How to Sell Books on Amazon – Best Method

how to sell books on amazon

For centuries, books have been a true friend of over a billion people. Earlier, people read paper books but right now, we have entered into the world of digitization. On the other hand, Amazon has become one of the biggest bookselling platforms.

Right from those beauty tip books to science and technology, you can sell any sort of books on Amazon. Also, if you want an answer to the question, ‘How to sell books on Amazon?’ I have got an answer for you. 

Currently, there are a ton of sellers who are selling some of the best books on Amazon. Therefore, after we start, first we will learn about how selling on Amazon works and how you can find the Amazon Books. 

How you can sell Books on Amazon (My own Story)

Long before, I was lucky to make a six-figure business by selling some of the best books on Amazon. 

Thinking of where it all started? Well, it started with the common nine to five job. It was way back in the year 2015 where I was hired for selling cars. Yes, a salesman to be precise where I learned a lot during my Salesman journey. 

Now, forwarding back in the year 2018, I always had the dream to be an entrepreneur but didn’t know from where to begin. 

Thereafter, I searched on the Internet from where I discovered to sell books on Amazon. 

Yes, this was a game-changer for me where I actually found how to generate passive income over time. 

At the start, I didn’t have a lot of money and was struggling with some sort of financial issues. 

After all the hustle and pain, I listed different sorts of books on Amazon for sale. By this time, I was earning a good amount of money and was all set to replace it with my primary income. 

In simpler words, selling books on Amazon is completely fine where you just need to follow some basic steps. 

So, let’ dive in. 

How can you sell your used books on Amazon?

In order to sell things on Amazon, you got to decide on the following things:

  1. Deciding on your fulfillment method (FBA or FBM)
  2. Which type of seller you like to be (Professional or Individual)
  3. How you are sourcing the inventory

The moment you are done with the above decisions, you can then go ahead and list the books on Amazon. 

After which, you can eventually wait for your very first sale.


How can you fulfill orders?

Currently, there are two ways you can opt for to fulfill the orders. 

Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM)

Using this method, whenever a sale is made on Amazon, you will have to pack and ship the book yourself.

Here, you can select your choice carrier because in this method, you are responsible for storing your very own inventory. 

Therefore, whenever you are calculating your costs, you will have to account for the storage fees. Also, along with the shipping expenses, you will have to keep track of the packing and shipping orders. 

  • Utilize FBM if:

If you are having only a few orders for fulfilling, at this stage, you can make use of the FBM. Yet again, in this method, you must have the place for storing your books. 

Secondly, with the help of Amazon FBA, whenever the sale is made on Amazon, the company picks packs, and then ships the books right on your behalf. 

Here, Amazon Stores the entire inventory and even takes care of your Customer service. 

Hence, instead of paying shipping, storage, and handling expenses, you pay right on the Amazon FBA for covering off the expenses. 

  • Utilize FBA if:

If you are having tons of orders to fulfill for the customers from time to time. Plus, you don’t have to place the orders until Amazon fulfillment centers do the same for you.

Which type of Amazon Seller you must be?

Currently, two main types of sellers are explained as follows:

  • Individual Sellers

Typically, individual sellers sell less than 40 products per month. This is a method that is suitable for people who have got fewer items to sell. 

On the other hand, individual sellers have fewer fees to pay compared with professional sellers. 

  • Professional Sellers

Professional sellers are those that typically sell more than 40 products every month. Typically for sellers that have large inventories, this method is generally used for creating regular monthly income from their sales. 

How can you find books to sell on Amazon?

Mostly, people want to sell the books they already are seeing online. But, when it comes to sourcing your inventory, you can do the same from different places. 

Given below are some of the most proven and working methods to find books and sell books on Amazon. 

Sell your own books

Indeed, uniqueness is the very first step towards success. If you have got books at your home, I would recommend selling those books first. On the other hand, you can also write your own books and then sell those on Amazon. 

Consider selling textbooks or old comic books

Yes, if you are looking for an odd way, you must consider selling the old comic books. Or else, if you find some textbooks that are valuable and can be sold on Amazon, you must try selling those too. 

Books sales

Well, there are tons of booksellers who would like to sell their books on an ongoing sale. Additionally, there has always been a book sale going on especially in the libraries. 

With this, you must head towards the sales and try selling your books. 

What are the types of books you can sell on Amazon?

Well, finding different books for selling on Amazon is quite a simpler process. However, you must spend your time listing down the books no one would buy. 

Therefore, it’s important to search for the right books on Amazon. 

For this, you can simply check the best sellers for your niche books. The lower is the BSR product, chances are high that the product sells more on Amazon. 

Also for example, the book that is ranked on #1st on Amazon sells around 1,500 copies each month. 

However, the book that is ranked at the lowest doesn’t sell even a single copy in months. 

More to it, if you want to find the book’s best-seller, you can find that on the page listing.

How to list and Sell Books on Amazon?

Once you have become a registered seller on Amazon, you can then go ahead by listing your books. 

Right now, the easiest way for doing the same is by going to the actual product page for the book you would like to list to.

Thereafter, you can list your book as and when you want. 

Now, in order to access the product listing page, you can type the book ISBN which is the book registration code. This is the same process you can perform for the product to buy. 

The moment you have entered the product listing page, you will see the grey button that depicts.’ Sell on Amazon’ below the Buy Box. 

After tapping on the button and as long as you can sell the books on Amazon, you will see the screen on the same. 

How to Sells Books on Amazon?

Right now, you can enter the following information:

  • SKU

Well, this is the personal code for your book where you can remember the book code with the help of SKU code. 

On the other hand, if you keep it blank, Amazon generates the one randomly for you. 

  • Price

I would recommend you for selling the book on the lowest price as possible. With this, you can decide on pricing at which you got to depict on different conditions of the book. 

Unless there is a major difference in the pricing, you can keep your chosen pricing, as you want. 

Also, for your convenience, Amazon comes with a button that you can click for matching the lowest price. 

  • Quantity

If you are having more than one copy of a book, you can enter the quality right in that section.

  • Condition

Currently, there are five conditions for Amazon books that are as follows:

  • New
  • Like New
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Acceptable

Further, if you can sell books, you will have to keenly decide on each of the books. 

Even more, the hardcover books having dust jackets are the best of all. 

The moment you enter the information, one of the two things will occur:

If you have chosen to sell the book FBM, the listing of the book will directly appear on the book’s product page. This will happen in a time span of 15 to 30 minutes. 

After that, you can wait until the book is sold on Amazon. 

If you choose for selling book FBA, you will have to prepare the book for shipping directly to Amazon. 

Typically, it will take a time span of 1 to 2 weeks for the inventory to come at the destination fulfillment center. 

Thereafter, it will take Amazon staff another three days to one week for unpacking the inventory and distribute to the network. 

What to do if the books are not worth enough?

If Amazon is not the solution for you and the books are not worth, you can simply donate those books. 

Speaking about the easiest option, you can schedule up with any of the charity to donate your books and money. 

After that, you will get the receipt that you can write down on your taxes. 

Garage/ Yard Sale

On the other hand, you can also try selling your books in a yard or garage. Yet again, it’s prettier to do. 

However, if you are willing to sell books on a yard/garage, you will have to make sure that the book is worthy enough. 

Selling Books on eBay

If you want to sell books on eBay, I would still say that Amazon is a much better option. Further, I have sold books on eBay along with Amazon where Amazon has won the race hands down. 

Benefits of Selling Books on Amazon

First of all, with Amazon, you don’t need to hold inventories of your own. With Amazon, the company holds the entire inventory for its customers. Thereafter, they select different fulfillment centers and ship the product right for the customers. 

Secondly, Amazon offers every book the best seller metric. Here, this sort of metric can be used as a guide for estimating how to sell the book on Amazon. This will eventually save you tons of your time. 

Lastly, Amazon has got double or triple the traffic when we compare it with eBay. Also, Amazon has got tons of sellers that are actively selling their products on Amazon. 

Which type of books sells the Best on Amazon?

  • Textbooks

Indeed when it comes to the best seller on Amazon, Textbooks are the first-ever choice. They are the gold standard books where textbooks are high in every single country. 

At any point in time, Textbooks have always been in high demand whereas, during the spring and winter fall seasons, textbook selling has increased considerably. 

  • Niche books

Books that are associated to a niche audience, these types of books are also sold on a good scale. For example, how to perform gardening comes under the niche category where people of those interests will definitely buy those books. 

  • Comic Books

Yes, marvel and DC fans are everywhere and with that Comic Books have always been on a major scale. Also, graphic novels are also sold on a greater scale where you can create or sell other people’s novels. 

  • Non-Fiction

On Amazon, Non-Fiction book performs much better than the fiction ones. Yes, fiction book does perform poorly that is a thing you must take into consideration. 

Also, Fiction books does lose their value much faster when we compare them with non-fiction ones. 

What type of books doesn’t sell the best on Amazon?

To be precise, every sort of fiction book doesn’t sell the best on Amazon. Yes, you will have to be of utmost precision when it comes to selecting the books for selling on Amazon. 

Additionally, you can research on your own and look for books that are not worthy to be sold on Amazon. 

Hence, from your end, you can eventually research well and look for the books that are not to be sold on Amazon. 

Final Word of Mouth

Wrapping up the entire article, I hope you have got the best ways to sell books on Amazon. Indeed, the internet is an open space where you can even research on your own.

Also, if you have got some books in mind that you are eager to sell on Amazon, the above guide will form as a pillar for you. 

Quite effectively, you can read the above guide and discover every sort of stuff to sell books on Amazon. 

Further, in order to sell books on Amazon, you will have to understand every single guideline for the same. 

Eventually, you can sell books, generate revenue, and grow your business to exponential heights. 

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