HostPapa Review 2020: Features, Pros & Cons

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In the current world, if you are eager to grow your business exponentially, you will have to take it online. Indeed, right now, there are tons of businesses that are going online because this has become the modern-day need. For this, you will need a domain and a good hosting service provider.

Thankfully, I have got for you the Hostpapa review right in this article. 

Being a small business owner, it might be much difficult to choose the best hosting service provider. While some can be a good value for money, their services won’t be that great. 

Hostpapa features ratings

Hence, right in this article, you will get the Hostpapa review in an in and out fashion. For this hosting, I have done an immense amount of research from every single angle. 

Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unveil the best of all Hostpapa reviews for 2020 and beyond. 

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Hostpapa review 2020

First of all, you must note that Hostpapa is one of those best company that offer the best plans at good prices so that you can easily create your own website or blog. Yes, the company doesn’t keep the pricing high where businesses can avail their plans and eventually get businesses online. 

Hostpapa also display press release to their website so that customers could see the latest news related to HostPapa hosting business. 

Hostpapa awards

Let’s go ahead and first unwrap the Pros of Hostpapa right in this section. 

Hostpapa Pros

As I mentioned above, Hostpapa is a company that is doing amazing and has gained popularity in a short period. 

Currently, the company holds around half a million websites in United State along with Canada. This is one good achievement for a company like Hostpapa that is doing pretty well in the hosting industry. 

I have jotted down some of the proven pros of Hostpapa where we will go through each of the pros, one by one.

Hostpapa customers reviews

1. Speed

Well, for any website, speed has always been the main highlight. The greater is the speed of your website, the better results you will gain over time.  

Currently, the attention span of people is on reducing the curve where you got to make your website faster and responsive. 

As per research, if your website is loading under 2 seconds or less, it’s considered one of the best loading times. 

Now, coming on with Hostpapa, the company has tried its best to use the best of servers for increasing their loading speed like Siteground

To ensure faster loading speed, Hostpapa has invested in the following things:

  • Solid State Drives

Yes, if you are choosing Hostpapa hosting, each of your files will be stored in SSD. In reality, SSD is much faster than Hard Disk where you will get files at a much faster pace. 

  • Fast Servers

Indeed, the Hostpapa has always been known for their fast servers where they have proved themselves from time to time. Whenever any visitor clicks on your website, the server of this company is fast enough to offer them a response. 

On a precise note, the servers are 50 times more faster that is another good thing. 

  • Built-in Caching

Well, Hostpapa makes use of cache wall which effectively optimizes and even protects the response time of your website. 

  • Content Delivery Network

Further, Hostpapa also offers a brilliant content delivery network. Yes, with a CDN, your load time gets increased incredibly where you can make your website much faster. 

  • PHP7

With the latest version of PHP, the company ensures that you don’t face any sort of database issues.

 Eventually, your website makes use of the latest technologies and will not lack in any sort of speed department. 

Hostpapa customers feedback


How faster is the Hostpapa loading times?

For any website, loading time is one of the most crucial aspects. If your website loading time is slow, no matter how good your content is, there is a rare chance that those will rank. 

Therefore in this Hostpapa review, I decided to test Hostpapa loading speeds. I choose the company’s plan and then installed WordPress on the website. 

After the initial testing, the site loaded pretty much fast where it took 1 second for a page of 211kb along with 17 requests. 

Such states are quite amazing where this will get much better as and when you will use the right plugins. 

Further, the hosting company also makes use of a built-in caching system. With this, each of your MIME file types are compromised where you will get better load speed with this. 

Additionally, if you are eager to take the speed of your website to the next levels, you can make use of the WP Rocket plugin. Yes, with this plugin, you can easily enhance your website load time. 

Here, you can initially choose their free plan and then go ahead and select the company’s paid plan. 

2. 24 Hour Customer Support

Yes, when it comes to a good web hosting company, customer support is one most crucial things. 

Eventually, with Hostpapa, the company offers 24-hour customer support. This sets the company apart from the competitors where you can contact their customer support at any point in time. 

Right now moving ahead in this Hostpapa review, given below are the customer support things Hostpapa offers:

  • Good Knowledgebase

From the knowledge base of Hostpapa, you can get good guides along with tutorials. For people who are looking for little help, knowledgebase can help tons of time for them. 

Further, the company has divided each of the things into emails, hosting, domains, and many more things. 

  • Video Tutorials

Yes, if you are one of those people who get bored with reading text, Hostpapa offers tutorials in Video form.

 Indeed in 2020, people love to see visuals where you can learn tons of things with Hostpapa video tutorials. 

Further, the company even offers a great step-by-step tutorial that is another good thing. 

  • Live Chat Support

Another amazing feature from Hostpapa is that they offer live chat customer support. With this, you can eventually talk to real-life people and explain your website issues to them. 

Further, you must note that Hostpapa delivers a 24/7 live chat feature. Therefore, if you have any sorts of issues, you can easily go ahead, chat with a live agent and get your issues solved. 

  • Support Tickets

If you have any issue with the Hostpapa hosting, you can submit support tickets and then check the status of the same with the help of the company’s dashboard. 

Hostpapa Review: Hostpapa Live System Status

Hostpapa customers user experience

With Hostpapa you can visualize the live status of web hosting and email services, DNS hosting, the Linux servers along with billing and different support systems.  

To not mention, see if they’re any current issues being addressed and whether there’s any planned maintenance arising which will destroy your additional costs. 

Further, another thing you must know is that HostPapa translates the content of their site into English, French, Spanish, and German that caters the contents to different sort of users all over the world. 

Eventually, not only are you able to read HostPapa’s site content in multiple languages, you’ll get live chat and telephone support in multiple languages too.

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3. Highly Secure Data Centres

HostPapa features a reliable hosting infrastructure and maintains the very best standards when it involves securing their data centers.

For instance, expect the subsequent security measures to be in situ on all HostPapa servers:

  • Fire-suppression systems
  • Water detection systems
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Standby & redundant power generating
  • Diesel backup generators
  • Climate & temperature controls
  • Raised floor facilities
  • Fault protection

4. Good Uptime

The team at HostPapa wants to offer you a 100% uptime guarantee. But the great thing about them is that they understand that due to the way shared hosting is about up, this is often not only unrealistic, but it’s also wrong to vow.

After if there is one website on the server that is not good, it can destroy functioning of whole server.  

Whether it’s a security breach, overuse of resources, or an enormous spike in traffic, the reality is that the shared hosting servers have gone down from time to time. 

That said, HostPapa does guarantee 99.9% uptime.

And, if within the primary 30-days of hosting your website with HostPapa you’re in the least dissatisfied, you’ll get a full refund (minus any setup and name registration fees).

5. Good Tools for Smaller business

Remember once I said HostPapa caters to small businesses? 

Well, in an attempt to ascertain how true this was, I looked into all the features they provide customers which will be helpful to small business owners.

Hostpapa service guarantee

And this is often what I came up with:

  • Inexpensive Domain Names

Run a fast name search using HostPapa’s own name tool. choose between classic name endings, or pick a more unique one like .guru or .club. 

Either way, you’ll choose a very standout name to be the inspiration of your new website during a cinch.

And, if you happen to check-in for HostPapa’s hosting, you’ll register your cool new name for free of charge for the primary year of service.

  • Email Solutions

Email is crucial to the success of your small to medium business. Luckily, HostPapa has many email solutions for you to select from:

  • Basic email that comes with knowledgeable identity using your business’ name
  • An advanced email that comes with more mobile-friendly security measures 
  • Office 365 email that comes with Microsoft Office, and none of the management cost
  • G Suite email, complete with productivity tools and online storage, again without the added cost

SSL Certificates

Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate comes included for free of charge. Premium Wildcard SSL certificate isn’t offered for free of charge, HostPapa does have some robust SSL certificates available for your growing site. 

And, since securing your site’s data, and more importantly the info of your site visitors is vital for your reputation, you would possibly check out purchasing an SSL certificate from your hosting provider.

If you invest in HostPapa’s SSL certificates, you’ll enjoy:

  • 256-bit encoding 
  • Immediate and automatic installation
  • 99% browser compatibility

Lastly, you’ll be ready to display a clickable seal containing your SSL certificate’s information for site visitors to ascertain, which adds credibility to your site and causes you to appear trustworthy.

  • Content Network Delivery (CDN)

All HostPapa Business and Business Pro hosting plans accompany free Cloudflare CDN service to assist deliver your website’s content to a worldwide audience faster than ever.

Maximize your site’s uptime by balancing the server load, boost site speed and performance, and even enjoy added security from hackers and other security threats. 

Plus, get analytics to assist you see where traffic is coming from so you’ll monitor potential threats.

In Hostpapa review, content delivery from Hostpapa is one of the best things in 2020. 

  • Automatic Website Backups

There’s nothing worse than investing tons of diligence into building a web business, only to possess it wiped away due to a server crash, hacker, or another site malfunction.

That’s why HostPapa steps in and provides its customers with automatic daily site backups:

  • Choose from 7 divergent restore points
  • Data stored in different locations for integrated protection.
  • Basic plans comes with up to 1GB of space.  
  • Backup your site’s files, database & emails

6. Website Builder

Building an internet site has never been easier using the exclusive HostPapa Website Builder.

Use the drag & drop website builder, choose between many pre-designed templates, and even build an eCommerce shop to sell either physical or digital products and services (or both!).

Here are a number of the key features you’ll expect once you use the HostPapa website builder:

  • Easy customization of every single element such as color schemes, fonts, and pictures 
  • Mobile responsive design for each of the devices. 
  • Customization of HTML, JS, and CSS 
  • Integrated social share icons for effective sharing
  • SEO optimization for greater rankings in search results
  • Facebook publish capability
  • Live preview mode available for each of the desktop and mobile devices. 

7. Green Hosting

HostPapa prides itself on being one among the primary hosting companies to declare they might be going green to assist the planet we sleep in.

They promote the event and use of wind and solar power by purchasing green energy certificates. 

This is often to offset the facility getting used in both their data centers and offices.

HostPapa uses nothing but 100% renewable Green Tag energy, coming from a spread of sources across the US and Canada. 

You can add banners to your website to let site visitors know you’re doing all of your parts by using green web hosting.

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Hostpapa Cons

1. Expensive renewal fees

At first glance, HostPapa looks like a really cost-effective hosting provider, especially because it’s a green web host, which may raise prices significantly.

Also, it’s customary for hosting providers to possess exceptionally low signup prices to encourage more people to start out using them. 

Then, after a year of satisfactory service, the hosting provider then jacks up the monthly prices and hopes most of the people renew.

After all, nobody wants to vary web hosts per annum, especially when they’re proud of the service.

That said, increasing renewal prices are often unexpected and cause some serious sticker shock. And unfortunately, that’s exactly what HostPapa does which I have explained in this Hostpapa review. 

Hostpapa Review: Hosting Plans

Hostpapa plans

Moving ahead in this review, given below are the hosting plans from Hostpapa right in this section:

Shared Hosting

HostPapa has shared hosting that works brilliant for people just starting out or people who have minimal traffic coming to their websites.

Depending on the tier you select, you’ll receive features like:

  • Multiple to unlimited hosted sites
  • Unlimited disc space and bandwidth
  • Free name registration
  • 24/7 support
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL, Cloudflare CDN, and website transfer
  • 99% uptime
  • Performance and security enhancements
  • CloudLinux servers
  • And much more

You’ll even have access to the HostPapa website builder, cPanel control, the Softaculous tool for integrating apps, and even free one-on-one training.

HostPapa shared hosting ranges from $3.95/month to $12.95/month counting on which plan you select.

The Business Pro plan is that the costliest plan but it’s well well worth the extra cost because it comes full of enhanced performance, security, and speed.

Moving ahead in this Hostpapa review, Fast loading sites matter. A study from Google found that a one-second delay in mobile page load times can impact conversion rates by up to twenty.

It comes with rocket fast premium servers (3x server performance) and doubles the RAM and disk drive space.


  • Faster servers
  • 300% performance boost
  • Fewer accounts per server
  • 4x more CPU and MYSQL resources
  • Premium SSL
  • Automated website backup
  • SiteLock detect
  • Domain name privacy

WordPress Hosting

HostPapa also offers WordPress hosting that caters to those that prefer to use the favored WordPress content management system.

And, while most of the features mirror what’s offered within the shared hosting plans, you’ll also expect these additional hosting features:

  • Auto-installed WordPress (very handy for beginners)
  • WordPress caching
  • Free WordPress site transfer
  • Enhanced SSD drives
  • 24/7 expert WordPress support
  • Built-in SEO optimization plugin (Yoast SEO)
  • Automatic WordPress core updates

When I tested HostPapa’s page load times I attempted it on their WP Starter plan.

WordPress hosting plans differ slightly when it involves price: $3.95/month, $5.95/month, and $12.95/month, again only you invest in long-term contracts.

As with the shared plans above, I like to recommend the WP Business Pro plan. 

Yes, this is often the foremost expensive plan but it comes full of enhanced performance, security, and speed. 

Moving ahead in this Hostpapa review, you will get rocket fast premium servers (3x server performance) and double the RAM and disk drive space.


  • Faster servers
  • 300% performance boost
  • Fewer accounts per server
  • 4x more CPU and MYSQL resources
  • Premium Wildcard SSL
  • Automated website backup
  • SiteLock detect
  • Domain name privacy

Hostpapa Review: FAQ

Q1. Is Hostpapa good?

HostPapa offers decent value for money plans and has relatively strong uptime supported our hosting tests. 

However, you ought to remember that HostPapa increases its subscription price after the primary term – you ought to inspect their renewal pricing during this review before you opt.

Q2. Where are HostPapa servers located?

HostPapa claims to possess multiple server locations across the world. But during the sign-up process, only two are available for shared hosting – Canada and therefore the US.

Q3. How do I find the HostPapa website builder?

The HostPapa Website Builder is found under its Website Tools section. Launching it’ll open a graphic user interface-driven system that works supported a series of settings and widgets.

Q4. Does HostPapa have green hosting?

Yes. HostPapa has been buying renewable energy credits to offset its carbon footprint since 2006.

Q5. How do I cancel HostPapa?

To cancel a HostPapa service, log in to your dashboard, and expand the ‘MyServices’ tab. Expand the topographic point you would like to cancel and click on ‘Details’. From there, search for the ‘Request Cancellation’ button.

Wrapping Things Up: Hostpapa review

Right now, I hope you have got an exclusive Hostpapa review where you must have understood the hosting to some good extents. In this scenario, all you can do is to go ahead and read each point of the Hostpapa review. 

Thereafter, you can easily go ahead, choose their hosting, and take your website to some good heights of traffic and money. 

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