How Much Money Do YouTubers Make? (Per Views, Per Subscriber, Ads)

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This is the biggest question that every Youtube viewers have in their mind “How much money do Youtubers make?”.

Youtube is a fun place where many YouTubers upload their videos for their viewers. Nowadays youngsters are taking part in Youtube and making a good amount of money. They come up with new ideas to entertain people all around the world and in return they make money. 

If you are thinking about how people are making money on YouTube and how much money do YouTubers make then I will explain to you in detail from this article. 

There are many famous Youtubers that are earning money in millions but it’s not compulsory that everyone earning the same. 

There are people who are struggling as well. So, It’s all about how you make a video of what creativity you can show in your videos that attach people to view your content and wait for your upcoming videos. 

People wait to watch their upcoming videos which means a YouTuber is doing something great right? 

This is the reason they are gaining subscribers, views and making money daily. 

How Much Do YouTubers Make Per 1000 View?

There many ways a YouTuber makes money and supports its channel and living. The most famous source of earning is through Google Advertisement.

  • Google pays 68% of the Adsense revenue to the YouTuber. This means for everyone $10 earning YouTube pay you $6.8 and keep $3.2. 
  • The advertisers pay between $0.08 to $0.30 per view depend upon how long a person watched that Advertisement. 
  • For 1000 views the estimated earning is $.25 to $4.00. The earning also depends upon the countries. The Earning from Tier 1 Country is higsher. If a YouTuber is gaining views from their own country and other countries then the average earning can be different. You can estimate the per 1000 views earning by averaging your past 10 monthly earnings.
  • There are ads that skipped in 5 seconds. Those ads generate tiny revenue. But there ads that run for at least 10-15 seconds and these ads generate good revenue for the channel.

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Want To Know “How Much Money Do YouTubers Make”?

There are many popular YouTuber all around the world and there are many who are popular and has a viewer from everywhere. 

These famous YouTubers have made millions from the YouTube platform and they are still earning continuously. 

Keep in mind that whatever the videos they have created in the past, those videos are also giving a chunk so, small earning from all the past videos creating the bulk amount which leads to a million-dollar earning. 

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List Of Top Paid YouTubers

You can go through the list of top paid YouTubers and see what they are doing for earning money from YouTube.

Ryan’s World $22 Million

Ryan’s World in everywhere a top earning. They review toys and make videos especially for kids to enjoy. 

Channels for kids are getting popular these days. Parents take ideas which toys to buy for their kids from YouTube. 

Jake Paul $21.5 Million

Jake Paul is a popular YouTube who makes videos on Adventure, Pranks, and Vine. He is doing YouTube since he was 16. 

He makes interesting videos that people love to watch. Especially like the situation where he shares his experiences and many more. But, he is highly known for making Vine videos. 

Dude Perfect $18.5 Million

Dude Perfect Youtube channel is related to adventures, biking, and stunts. 5 friend who gives their best to create interesting videos. People who like adventures are a fan of this channel. 

Dan TDM $18.5 Million

Daniel Middleton creates entertaining videos related to gaming. There are people who are into gaming and share their experience through video records on YouTube. 

If you are a game lover then you would love to watch his videos. He is so funny. 

Jeffree Star $18 Million

Jeffree Star has over 1.2 billion YouTube views. She is into beauty Niche and creates videos related to makeup tutorials, vlogs, cosmetics, and product reviews. And also featured at Myspace – Social Networking website.

Markiplier $17.5 Million

Mark Fischbach who runs Markiplier has over 10.7 billion YouTube views. He makes videos on Gaming and gives his own commentary in a dramatic style.

He has a good hold to keep viewers watch his videos as he do something different is his videos every time. 

VanossGaming $17 Million

Evan Fong is into gaming and makes videos on gaming commentaries like Call of Duty and Grand theft Auto. He has over 24 Million subscribers.

Jacksepticeye $16 Million

Jacksepticeye is another gamer who especially known for making funny commentary on video games. 

PewDiePiw $15.5 Million

PewDiePiw creates funny videos and has over 91 Million Subscribers. Pewdiepiw is one of the highly know YouTuber and famous among the youngster. 

Logan Paul 14.5 Million

Logan Paul is popular YouTuber but controversial. He has over 20.2Million subscribers and has been featured in television series and movies.

How Do YouTubers Make Money?

There are five popular streams where many YouTubers make money. Earning from only one stream may not make you earn good money. 

Many YouTubers monetize their videos in such a way that they earning start coming from multiple channels. 

Below is the list of popular and the most common platforms.

  • Google Adsense

Google Adsense is super popular among YouTubers. Every new YouTubers in the start always apply for Google Adsense. 

It provides consistent income even on a daily basis. Though the earning is less but it has a surety of continuous income especially for the popular YouTubers. 

  • Sponsorship

Sponsorship is one of the favorable source of earning among the YouTubers. Though it’s not easy to get sponsorships. 

The YouTubers who are having good subscribers and views on their channel, they usually approached by many brands to promote their products or services on their channels. 

The earning depends upon the number of views or referrals. 

You may have noticed many times that YouTubers use brands and in some video, they are openly promoting products. They all are sponsorships. 

Those YouTuber who has millions of views on videos they get paid a fixed amount of money as per agreement. But, some go with the number of views on a particular video. 

The estimated earning.

Normally A YouTuber charges from $8 to $50 per 1000 views. This is a very good number even higher than the Ads. 

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  • Affiliate Earning

Many YouTubers do promote affiliate products or services for example Amazon affiliate. Earning from Amazon is depends upon the number of sales that YouTuber generated through the link in the description. 

Many times you have seen YouTubers recommending you to use the link to get to the particular product or service. 

As soon as someone purchase from the link, YouTuber earns a commission through the affiliate. The commission is not fixed. If the product is expensive then the earning will definitely be more than a cheaper product. 

There is no guarantee of regular income because it all depends upon the number of sales. The average affiliate earning per 1000 views can be from $5-$100. 

An influencer makes higher because the follower takes them seriously and take a quick decision. 

  • Donation

I have seen some YouTubers asking for donations as this is the only source of earning.

These YouTubers comes up with useful videos and ask for a favor to support them and help them to keep their channel alive.

Many people who love their channel and understand their points they donate YouTuber through the live streaming

You can do live streaming and get a donation from the viewer.

The earning may not be as high as sponsorships and advertisement but many YouTubers enjoy their job. 

  • Sell Own Brand

Having a huge fanbase leads to many opportunities. Many famous YouTubers take advantage of their popularity.

They sell their own products or services and generate direct income.

They create a product and start branding it to grow the business.

The followers who love them buy their products. Most of the influencers make sure to sell worth buying a product at a decent price.

So, this is how a YouTuber makes money from selling own brand.

  • Product Review

Many companies send freebies to popular YouTuber to review their product.

They do not make money from it but getting things for free is not a bad deal.

Many YouTubers make unbiased video reviews because they don’t want to lose the goodwill of their channel.

Anyways, you can review the product that you actually feel like recommending to the viewers.

Some may pay you to promote but and some may only give you the product for free ask you to publish a review video in return.

How Much Do A Small YouTuber Make?

A small YouTuber is actually at a learning stage. There is not a huge income for starters or small Youtubers.

Now I am talking about a small YouTuber who is regularly uploading videos like 2-3 videos a week.

With having a decent number of subscribers like 2000 to 3000 subscribers with 10,000 views. The earning can be between $40 to $100 or even more if they monetized videos with sponsorship and affiliate.

Problems YouTubers Face In Making Money

It’s not easy to get views on YouTube when you are new in this field.

Many YouTubers make 4 to 5 videos and get demotivated when they didn’t get views. At the starting point, consistency is very important.

Sometimes YouTube even promotes YouTubers who are having few videos. The reason because Youtube analyse how people are reacting with the video.

So, quality content is very important. It can be any niche.

There are few countries where ads are cheaper. This leads to very low earning. People may not afford to have a full-time career as a YouTuber.

YouTuber subscribers stop growing due to a limited audience in that niche.

Earning is not fixed. It fluctuates every week and month.

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How To Make Money On Youtube As A Newbie?

If you are new in YouTubing and wanted to start something creative then this platform is for you.

There are many YouTuber but the one standout who did something different and worth time spending.

There are many niches that you can pick up but make sure you have a real interest. Starting a Youtube channel only for may in the initial days will not work out.

It requires consistency and effort.

  • Youtube Partner Program Monetization

As soon as any YouTuber starts gaining views and watch time, they get a chance to apply for the Youtube partner program.

To get qualified, a channel must have at least 1000 subscribers with a minimum of 4000 watch time in 12 months.

Other than this there are other options like affiliate marketing, sponsorship, donation, sell own product.

To reach this monetization stage a YouTuber must have a good number of subscribers and views.

  • Can You Start A YouTube Channel

You can start your own YouTube Channel right now, but the most important thing is how passionate you are.

It requires commitment and patience. Before going ahead you need to learn how Youtube works.

If you are ready to give time for your YouTube channel and upload creative videos then you can start.

You will not going to become famous overnight. People will only know you for your work. Your content and ideas will make you popular and successful.

This will eventually bring money to your pocket.

Equipment Required To Start A YouTube Channel

Like others, you can also start your own YouTube channel. I have created a list of equipment that you can use to have a perfect start.

  • Dslr Camera/Go pro Or good camera mobile.
  • Microphone
  • Tripod Or camera stand
  • Extra Batteries
  • Power Bank
  • Gimbal for vlogging
  • Video Editing Software

You can use your own tricks to reduce the expenses.

I can understand, at the starting stage, you may not want to buy this equipment. In this case, you can use your mobile phone and record video and use free video editing software such as Kinemaster.


You may have seen YouTubers’ lifestyles. They look happy and chilling, but behind the scene, they are very hardworking.

They have done an end number of experiments in their videos to reach success.

This is how YouTubers make money. It’s not easy to achieve stardom and success in this field. But, once success comes their way, there is no end for the money falling in.

It’s all about quality videos with unique ideas and consistency on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

  • How much do YouTubers make per million views?

The earning varies countries to countries. The average earning per million views can go about $350-$2000. 

  • How Much do YouTubers make per Subscribers?

Subscriber does not guarantee to earn. It’s all about views. YouTube follows the CPM method which is the cost per mile. In simple term cost per 1000 views. 

The earning is depend upon views. The more view a channel has, the more earning they generate. 

  • How much do YouTubers make per video from ads?

Suppose a famous YouTuber makes a video but not a single person watches the video. In this case, He or she will not going to make a single penny. As I have explained to you, the ads revenue completely depends upon the number of views. 

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