How To Edit TikTok Videos? (Edit Text, Caption, After Posting)

Tiktok is becoming a popular video app day by day. It is now possible to upload a short funny video on TikTok in a few minutes. 

If you are new to TikTok then you must be thinking “how to edit TikTok videos” that go viral. TikTok has made editing part very simple. You do need to spend hours of time learning how to edit videos. 

There are TikToker who simply edit video on their phone. You must have seen text, caption, and filters in the videos. This is all possible if you have a simple smartphone. 

In this article, you will learn step-by-step how to record and edit videos on TikTok With Screenshots.

How To Edit TikTok Videos?

TikTok has many features to edit videos inside the app. You may not require to take help from other apps especially if you are a TikTok beginner.

Before you start, make sure that you have a TikTok app on your phone. Follow the below steps to edit TikTok videos.

  • Open the TikTok app and Tap on the “+” icon on the lower middle side of the app. A video camera will start. You will find many options to add filters to do video editing. 

Screenshot add video on tiktok for editing

  • You will find a music option on the top of the screen. Choose music or dialogues for lip sync. Just tap on Music and select the music. The music will run in the background and you just need to lip-sync or perform the act.

Screenshots Edit tiktok video

  • Once you record the video, TikTok will give you more options like Trim video, apply filters, adjust volume, put stickers, write something, effects, and sounds.  Edit the video and tap on the “Next” button.

Screenshot edit video

  • Write a description, mention Hashtags (optional), or tag your friends(optional) and hit on “Post” button.

Screenshots Post TikTok video

This process will help you to edit your videos on TikTok and upload it. If you want more editing then you can use third-party video software that I am going to share further. 

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Best Video Editor For TikTok

You may be required to use a third-party video editor if you want to become a popular TikToker. Though it is not compulsory, many TikTokers are still taking benefits from such apps. 

  • InShot
  • KineMaster
  • VivaVideo
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Inshot is one of the most popular and the best video editor for TikTok videos. You can use it for free from the app store.

There are many editing features you will find in the app especially for pre-made videos. If you already recorded the video, then just open the Inshot app and upload it for editing. 

The editing features that are available in this app, is sufficient for making TikTok videos. They also have their premium version, but you may not need it because the free version is itself giving maximum editing options. 

Buying a pro version will give you additional features that you may love. And also, the Inshot watermark will go away in the pro version.

If you are a new TikToker, then I would recommend you to enjoy the free version. Invest money only when you become a popular TikToker in the future.


KineMaster provides many options to create a perfect video through editing. I personally used KineMaster and to be honestly speaking, I am completely satisfied with its free editing features. 

They also provide premium features for a few dollars but still, if you are ok with their watermark in the corner then it’s better to use the free version. 

I have edited my YouTube videos from KineMaster. It’s super simple to use. I am not a video editor but I did not find any kind of challenges in using KineMaster. 

If you buy their pro version then you will access many filters, music, editing tools, etc. But still, for the TikTokers, free version is more than enough. Just install it from your phone app store and start editing videos.


VivaVideo editing app is perfect for TikTok as it has many editing features such as Crop video, trim video, blur, music video edit, and many more. 

You will need to explore the app before you start working on it. It is also called the best video editor for TikTok. 

You must have seen VivaVideo watermark on many videos. This app has got over 100 Million downloads.

You can easily add music to your video and adjust it in no time. If you want to do something professionally in your videos then I would highly recommend you to use this app. You will surely enjoy its editing feature. 


How To Edit TikTok Videos With Text?

TikTok itself has a text editing feature in the app. You can add words to your TikTok videos simply by tapping on the “Character” option. This option comes when you complete the video recording on TikTok. Below are the steps to edit TikTok videos with text.

  • Simply open the TikTok app and start recording your video
  • Once your complete recording your video, tap on right tick (on the lower bottom corner).

Screenshot for additing text to tiktok

  • You will now see the “Character” feature in the middle bottom of the screen. There are many fonts available that will help you to give a stylish look to your video.

Screenshot add text

  • Select the font style and type the text and tap on “Done” on the upper right corner.

Screenshot select font to add text

  • You can set the duration of the text and add back another text back to back. To apply such settings simply tap on your text, select “Set duration” and press “Right tick” on the bottom right corner. 

Screenshot set text duration

  • If you want to add another text and set the new duration within the video, then you can follow the same process – Tap on Character, add text, press Done, and tap on the written text to get the option to set the duration.
  • Press the “Next” button once you finish all the text editing part. You can keep adding text to set the duration unless you won’t hit the Next button. 

Screenshot next button

How To Edit TikTok Videos After Posting?

You can edit the video during the posting process and once you hit the “Post” button you won’t get the option to edit. 

To edit the same video that you have recorded and posted, you need to re-upload it and do some editing part and post it again. 

Follow the below process to edit the posting videos for reupload.

  • Go to your profile and select the video. 
  • Tap on three horizontal dots “…” icon and press the “Save Video”. Download the video to your phone.
  • Reupload the same video using your phone gallery and do the missing editing part using TikTok video editing tools and post it again. Make sure you delete the old video from your TikTok account. 

This is the only way to edit the video after posting. Once your video goes live, you won’t be able to edit the TikTok video. 

How To Edit A TikTok Caption?

TikTok allows you to add captions to the video before you post it to go live. Once you record or upload the video, you will see the “Aa” Character option at the bottom of the app. You can also add the stickers along with the caption. 

Below are the steps to Edit a TikTok Caption.

  • Open the TikTok app and press on the “+” sign icon. This will allow you to record or upload a video
  • Press the “Right tick” icon, once you finish adding your video. 
  • Tap on “Aa” Character icon to add a caption to your video. There are many font styles available in the TikTok to give a stylist a look at your caption. 
  • Press the “Next” button. The caption will be added to your video.

Once you post, the caption will permanently stick to the video. You cannot remove it after that.

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How To Trim TikTok Video?

It’s easy to remove unwanted parts of your video by trimming it from TikTok app editing features. You can only trim the starting and ending part of the video to get it fit for a short video. Follow the steps below and trim your TikTok videos in a minute. 

  • Open the TikTok app and press the “+” sign icon. 
  • Record or upload the video and press the “right tick” icon on the bottom right corner. 
  • Tap on the “Trim” icon to remove the unwanted part of the video. 
  • If you are uploading a video from your phone then you will automatically get an option to trim the video. 
  • Press the “Next” button to apply the trim setting


No doubt, TikTok is a wonderful app, especially for entertainment. They have also launched an edutok within the app for the influencers who want to share informational content.

TikTok has an inbuilt video editing feature which I believe it’s more than enough for beginners. If you want to do something professionally then you may need to buy a third-party app. Many popular TikTokers who have over a Million followers, use such apps to edit TikTok videos. 

The most important thing is the content. Bring unique and entertaining content, apply to your video and do some simple edits. This is more than enough if you are a beginner. 

There are many free mobile apps that I have shared in this post. Many TikTokers and YouTubers are using it to edit their video. If you are ok with the company name watermark then there is no need to buy the premium version. The free version has enough features to edit your videos. 

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