How to Drive for Uber: Detailed Guide (Updated)

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Well, there are lots of options when it comes to earning from our own car. However, driving for Uber is one of the recommended options if you have your own vehicle and you know driving.

How to Drive for Uber the ultimate guideNot just it can help you in getting a better income but also you can work without any limitation.

Uber doesn’t have any restriction when you choose the hours you want to drive, also you don’t work here as an employer as it’s like freelancing job. Apart from that, how much money you want to make, completely depend on you.

But there are some requirements which need to be fulfilled when you are going to drive for Uber.

There are few things which the company needs from you in order to make your driving experience better and also keeps other aspects safe too.  For that, you are going to need some paperwork done and before that, you should know all the basic things about become an Uber driver.

Let’s move ahead and discover the complete detailing about Drive for Uber phenomenon.

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What are the Uber Car Requirements?

Well, applying for Uber requires you to meet with certain requirements. The reason behind it, the company doesn’t want to recruit the drivers who don’t have enough knowledge or experience as it can cause some serious damage to the people or the company.

Not just that, the requirements are strict as well as important so there will be no low-quality drivers. In order to get select, you need to make sure that you qualify all of the criteria.

Well, there are basically three parts in which the Uber car requirements are divided when it comes to how to drive for uber:-

Passing the basic as well as a minimum requirement

There is a little basic line which is set by the Uber and the individuals need to meet the criteria before even they apply for the work and make money.

Also, they have to make sure that they have everything covered as well. It includes:

  •    Your age: the first thing which plays a vital role in the age of yours. The individual should be more than 21 years old or at least 21. The company doesn’t process the procedure if your age is below than that.
  •    Driving experience: For driving experience, Uber wants to have at least one year of driving experience. The driver should have basic and important knowledge when it’s about how to drive for uber about driving and other related aspects in a practical and general way.
  •    License: Not just it’s important but it’s a basic requirement that you must have. Before you apply for Uber, you must have the driving license on your own name with proper work done. Also, the license should be issued by the US
  •    Driving: The Uber wants you to have experience on driving 4 door car, minivan, and the truck that should be with the clean title. However, it depends on the cities as at least it should be 2006 or more. Its vital part of an understanding of how to drive for Uber

Proper paperwork

Once you cleared the first requirement in order to become an Uber driver, second is completing the paperwork. It’s important when you are going through the application process of the Uber.  

Also, make sure you have all the details and paper ready with yourself so you can complete the paper with ease and without any hassle. You need to do some paperwork before you start your driving business.  

Here are a few papers that you must have while you are applying for the Uber and following the application form.

  •    The driver must have the license issued by the US
  •    Also, you should have the insurance paper regarding the vehicle
  •    You must have the registration proof of the vehicle too

Passing the vehicle inspection done by the Uber

After your paperwork is done, another requirement is you to apply the form which is for the background check.

The reviews of the report help in understanding a few aspects such as reviewing your driving record, history related to criminal stuff, as it’s important for making sure that the passengers are safe and protected.

However, it depends on the state but coming to general terms there are few things which the drivers need to know. 

  •    Somewhere around one year U.S.  History you are going to need in the license if under 23 years of age, must have no less than three years history.  
  •    A driver license with a permit and Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) that appears: No major violation, for example, DUIs or something like reckless driving and that’s should be within the most recent seven years.

Apart from that, you should not have more than three moving volitions in three years, for example, speeding tickets or inability to obey the rules of traffic.

  •    A criminal record that does exclude a conviction for a lawful offense, savage wrongdoing, or sexual offense within the most recent seven years, for example, enrollment on the U.S. Division of Justice National Sex Offender Public site.

How much Uber drivers make: Five Factors That Impact Income on Drivers

Well deciding become an Uber driver, it’s an important part to consider about how drivers make their earning are in this filed is quite a tough thing to understand as its one of the inconsistent.

However, there are few points as well as factors which lead the numbers in how much the drivers can earn. Understanding them can help in getting the idea or frame about the earning.

1. The surge pricing

Practically every rideshare administration has received surge pricing as its one of the most common thing in this field.

It’s a noteworthy pay variable. Drivers who make a point to work during the hours which are peak points and most demanding ones can earn more as compared to their colleges. Also, it gives the opportunity to get more income as well as passengers when the demand is high.

2. Area or the location

City drivers mostly earn more than their country and rural friends. To some degree, this is a straightforward factor of urban expansion.

It costs more to work together in Brooklyn than in Cohoes. Uber drivers in New York City normal $29.34 per trip, contrasted with $10.99 in Chicago and $14.36 in Phoenix.

Overall it depends on where you are driving in the US as different cities have their own charge rate and benefits.

There are some cities who are always packed with passengers and the chance of earning well turn high whereas some other places it can be a little different than that.

   But at the same time, it’s about client thickness and how many passengers you can get whereas sometimes drivers have to drive with their vacant car.

3. The worked hours

Well. In order to become an Uber driver, Calculation the amount based on their month to month or yearly income for a rideshare worker is everything except inconceivable given the independent adaptability of this activity.

Drivers can work hours that fluctuate from individual to individual, every day and week to week.  

Also, there are lots of drivers who drive 60 hours out of every week. Well, it clearly means that drivers who simply get a couple of tolls after work.  

It even changes the amount of earning as the working hours he drives or numbers of passengers he takes during the whole day.

4. Tipping

The Uber added tipping in the year 2017 as for boosting the recruitment. While useful for drivers, as it helps potential income, it adds one more factor to the pay roulette.

However, the organization did not discharge firm information on tipping. But again, it’s an additional factor which adds the chances of gaining more from the job apart from the overall income which you get at the end.

Tipping is also good for the drivers in order to boost their performance and their focus on the work.

5. Costs

The other main consideration for rideshare salary costs. Uber doesn’t contract its drivers for a similar reason that 20% of organizations currently known as freelancers.  

Well and for that, they have to pay for their own medical bills; retirement, equipment, and other stuff However Uber have different working functions.

For the drivers, they have the list of few things which also include the costing of their income.

  • Gasoline
  • Car support and fix
  • Parking
  • Car installments
  • Auto protection
  • More stuff like entertainment drink and snacks  
  • Tolls  

Well, The genuine costs of driving which include the gas as well as the expenses that expend about $4.87 every hour of a driver’s salary.

However Uber has the policy regarding the commercial insurance which supplements, yet does not offer much which means that you need personal auto insurance.

Not just that they also have the other different things which affect the overall income. The Uber Drivers likewise have individual costs that workers don’t, for example,

  • Employer FICA commitment, otherwise known as the Self-Employment Tax which has around 10% of salary
  • Health protection
  • Contributions regarding the retirements
  • Personal liability insurance

How Uber drivers get paid and what are the options

Uber drivers have a couple of choices accessible for payouts. These are set that you get inside the Partner Dashboard which is enabling them to pick whatever method they want in their installment as default.

There are right now a couple of installment choices, with every one intended to make sure that it can be easy as well as s suit driver’s needs.  

However every alternative has its advantages and disadvantages, drivers should pick the technique that works best for them.

1. Uber Instant Pay

As the name proposes, drivers can consider this option to get their cash when a ride is finished. With Instant Pay, you may experience a few errors that happen occasionally or the rate is lower than the bank.

However, talking about general, there are few things which can block or slow down the money getting process which includes:

  •    H&R Block
  •    First Citizens
  •    UBOC
  •    Amegy
  •    California Bank and Trust
  •    First National Bank of Omaha
  •    Webster Bank
  •    Bank of New York Mellon
  •    BOKF
  •    Silicon Valley Bank
  •    Northern Trust

Instant pay might be perfect for drivers who need lunch or gas cash before payday comes. Drivers that lean toward this strategy may get to their money up to five times each day, yet a little expense of $0.50 is connected each time.

Setting up Your Instant Pay

To set up this method, go to the “Income” tab in the application and tap Instant Pay. Here, you can include your debit card however you get the option where either you can add the individual one or one issued from Uber.

Once you do that, you may choose the amount that you want to withdraw from the funds you have in your account.

Well, the last step is to click ‘Exchange Now’ and the cash will store onto the card account on record. Also, do Remember, not all cards are qualified for Instant Pay. Apart from that, most MasterCard, Visa, and Discover debit cards can be utilized with this option of payment.

Uber Debit Card: why you need it?

Drivers that don’t have a platinum card may agree to accept an Uber Debit Card. This card is issued through Go Bank. If you are going for this card, then you can hope to get your new card within seven days.

Not just that there are a few advantages that you get for utilizing an Uber Debit Card. Well, it includes no transfer, overdraft, month to month or NSF expenses, etc.

Apart from that, you don’t even need the minimum balance requirement as well. Also, whenever Instant Pay is used with an Uber Debit Card, you will get your money to withdraw much faster than ever.  

2. Direct Deposit

This option is one of the most recommended methods and requires minimal measure of work and bother to set up. It’s trusty, dependable, and hassle-free.  Direct Deposit is simple to handle and to set up which need some understanding before you set the account of yours.

Setting Up Your Direct Deposit

To set up your account in Direct Deposit you are going to follow a few steps which are easy and can be done within few minutes. However for understanding it a better way, here are the points for you

  •    Make sure you have the routing as well as the account number from your bank close by
  •    Next is, Sign in Uber.
  •    After that tap on the “Banking” tab
  •    Tap the option “bank account details”, at that point you will get the “edit” option
  •    Enter your name, information regarding tax, account and routing numbers and other mentioned banking data
  •    Check the box you get for identity confirmation
  •    Once you are done with that, Tap “Submit”

After completing the steps, the payments will be issued to drivers by means of direct deposit each Thursday. In the event that you have not entered your financial balance data yet, you can do as such at

How Are Earnings Calculated?

Well calculating the earning is not that hard, however you are going to need little basic information to remember which will help you in understanding it much better way. When you acknowledge the request for the first ride you will get the overall ride cost that will show up on your phone.

However Remember, this isn’t the sum you will get. Each point is determined dependent on specific parts of the ride.

As a rule, your pay is based on steps. For the first time, it will count the fare; distance and time rate are included. In the event that there is a surged, this will get multiplied. Next, expenses are deducted and any tolls or other street charges are included.

To see the installment for a finished ride, look at the Earnings tab. Along with that, there are few basics you should be clear when it comes to the terms used in the calculation such as

  • Base Fare:  it’s an initial fee which is also named the ‘booking charge’ is collected on your behalf from the rider. The organization gets this to take care of the expense of protection just as for safety.
  • Time: Calculated from beginning to finish of the complete trip or the ride
  • Others: well it includes the surge Pricing, tolls, and different expenses.  

Know More about Uber Earning Calculation

Along with that if you need to spend cash on giving the toll charge when you are on the ride, the amount of the toll will be included into the fare charge too.  However, it will not affect the trip fares, which are how much genuine ride costs. When you’re charged for a toll, the sum is naturally added to the fare of yours.

The details of the whole thing will be mentioned in the statement of yours. Remember, this is just issued if there is a rider in the vehicle with you. However, it will be not applied if you are going to pick your rider or coming from dropping them off.

Also, Uber deducts the last charge from this sum. This sum covers everything which includes the handling expenses to credit card of the passenger and driver support.

This cash is likewise used to cover the cost of keeping up its platform. Standard maintenance avoids security ruptures and improves the application. Along these lines, clients, and drivers have a simple time finding the data they need.

This charge is likewise utilized for things like marketing campaigns etc.  Well, it helps increment the use of the services, which guarantees that you get enough demands to make being a rideshare driver worth your time and energy.

How Uber Works?

Here are the points that can help you in knowing how uber works for a rider as well as drivers. It will help in understanding about how to drive for Uber.

Uber for the drivers (Uber App)

Well for drivers, there are few points which can help them in understanding how the Uber actually works. Here are the points that you need to remember:

  • Download the app: To drive, begin by downloading a free application which is known as Uber Driver. Once you get that, you have to fill the information regarding you; it also includes the social security number which is needed for doing the background check and your vehicle.

Apart from that, do Note that it’s not important that every person is qualified as well as car to work with Uber. The company has its own rules and set of regulation which is important to meet in order to work with them.

  • Your age and background verification: Drivers must be 21 years of age, and they should have an in-state driver’s permit. You need no less than three years of driving background in case you’re under 23 years of age, and no less than a time of involvement in case you’re 24 or more seasoned.

You should be well insured, and you have to pass both a verification background check and a criminal history check.

However, in case, you have been occasionally getting the speed tickets as its fine with the Uber. But don’t depend on driving for Uber if you’ve been sentenced for a DUI or you have any sort of criminal history.

  • Apply for the car: To drive, you are going to need a vehicle no more established than a 2008 model year, with four entryways along with not having the salvaged.

Also, it should have its insurance as well as register official, and it needs to get pass a Uber vehicle inspection that covers essential things like brakes, tires, lights, and safety belts. Submit everything, meet the majority of the necessities and you’re prepared to give your first ride.

  • Turn on the app: once you are done you are going to turn on the application to get notification from riders who need a lift.  

However, With Uber, you can choose how long you work every day Not just that there is nothing like minimum or maximum. In fact, the overall amount you get will go to rely upon the amount you drive, and when you drive.

Along with that, surge pricing is another useful option for drivers since they procure all the more occupied hours.

Uber normally make sure that you get the list of areas around you where you can get the surge pricing as well as busy roads for getting more and more customers.

  • Income effecting factors: A few elements perplex your income. Drivers aren’t actually employed by Uber as they all are working as freelance with the company.

Well, in such case it simply means that the other expenses which include gas maintained such as tires, oil changes, and so forth, as well as deprecation get added in driver’s overall income.

Also, the Drivers keep 75 percent of the amount of the ride, while Uber takes the rest of the 25 percent, and cash earned through the application must be accounted for to the IRS as the income.

  • Data connection: You’ll require internet on your phone so you can connect with the Uber Driver application, and Uber cautions it ordinarily utilizes about 2GB of information every month.

The application additionally lessens battery life, so it’s prescribed to getting a quality phone charger to guarantee.

So it will save you from not you requesting that your travelers turn on Google Maps. A strong vehicle mount is added in the requirement list too.

Take on Uber for the riders

Uber means to make each ride as smooth as it can be. However, they recently introduced the panic button, as well.

Well, the addition of the new feature is to make the clients get the genuine feelings of serenity.

Uber driver Features

In the case of something turns out badly or need Uber help, the riders basically swipe up on the symbol which shows the safety icon and tap “911 help,” before tapping again to confirm the call.  

However, according to the company, the additional tap is required to limit incidental 911 calls. Not just that, there are other different things which are added to keep the safety of the riders as their first priority.

For the riders, Uber make sure to avail the best services for making the journey hassle-free as well as simple.

But for taking the best out of it, the riders need to know a few basic things first. It includes some steps, such as:

  • Get the app: The initial step is to download the application on your phone and give essential data including your name, telephone number, as well as the credit card number.

Once everything is set up, you have to enter the address (it’s your destination place) into the case named “where to?” close to the highest point of the screen.

Try not to stress on the off chance that you don’t have a clue about the accurate location; you can discover where you have to pass by entering something closer.  

Uber likewise gives clients a chance to add shortstops to each trip so you don’t have to worry about knowing the exact point where you want the driver to drop you off.

  • Add the pickup point: once you confirm where you want to go now it’s time for adding your precise pickup point by dropping a blue stick on the guide, and the application will disclose to you roughly to what extent it will take to arrive.

It additionally gives the evaluated expense of each support which makes the whole thing more transparent to the riders.  

Not just it made the process simple but also it’s one of the appreciate added features which gain popularity the travelers who have gotten very used to getting cheated by cab drivers asserting not to have a meter.

The expense of a ride relies upon which services you are going to pick, and at what time of day.

The more individuals demand an Uber ride in the meantime, the more costly a service gets.  Well, the whole thing also named as well as Uber calls this “surge pricing.”

  • Choose the services: The basic options you are going to get in Uber are called UberX, UberXL, and UberSelect.

The distinction lies in the cost and the sort of vehicle that will lift you up. UberX drivers are ordinarily in a standard traveler vehicle e.g., a Honda Accord which is fit for conveying up to four riders.

Whereas the services of UberXL have a greater model, for example, a Chrysler Pacifica that can convey up to six travelers.

At long last, UberSelect is a progressively upscale service which includes Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW drivers can take an interest in.

  • UberPool services: Uber likewise offers services differently for the riders who need the wheelchair-available vehicle.

However, low-cost services are also known as named UberPool. As its name suggests, UberPool is a carpooling service that gives clients a chance to have a similar ride.

However not just the UberPool is money effective but also if you are traveling from one spot to another in the US and you don’t want to hire the complete Uber just for yourself then you can go with this option. UberPool take the passengers and drop you at your location.

However, sometimes it can take longer time than usual as there will be more passengers in the car and the Uber will drop them according to the booking.

But in any case, it’s one of the simple options which also come cheap too. Especially if you are traveling on a regular base from certain to a certain point.

  • Get the message: Once you choose the fare for yourself, and you will get the message advising you that a vehicle is headed.

The application gives the name of the driver and his or her rating early. It likewise records the details of the vehicle which includes the model, color, and also the register number.

In addition, you will also get the time regarding roughly how long it will take to reach the pickup point.

You can tell your Uber is headed by the location at the area of the vehicle is turned by the symbol on the guide.

  • Get the car: After it’s done you will get the car and you’re headed to the destination point of yours. Despite which services you pick, there’s a bar at the highest point of the application that tracks the progress of the trip and the evaluated time of reaching.

There is the alternative of sharing outing progress by means of various options which is including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail, and an instant message.

  • Choose your payment method: There is no compelling reason to pay with money; the application naturally pays the driver utilizing the credit or platinum card on the document.

After achieving their destination, travelers can get out of the vehicle and continue ahead with their day. Also, clients give suggestions and also rate the driver after achieving ride, and they’re given the choice to leave a tip.

However, it’s not compulsory as it comes with option as you can do it or not do it. If you plan to rate then also remember that the drivers are applicable to rate clients on a zero-to-five scale, as well.  

Your rating is basically your reputation in the Uber people group; few individuals have an ideal rating, however having one that is strangely low may make finding an issue with getting the ride in future.

Competitor For Uber

The only traveling company who is giving a tough competition to Uber is Lyft.

Lyft is as similar as Uber. You may see a rates difference, but not much. You may earn between $10 and $35 per hour. Rush hour and night driving pay more compared to normal day time.

You should check both the company and see who is paying more. The other advantage is, you can work for both Uber and Lyft. But don’t use both on the same day. If you are driving for Uber then don’t open Lyft vice versa.

Lyft offers excellent incentives and rewards to encourage drivers to earn more. 

Other aspects to know about being the Uber driver

There are lots of aspects when it comes to working with Uber.

However no matter you are going to work with the company, there are some great opportunities that it comes with the field.  But again there are some points that you need to understand before you start the work

What is the positive side of working with the Uber?

Well when you decide to drive for Uber, you get a bunch of benefit points.

Not just that, there are different things that help you in earning better as well as good at the end. Along with that, here are the points that you need to know.

  • The flexibility: Uber allows you to choose the work as per the need of yours. Along with that, you can take your own time working as it allows you to choose the time when you want to work and how long you want to work.

You don’t need to work for long hours, you can choose the time as per your comfort. Not just that, Uber doesn’t actually hire you as you work as a freelancer instead of an employee.

You can simply decide whatever you like instead of following any kind of strict rules.

Therefore, if you need a holiday, you can take it without worrying about giving any kind of alert or notice.  Also, there are no rules against how long you are going to be on vacation.

  • Be your own boss: Well it’s another aspect which boosts the number of people and drives interest to drive for Uber.  

You have your own car and your own stuff, you drive according to the way you want. Also Uber let you decide most of the direction.

Either you can work for  60 hours in a week or work any hours you like to choose it’s like being your own boss.  Not just that, it makes things much hassle free and simple. Also, Uber is one of the ideal options if you want to work on your term.

  • Get the chance to meet people: There are many people who love to join the work just because they get the chance to connect with different personalities.

You can pick your location where you want to drive. Also in the US, you also get numerous chances to meet different people as well as knowing different things too.

  • Get the benefit of surge pricing: In Uber terms, Surge pricing is basically about the service increasing at the time of the increase in demand.  

Not just that, it also has the benefits of your own. You can choose that hour when you want to get more money and benefits.

Also, there are lots of other things which help you in boosting up the chances of getting a better amount. At the end, you might get total income in your bank account.

Aspects which you need to consider

However, there are benefits for sure and which means driving is more than just beneficial. But there are few things which need to take care so you don’t have to face any kind of hassle

  • Avoid bad ratings: One of the main things where you need to make sure that you focus when you work. Bad rating or low rating can cause trouble.

Also, its effect on areas and customers to pick as lower rating doesn’t get the best options.  

Not just that, if your rating is too bad or complain are increasing every day, there are high chances. One thing is that the Uber might deactivate your account and cancel your working with the company.  

Therefore, for protecting yourself, you should be sure about your way of approaching the customers.

Also, don’t do anything which can lower the ratings.  It’s important for you to behave and take care of the rider. With this, you don’t have to go to the bad side or spoil the mood.  

Well, you also get the rating where you get the chance to choose either rider was good or not. You can do the ratings as it will also affect the rider image in the Uber.

  • Keep an eye on car maintenance: With the company you work as a freelancer, the company will or will not cover up for car maintenance.

It includes the other expenses where you need to take care in order to protect yourself from paying higher. Along with that, take care of the extra charges so you don’t have to pay for everything.

  • Customers are important: Even if you are working as a freelance, still the customers are important for you. It’s important for you to make sure that your interaction with them is professional and polite. Uber has it’s own community guidelines for both riders and drivers.  

Finally, try not to get into something which can affect your image. And even the chances of getting better options in the future. Apart from that, take care of the timing and other aspects to leave a good impression on the rider.

My Thoughts:

As per my research, Uber is a wonderful platform for the one who wants to make money when you have a car. Moreover, the best part I like the most is availability, you can drive for Uber whenever you want. After the job, before the job or work full time.

If you want to make extra money, then driving for a few hours on weekends could add up good money to your total income. 

Whenever you want to do something, show your interest, you will surely find success. 

Sign up for Uber and start making more money in your spare time.

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