Hostinger vs Siteground: Which is a Better Hosting [2021 Updated]

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For the people who are looking for a comparison of the two giants, Hostinger vs Siteground are the two companies that are offering quality hosting to their customers.

Each of them are famous to deliver a good list of features and even in the pricing section, things have been on the competitive end.

People are even choosing web hosting based on security features and this article thankfully covers each of those features, to the best possible extents.

Hence, right now, all you can do is to follow the article as I have brought you a detailed Hostinger vs Siteground comparison for you.

Hostinger vs Siteground: Detailed Comparison

Well, starting off with the basics, let’s begin with the different types of hosting offered by each of the companies. Indeed, the pricing and features of every single hosting will differ and you will have to choose any of the hosts in a lot more keener way.

Going ahead, given below is a complete breakdown of the plans offered by both hosting companies:

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting

In a shared hosting environment, multiple websites make use of the same set of servers and resources. Well, you will share the same storage, bandwidth, and each of the things along with other people’s websites.

Due to such nature, Shared hosting is a good choice for people whose websites deal with low volume traffic such as small businesses and personal blogs.


Starting off with the Hostinger Shared Hosting plans, we have seen that the plans start from just $0.99 to $4 for each month.

This is simply amazing and when you compare it with Siteground Shared hosting plans, you will know the true differences.

In this case, the Shared hosting plans from Siteground start from $4 and go up to $12 o each hosting plan.

Additionally, to make the comparison a lot fair, we will use the Hostinger Premium plan along with the Siteground Startup package as they follow within the pricing page.

Each of the plans comes with an unlimited number of FTP accounts, email, MySQL databases, and much more.

Also, despite Siteground offering disk space of just 10 GB, there is Hostinger that offers a massive disk space of 20 GB.

Yes, this is one of the best things about this company as you have the chance to store an ample amount of your data.

Plus, Hostinger does offer weekly backups, free domain, SSL, LiteSpeed Cache, Cloudflare, and tons of things too.


Well, speaking about the shared hosting plans, Hostinger hosting is the one that wins the race by a much fair margin.

With this, you can get the advanced level shared hosting in a much affordable price.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private hosting servers are used by people who want to combine the shared hosting plans with a good layer of security and dedicated memory.

This type of hosting is a perfect one for websites that are aiming to scale up high and attract a good amount of traffic.

Now, going ahead in the Hostinger plans, the company offers six types of VPS plans. In this case, you can choose the higher-tier plan which offers 8 GB of memory along with 8000 GB of bandwidth.

Plus, they even offer IPV6 Support along with full root access and where you can customize the things as per your liking.

On the other hand, Siteground doesn’t offer such type of hosting, and with this, I can say that Hostinger is the clear winner.

Cloud Hosting

Best Cloud Hosting

Indeed, moving ahead in Hostinger vs Siteground, Cloud hosting is one of the most affordable and true hosting solutions.

Here, the company makes use of resources from plenty of physical web servers in different data centers to eliminate downtime.

Hence, for the people who are eager to attract medium to high traffic, Cloud hosting can be a worthy and effective option for you.

Speaking about Hostinger plans, they offer access to up to 200 GB of SSD storage, eight CPU Cores, and even unlimited bandwidth.

Now, this thing is simply amazing as you will even get daily backups, free domain, 24×7 customer support, and a one-click installer.

On the other hand, the Siteground cloud hosting plan comes with different collaboration tools too.

Even more, they offer daily backups, dedicated IP’s, and much more. Also, if you can choose the highest tier plan of Siteground, you will get up to 120 GB of SSD storage.

However, if you want affordable Cloud hosting with the necessary features, Hostinger is the perfect option for you.

For lesser money, Hostinger has got the ability to offer you more CPU cores along with SSD storage in the best possible way.

Hostinger vs Siteground: Performance Section

For any user who wants to buy web hosting services, Performances is something you got to take into consideration.

Yes, if any web hosting service provider isn’t offering true performances, chances are high people will shift to different hosting providers.

Speaking about the Hostinger vs Siteground performance, both the companies offer better performance.

Firstly, in terms of Hostinger’s performance, the company makes use of the fastest servers in this scenario.

With this, you will not face any performance issues at least with the Hostinger Company.

Therefore, with Hostinger, you can easily opt for the hosting and you will get world-class performance.

Even more, in terms of uptime, Hostinger offers quality uptime in every single case.

Siteground Performance

Siteground Uptime

Moving ahead in Hostinger vs Siteground review, Siteground performance has also been on the better end.

With this, you will not face issues with Siteground as they make use of quality servers.

On top of that, they use isolation technology that makes sure that the servers are running in a faster way.

Hence, if we will compare the performance section of both companies, each of them delivers quality support, every single time.

Therefore, if you are willing to choose hosting based on performance, you can choose any of them, with no issues.

Uptime Comparison


Well, in the Hostinger vs Siteground comparison, uptime is something that is crucial for users’ websites.

If a website is offering much downtime, it can repel the users and can significantly impact, to massive extents.

Hence, speaking about Hostinger, the company offers brilliant uptime in every single case. In this scenario, you will not face any of the uptime and the website will definitely be up and running, most of the cases.

Therefore, even if you are hosting multiple websites on Hostinger, you will get the true power of uptime, every single time.

On the other hand, in terms of the uptime offered by Siteground, they also offer brilliant uptime for the users.

Therefore, if you are speaking about the uptime from both companies offer brilliant uptime in their own way.

Here, you will not face those power cut issues and you will be able to get good uptime, in every scenario.

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Ease of Use

hostinger features

Indeed, the ease of use section is one of those things that is the most essential one for every user.

If a user isn’t experiencing better ease of use, then the sales and performance of that hosting service provider are bound to go down.

Starting with the ease of use for Hostinger, the company has developed its very own custom made cPanel.

Yes, I personally have used the cPanel of Hostinger and was amazed by its simplicity.

Each of the functions are properly outlayed and you will not face any of the issues in this company’s ease of use.

On top of that, even for a second, you will not feel the burden of using the Hostinger cPanel. That is how it’s designed to a level of perfection.

Further, in terms of the cPanel offered by Siteground, it’s the traditional panel with slight customizations.

In this case, you may face some sort of issues in exploring different features on the Siteground dashboard.

Hence, in terms of the ease of use offered by both hosting companies, it’s Hostinger that wins the race by a good margin.

Customer Support and Response Time

Customer Support

Going ahead in Hostinger vs Siteground review, customer support response time is something that is most valuable for many customers.

Yes, not everyone is a tech-oriented person and if a person is not getting adequate response time, things can get much detrimental for you.

For example, if a web hosting service provider has got every sort of support and is functional, chances are high that people will choose their hosting services.

Starting off with Hostinger, the company offers live chat and email support. However, they don’t offer phone call support that is a slight downside.

Still, I have tested the live chat and email support of Hostinger and was quite amazed by the results.

Yes, as soon as I got connected to the customer service support, the executive was polite in answering things.

I asked him the doubts and after a period of about 5 minutes, he gave me the answer.

Indeed, I was pleased with the customer support of Hostinger by a fair margin.

On the other hand, if we speak about customer service support from Siteground, this company has covered almost all of the cases.

Here, they offer live chat, phone calls, and even email support to perfection. With this, you don’t have to worry much about any of the issues.

In case of any queries, you can find the three support systems opened up for you.

Also, the company offers customer service support opened up for 24×7. With such immense customer service support, you don’t have to go elsewhere.

Even more, each of the staff from Siteground is all experienced. Plus, the users have the power and the chance to opt for the help page and search for answers for their issues there itself.

Knowledge Base Available

Now, apart from all of the phone calls, live chat, and email support offered by both companies, each of them does offer a separate knowledge base.

Yes, there can be a few times when a user wants to resolve issues on their own. In such cases, you can easily make use of the knowledge and find different solutions to issues.

By resolving issues on your own, you can enhance your knowledge base to some substantial extent.

Hence, even if you are not willing to take help from online customer support, the knowledge base is still there to help you, every single time.

What more Hostinger offers?

Now, besides not offering phone call support, Hostinger does offer multilingual assistance. With the help of this assistance, users from anywhere in the world can reach out without any barriers.

With this, you don’t have to be language restricted as Hostinger company resolves issues of people from any of the continents.

FAQ Section: Hostinger vs Siteground

Q1. How good is Hostinger?

Well, Hostinger is among the top class and powerful hosting companies you can choose without an issue. The company offers some brilliant and powerful set of features which you can use to your advantage.

Additionally, they offer faster speeds where all thank goes to their faster servers. Plus, even the customer support of Hostinger hosting has been on the better end.

With brilliant customer service support, you can resolve your issues, the better way.

On top of that, the company does offer different brilliant plans. From your end, you can choose any of the plans and host the website, the better way.

Q2. Which is Better Hostinger or GoDaddy?

If you only want to buy a domain then GoDaddy is a good choice. However, if you are someone who needs to opt for a complete hosting experience, Hostinger is a brilliant hosting.

The main point of Hostinger has always been their affordability and brilliant performance. With this, you can choose Hostinger if you have the will to have an all-round performance.

Q3. Is Siteground the Best?

We cannot say Siteground as the best hosting service provider but I can say that it offers quality and proven hosting solutions.

Siteground is suitable for serious projects and if you are someone who is looking for some quality performance, Siteground is the way to go.

Plus, you can even upgrade Siteground to premium hosting plans and get the maximum performance out of the same.

Q4. Why is Hostinger So Cheap?

Well, Hostinger as a web hosting company has always believed to offer good hosting features at minimal pricing.

Personally, I am a user of Hostinger and I can say that despite the low-cost pricing, Hostinger has still managed to offer stupendous features and support.

Starting off with choosing among their plans to delivering amazing performance and support, Hostinger has been the go to company without a doubt.

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Final Word of Mouth: Hostinger vs Siteground

The entire Hostinger vs Siteground review is all here and a clear winner is in front of us.

Without a doubt, both the companies have always offered impeccable support and performance has been above par.

Starting off with Hostinger, aside from their affordable pricing, the company has always offered brilliant features.

Here, you have the freedom to choose the plans you like the most. If you are a beginner, you can go with the shared hosting plans.

On the other hand, for people who are experienced, they have the right to choose the higher priced plans.

Even in the performance section, Hostinger has offered quality services to every single person. Here, you will get the true performance and the company does make use of the latest servers.

Plus, the company doesn’t offer phone call support but they do offer the best email and live chat support.

With such brilliant support systems, there is no need for you to do much.

On the other hand, there is the Siteground company that is not left far behind. Customer support and performance have been the true USP of this company.

Here, you will get brilliant customer support and with such a support system, you don’t have to do much.

Hence, if you are thinking about the winner between Hostinger vs Siteground, I can say that Hostinger wins the race.

Yes, there are tons of people who are willing to buy affordable hosting services. This thing Hostinger offers which is a better thing.

Therefore, before you can actually go ahead and choose among different plans, you got to see which plan is a beneficial one for you.

Then, you can choose the plans and host your website in the best possible way.

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