How Do Travel Bloggers Make Money? (Get Paid To Travel)

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Traveling to new places and experiencing new things is the dream of many people. If you love traveling to new places then you must know “how do travel bloggers make money?”

Who wants a 9-5 job and get stick to the clock. Everyone wants to do what they love and this is what many travel bloggers do. 

You can actually visit a new place, share your experience and get paid to travel from multiple sources. 

I personally make a Vlog on YouTube and write for my own blog. I will share all the useful ideas and techniques that help you achieve success in a quick time.

So, how do travel bloggers get paid? Is it just from blogging or they make money from other sources?

Being a travel blogger you will find many opportunities to generate income but to be honestly speaking it takes effort and time. 

You need to put hard work in the initial days if you want to make money fast

One important point. You must have diversified earning with proper blog monetization to keep money coming into your pocket from multiple sources. This idea will help you to bring income consistently.

There are travel bloggers who continue doing traveling while working a full-time or part-time job. Once they start gaining followers, they shift to full-time travel blogging. 

In this post, I will share all the methods that many successful travel bloggers are applying and earning money every month. 

Just to give a small idea of what you will be getting from this post.

  • How travel bloggers manage to stay at a hotel for free
  • Get paid for a tour
  • Paid promotion
  • Get paid from Ads
  • Affiliates
  • Freelancing
  • Travel bloggers on Instagram
  • Selling packages for the brand to purchase
  • Become a travel blogger with no money
  • Freelance Writing and few more content.

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Let’s get started

How Do Travel Bloggers Make Money?

Traveling all around the world and enjoying nature is a kind of life that every person wants to experience at least once in life. 

But, what if you get a chance to do this in your whole life and make money being a travel blogger. Yes, this can be possible as many bloggers are doing it for living and making a full-time income. 

Most of the bloggers even earn over $10,000 a month just by traveling to new places and sharing their experiences through their blog. They perfectly monetize their blog and generate income from multiple sources.

This could be possible for you as well if you perfectly follow the steps that need to be done to become successful. 

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Get Paid For Tour

Being a famous travel blogger, you will get many chances to get paid for a tour for free. It’s isn’t actually free because you need to write a review of a whole tour. It takes effort and little time.

Many brands and sponsors may sponsor your trip cost and ask you to visit their places and review their business. They will not ask you for a favor to write a good review. They just want an honest review to be written by you on your blog. 

You can share all your experiences with pictures and videos in your review article. Many times brands cover all the expenses of your tour such as hotels, flight tickets, food and travel to local places.  

Get Paid From Ads

When you write something on your blog you will be expecting people to come and see your content. 

You can place ads on your blog and have a regular income from your blog. Make sure that you get a good amount of traffic to your blog like over 500 visitors a day to make a consistent income. 

In the initial days of blogging, I would recommend you to concentrate on content and keep one thing in mind. If you want people to visit your blog then you must publish a blog post consistently. The more people visit your blog, the more money you will make from ads.

Publishing one article a day or two may give you a good ranking on Google.

You must be active on social sites to bring traffic to your blog pages. Travel blogging looks exciting, but it requires hard work to be honestly speaking. Try to build your followers by consistently putting your post on social media sites. This will bring organic traffic to your profile and eventually bring traffic to your blog as well.

When you apply for ads you may be required to fulfill the condition and the most important is traffic. You will be approved for placing ads when advertising agencies see that you are getting a good amount of traffic to your blog. 

Get Free Hotel Stay

Many travel bloggers do not pay a single penny to stay at the hotel. The reasons are, brands or sponsors pay for their hotel or Hotel itself gives them a free stay when the blogger is ready to promote the hotel on a blog. 

If you do not have any brand to pay for your hotel bills, then you can directly write an email to the hotel manager and make a deal or else you can visit a hotel and ask them for a free stay and show them how they can get benefits from you. 

If they find that you can help them to bring business, then obviously they will try their best to give you a free stay. 

Affiliate Earning

Affiliates is one of the most favorite sources of income for travel bloggers. You just need to sign up with companies for affiliate marketing. You will get a link that you can place on your blog. 

Once a visitor buy any product or services through your affiliate link, you will get a commission. 

I have seen many travel bloggers promote amazon products, hotel booking websites, travel insurance, free discount coupons app and many more. 

You make sure that you share affiliate links that fits best for your article. Placing links for no reason will not benefit you much.

If you are new to blogging then it’s better if you produce content and do affiliate marketing later like once you start getting over 200 visitors a day at least.

Sell Content To The Brand

If you are connected to any brand, then they might ask you to sell your content. The brand usually use such content on their websites for promotion. 

They will pay you depending on how popular you are and how interested your content is. If you like the brand then there is no question to promote them and create content for them. 

The content that you create will require your article, images, videos and your experience about a particular brand. 

A brand company may give you a list to make content accordingly. If you are an experienced travel blogger then you may get paid higher as you already know how things work. 

Paid Promotion

There are companies that pay you for promoting their product or services. This is called a paid promotion. 

Here, you need to be very careful about choosing the company. If it is not useful, then you must deny promoting such companies. 

When a good company approaches you to promote them then you should go ahead with it and promote them. 

Make sure that you write an honest review including the pros and cons so that people would make a decision whether to go ahead or not. This will also create your credibility over your audience. They will take your recommendation seriously in your other blog articles. 

Packages For Brand To Purchase

You can actually sell packages for the brand to purchase. This includes set of prices to promote a brand on your blog post. 

You need to be a professional travel blogger with a huge number of followers. If any brand sees that you are a famous travel blogger then they won’t mind buying the expensive package of yours. 

You need to use your own strategy in creating a package so that it becomes affordable for a small brand as well. 

Get an idea about how people sell subscriptions or services in packages so that people select what they find affordable. 


Many travel bloggers make money through freelancing. They write for other websites like Forbes, CNN, HuffPost and many more. 

These websites search for good bloggers so that they can share a real experience to the audience through them. 

You can also write an article for them and get paid as a freelancer. It’s like selling your content and making money. 

This will not only get money into your pocket but also help you finance your trips. 

You can also link your travel blog article in the content that you sell to the other websites. It helps bring more traffic from them and also increase your authority on Google. 

The more authority your blog generates on Google the more chances for your articles to get ranked. This eventually brings organic traffic to your travel blog by beating the competition.

How To Get Brands To Work With You?

This must be the most interesting question in this article. Do you think successful travel bloggers approach brands? Obviously No. 

Many brands always search for famous and popular people who fit best for their brand to promote. 

Actually the brand finds you and for that, you need to gain a big following on various platforms. You must have noticed an individual who became a celebrity, they started featuring for brands. This is how it works. When you start gaining popularity, you will see brands approaching you and have a contract. 

How Travel Bloggers Make Money On Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social network apps all over the world. If you use Instagram perfectly, then, believe me, you will make good money. 

You will also get paid for promoting brands on this platform, but have to have huge followers. 

Instagram is a game of followers. The more followers you have the more money you can make. 

To gain the follower you need to publish your travel photos, Instagram Stories, and videos in bulk so that Instagram finds you as an active user. 

Once you keep doing it, then Instagram may promote your pics and videos by showing it to the other users. 

This helps in gaining organic followers. You can mention your blog URL in the bio section so that people can visit your blog. 

Top Earning Travel Blogs

The top-earning travel blogs are making a huge amount of money every month. You can learn from them and get some inspiration. See the list of top 5 travel bloggers. 


Matt Kepnes manages this blog. He makes over $50k per month being a travel blogger. His blog gains over a million visitors every month. 


Johnny owns this blog. He has been blogging for over 10 years. He makes over $20,000 per month from blog.


This blog is managed by a couple Dave & Deb. They are blogging for over 8 years. The monthly earnings from the blog is over $15,000. 


Earl is into travel blogging for over 20 years. He loves traveling to new places. Till now, he has visited over 100 countries. He makes around $12,000 per month.


Monica who represents the travel hack blog. Her earnings are over $10,000 per month. She is very passionate about traveling to new places and sharing her experience. 

How To Become A Travel Blogger With No Money?

The best way to become a travel blogger with no money is by traveling to your nearby location and write on your blog. 

This is what I usually did in the initial days of my Vlog. You can go by walk to the popular places in your location, take pictures, make videos and note down your experiences on your laptop or phone. 

Believe me, this is a good way to start especially if you are new to travel blogging. What people want is content. 

Many people would be searching for places to visit in your state or city. Why don’t you take advantage of it?  Grab this opportunity and create content for free.

In Conclusion

If you are passionate about visiting new places then becoming a travel blogger can be the right for you. 

Being a travel blogger you must know how you can use the opportunity of traveling. What kind of content you can create so that you can get multiple sources of income. 

I would advise you to create your own vlog related Youtube channel along with blogging and also be active on social media. This is very important especially if you want to get brands and sponsorships. 

It looks like a lot of work but you will love doing it once you start making money from these platforms. 

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