Hostmonster Review: The Best Shared Hosting, Plans, Discounts [2020]

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  • Free Domain
  • Good Customer Support
  • Features
  • Free Site Builders
  • One-Click WordPress Installation


  • Average Uptime
  • Pricing
  • Website Migration Charges
  • Limited Space for basic shared hosting plan

Over recent years, tons of hosting companies have come where they are offering good services to the customers. However, not each of the hosting services is brilliant where I am here to help you out. Out of all the blues, I have brought for you an exclusive Hostmonster review.

Speaking about the Hostmonster Company, they have been offering quality hosting to each of the customers. Yes, whether you are a blogger or person who wants to establish his company, Hostmonster is a company that can be a better hosting deal.

Right now, let’s go ahead and unwrap an exclusive Hostmonster review, right in this article.

Hostmonster Review: History

Hostmonster Review

Starting off with Hostmonster history, the company is one of the oldest ones. Yes, it was found back in the year 1996 where the entire focus was on new bloggers. Using Hostmonster, people took their website online where they faced little issues in their journey.

Also, the hosting company is owned by the Endurance International group. This is the same company that owns other hosting companies such as Bluehost, iPage, and Hostgator.

A Take on Hosting Blog with Hostmonster

Talking about the primary hosting from Hostmonster, it’s a standard one where it powers website to host and attract traffic from different sources.

Further, whether you are a beginner or even a professional, Hostmonster is a company that can offer to host for each of the users.

On top of that, even if you own a digital marketing company and you want your very own website, Hostmonster can do the same for you.

Altogether hosting from Hostmonster combined with customer support, things can get much better for you. And it is in the list of one of the best web hosting service providers.

Shared Hosting Package

shared hosting pricing

Speaking about one of the most standard packages from Hostmonster will bring Shared hosting into the spotlight. Yes, this sort of hosting is on the least expensive side where you can opt for them and host your website.

If you will buy Shared Hosting from Hostmonster, you will get good bandwidth, website space, and tons of features.

Going ahead in this Hostmonster review, each of the subdomains along with parked domains are included inside the package.

On the other hand, if you are someone who is looking for an SSL certificate or even site backups, you got to pay extra with Hostmonster.

A Take on Features Hostmonster Shared Hosting Offers

Well, Hostmonster shared hosting offers tons of features out of which some quality ones are as follows:

Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate

Yes starting with one of the most necessary features of every website, Hostmonster offers free SSL certificates to their websites. With this, you will get a security padlock for your site and your website can be kept secured from every sort of attack.

However, for shared hosting, this feature is sometimes available and sometimes you will have to buy a separate SSL certificate.

Free Domain registration

Free Domain registration

Going ahead in this Hostmonster review, free domain registration is yet another stunning feature from Hostmonster. Here, as and when you will buy your first shared hosting, you will get a domain free for one massive year.

This is an amazing thing where all you need is to simply pay for the hosting fees.

Support for 5 Email accounts

Not every hosting company offers five email accounts and that is where Hostmonster grabs the deal. If you will choose shared hosting packages from Hostmonster, you are bound to get 5 email support which is a great thing.

Unmetered Bandwidth

As the name suggests, you don’t have to pay extra for bandwidth where the same is kept unmetered.

Free 1-Click Installation

Hostmonster Review

Well, you will also get WordPress one-click installation with which you can install each of your websites in one click.

Along with that, the hosting provider supports tons of other platforms too where you can use those platforms and install websites.

Are Managing Hostmonster websites easy?

In this Hostmonster review, managing Hostmonster websites is one of the most essential things. Yes, once you will sign up for web hosting, you can manage the web hosting right from the admin dashboard.

Indeed, the process is a much easier one where you can access the Cpanel and access every single thing from there itself.

In terms of usage, Cpanel is much easier to use where you don’t have to struggle to find every single feature and function.

Each and everything will be displayed right in front of you. All you will need is simply access the Cpanel and manage things, in a much better way.

Further, you can do the given below things right from Cpanel:

  • Installing WordPress to easily create a WordPress website
  • Enabling Spam Protection for emails
  • Managing of Domains
  • Managing email lists, usually if you are looking to build a subscriber list for your blog.

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What does “Unlimited” along with “Unmetered” mean?

Going ahead in this Hostmonster review, you must have seen unlimited along with unmetered marks on most of the websites. Well, Hostmonster as a  hosting company claims of a similar thing where they even claim of a better and massive disk space

Talking about bandwidth, it’s the speed at which data can be transferred from site right to the reader.

If you have browsed the shared hosting plans, resources are not completely unlimited. Just like other hosting service providers, Hostmonster has got their terms and conditions that you must take into consideration.

If you are exceeding their given metrics, you will then have to go ahead and choose higher-priced plans from the company.

However, the company claims that 99.99% of the people have got enough bandwidth along with disk space.

Still, if your website is a popular one and it’s seeing a massive spike in traffic, then you might have to go for higher plans.

On the other hand, in most cases, shared hosting has been more than enough for most websites. Yes, if you are someone who has just begun your blogging journey, Hostmonster’s shared hosting plan is one of the best options.

Altogether, with Hostmonster shared hosting, you are getting each of the above benefits. With this, you can easily host your website and reap amazing benefits from the same.

Will Hostmonster do the throttle of my Shared hosting account?

Well, in order to protect the privacy and other such things, the company has got the “CPU Protection System”. This is enabled on every single platform where your account can be suspended under the given below conditions:

  • The Site is being attacked by hackers
  • Themes or plugins that are slowing website
  • Lots of Downloads at the same time

A take on Speed Increment with Hostmonster

Hostmonster Review

In this Hostmonster review, the speed of a website stands as one of the most essential things. Yes, for a website, speed is a thing that can do wonders for a website. If your website is running at a decent speed, it will attract traffic.

At the same time, you will get better rankings if your speed is bang on point. Now, in order to increase speed, Hostmonster has been offering free CDN with Cloudflare.

Yes, with the help of a Content Delivery Network, your website will be loaded faster.

Speaking about other websites, they all charge for the CDN feature. However, with Hostmonster, you get the thing for free which is a valuable thing.

Plus, with CDN, the load time of your website can be reduced considerably where you will get a much better response time.

Free Website backups

Well, for a website, backups are other essential components. If your site is completely backed up, even in case of loss, you can initiate the backup and restore everything, as it is.

Plus, once you have thought to start your blogging journey, website backup is an essential thing. In this case, you must backup your website on a regular basis to prevent any sort of data loss.

Well, in the case of Hostmonster they offer free website backups. This is one of the most essential things from a hosting company where you can backup your website at any point in time.

Further, the company has kept no hidden charges with the website back up where you can effortlessly perform backups.

On the other hand, even if you don’t want to use Hostmonster backups, you can still access different plugins. There are tons of plugins available where you can opt for them and perform complete backup for your website.

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Support for Image/Video Galleries

Support for the image along with video galleries is a rare thing you will see nowadays. Thankfully, Hostmonster as a company offers support for images along with video galleries. Plus, they even offer amazing support for streaming video along with the audio.

With such support, you will never feel short of space where everything can be done more easily.

Hostmonster review: Uptime & Speed

Uptime & Speed

Well, even the best looking website will fail if it doesn’t have a better Uptime and Speed. In this scenario, Hostmonster uptime and speed have always been on the decent side.

Currently, there are most of the hosting companies that claim to offer excellent uptime. But not each of those hosting service providers lives up to the expectations.

Well, in the case of Hostmonster, things are a bit different where they deliver good uptime along with speed.

Coming down at the uptime of Hostmonster, I was amazed by the results. Indeed, the company offered 99.99% uptime in most of the scenarios. This is truly one better thing from Hostmonster where they have not failed to live up to customer expectations.

On the other hand, even the average response time from Hostmonster was pretty amazing where you will get better response time for your site too.

Plus, with Hostmonster, you will not notice slow response time and the same will not impact the website negatively.

Hosting your Website with Hostmonster

Going ahead in this Hostmonster review, you must also know to host a website with Hostmonster.

Still, you must note that there is no sort of any specific Hostmonster WordPress plan. Therefore, in this case, you can effectively go for other plans and host your website with WordPress.

Installation of WordPress on Hostmonster

Installation of WordPress on Hostmonster

Well, if you are someone who is new to installing WordPress on Hostmonster, the process is a simple one.

Simply, you can install WordPress from Cpanel with the help of given below steps:

  • Login to Cpanel
  • Chose Install WordPress
  • Select a Domain
  • Configure each of your site settings
  • Tap on “Install Now”

On the other hand, even if still you are facing the issues, the company offers step by step guide. You can effectively follow that guide and then install WordPress most perfectly.

Hostmonster Review: Customization of WordPress website

Customization of WordPress website


Currently, WordPress is one of the rare platforms that offer support to over 60 million websites. This is indeed a staggering number where you got to secure your website against different hackers. 

You can browse the Mojo Marketplace for plugins to assist secure your site. Here you’ll also select from themes to customize your WordPress site.

From your WordPress dashboard, you’ll also look for other tools like Wordfence, a free plugin to extend your security.

Is HostMonster the simplest Option for Hosting my WordPress Site?

Hostmonster isn’t the company that sells managed WordPress hosting. Therefore, Bloggers will have to choose a different host for those services. 

While you’ll host your WordPress blog with HostMonster, you’ll want to seem into WordPress-specific plans.

Out of which, there are other really great hosts such as Siteground, A2 Hosting, and Bluehost that offers some really good WordPress hosting plans.

Above given are hosting companies that offer hosting plans which come with: 

  • Better WordPress security for securing the website against any type of attack
  • WordPress comes pre-installed in most cases
  • Automatic updates where you don’t have to worry about installing each update, every time.
  • WordPress support to help you resolve WordPress related issues in the simplest way.

Plus, lists the hosting companies it endorses. it’s ranked hosting solutions on security and simple WordPress installation. It’s going to be worth checking

VPS Hosting: HostMonster Specs

VPS Hosting Hostmonster

Coming down at the VPS services offered by Hostmonster, it’s a lot cheaper than it’s competitors. Indeed, in VPS hosting, you will get better RAM, power, free domains, multiple IPs, and many more. 

On top of that Hostmonster VPS Services are built on Cloud technology and integrated with Cpanel, you will find no issue whatsoever. 

Also, multi-account management keeps all of your accounts in one location.

Does my Website Needs Dedicated Hosting?

With the help of Dedicated hosting from Hostmonster, you can use one server for different sorts of business needs. Altogether, with the help of multiple Intel Xeon processor options, you will get better performance whereas multiple IPs are good for different networks. 

A dedicated server is best for larger companies with many traffic coming to their websites. The VPS option works nicely for little and enormous businesses and bloggers since it’s cheaper.

What’s HostMonster Support Like?

Hostmonster Review

Speaking about the Hostmonster support system, they offer live chat support for each of their users. On top of that, there is a 24×7 customer support where you can easily fire your queries and get answers on the same. 

It’s one among the more helpful live chat modules we’ve seen, seeing as how the wait times aren’t that long and therefore the customer support reps take their time with each customer.

HostMonster also has technical support over the phone, with the most line for US customers as an “outside the US” line.

This telephone support is additionally available 24/7, allowing you to contact the team late in the dark if needed.

Well, one thing is clear that Hostmonster offers support for the phone along with live chat support over other options. this makes it pretty good for the people who are eager to get faster replies from the hosting company. 

Aside from that, the HostMonster website features a help center for researching your issues.

The HostMonster help center has relevant articles for getting your email account setup and using name servers, too.

On top of that, helpline center results in links for opening a ticket, watching your support history, and viewing the complete knowledge base.

HostMonster provides video tutorials during this area also. Not to mention, you’ll chat with other users within the HostMonster forum from where you can get effective answers for your questions.

Plenty of Apps and Integrations for Growing your Business

Tons of Apps & Integrations to Grow Your Business

HostMonster features a partnership with MOJO Marketplace. If you’re not conversant in MOJO, it’s an internet site for purchasing anything from WordPress themes to Magento extensions.

Many of those apps and extensions are completely free, but the worth comes into play when all of this gets combined together with each of your hosting providers. 

Well, Hostmonster delivers extensive support where you can easily perform one-click installations for Joomla, WordPress, Opencart, Magento, and even PrestaShop. 

What does that mean? Well, with this, Bloggers don’t need to perform any sot of installation. On top of that, they don’t have to get any installation experience with Hostmonster. 

You’ll find WordPress and Magento plugins, CSS code, HTML code, and PHP scripts.

A number of this is often for more advanced users, but the template collection is certain to assist out beginners at some point.

As an example, the marketplace has templates for Magento, WordPress, OpenCart, Tumblr, and more.

Personally, I liked the app extension right on my iPhone. However, the interface is cool without the integration but as and when you will install apps, things get much better. 

A few Downsides

Well, coming down at the downsides in this Hostmonster review, a shared plan is an inexpensive hosting. But, if you are someone who has got massive websites, the shared plan from Hostmonster will not be the right one for you. 

Yet another issue I found is that Hostmonster has failed to supply any sort of monthly hosting plan. With this, you will have to sign up for a complete year with Hostmonster hosting. 

The 30-day guarantee mitigates that problem a touch, but if the customers are forced to buy 12 months contract, this isn’t the right thing. 

FAQ: Hostmonster Review

Q1. What’s the Cpanel like on Hostmonster?

Like tons of other hosting service providers, the Cpanel from Hostmonster is a similar kind. cPanel is a simple and user-friendly dashboard where you can easily manage every single thing right from your dashboard.

Here, you can easily emails, install new applications (like WordPress), and even enhance your SSL certificate right from the Cpanel.

Q2. Does Hostmonster offer any sort of Website builder?

As and when you check-in for web hosting with HostMonster, you’ve got two options: running your site employing a CMS like WordPress or choosing the marvelous site builder.

The Weebly site builder comes with HostMonster. it’s easy to use and you’ll have your site up and running during a matter of hours.

Here, the only issue is that Weebly delivers far fewer options when we compare it with WordPress. Therefore, if you are someone who needs more sort of customizations, you can easily go ahead with WordPress.

Q3. How do I reach HostMonster support?

The importance of choosing a hosting provider with solid support options can’t be overstated. If something goes wrong you would like help to repair the problem quickly.

Even if your website crashes and you need urgent support, Hostmonster as a company offers the same. Along with their live chat and phone call support, you can easily elaborate on your issues to their customer support system. Thereafter, their team of experts will look after the issue and resolve the same, as early as possible. 

Yes, the customer support from Hostmonster has always been on the better end. With this, you can contact their customer support, ask for solutions and they will deliver the same, as early as possible.

Q4. Should I choose Hostmonster to host my Blog?

Indeed, you can easily host your very first WordPress blog with HostMonster. However, hosts that offer optimized WordPress hosting plans will accompany more features.

HostGator and GreenGeeks will offer you a staging environment to check changes to your WordPress site before they are going live and access to many high-quality WordPress themes.

On the other hand, Hostmonster doesn’t offer any sort of theme support. Therefore, for the themes, you will have to either try the free ones or go ahead and purchase paid themes.

Final Word of Mouth

Wrapping the entire article, the entire Hostmonster review is right in front of you. Yes, among different hosting service providers available currently, this one is giving a tough competition to each of the hosting service providers.

Indeed, the company offers some really cool features to each of their plans. Right from the shared hosting plan to VPS or even dedicated one, they have lived up to customer expectations.

Coming down at the customer support section, it has also been on the top class end. With this, as and when you have an issue, you can contact their customer support and the query will be resolved, instantly.

Plus, if you are thinking to buy Hostmonster hosting, I have made the process much simpler right from start to the very end.

All you can do is to CLICK HERE where you will be taken straight to the hosting page. From there, you can easily go ahead and analyze each of the hostings.

After your own research, you can choose any of the hosting packages, pay for the same, and host your website.

All in all, Hostmonster is a quality hosting service provider that delivers the best of all plans and features, the best way.

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