How To Create A YouTube Channel (Perfect Step-By-Step Guide)

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You must be having an idea and this made you start your own YouTube channel and become successful. 

When I was at the stage of creating my YouTube channel, I had many questions in my mind. But the thing is, if you are ready to do something different in your life then you must go ahead. 

You can even create a YouTube channel for business and have a good exposure through the YouTube platform online.

Do you know how much time I took to decide whether to start a YouTube channel or not? Only two minutes. 

Something clicked to my mind, I took my phone and started recording video. I uploaded the video on Youtube and shared it with my friends. 

I had a fear of sharing my videos but eventually, I made my mind to share it. And you know what happened, they started appreciating me and advised me to keep doing this further.

Here, I am going to share with you how you can create a YouTube channel and achieve success by multiple strategies and make money fast..

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How To Create A YouTube Channel?

Creating your own YouTube channel is pretty simple, just follow the below steps and get your own channel ready in minutes. 

  • Go to Youtube and Sign in with the Gmail account.
  • Click on your account profile icon ( upper right corner).
  • Click on “Create a channel”.
  • Select “Get Started”.
  • You will get 2 options to select, either use your own name or use a custom name for your channel. This section is to give the name to your YouTube channel.

create a Youtube channel name

  • Upload picture
  • Tell viewers about your channel under “description”.

Now, your channel is ready. You can start uploading videos and have a great YouTube journey.

How To Create A YouTube Channel Art?

You should add channel art on your YouTube channel page. It’s like a banner on the top of the Youtube channel page. 

Whatever the display image you select, it must relate to your YouTube video content. It would be great if you add your own picture to do some editing stuff. 

Keep the image size 2560X1440. This size is recommended by YouTube as it fits with the Web as well as phone app.

Follow the steps below to display your channel art.

  • Go to Log in and type “Youtube Channel Art” in the search box.
  • Select the relevant thumbnail frame (choose the free one), do editing and download pictures. 
  • Once you create an Art display image, Go to Youtube, click on the profile account icon (upper right corner).
  • Select “Your Channel”.
  • Click on the “CUSTOMISE CHANNEL” button (On the upper section of the page). New page will open.
  • Click on the “Add channel art” button.
  • Now, drag and the image or click on the “Select a photo from your computer” button. 
  • Click on “Select”

You can now see the image on your YouTube channel art display. The image can be changed anytime. 

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Upload Channel Icon Or Profile Photo

It’s very important to add a profile image on your channel. It’s also called a YouTube channel icon. 

If you are having a channel on your name then it’s better if you keep your own photo. You must have noticed many YouTubers used their image on YouTube. 

The idea behind keeping a self-photo in the profile is that they want to be recognized easily wherever they feature. 

Let’s see how to upload a profile picture.

  • Go to your channel by clicking on the profile icon on the upper right corner.
  • On your channel page, hover to the small box (on the top under channel art section) and click on the pencil.

add a profile picture

  • Click on the “Edit” button.
  • Upload a photo
  • Click on “Done”.

How To Verify Youtube Account?

YouTube enables many features for YouTubers when they verify their account. YouTube does not want any bot system to affect their platform and hence they set up the verification process. 

Verification is pretty simple and hardly takes 2 minutes. Once you verify the account you can get access to many useful features such as live streaming, custom video thumbnail, upload over 15 minutes longer videos and external annotations, etc.

Below are the steps to verify the Youtube channel account.

  • Go to your YouTube channel main page
  • On the left-hand side, you will see scrollable options. Scroll little down and select “Settings”

YouTube Channel settings option

  • Click on “Channel status and features”.
  • On the top left side, you will see the “Verify” button. Click on the button.
  • Select your country.
  • Tick whether you want to verify from “Voice” or “Text message”.
  • Mention your phone number and get your YouTube channel verified.

You can run your channel without verifying your account but there are some limitations that you may face. 

If you really want to grow and look forward to making some money on YouTube then you must verify your YouTube channel. 

This gives an indication to YouTube that you are a genuine user. Youtube may promote your video to a related viewer if they find your video content interesting. 

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How To Upload Videos To YouTube?

Once you created your channel you must know how to upload videos, because there are few important things that you need to add while uploading. 

  • Go to your YouTube channel page.
  • Click on the camera icon on the top right side.
  • Click on the “SELECT FILE” button to upload a video.
  • Give the title to the video
  • Add a description related to the video. 
  • Scroll down and add a thumbnail.
  • Now, you get two options to specify your audience 1. “Yes, it’s made for kids” 2. “No, it’s not made for kids”. If your videos only for kids then select “yes” otherwise select “No”.
  • Click on the “Next” button.
  • You can also set the video to publish the date and time. I normally do not use this setting because I want my video to be published as soon as it gets uploaded.
  • Click on the “Next” or “Schedule” button.

This is all you need to do when you upload a video on YouTube. I advise you to create a channel that makes people watch your video and share it with their friends. 

How To Create A Playlist?

You need to have a playlist to put your videos in a related topic folder (playlist). This helps YouTubers to categorize the video into the related playlist.

Follow the steps below and get your first playlist ready in a few clicks.

  • Open YouTube.
  • Go to your profile on the upper right corner. 
  • Select “Your Channel”
  • Click on the “Customise Channel” button to get an option to create a playlist. 
  • Select the “Playlist” tab (see on the top).

Create a playlist

  • Click on the “New playlist” button.
  • Name the playlist and click on the “Create” button.

You can make multiple playlists and put your videos as per the topic of the playlist. Do not add irrelevant videos to the playlist. Your viewer may not watch your videos. This also affects organic reach to new audiences. 

How To Create A YouTube Channel On iPhone?

If you have an iPhone and wanted to create a YouTube channel just by using your phone then I would love to say that you don’t need a separate computer to run your channel. 

iPhone Youtube app is enough to manage and you won’t feel any kind of limitation to run your YouTube channel.

Many YouTubers record videos from their iPhones. People who are actually using the iPhone prefer not to buy a separate camera because they are happy with the camera quality which is enough for them to upload a video on Youtube. 

Let’s see how you can create a YouTube channel on the iPhone. 

  • Open the YouTube app.
  • Tap on the profile icon on the top right corner to sign in.
  • Once you signed in, tap on profile icon again and this time you will see the option called “My Channel”
  • Give the name to your channel. You can give your own name to the channel or if you have any other name in mind then go for it. People usually give a different name to their channels as they want to create a YouTube channel for business.
  • Tap on “CREATE CHANNEL”. Now, your channel has been created.

If you want to see the content on your channel then tap on the profile icon and go to my channel. There, you will find all the content that you have uploaded in the past. You can also do some settings if your channel is required. 

How To Make A Profitable YouTube Channel for business?

There many youngsters and entrepreneurs are using YouTube as a platform to make money. You can also make a profitable YouTube channel and earn money online by just uploading a quality videos on Youtube. 

The most important part is how much time you are going to spend on YouTube. You need to have a series of videos with good content. 

People want content whether it is entertaining or information, you have to have superb quality content that attaches people to watch till the end. 

There are various techniques to make money from your YouTube channel. 

  • Affiliate
  • Sponsorships
  • Sell own products services
  • Google Adsense
  • Donation.
  • Product reviews and many more.

It’s up to you how you promote things on YouTube and open multiple earning options. I would advise you to concentrate on your videos and content at an initial stage. 

Once you start getting popularity, many companies may approach you to advertise a product or service on your channel. 

To earn from Google Adsense you must have at least 1000 subscribers with 4000 watch time. 

So, it’s better if you work hard on creating videos. If you are new to this field, then you have a lot of things to learn. 

The more videos you upload to more chances to get succeed. Anyway, you do not have to spend money on expensive instruments. Having a smartphone with good camera quality is more than enough. 

You can buy things when you start making money from your YouTube channel. The most important thing that I am emphasizing multiple times is uploading quality video content. 

Content is king. You must understand this. I have seen people just uploading videos without any quality in it. They are still struggling to get an audience. Do something in the video that makes people like and subscribe. 

This gives an indication to YouTube that there is something interesting in your video. YouTube takes no time to promote these videos. This helps increase your subscriptions and organic viewers’ reach to your past and upcoming videos. 

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YouTube Channel Settings You Must Know?

If you have your own YouTube channel then you must know some important YouTube settings. This helps YouTuber to grow and also make YouTube understand about your channel.

  • Go to YouTube and click on the profile – top right corner.
  • Select “YouTube” Studio.
  • Click on Settings on the left side.
  • Select “Upload defaults”
  • Select “Essentials” and fill up the description that you want to see every time you upload a new video.
  • Now, go to another tab “Advanced”.

Here, you need to select some options for settings. Select “Standard YouTube License”.

On the same page, go to category option and select the perfect category that you can relate to your channel. 

Specify video language.

Keep community contribution ON.

Go to the comments section – Allow all comments.

You can also do your own setting if you find the best doing it for your channel.

How To Optimize YouTube Videos?

It’s very important to optimize your video. This will help your video to reach maximum audiences.

You can follow some techniques on how to optimize videos.

  • Video Title

Use keywords on your title and make sure it looks natural. Youtube shows the videos related to the keyword that you used.

If someone searches something and the search keyword matches your title keyword then it’s a higher chance that your video may appear with all other competitor’s videos.

I would recommend you to target less competitive keyword where you can rank easily. 

To check the competition, you can take help from the Google Keyword planner.

  • Video Description

The video description also matters. So whenever you write a description, always check how top-ranked videos have written in the description.

Make sure that you use the hashtags so that your video can signal youtube about the content in the video.

There are YouTubers who write a long detailed description to supply more information regarding the video and boost ranking.

  • Video tags

This is again an important part of YouTube video optimization. You should use hashtags but limited like 1 to 4.

Only use relevant tags that you think that many people would be searching for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is it free to make a YouTube channel?

Yes, it’s completely free to use the YouTube channel. You do not need to buy a server to keep your video files on YouTube. It’s taken care of by YouTube itself. 

You just need to have a Gmail account to start a Youtube channel and a contact number for verification.

How do you start a YouTube channel and get paid?

You can easily start a YouTube channel but to make money you need to upload unique and quality content. The better way to get maximum reach and achieve success in a quick time is, uploading videos consistently.

Once you start getting views, you will get many opportunities to make money or get paid.

Keep in mind that you must upload videos on a regular basis and the most important thing is, you must grab a good knowledge in the niche that you are working on.

How much does it cost to start a YouTube channel?

First of all, YouTube doesn’t charge to start a YouTube channel. It’s a free service.

Apart from YouTube, you need to have a camera and a mic.

If you are using a smartphone with a good camera then you can go ahead with it. 

There are many Youtubers who have over a million subscribers. They did it with their phone itself.

You may also require software to edit your recorded videos. If you do not want to invest in video editing software then you can go with the free mobile app called Kinemaster. For desktop, the Filmora software works fine.

In Conclusion

You must have watched many YouTube videos and liked some videos that you find it cool. 

You can create your YouTube channel and make such videos that make people say WOW!

Starting a YouTube channel is pretty simple but to achieve success and make money if not easy.

Whatever you are planning to do on YouTube, you say to yourself what I can do that makes people appreciate my work.

You may do a mistake in the initial stage and that is ok, but the most important thing is, how you learn from it and evolve yourself consistently.

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