How Many Views To Make Money On YouTube (Per 1000, 1Million views)

Views to make money on Youtube

This is the most common question I have been hearing from every fresh YouTube starter “how many views to make money on YouTube”.

I know this is very important not only for fresh YouTubers but also for the YouTube channels that have over a million views every month.

Making passive income with YouTube is easy if you do it perfectly. Yes, Youtube sees the performance of your videos and then promote it for free. 

Having a YouTube channel is anyone’s dream as every YouTuber wants to become a popular individual on Youtube. 

Your video needs views to earn money and believe me, views are the only fuel you have to put to make money on YouTube.

I will explain to you in this article how Youtubers earn per 1000 views, 1 Million views or even 100 views and what are the average earning that comes from clicks on video ads.

How Many Views To Make Money On Youtube?

To get views or hits on Youtube, your video must be approved by Google Adsense for monetization. The earning differs from niche to niche. 

YouTubes pay as per CPM which means cost per mille. In simple terms, advertising companies like Google & YouTube pay YouTubers as per 1000 views. 

You won’t be paid on every single view. The reason to keep 1000 views is to keep earning calculation simple and easy to understand. 

On average, a YouTube video earns around $4 per 1000 views. There are some niches that brings income to $15 per 1000 views but most probably the chances are you will end up making $4. 

The average earning per million views could be between $350-$2000. But, this is not the estimation you can make. There are chances that many viewers click on the advertisement. 

In that case, your earnings will be boosted.  

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Earning from YouTube advert click and Views/hits

Youtube also calculates CPC which means cost per click. This calculates the earnings from clicks on the advertisement.

Suppose, you got 1000 views on a particular video. There are chances that people may click on the advert. In this case, you will see the increase in earning per 1000 Views.

People do skip the YouTube advertisement in 5 seconds but you still get paid but a small chunk. 

There are viewers who find something interesting in the advertisement and click on the link. This results in good earning. Each click may get you around $1.5 on Tier 1 countries. 

Overall, regardless of country, you may collect around $0.40 per click on the advertisement. 

There are advertisement that pay minimum like $0.10 per click. 

Let’s calculate the overall YouTube earning taking some examples.

  • Earning per views

Taking $4.00 earning per 1000 views.

1000 views = $4.00

10,000 views = $40.00

100,000 views = $400.00

1,000,000 views = $4000.00

  • Earning per advert clicks

Taking $0.35 earning per advert click.

If 1000 people watch the advertisement, it’s highly possible that at least 10 people click on the advertisement. We will take this calculation further to estimate the earnings. 

So, let’s take 1% clicks per 1000 views. One million views brings 10,000 clicks which equal to $3500 earning just from the clicks on the advertisement.

Total earning per one million views

Advert Views $4000 + Advert Clicks 3500 = $7,500.00

So, on average, this is how much YouTube pays for 1 million views.

Note: The earning can be more or less depending upon the niche that video is related to. 

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How Much Do Popular YouTubers Get Views Make Money?

YouTube earning comes when people start liking your videos. This eventually leads to increase in video views likes and subscribers.

There are many popular out there who are currently having millions of views on their channel.

  • Ryan’s world is currently making around $22 Million with having 34.8 billion views on YouTube. Ryan is a 7-year-old kid who usually makes toy review videos with his father and twin sisters.
  • Jake Paul is another popular YouTuber who makes vine videos. He makes around $21.5 million with 6.39 billion views. He started creating videos for YouTube when he was 16. He is now 22 and famous on YouTube too.
  • Dude Perfect is a group of friends who runs this channel. They are getting 7 billion views that bring 20 Million dollars.
  • Jeffree Star is popular for creating videos related to makeup. Her channel consumes 1.5 billion views that bring $18 Million in revenue from Youtube.

How Many Views Required To Join YouTube Partner Program?

When you make videos and upload on YouTube the first thing in your mind that comes “how many views I will be going to get from this video”. 

The whole game is about views. The more views you will get, the more earning you most probably going to make. 

We cannot underestimate the number of subscribers on the channel. It also indicates how popular a particular YouTube channel is. 

To start making money on YouTube from Ads, you need to join YouTube Partner Program. 

There are conditions that you need to fulfill. 

A channel must have at least 1000 subscribers including 4000 watch time in last 12 months. 

If you fulfill this condition, you can apply for an advertisement on YouTube.

There are some channels that do not comply with the YouTube policy and hence the channel does not get approval on YouTube Partner Program. 


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How Many Views To Make Money On Youtube As An Affiliate?

This is something very interesting. Affiliate earning is one of the highest revenue generating platform. 

If you have a good number of views and a growing audience, then I would highly advise you to join an Affiliate program related to your niche. 

If you promote any product or services that do not relate to the actual video then I will not going to work for you. 

The trick is, if you are planning to make a video on a particular topic, then search for the product or service that you can relate to the video. 

Check if the company who produce a product is offering affiliate earning or not. If you find an affiliate option then you can go ahead with it. 

Make sure that you promote a product that provide value to the viewer otherwise they may not like your video and people who had the worst experience in the past may give you thumbs down on the video. 

I personally love affiliate marketing. Here, you do not need to create a product. You just need to promote a link that goes to the product and in return, you receive a commission. 

This is how it works. 

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Make Money On Youtube By Sponsorship

There are many companies and brand who come forward and offers sponsorships to the YouTube channel. 

Once your channel gets hits and a good number of growing subscribers, then many companies may approach you to promote their brand. 

Most probably they pay you to promote or offer you a free gadget or service in return.

companies may offer you a good amount of money if your channel goes viral and gets millions of hits. 

I would advise you to concentrate on creating the quality and unique content on a regular basis. 

The more quality content you produce, the more chance for your channel to get views. This eventually results in earning from multiple sources. 

You need at least half a million views to make money from sponsorship. If your channel getting millions of views then there is high chance that you get multiple sponsorship offers. 

Everything becomes easy when you start getting hits. People will approach you to promote their products. 

But always keep in mind that you never promote anything that does not provide value. If you promote  a product that really helps others then people will take you seriously and may take your advice in your upcoming videos as well. 

This will eventually bring a boost in your earnings even in other streams as well.  

How Much Money Do You Make Per 100 Views On Youtube?

YouTube pays to the Youtube channels as per the CPM method (1000 views). 

On average, most of the channels make around $4 per 1000 views.

So, as per the calculation, Youtube channels make around $0.40 per 100 views. I have not added any clicks earning as we cannot expect advert clicks in 100 views. 

Earning per 100 views seems small but what if you grow your Youtube channel and cross 1 million views. Definitely your earning also increases

How Does Youtube Send You Money?

Once your account gets approval from Google Adsense, Google will send you the letter via post which contains a unique code.

This is for verification that you are a valid address and a genuine user.

To get paid from Google Adsense through Youtube, you need to reach a minimum of $100 threshold.

As soon as you make $100, Google Adsense will open an option to add your account details where you want money to be deposited.

Your account can be suspended anytime if your videos don’t comply with the Adsense policy or found multiple negative reports.

How Many Views Do You Need To Make Your First $100?

The concept of earning the first $100 is different for different YouTubers. It also depends upon the locations where your video has been viewed.

If I only consider Adsense earning, you need a good number of views to get your first payment. Anyways your account can only be approved when you get 1000 subscribers with 4000 watch time.

Let’s get to the point, how many views required to earn the first $100.

I wanted to be on a safer side to make an estimation. So, you need at least 20,000 views to get your first payment from Adsense.

If you get a good number of clicks then you may achieve $100 mark within 10,000 views.

I have not added earnings from affiliate and sponsorship.

In Conclusion

To make money on YouTube, you need to have quality and unique video content.

If the Youtube algorithm finds your video content worth for the audience, they may show your videos to the bulk audiences.

This increases the views on your channel and eventually opens many options to make money.

Views play the most important part and now you know how to get them. 

Yes, it requires hard work on content because nothing is free here. Put your time on creating WOW content and then see the results. 

And one last thing, you need to show consistency by uploading videos on a regular basis. At least once in a week.

This signals YouTube that you are taking their platform seriously.

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  1. Hi, i have read the content on views to make money on YouTube. I would like to create a youtube channel for my 10 year old daughter and i. It is a kids baking show. Please can you advise me further on this.

    • Make the videos on the baking topics that are currently trending. Hot topics always have the audience and opportunity to grow faster.

      • Somebody can post the list or where can I find about the monetization channel by category?
        1- Teach Channels
        2- Legal Channels
        3- Construction Industry
        4- Fitness
        5- Etc.

        what is the best well paid category..

  2. Thank you for the write up.
    If I have multiple videos, will You Tube add up all the clicks and views from all my videos to calculate my earnings?

    • Yes, YouTube pay you as per clicks and view on ads. Make sure there should not be any invalid click on ads otherwise your account may get banned.

  3. Hi! I just reached 4k hours and im getting reviewed just now. I have a 70k views video. Can i earn from the past 70k views? Or only the new views will count?

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