How To Set Out Of Office In Outlook (Desktop, 365 Web App, Mobile)

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When you work for an organization or have a business, you may sometimes get inactive on outlook mail. This may be due to many reasons like a vacation, long meetings, business holidays, sick leave, etc. 

In such situations, you must know “how to set out of office in Outlook” and let the email senders know that you are away through automatic replies. 

Yes, you can set an auto-responder message in Outlook. So, once set automatic replies, and after that, anyone who sends you the email will get an auto-reply from your outlook email address. 

This is a very important feature, especially for the business. If you go out for the vacation, then this auto-reply setting will respond to them and let them know that you are away from checking emails.

Below are the steps to set out of office replies in Outlook for Office 365, Outlook 2019 and Outlook 2016. Basically the steps work for all types of outlook versions. Even the settings are pretty similar to each other.


How To Set Out Of Office in Outlook?

Out of office basically auto-respond to the email sender with the set message by you. You can set the duration of the auto-response message. Just follow the steps below and set up your auto-reply message in Outlook.

  • Log in to your Outlook application.
  • Click on File (On the upper left corner) to get access to “Account Information”.
  • Go to “Automatic Replies (Out Of Office)”. A new window box will open.
  • Click on the circle “Send Automatic Replies”. Select the time range for out of office when you check the box and mention start time and end time.
  • You will get two options: “Inside My Organization” (for the employees/boss working in the organization) and “Outside My Organization” (for the people not working for your organization. It can be your customers). I personally set the same message for both. 
  • Now, write your out of office message in the message box.
  • Click on the “Ok” button.

This is it. Now, whoever sends you the message will get an auto-reply message from your email. This is very important, especially in the organization. 

Out Of Office Message Example

Thanks for your email. I am away from the office until (date). I will respond to you as soon as I can. 

You can contact (your colleague or manager or partner name including their email address) if the matter is urgent.

Thank You

(Your Signature)

Important Tips:

  • Always mention your returning time in the message.
  • Always mention the point of contact in your absence.
  • You can still check your email even though you set it out-of-office. 
  • When you come back and access your emails, make sure the out of office reply is removed.

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How To Set Out Of Office In Outlook 365 Web App?

You can set out-of-office auto-replies from the web browser in a few simple steps. 

  • Go to or outlook access link in your organization (ask your manager).
  • Login with your email address.
  • Select outlook web app. The outlook mailbox will open. 
  • Click on Setting (Gear icon) on the top right of the browser.

outlook 365 web app setting option

  • Now, select “view all Outlook settings”.

view all outlook settings

  • Click on “Automatic replies”.

Select Automatic replies option

  • Tick on “Send automatic replies” and again tick on “Send replies only during this time period”.
  • Set the time period of out of office.
  • Write a message in the message box. You can do some editing there. 
  • Scroll down and select external sender if you want people to get auto reply outside your organization.
  • Click on “OK”.

Your out-of-office has been set. Now, people will start getting auto-responses from you. 

How To Set Out Of Office In Outlook Mobile Android or iPhone App?

You can now set out of office auto-reply using your phone. You just need to have an outlook app. Follow the steps below.

  • Open outlook app and log in.
  • Tap on three horizontal lines (menu) on the upper left corner
  • Tap on “Settings” (on the lower-left corner).
  • Now, select your account (email address) for which you want to set out of office.
  • You will get the “Automatic replies” option. Tap on that option.
  • Enable automatic replies and write a message. 
  • Tap on “OK”.

Make sure you off the Automatic replies once you get back to work.

If you have a mobile app then you can do it in a few seconds. You can also install the app from the app store that supports your phone. 

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In Conclusion

Setting up an Out-of-office is very important especially if you are working in the organization or running your own business. 

This shows professionalism. Once you set up an auto-reply in outlook, people who send you the message will come to know that you are away from emails. This is the perfect idea of letting someone know that you cannot reply back at the moment.


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