How Email Marketing Works? TOP Ways, Benefits [2021 Updated]

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Despite the steep rise of social networks, email marketing is something that is still running at full force. Currently, there are plenty of businesses that make use of email marketing and they are benefiting from the same. It’s one of the conventional and easiest ways to communicate with your audience.

If you can do email marketing, the correct way, then there are higher chances that you will be able to drive a greater amount of traffic, within a shorter duration of time.

Right in this guide, you will learn some of the better things about email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a conventional digital marketing process of talking with the audiences via electronic mail messages. Usually, email messages have commercial intent but the same is also used for educating the recipient on topics of different interest.

In simpler terms, you can call email marketing as a process to use email as a sales channel.

Now, in order to successfully perform email marketing, you got to have a good and big email list of people who have signed up for your messages.

This type of thing excludes buying of email list that can be illegal at times too.

A Glance at Email Marketing Benefits

Going ahead in the process of how email marketing works, there are ample benefits for the same which are as follows:

  • It’s one of the better ways for building a community all-around your brand
  • It can eventually help you get more leads along with sales
  • Plus, it’s one of the better ways for getting recurring traffic
  • Email marketing can help you minimize the risks which are associated with SEO algorithm changes.

How Email Marketing Works?

For the people who think that email marketing is a complicated process, this might not be the case. There are ample of people who are performing email marketing and have been benefited from the same.

However, email marketing does require A/B testing for finding out the best way to communicate with your subscribers.

Given below is a complete overview on how email marketing works:

  • Sign up for the email marketing tool
  • Create an Email Marketing strategy
  • Build and grow your email list
  • Setup different Automation tasks
  • Monitor and Improve Campaign with the help of A/B Testing
  • Regularly clean up your email list

Sign Up for Email Marketing Tool

Email marketing is a process that you can automate completely with the help of a brilliant email marketing tool.

If you are using your personal account to email hundreds of people and keep the records on a manual basis, then the first step is to choose the desired platform:

Basically, an email marketing platform will help you to:

  • Create Email List
  • Add more users to your list with the help of different methods
  • Send emails to the audiences
  • Provide you with different reports on how people open up emails and interact with the same
  • Provide you with divergent options to segment the audience on the basis of criteria
  • Creation of retargeting audience on the basis of Facebook along with email list
  • Automate different email marketing tasks like sending welcome emails to subscribers using different emails on the basis of actions
  • Make sales on a direct basis from the email message
  • Creation of email funnels to redirect users to products, pages you are willing to take.

Out of which, some of the very best and popular email marketing tools that you can consider are as follows:

  • Convertkit
  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • SendPulse
  • Constant Contact

Create a good Email Marketing Strategy

Create a good Email Marketing Strategy

Going ahead to know how email marketing works, the creation of an email marketing strategy is a vital step.

The very first step is to create an email marketing strategy if you have the will to perform email marketing.

Once you have an email marketing strategy, then you can run campaigns that can help you to:

  • Decide how the email marketing works in conjunction with different email marketing campaigns you are running
  • Decide on the email marketing platform for using and figuring out on monthly costs
  • Look at different strategies for using ad growing your email list
  • Decide when you are ready to make use of automation and which are the kind of messages to send
  • Having the right reporting mechanism for measuring the effectiveness of email campaigns

Build and grow up your email list

If you are hoping email marketing to work, you got to have a greater list of active subscribers for different types of tasks.

Also, you must add random people to your list and you must find the need to add people that are worthy enough.

Additionally, growing and eventually maintaining an email list is tricky but with the right kind of approach, it can be much important for your business.

Publish Good Content on the Website

In any case, if your content is not up to the mark, you can use any technique but that won’t benefit you in any case.

On the other hand, if your content is delivering value to the users, then your email list can grow at a faster pace.

Give Incentives

If you are in the process to build your subscriber base, then you got to offer free E-books, trial offers and other gifts as incentives. This you can give them in return of their email addresses.

Make it easier to subscribe

Make it easier to subscribe

Additionally, if you can keep the subscribe buttons inaccurate places, then the users can easily subscribe, without any issues.

This can effectively increase your subscribing rates to the next level. Also, you can even make use of different techniques that can help increase your subscriber rates.

Under such cases, you will see a difference where you can easily build a much better following, with no issues.

Also, you must keep the subscribe button much visible from where your subscribers can effectively press the same.

Hence, once you can place the subscribe button in the right place and it’s visible, then you can build a much stronger subscriber base, without any issues.

Setup of Automation Tasks

One of the best and good benefits of email marketing is that the full process can be automated.

Whenever we refer to email marketing automation, it comes as a procedure of sending the targeted emails to users on the basis of actions.

Out of which, the common email marketing tasks are as follows:

  • Welcome emails

Sending Welcome Email to users as soon as they will subscribe to your email list

  • Email Campaigns

Sending a series of emails that can help you to effectively run the email marketing campaigns

  • Abandon Cart Emails

This involves sending emails to site visitors that added products to the shopping carts but involves no sort of checkout.

  • Cross-Selling/ Upselling

Suggest different products to customers on the basis of past purchase history

  • Feedback Forms/Reviews

Requesting of reviews, feedbacks from customers after making a purchase

  • Monitor & improve Campaign performance through the A/B testing

Besides having the targeted type of people subscribed to the list, for running successful email marketing campaigns, you got to do lots of A/B testing.

The A/B testing will help you find different kinds of email messages which can potentially generate high user engagement and many more conversions.

Different things to test A/B testing includes:

  • The entire length of the email subject titles
  • Format of emails (HTML, text with or even without Images)
  • Length of the entire email body
  • Frequency of sending different emails
  • The entire level of promotional messages within email
  • Placement of signup forms
  • Different messages used in signup forms
  • Offers used as different incentives for email signup
  • The authentication method is used for verifying the entire validity of emails.

Additionally, in the process of how email marketing works, for performing any type of email testing, you got to monitor the right metrics.

Plus, in order to perform email marketing, you got to monitor the following metrics:

  • Number of newer email subscribers per day
  • The exact method they have used for subscribing to your listing.
  • Email Open and the Click-through rates
  • How many people have visited the website from a link in the email
  • The number of conversions generated from email
  • Regularly ‘clean up’ the Email Lists

Being a beginner to email marketing, you got to understand three things:

  • A larger percentage of your email subscribers will remain inactive

It’s quite normal for having tons of inactive subscribers to your listing. Yes, the overall average email opening rate for email campaigns is around 20%. With this, a larger number of people on your listing might not read the messages.

  • Having a gigantic list is not a better approach

Sending different emails which get opened up by a smaller percentage of recipients will mark your emails as spam. With this, the reach of your emails will decrease eventually.

On the other hand, the emails get opened up by a majority of recipients which can give an overall true performance of the entire campaign.

  • Big lists will eventually Cost you money to maintain

As and when your email list will grow, the monthly expense will grow accordingly.  The moment you will reach 10,000 subscribers, you might have to pay $150 each month for the subscription with a better email marketing tool.

Among the other ways to minimize the costs and increase the healthiness of the website, you got to remove the inactive subscribers from the list.

Each of the users that registered to list but do not open up campaigns are pretty much not of use in your business goals.

Remember, it’s better for having a smaller list of active subscribers than to have a massive list of inactive subscribers.

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Why is Email Marketing Important?

Email Marketing

Given below, are some of the good things that will let you know why email marketing is important:

  1. Email is used by 50% of the entire World Population

Well, in the process to learn how email marketing works, it’s important to know that email is still one of the powerful tools for communication.

Given below is a list of statistics that backs up the data:

There are more than 4 billion active email accounts which is a good thing.

99% of the email users check the email list at least once per day

The email opening rate is around 20% and the CTR is at 3.71% while if we speak about the engaging rate, it hovers around 0.6%

Around 60% of the users subscribe to the newsletter for messages and other types of deals compared to 20% which follows the same brand on social channels

Email marketing has got 4400% ROI which is one of the better things.

  1. You own your Audiences

For any email marketer, an email list is an asset and the same scenario goes for the company as well. Yes, the greater email list you have, the more amount of revenue you can make from your email list.

With this, you can add and remove subscribers on the basis of your business value and goals.

  1. You can directly communicate with your subscribers

With the help of email marketing, you can easily talk with your subscribers using a direct channel.

As and when you have a healthy and great email list, you can make it a weapon to talk with your subscriber base. Yes, here you don’t have to pay for any sort of advertising fees.

Additionally, each of the emails can be personalized as per liking that can compel the users to subscribe.

  1. Users can register for receiving email messages

Whenever any user registers on your list, it directly means that they trust your business. Also, they even want to receive emails from your businesses.

Now, this type of thing is different than the users on Facebook where they are shown ads.

Speaking from the business perspective, you can nurture each of the leads, and eventually, those leads will generate value and profit for your business.

  1. Email Marketing offers higher ROI

Indeed, for each of the individuals who perform email marketing, they would know that email marketing does offer higher ROI.

Additional, Email marketing can eventually help online businesses to:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Improve sales and conversions
  • Helps Increase Website traffic
  • Increase Brand Awareness

Well, each of the above are general statistics and they will increase and decrease depending on individual efforts.

Also, things will depend upon profit margins, cost of customer acquisition, and many more things.

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Final Word of Mouth: How Email Marketing Works

By now, you must have got a fair amount of idea on how email marketing works. Yes, performing successful email marketing does take a good amount of time. There are ample of things that you will have to take into deep consideration.

Yes, there are ample of email marketers who started small but are now gaining revenue along with a loyal following.

Hence, it takes a good amount of determination and dedication to perform email marketing.

Once, that is done, then you can easily perform email marketing and gain some of the best revenue, within a short duration of time.


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