How To Make Money On Twitch?

How to make money on twitch

If you are a Gamer and want to do something different and get a full-time career into it, then you must know “how to make money on Twitch”.

I know there are people crazy about gaming. Now being a Gamer you can also earn money by live streaming on Twitch. 

It’s kind of a different platform where people watch Gamers playing video games and enjoy the commentary. 

You may make extra money from the Twitch Partner Program or affiliate program to generate extra revenue. This is possible when you start gaining popularity by growing the number of followers.

If you love to play games and have a good sense of humor then you must try “Twitch”. There are millions of people on this platform who enjoy live broadcasting. 

The more people watch your streaming the more money you will be going to earn. You need to be a good game player. You should influence people the way you play games. People will love to watch your Twitch video when they find you playing a game with a superb strategy. 

You will see many people who love playing games and they usually spend time around such activities. 

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How To Make Money On Twitch?

People who are into the gaming world, they are most likely to earn money on Twitch. You need to be a good gamer and know how to do commentary. 

Many viewers watch live streaming to learn how to play a particular game smartly like pro gamer. This is the reason you must be a good gamer. 

If you are new to this gaming then you may take time for gaining subscribers. I have collected the list of most useful money-making techniques that many popular Twitch streamers have adopted and making money. 

Making money from Twitch is pretty different. You will find many exciting opportunities to build your own source of income from your popularity. 

You can use multiple platforms to make money that I am going to share with you in this article.

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Join Twitch Affiliate Program

Every Twitch game streamer would love to join Twitch affiliate program to make money from multiple sources. 

You will be required to meet the eligibility criteria for affiliate program. 

Must have at least 500 minutes, 7 broadcasts, minimum 50 followers and at least 3 concurrent viewers in the last 30 days.

Once you join Twitch affiliate program, you will most likely enjoy the multiple options to make money. 

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate and Partner guide.

  • Subscribers  (Subscription)

Once you become popular on Twitch, you must join Twitch Program to earn a percentage from subscription by Viewers.

The default revenue sharing is 50:50 where you get 50% of share. The revenue sharing percentage may increase to 70%. Revenue sharing depends upon how popular you are on Twitch.

The subscription charges for viewers are $4.99, 9.99 and 24.99. The more subscription you get, the more chances of earning you will make. 

Sharing subscription is one of the main sources of income from Twitch. You must emphasize on quality streaming so that people run after for your subscription. 

  • Game Sale Affiliate

When you stream a game you can add a buy now button for the viewer to purchase the game that you are streaming. 

People may click on the button and purchase the game. You will earn 5% commission on sale. 

This is one of the most effective earning model from Twitch. This enables streamers to earn a commission. No doubt Twitch also makes money whenever a viewer makes a purchase.

Bits, Emotes or Cheers

When you steam a game, in the chatbox you may receive a donation in the form of “Bits”. Viewers actually donate bits to the Game streaming person. This beats converted into “PayPal” money. 

Twitch pays you $0.01 per bit when your subscribers donate it in the chatroom. The more subscribers in your list the more income you can generate. 

If someone donates a bit you will receive 71% of the first 100 bits. The percentage increases with the increase in bits count.

If in case you earn 25000 bits from your viewers, you will get around 81% from the bits donation. 

Direct Donation To PayPal

You can set up donation button on your streaming. Viewers can directly donate to the Streaming user account. There is no cut with the Twitch. You will get the full donation amount. 

People may donate if you ask for support. There are game streams asking for support for their channel so that they keep streaming for their viewers. 

You can use the “Donate” button feature in the Twitch while streaming. 

Brand Partnership or Sponsorships

Once you become popular on Twitch with good number of followers many brands may contact you to promote their products. 

You may be asked to promote particular equipment while you doing a streaming. It can be anything such as your joystick, keyboard, clothes, chair and many more. 

You have many things to promote in your video. All you need is followers and real viewers who likes your steaming. 

If you gain a good popularity then, there is a chance that brands pay you a higher amount than a normal streamer.

It also depends upon the number of people participating in your live streaming. 

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Advertisement (Income from Ads)

You will also get a chance to allow ads on your streaming. This is again a good source of earning and helps you bring a good chunk in your pocket. 

You will have the option to set ads frequency in the Twitch dashboard. You can set the ads length and number of ads to display in your streaming. 

The earning from ads depends upon the country from where viewers are watching the streaming. You can make a good amount of money from tier 1 countries or developed countries like US, Uk, Canada, etc. 

Amazon Affiliate Product

You must be wondering how much does Twitch affiliate make?

If you would like to make money from promoting Amazon products then you must go and join the Amazon affiliate program. Twitch is a part of Amazon. You can show amazon links in the Twitch panel and showcase it to the viewers. 

Viewers may click on the link if they find it worth buying it. You need to be careful before putting links and make sure you only provide Amazon product links that can actually be useful and worth money spending. 


You can go for merchandising your product and earn money from selling. You need to be popular enough on this platform to earn from the merchandise. 

If you are having viewers in millions and people are aggressively following you then you can promote your own branding like T-shirt, mug, shoes, jeans, etc. 

You can do a partnership with a third party such as TeePublic who can create such a product for you and deliver it to the customers. 

Make sure you are not being salsy while promoting. Your viewers may not like it. If you are promoting it then don’t do it frequently in a single video. Promoting your product once in a video is more than enough. 

Twitch Partner Program

To be honestly speaking, it’s not easy to join Twitch Partner Program. There are less chances that they will accept your application for being a partner. 

You need to have huge popularity with a good number of viewers streaming you live.

You must have at least 500+ concurrent viewership with consistent broadcasting at least 3 times a week.

Before applying for a partner program, have a look to their Community Guidelines, DMCA guidelines and Terms of Services.

How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make?

If you ask me about sponsorships then streamers make between $0.50 and $1 per view. It also depends upon which country your maximum follower is. 

The overall earning may be more than this estimation as I have only considered the sponsorship. 

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How Many Followers Do You Need To Make Money On Twitch?

If you are looking forward to applying for the Twitch affiliate program then you must have at least 50 followers to your account. 

Moreover, many Twitch streamers find success in 70+ followers. The more followers the more chances for you to make money and even consistently.

What Are The Chances Of Making Money On Twitch?

I do not want to demotivate anyone who is planning to enter in Twitch but yes it’s not easy to earn money on Twitch. 

You need to be a good player and have enough content on your channel to grow quickly. It’s not like YouTube where you can use your phone and start making videos. It’s not like that. 

You must have a good quality webcam, microphone and gaming instruments. It requires investment at an initial stage but there is no guarantee that you start making money from the initial day. 

People who are making money on Twitch actually struggle in their initial stage. They have invested time by showing consistency on Twitch. This hard work is now paying them a good amount of money. 

If you are a newbie in this platform then do not expect any kind of earning. Just concentrate on content and streaming. 

Share Your Twitch Video On Other Platforms

Do you know that you can actually promote your Twitch on other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more? 

This will bring the audience to follow you from multiple sources. Many Twitch streamers share videos on Youtube and gain a good amount of audience on YouTube as well as Twitch. 

People who are already on Twitch and see your video on some other platform then there is a chance that users may go to Twitch and search your channel. This eventually grows your followers rapidly. 

The more followers you gain, the more viewers you will notice while streaming. This idea can bring money to your pocket in a short time. 

In Conclusion

Twitch is one of the great platforms to make money. If you love to play games then this platform if for you. 

You should not expect any source of income in the initial stage of streaming because this time takes to build followers and popularity. 

Once you start gaining popularity, followers, and subscribers you will then see the uptrend graph of earning. 

If you want to make a full-time career on Twitch then you should spend time consistently putting broadcasting. You should not leave your job and start working on Twitch. The only way is that you need to become successful and for this, you have to make extra time daily on creating streaming gaming videos. All matter is consistency and how entertaining you are.

If people like your commentary then multiple sources of earning will automatically open for you. They will love to buy a subscription that eventually brings commission to your pocket.

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