How To Make Money Without A Job (24 Ways For Living)

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It’s not easy to survive without a job especially when you own the responsibility of handling your own expenses. 

You must be thinking “how to make money without a job” while sitting at home. I know it’s difficult to make a living without a job but still, there are many opportunities you can grab and make money from home consistently. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are unemployed, teenager, home mom, teen, college student or studying at school. You can still find ways to make money on a weekly or monthly basis and manage your bills, rents, expenses etc. 

I will get you through various ideas that will make you earn money with no job. You can take it as a full-time or part-time job. It’s up to you. 

How To Make Money Without A Job?

Nowadays it’s not difficult to make money because of this internet world. A person can make money from home without going to a 9-5 hectic job. So, why don’t you become your own boss? 

Let’s calculate how much you can make with no job.

Online Surveys = $50 – $70 per day.

Influencer = over $700 a week.

Blogging = Over $600 a week.

Car Renting = $50 – $100 a day.

Online Selling = Over $300 a week.

Food Delivery = $80 – $120 a day.

On Average, let’s say you are making $90 a day then your total weekly earning will be;

$90 per day X 7 Days = $630 per week. 

1. SurveyJunkie – Get Paid To Share Your Opinion 

You can join SurveyJunkie for free and start making money from right now. Simply complete the sign up process that hardly takes 2-3 minutes and get ready to go. 

All you need to do is answer the survey and submit it. You can do it from your phone or computer. Whatever you feel convenient. 

If you are looking for side income then SurveyJunkie can be the best option for you. People are making money in spare time on a daily basis. 

The more online surveys you submit, the more cash you will generate. Do not forget to complete your profile so that SurveyJunkie allot you maximum surveys that match your profile. 

You will find short and long surveys. Of Course, long surveys will pay you more than short surveys. Each survey comes up with the expiry time, so make sure you check your emails or SurveyJunkie account to check how many surveys you have been allotted. 

One more point, you will also see how long each survey takes to complete so that you can choose the one that fits best as per your availability. If you want to make extra then join a few more surveys that are helping online earner – Opinion City, Survey Voices, and Surveys2Cash.

2. Influence People Online

Yes, you can influence people and make money online in many ways. The most useful platform is YouTube. 

Start making videos and publish them online on YouTube. There are a few techniques that you can apply to make money from multiple sources. 

  • Start promoting brands.
  • Sell affiliate products. 
  • Sell Amazon products.
  • Sell your own products.
  • Sponsorships.
  • Show Adsense ads on your videos and many more. 

To become popular on YouTube, you need to understand how you can bring traffic to YouTube. 

YouTube promotes such channels that publish quality content. If your content has the power to attract viewers, then YouTube most likely will promote your video to broad audiences. This will increase likes and subscribers. 

If you are planning to start your own YouTube channel then I would recommend you upload quality content consistently for at least once or twice a week. 

After some period of time, you will start noticing organic viewers to your channel and this will create an opportunity for you to make money from multiple sources. 

Useful Content:

3. Make Money From Blogging

Blogging brings a big chunk of income to my pocket and it’s increasing drastically. You would love to know that many bloggers are making over $100,000 every month by just promoting products or services online. 

If you want to start your own blog then follow this step-by-step blogging guide where you will learn all the important setup ideas to launch a perfect earning blog today in 30 minutes. 

The most trending technique to make money with a blog is “affiliate marketing”.

You can also go for Google AdSense but make sure that you have enough content and traffic to get approval. 

There are bloggers who are actually making a living without a job. Blogging is now becoming a full time earning source for many online earners. Even I make money working full-time for my blog. 

4. Rent A Car

Nowadays, people can rent a car just from the phone. The Internet has made it very simple for car owners to rent their cars and make money daily. 

Simply register with Getaround and list your car with some photos. That’s it. 

Set your own price so that you earn enough. Make sure that you set the price that people come to you for the car. 

If you are using the car for your personal use then you can select the date on which you prefer not to use the car. 

It can be an extra source of income without a job. The best part is Getaround itself covers the insurance and roadside assistance. So, you do not need to worry about your car. 

5. Start Freelancing Business

freelancing work

Freelancing is one of the popular ways of earning cash with no jobs through multiple sources. You can be a freelance graphic designer, freelance writer, Freelance SEO. 

Whatever skills you have, just create a profile with it on a freelancing portal and start getting clients for your business. 

There are companies with whom you direct approach by visiting their office or write an email to them. 

There are many freelancing websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc. that are popular in connecting freelancers and clients. 

Many students take a course in a particular field and then create a profile. Such freelancing websites also provide ratings on the basis of client reviews. 

The more positive reviews you will get, the more chances for you to reach on the recommended list. Hence, I would recommend you to provide high-quality services within the deadline. This will help you to get a good rating of your freelance profile. 

6. Sell Things Online

You can create your own online store website like Amazon and list the product. Opening online stores have now become easy with the help of Shopify

Nowadays it’s not required to learn technicals to start an online eCommerce website. It is all automated. Simply select how your stores you want to be like, Shopify will create it for you in a few seconds. 

I have seen many online sellers who are generating seven-figure sales online just by creating an online eCommerce store from Shopify. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced person. All you need to do is list your products online on your own eCommerce website and start earning profits through sales. 

It is now possible to list Aliexpress products on your website and earn a margin. Just join Aliexpress dropshipping website, list their product and set your own price with a good margin. 

Many eCommerce website owners are applying this dropshipping method and making money without a job. 

The best part about dropshipping is, you do not need to maintain storage. Aliexpress directly delivers the product to your customer. This saves time and purchases cost. 

7. Work From Home

You can get paid to work from home by doing a home business or a new start-up firm. Start something new with a small or little investment. 

Yes, you need to invest time on it and you may be required to learn new things to run a business efficiently. 

If you have any skills that can help people then why don’t you take a benefit from it? Think about what strategies you can apply that eventually bring money to your pocket. 

Do hard work regardless of any situation. This will not only bring success to your life but also make you mentally stronger. 

How Can I Make a Living Without A Job?

Make A living without a job

Grab some money earning opportunities that help you earn money without working for someone. 

8. Help Research Companies

Vindale Research is a company that helps people in making money for participating in research. 

It is completely free to join and you can start making cash right from today. They conduct hundreds of research on a daily basis. You can participate in any of them. Make sure you complete your profile so that you get eligible for high paying research. 

9. Sell Insurance

Many developed companies impose compulsion of insurance such as car insurance, life insurance, house insurance, business insurance and many more. 

You can tie up with your nearest insurance company and earn money from generating customers for their business. 

Having a good network can help you earn extra money. Network marketing helps a lot in the sales industry hence you need to start doing networking by meeting new people. 

Generating new connections can help you get a sale through direct or by recommendation. You can also offer a commission through referrals by allowing your connections to generate a lead for you. 

Insurance is a very big market and once you learned the art of selling insurance, then you wouldn’t imagine how much you’re going to make. 

10. Become Transcriptionists

Transcription tasks have good potential to generate consistent income for you. You just need to listen to the audio file and convert it manually into text format. 

You can become a transcriptionist by working with a company called transcribeanywhere.

If you want to work from home or want to work part-time then you can go ahead with a transcription profile. 

You will be paid per file. The more files you submit, the more money you will make. And yes, longer audio files will pay you extra than short audio. 

You need to have good listening and typing skills. If you are a newbie then don’t worry. Work hard so that you gain a typing speed. 

If you are new to the transcription field then select a general profile and start your data entry job. Your accuracy also matters. Once you show a good performance with high accuracy then your profile will be shown in the recommended list. This means you get priority over many other average transcriptionists. 

11. Sell On eBay And Facebook. 

eBay is a world-famous website where buyers and sellers get connected. It’s one of the best app to sell stuff online. If you do not have your own eCommerce store, then you can start selling your products online on eBay. 

There are many people who make a living without a job by just selling on eBay. It’s not compulsory to have your own product on eBay. You can connect with your nearby wholesale retailers or manufacturers and buy things at a cheaper price and list it on eBay. 

Facebook marketplace is also gaining popularity especially in selling things online to nearby customers. 

Make sure that you upload a high-resolution picture so that people find it legit. This field has the potential to bring six-figure income to your bank. 

12. Deliver Food And Earn Money

If you have a vehicle and want to generate some income without a boss, then you must check Postmates Fleet.

It’s an online delivery app that selects the available driver in the range where customers ordered something. 

The app automatically selects the nearest available drivers and when a driver completes the delivery, they get paid. They also have tip features where customers pay tips cash or directly online. 

You just need to register with Postmates and get the app. Once you complete the signup process, you can start taking online deliveries. Mostly, the orders are related to food delivery. 

Postmates also provides a prepaid debit card for you. If in case customers select cash on delivery, you can pay from that prepaid debit card. You do not need to pay for anything. Just enjoy the money for each delivery completed. 

You can work full-time or part-time. If you do not have a job, then the Postmates fleet can be a good option for you to earn money with no job. 

13. Drive Uber For Living

Having a driving license opens many opportunities that bring money to your pocket daily. Simply sign up to drive Uber and start taking rides. 

It would be great if you have your own car otherwise you can hire it from enterprise car renting services.

Hire a car temporarily and drive for Uber. This is what I have seen some people doing who don’t have a personal car. 

You can choose your own time to drive. It can be day or night, part-time or full-time. It’s up to you. Peak time pays most to the Uber drivers. 

If you do not have any weekend plans, then you can drive Uber and make money on the side. Read how to drive Uber – Complete guide.

How To Make Money Without A Job In College?

Make Money Without A Job In College

Being a college student, there are expenses you come across with. Why don’t you earn money on the side by working from home as a part-timer? Let me get you through the list of money-making ideas for college students.

14. Assistantship 

There are colleges that support students by paying some cash for doing some college-related tasks. 

You won’t be allowed to work full-time for college but still, some extra money is better than no money in the pocket. 

Ask your professor or receptionist related to side income tasks for the college students. If you have any skills then let them know so that they can select you for college work. 

If you want some extra cash then you must try to make money in college without a job and support yourself financially. 

15 Acorns

This is really interesting. Acorns is a company that helps people investing money from spare change. 

You just register with Acorns and rest acorns will do. It basically invests your spare change when you purchase anything into high-quality stocks. 

They also allow people to invest directly into stocks and make money. You do not need to do research as Acorns already has a finance manager and its team who does research and creates a stock portfolio. 

There are some companies that share bonus money or dividends to the shareholders (investors). 

All you need to do is just check your daily earnings on the Acorns dashboard. You can take your money out at any time. There is no restriction in making a money transfer to your checking account.

16. Play With Dogs And Get Paid

There are online companies that pay dog sitters. If you love playing with dogs, then why don’t you join Rover and get paid to play with dogs. 

Being a college student you may be having some spare time. You can use that time to earn extra money daily. 

Simply register with Rover as a pet sitter and get ready to receive a request from dog owners. 

There are experienced dog sitters who make extra money as they are experienced in playing with dogs. If you also have such experience then you can also mention in your bio.

You can set your own price and schedule so you do not need to worry about timing. Whenever you are available, just mark your availability in the app so that Rover starts showing profiles to the customers. 

The payment directly gets deposited to your bank account hence you do not need to ask for the money from the Dog owners. 

17. Become A Freelance Writer

Want to get paid for writing articles? Many news channels, website owners, and article publishers search for good freelance writers. 

They usually pay per word to the writers. You can approach such companies and get the writing task from home. 

Fiverr is the app you can join and create your profile as a content writer. Many business owners, publishers visit freelancing websites in search of a good writer. 

Once you get your first project, make sure you give your best because they may give you more work if you impress with your content. 

I would recommend you work with multiple clients because relying only on one source is not a good decision. And yes, whenever you write for big companies, make sure you add this to your profile so that you grab clients’ attention. 

Ways To Make Money Without Working For Someone

If you want to make money without working for someone then follow the below strategy to earn some extra sort of income. 

18. Invest For Long-Term In Stocks

Investing in high-quality stocks/shares is recommended by many stock investors. You just invest in stocks and check your daily or weekly earnings. 

So, when you earn enough money by investing stocks, you can sell your shares and enjoy the income. 

I completely understand that finding high-quality stocks is difficult but there are agencies and companies who recommend the best stocks to invest in. It can be Apple, Google or Microsoft. Depending upon the market condition and its valuation. 

Acorns assist investors in investing in stocks. You can start with a little investment of $5 and see how it works. They spread your investment into high performing stocks for higher returns and low risk. 

19. Airbnb

Rent your spare room and generate passive income every month. Now, it is very easy to list your room for rent as many hotel owners do for their hotel rooms. 

If you have an extra room, bungalow, cottage then list it on Airbnb and start making money while sitting at home. 

Take a good picture of your room and upload it to your Airbnb account. You can set your own price or leave it on Airbnb to manage the pricing as per the competition.

If you provide food and travel then you may earn extra money by charging them for extra service.

Simply register with Airbnb and select the dates you want to rent the room. Do not forget to upload as many pictures as you can so that people make a decision on your room. 

20. Referral Income

With the help of a referral strategy, you can generate a recurring income by just recommending a product or services online. 

You can join Swagbucks and start referring it to your friends so that you earn referral commission and incentives. 

You just need to promote it from your phone or computer. I usually do it through my blog. I still earn a commission when someone joins through me and makes money. 

All you need to do is join Swagbucks and get the referral link. Share the link through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. You can use any platform but make sure you don’t do spam. 

I really love referral income because your income increases whenever you add up new users through you. The best part is you still make some extra money whenever your referral friend makes money.

How To Make Money Without A Car?

Make Money Without A Car

You do not have a car but you still want to make money then there are some techniques that you can follow and make money without a car. 

21. DoorDash

DoorDash is an app where you generate income from delivering food to customers. You are not working under anyone. You just take food from the food store or restaurant and deliver it to the customer. 

You can deliver it through a motorcycle or bicycle. Some cities don’t allow bicycles so check for permission in your area. 

If you do not have a car but know how to ride a bike then you can join DoorDash. It’s completely online so whenever to complete the delivery, the money will be transferred to your account. 

They pay daily and weekly. It’s up to you when you want cash. And yes, you may get good tips from customers. 

You need to register with DoorDash and complete the application form online. Once you complete the application process, then you are ready to go. Just open the app and start taking orders directly from your phone. You will receive a notification about the delivery, so just pick and drop. That’s it.

22. Become A Consultant

Consulting business is trending and bringing a good profit margin to the business. Take it as a business because you are giving your time helping other people eventually. 

Use your experience you have gained in your entire life and start promoting it through various sources like Whatsapp, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc. 

It’s better to use your experience for yourself rather than working a 9-5 job. Even if you are doing a job, you must do something on the side that may become a full-time earning source. 

You can also run ads about your service on Facebook and Instagram and get customers/clients faster for your consulting business. 

I would prefer working for myself rather than spending my whole life working for other businesses. 

23. Start Recruitment Business

Start Recruitment Business

Many recruitment firms make money by helping companies in bringing their talents to their organization. 

It’s a profitable business opportunity where you charge companies for helping them in hiring people. 

All you need to do is connect with businesses and let them know that you can help them in hiring new people. 

To start this business, you need to have your own business and a job portal where you can search for new talents.

Get a contract signed with the companies and start finding people on job portals. The profit margin is very high in this field. You can make over $1000 for single recruitment. 

The more people get hired through you, the more money you will generate.

How Can A Teenager Make Money Without A Job?

How Can A Teenager Make Money Without A Job

Teenagers are getting popular on the internet. Being a teenager you can make money by promoting yourself on various platforms and start earning money without working for a company. 

24. Become A TikToker

You must have seen TikTokers from different countries coming up with new content like funny, informational, motivational and many more. 

You can also upload short 15 second videos that entertain people and set up your own earning source without a job. 

If you have a creative mind, then start showing such creativity in a video and upload it on TikTok. 

The more creative videos you will upload the more chances for you to get viral on Tiktok. 

Once you gain over half a million followers, you can start making money from the below sources. 

  • Sponsorships
  • Influence people
  • TikTok live to earn coins from viewers
  • Offer services
  • Drive traffic to your money-making website.
  • Drive traffic to your YouTube channel. 

Consistency is the most important factor to achieve success in a quick time. I have seen one TikToker who uploaded his all old short videos that he stored in his hard drive. TikTok found it useful and that user gained over a half million followers in just 4 months. 

Who Can Make Money Without A Job?

Anyone can make money without a job. All you need to do is put effort and time. There are various methods I have mentioned in this article. Select the one with fits best for you. Most of them are free methods of making money. Simply join them and start working from home. 

If you want to set up your own business then you may be required to invest some money. You can go with it if you are ready to invest otherwise, go for the free method. 

Problems In Making Money Without A Job

We all know that the money starts adding to your payroll as soon as you join any organization. 

This is not the case if you are doing something by yourself. You cannot expect the money directly by applying any money generating methods. 

You need to have patience and a hard-working attitude. Once you achieve success in doing what you love then you may earn more than you expect from a boring job. 

In Conclusion

To be honest, making money with no jobs is possible in this internet world but you need to put effort if you want to make consistent income. 

Use your skills and experience to make the most but you have to show consistency. There are many people who make money for living by just working from home. 

Try to set up your own business or do something like starting a blog, become a freelancer that generates regular income to your pocket. 

The ideas that I have shared with you have enough potential to help you out with your bills, expenses, house rent, etc. Get income from multiple sources to become financially stronger. 

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