How Much Does YouTube Pay For 1 Million Views? (Monthly, Yearly)

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If you want to understand the concept of  YouTube earnings then you must know how YouTube calculates the earned money and pay to channel owners.

You must be thinking “how much does YouTube pay you for 1 million views?” monthly and yearly.

There are many factors that apply to calculate the earning from ads showing while streaming the video. 

There are many types of ads you have seen such as 5-second skip ads, 10-second ads or back to back before video starts. YouTube ads are influenced by these ads’ structure. 

You will make money from ad views and action taken on ads like clicks or watching the ads till the end. 

If you want to generate a consistent passive income with less investment then working online from home could be the best option. YouTube is one of the best source of making money consistently. Yes, it requires effort and time, but it pays for your hard work when you show consistency and uniqueness on your content. 

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How Much Does YouTube Pay You For 1 Million Views?

For 1 Million views, YouTube pays around $7500 from ads and clicks on the basis of CPM and CPC. 

The earning from YouTube also varies from country to country. If a viewer watching your video from a Tier 1 country then your income grows even more because the purchasing power in such countries is high and advertisers spend extra on ads. 

So, if you are getting 1 million views every month, then your per month earning can go approximately $7500. 

Yearly income from YouTube = $7500 X 12 = $90,000.00 This is how much you can make on a yearly basis if you reach 1 million views on your YouTube channel every month. 

Note: This is an approximate figure.

The earning in developing countries or underdeveloped countries is below average because advertisers keep low budgets on ad views and clicks on such countries. 

Money from YouTube is also dependent upon the watch time. If your video is lengthy and when people watch the entire video (watch time), then the viewers may see multiple ads in a set duration. This also increases the earning from Google Adsense ads.

YouTube calculates earning by using CPM (Cost per mille) and CPC (Cost per click) model. They average the earning per 1000 views to make the earning calculation simple.

If your video content is related to product or service then YouTube will show ads related to the product that you have shown in the video. This increases the CPC and brings more money on average. 

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How Much 1 Million YouTube Views Worth?

With having a perfect YouTube video monetization from Affiliate, Sponsorships, and Adsense earning, 1 Million YouTube views worth over $10,000 with diversified income streams. 

Many YouTubers make even more than this by applying promotional strategies. If you are planning to enter into YouTube, then you must learn what famous YouTubers are promoting and what strategies they are applying to earn extra money.

For Example:

If you are making videos related to football niche, then you are most likely get approached by companies who ask you to promote their brand-related to football. It can be a t-shirt, shoes, football, etc.

The high popularity of your channel can bring extra earning from promotion as you have already created authority and serious fans on your YouTube channel. 

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Factors That Influence Earning On YouTube

There are multiple factors that influenced your earning whether it’s 1 million views or 10 million views. You can take some ideas if you are looking forward to making money on YouTube.

  • CPC – Cost per click
  • CPM – Cost per Mille
  • Demographic audiences.
  • Engagement on your videos
  • Number of views
  • Content quality
  • Number of likes and dislikes
  • Number of subscribers
  • Watch time
  • Niche (Content topic)
  • Age of a viewer
  • Comments
  • Clicking on your video in the suggestions list
  • Video Shares

YouTube has its own algorithm where they gauge the performance of a video. They may promote your video for free when they find viewers are engaging positively in your content. 

How Much Does YouTube Pay For 1 Million Subscribers?

YouTubers make from views and not from subscribers. If you have 1 million subscribers but did get the views on your videos, then you will not be earning from YouTube. 

To get the views, YouTubers have to produce quality content on a consistent basis so that they get views. 

The more views your video earns, the more income you will generate. It’s all about views. YouTube wants views on your videos so that they can show ads and charge the advertisers.

You will get the advantage of having 1 million subscribers on your channel. This will also get views on your video but it does not guarantee that you will earn the same money that other Youtubers are earning with having the same number of subscribers. 

How Much Do YouTubers Make 100,000 Views?

A YouTuber can make over $750 in Tier 1 countries such as The US, Canada, England and many more. In Tier 2 countries, a YouTuber can make over $350.

The earning from YouTube is influenced by multiple factors. The most influencing factor is demographic views on your video. 

You have many other options to make money on YouTube but in the initial stage, you should concentrate on getting views and subscribers. 

If you get a good number of views then you can use many other strategies to make money such as affiliate and sponsorships.  

You can make over $1000 per 100000 views if you monetize it with different sources. Make sure that you do not ruin viewer experience by continuously promoting brands. This will affect your authority and people may not take you seriously. 

You need to balance and do promotions strategically. It’s best if you watch videos of popular YouTubers in your niche. Observe how they are applying promotional strategies in their videos. Master this art and create your own style of promoting brands and affiliate products. 

How Does YouTube Calculate CPM and CPC?

YouTube calculates CPM and CPC on the basis of 1000 impressions. It includes ad views and clicks on ads. 

When a viewer only sees the ads and does not interact with it, then you will earn a small amount of money from advertisers. YouTube collects such impressions and calculates CPM earning.

Advertisers pay more when people interact with ads. This will eventually bring more money to the YouTubers’ pocket. The more interaction on ads you will get, the extra earning you will generate. This is called CPC (cost per click).

Youtube then combines the earnings from CPC and CPM and shows the total amount earned through ads in the Adsense dashboard.

In Conclusion

Youtube pays as per the number of ads displayed and clicks on a particular video. If you get views on lengthy videos with good watch time, then you may make a good revenue due to showing multiple ads in parts. 

For short videos, the earning could be less compared to lengthy because you won’t get a chance to show multiple ads. 

Anyways, you must have got an idea of how much YouTube pay you for 1 million views. Now, you know how to estimate your earning if you are planning to start your own YouTube channel

Getting a million views is not an easy task. You have to work hard with uploading videos consistently. I always emphasize on creating quality content. Your video can give competition in your niche if you bring something new and engaging content. This will skyrocket your views and help you reach a million views in a quick time.

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