How to Increase Website Domain Authority: TOP Working Ways [2021]

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Day by day while there is an overall increase in the competition for ranking, Google has been increasing their Domain Authority parameters. Yes, if we speak about a few years ago, increasing website DA wasn’t a steep task. However, in today’s time, in order to increase website domain authority, you will have to do tons of things.

There are hundreds of website metrics along with parameters that Google follows for a successful domain authority check.

Therefore, if you are eager to know the ways to increase website domain authority, this article can help you tons.

Let’s go ahead and unwrap some of the key things that can help you boost up the domain authority.

What is Domain Authority: increase website domain authority?

In simpler terms, Domain Authority is defined as a grade that is rated from 0 to 100. It was developed by Moz which estimates how good a website is for ranking at the top results.

Now, any website that has got a better DA score is likely to rank much higher in the overall search rankings.

Why it’s crucial to increase website domain authority?

Increasing the domain authority of your website will gradually increase the earning possibilities. Yes, sometimes, you may have seen that websites with lower DA tend to rank higher in the Google ranking.

Still, DA is a powerful thing in the online space, and given below are some powerful facts about DA:

Facts about Domain Authority

  • For calculating the Domain Authority, more than 40 signals are used
  • Websites that rank higher in the search engines tend to have better DA
  • The higher is domain authority, you can tend to have improved and better traffic
  • Domain authority doesn’t increase overnight and it does take years for the same.

Additionally, there are more things that you can take into consideration for enhancing the Domain authority. With that, comes along as we unwrap different ways, one by one.

Increase Website Domain Authority

Given below are the proven and better ways that can help you increase the Domain Authority.

  1. Publish Quality Content

Increase Website Domain Authority

The first thing you got to do is to publish quality content, every single time. Every single time you write, you got to make sure that the content has to be loved and read by the audience. None of the readers like to read content that’s too boring or monotonous to read.

Additionally, if you are someone who needs to write good content, you got to have better strategies for the same.

In this scenario, you can remember the below phrases as follows:

Content is King

  • Content is something that attracts visitors and you cannot compromise on content, any time. In such a scenario, you can make use of images, GIFs along with videos for making the content interesting and appealing.
  • Additionally, for making the content interesting, you can use infographics as they can make the content go viral, without issues.
  • Further, a good piece of content should have a proper length where you can have 800 words.
  • Given below are some better things to be kept in mind:
  • You don’t have to copy from someone else work and paste the same inside post
  • Make use of synonyms instead of using the similar word again and again
  • Don’t ever go off topic and discuss the unnecessary things which are not related to the subject
  1. Perform On-Page SEO

free seo tools

Going ahead to increase website domain authority, performing On-Page SEO is something that is essential for enhancing the rankings for a website. In such a scenario, this thing plays quite a vital role if you are someone looking to enhance your website SEO.

Given below is a simpler checklist that will help you maintain the On-Page SEO optimization:

  • Keyword Density

Make sure that you avoid keyword stuffing and you must always keep the density between 0.5 to 1.5%

  • Heading Tags

Secondly, use heading tags such as H1, H2, H3 for highlighting the main points are an essential thing. If your article is not containing the above tags, then things can become much difficult in such a state.

Additionally, if you are someone who has included all the above tags, then the chances of the ranking of your articles will be pretty higher.

  • Keyword targeting

In such a scenario, you can choose a good keyword for each of your blog posts. Here, prefer the long-tail keywords as each of them are easier to rank. Yes, if you can write articles with long-tail keywords, the chances of the ranking of your articles can be a lot higher.

  • Permalink structure

Going ahead to increase website domain authority, you got to make use of an SEO-friendly permalink structure. Here, your main focus must be the primary keyword where it must be present in the permalink. Without a primary keyword, you don’t have to set or use the permalink structure.

  • Meta Description

For any website that is on the road to rank articles, the meta description is something that is an important thing. If you are eager to rank websites and articles, you got to write meta descriptions in the best possible way.

Here, you must make sure that you include the main keyword in your meta description. This is something that is vital and the one thing you got to do in every case.

Additionally, you can even go a step further and include each of the secondary keywords in that article too.

Overall, the meta description is among the key things when it comes to increasing website domain authority.

If you can do this perfectly, then chances are high that you can rank your website along with articles, in a better way.

  • Write good & rich keyword titles

Yes, the title of your blog must be attractive in every single scenario. It’s much better to start off your title with the focus keyword as it helps to rank articles in a much better way.

  • Image optimization

Indeed, optimizing each of your images is another important ranking factor in SEO. If you can optimize each of your images, you are opening newer ways along with opportunities to rank up your articles.

Overall, if you are someone who is not taking care of SEO, then it will become next to impossible for ranking your website on the Google Page rankings.

Alongside that, once you are doing proper SEO, then that thing will enhance your website ranking to some good extent.

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  1. Internal linking is the true key

Disavowed Backlink analysis

Yes, this is something that many of bloggers neglect, every single time. Internal linking is among the key ranking factors that can gradually help any of the articles to rank.

If you can link your older posts with the ones that are high-performing, then the ranking of those posts will also increase, without issues.

However, there’s a certain catch in these types of things. You should only link the older post to the ones that are similar to your category niche. Yes, once you do that, then slowly your older articles will start ranking, without issues

Plus, these types of things will even help the search engine bots for finding your website content and perform crawling for the same easily.

Additionally, internal linking does help to pass up the link juice to ahead articles. Plus, this even helps improve the page authority of a website.

On top of that, it helps and allows users to easily navigate website, without many of the issues.

  1. Generate high-quality links for the site

Increase Website Domain Authority

Indeed, backlinks is something that can enhance your domain authority to some of the best extents. It’s among the key ranking factors and if you can perform the same correctly, then you can grab some of the best and quality amount of traffic.

Currently, there are plenty of bloggers who are trying to build some of the best and quality backlinks. Therefore, if you are someone who is looking for generating high-quality links, backlinks are one of the best and working options.

However, in generating backlinks for your website, you don’t have to generate them using Fiverr along with other backlink-generating websites.

There are plenty of people who are into backlink making which delivers them results over the course of time.

Still, you should not use any of the illegal ways for the building of backlinks at any point in time.

Hence, for building backlinks, you got to take a bit of time in building the links. Then, you can generate high-quality backlinks, within a much shorter duration of time.

  1. Perform Guest Posting

Increase Website Domain Authority

Guest posting is one of the simplest ways to grow your brand’s authority and to extend referral traffic. it’s a way safer and more advantageous technique than blog commenting.

I have found that guest posting is becoming very spammy because many guest bloggers implement the wrong methods. a couple of them try link stuffing, rich anchor text stuffing, publishing low-quality content, etc.

The days are long gone when guest posting was the most source of link building. Don’t use guest posting as to how to realize more links for your site because that won’t work.

Guest posting remains a really strong and convenient way which will help together with your site’s rankings if you are doing it systematically and properly. If you would like to form the foremost out of guest posting, then you ought to follow these points:

  • Think outside the box and make insanely good content.
  • Try to post on high-authority sites.
  • Avoid link stuffing because it can affect your site’s ranking. And you’ll get penalized.
  • Only post on related topics because of the site where you’re getting to post.
  • Use relevant links.
  1. Content is that the Natural Link Builder- Yes, no other methods are as useful as this one. you only got to produce good content – content that’s information-rich, legitimate, and straightforward to read and understand.

Good content won’t only benefit your site (and your readers), it’ll also help other sites too. How?

Let’s check out an example:

Suppose Sam has created an excellent and descriptive post on his site and Brad found Sam’s content very unique and relevant to his post.

Brad linked to Sam’s post so as to form his post more informative and interesting. Thus, Sam got one mention, and Sam’s post helped Brad in composing an honest post of his own.

Create much linkable content to realize more and more natural links for your site.

Although there are many other safe and practical ways to generating high-quality links, these three techniques work sort of a charm.

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  1. Disallow Bad Links

It is essential to get rid of bad links regularly that are affecting your site’s position on Google. Removing toxic and spammy links is as important as gaining quality links.

You will need to keep your link profile clean and spotless. Many bloggers don’t specialize in this important fix that must be done continuously. If you won’t disavow the bad links which are harming your site bit by bit, then you’ll lose your position in SERPs.

Bad links directly impact your Domain Authority because it is mandatory to possess an honest link profile for a high DA score.

In order to possess an honest link profile, you ought to specialize in removing bad links and generating quality links.

  1. Have patience

The domain’s age will assist you to increase your site’s ranking and DA score. If your site is 3 or 4 years old and still active, meaning that you simply are there for an extended time.

That also means you’ve got been publishing quality content and your site is perhaps not a spam site.

You should not worry about your DA score or keyword ranking if your site is one or two months old. Just keep publishing quality content on your site and your DA will improve as time passes.

Domain age is a crucial thing about SEO. Now, this doesn’t mean that new websites can’t get high rankings or improve their DA. They surely can, but it’ll take longer.

So have patience, and let time pass. Another good practice is, book your domain for the next 3-4 years.

Wrapping Things Up

Given above are some of the better and proven ways to increase website domain authority. From your end, you got to understand and follow every single way to increase your website domain authority to some considerable extent.

Additionally, there can be a few times when you might fail to increase your website domain authority. In these cases, you can take your time and follow up with each of the options.

Then, you can gradually proceed ahead, rank your website and make some of the best money of your lifetime.

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