people who are newbies can upload it.

Though there are a few things that you keep in mind before uploading a video that I am going to discuss in this article. 

If you have an iPhone then you have a great opportunity to become a YouTuber because the video camera quality is very good and many YouTubers prefer to use their iPhone rather than buying a separate camera. 

You can create your own YouTube channel and upload videos for free. You don’t need to buy any kind of services from them. And this is what I love about YouTube. 

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Let’s begin.

How To Upload A Video On YouTube From iPhone

You need to have a video to upload on YouTube. The video should not be duplicate or copy someone else.

Follow the below steps and get your YouTube video published from iPhone. 

  • Open YouTube App from where you watch YouTube videos. 
  • Sign in with your email address. (My recommendation is to create a separate email Id for your YouTube channel).
  • Tap on the Camera icon on the upper right side.
  • Now, you will get three options: “RECORD”, “GO LIVE” and “UPLOAD YOU OWN VIDEO FROM GALLERY”.
  • If you have your video ready on your phone, then select from your gallery. 
  • Now, a new page will open where you will be asked to fill information about video such as “Title”, “Description”, “Privacy” and “Location”
  • Once you fill-up the information related to video, you need to tap on the right arrow OR “Next” (upper right corner).
  • You may get an option to edit video (enhancements). This feature allows you to give filter, music and trim your video. You can skip this step if you don’t want to. 
  • Upload the video.

Note: YouTube may take some time to upload a video and publish it. 

Once you have done uploading video, Go to YT Studio(YouTube Studio). Download it if you don’t have it on your phone. YT studio also shows the analytics of your channel.

  • Open YT Studio and do settings such as adding video to a playlist, Add tags to a video, etc.
  • You must let YouTube know whether your video is made for kids or not. 

Important: If your video is made for kids then you need to comply with the “Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) or other laws.

This is all that you need to do to upload a video on YouTube from the iPhone. This is actually not a lengthy process. 

You can do it in 2-3 minutes. If your video is lengthy then YouTube may take a few minutes to reach 100% upload. It also depends on internet connectivity. 

In my case when I was uploading an 11 minutes video for my channel, YouTube took around 30 minutes to reach a 100% upload mark. 

I utilize this time for creating a good thumbnail for the video. To upload a video thumbnail you need to verify your account to use this feature. 

Once you verify your YouTube account, then you will be able to use many useful features that help you to grow your channel. This signals YouTube that the particular channel is managed by a real user. 

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How To Change Video Privacy Settings On iPhone

The privacy setting is one of the most important features of YouTube channels. It especially comes into the picture during the video uploading process. 

You will see four options in the privacy setting. 

  1. Public: This feature is used to show videos to the public with no restrictions. This gives you the option to grow your YouTube channel view and subscriber as it’s open to everyone based on your audience type.  
  2. Unlisted: Your video will not get organic reach if you choose this option. People who have a video link can view it otherwise not. 
  3. Private: Only people you choose can watch your video. 
  4. Scheduled: This option appears when you want your video to go live at a specific date and time. 

Thumbs up to YouTube for giving such great features. 

Why Won’t My Videos Upload On YouTube From iPhone?

There are multiple reasons where you won’t be able to upload videos on YouTube from the iPhone. I will bring some most possible reasons that can help you in the future.

  • Heavy Traffic Spike On YouTube For Upload

There is a chance that YouTube may be facing a heavy spike on the video upload section. You may be uploading videos during peak time and this may be the reason why you were not able to upload a video.

  • Internet Connection

The other reason could be the slow internet connection.

One day, I was not able to upload my video. I stopped the process and tried again but still, it was not happening. 

The third time, I upload the video and let it process the whole night. When I woke up in the morning I saw It was successfully done. Later I found out that my internet was slow. 

  • Youtube Sync Issues

Youtube fails to sync with your camera roll. This stops the connection between Youtube and your iPhone. You need to grant permission to YouTube for having access to the gallery so that both can sync and give a faster upload performance. 

  • Verify Your YouTube Account

You may find a problem uploading a video due to not verifying your account. YouTube always make sure that the real user should take an entry to their platform. They don’t want any bot to affect their system and this is the reason YouTube asks users to verify their account. 

YouTube also enables many free features like uploading thumbnail, upload more than 15 minutes of video and many more when you verify your account. Anyway, it’s very very important for you as well because you will need it to show yourself as a professional YouTuber.

How To Upload A Video To YouTube From iPhone Camera Roll?

It’s easy to upload to Video on Youtube using an iPhone camera roll. You do not need to go to the YouTube application and follow the process. Follow the below steps and get your video uploaded on your YouTube channel. 

Before you proceed ahead to make sure you are logged in to your YouTube app. 

  • Go to your iPhone camera roll.
  • Tap on the upload icon at the left down corner (looks like a square with an arrow coming up).
  • Find the YouTube app by scrolling apps from right to left and select YouTube.
  • The video upload section of the YouTube app will open automatically. 
  • Give title, description and select some video option. 
  • Tap on next or Upload. Your video will be uploaded and ready to publish on YouTube.

How To Upload iPhone Videos On YouTube In HD Quality?

If you have recorded a video in HD then you must be wanted your video to be seen in the same quality.

If you record videos from iPhone then you may get an HD quality and this is the advantage that many YouTubers are taking. They are not buying expensive cameras, rather they prefer to record a video on their iPhone. 

Below is the setting to upload videos to YouTube in HD:

  • Open the YouTube app and log in to your channel account. 
  • Tap on the profile icon (upper right corner)
  • Go to settings
  • Select upload quality
  • Tap on “Full Quality”.

These are the steps that you must have if you want your video to be viewed in HD quality. 

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Important Points On Uploading A Video To YouTube From iPhone

YouTube has a user-friendly app to upload videos, especially from the iPhone. Before you upload the video make sure that you have a good internet connection. 

If you are not able to upload the video from the iPhone then try after some time. This happens due to a spike in the traffic on uploading videos or bad internet connection. 

Don’t use the old iPhone because updates have been stopped for old iPhones. This may bring issues while uploading. 

Play the video and check if there is an issue. Sometimes the video file or format does not support the YouTube app and hence you won’t be able to upload it. 

If your channel is not related to kids then make sure that you inform YouTube by selecting the option called Video is not for kids. 

YouTube will now get an indication that what type of audience fits best to your videos and this will eventually increase the organic reach and bring viewers.

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