Hostinger Review: Discover Features, Plans, Discounts [2020 Updated]

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Hostinger Web Hosting













  • Fast load time
  • Affordable plans
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • User friendly control panel


  • Limited bandwidth on single shared hosting plan
  • No free domain

If you are willing to opt for an affordable and quality hosting service provider, Hostinger is a company that can do wonders for you.

Indeed, the company has been running for years where they are offering quality yet quality services to each of the users. Additionally, to help you get the best plans from Hostinger, I have got for you an exclusive and detailed Hostinger review.

The company has cemented its place in the hosting industry where they have offered the best of all hosting plans. Their entire structure revolves around providing quality services at affordable rates to the customers.

Well, that’s the reason people are going for Hostinger Company where it’s offering services at one of the best rates.

Therefore, at this stage, let’s go ahead and unveil the best of all Hostinger review, right in this article.

Hostinger review 2020

Starting back in the year 2004, Hostinger was found where the company has grown through some of the tough times. Battling all the problems, the company has turned out to be one of the biggest hosting service providers of the world.

Currently, the company offers their hosting to around 178 countries, have got 29 million clients where they are gaining 20,000 sign ups every single day,

Well, the company is also battling with tons of service providers such as Bluehost, Siteground, and many more.

Given below is a detailed Hostinger review where we will look at each of the points, right in this article.

Web Hosting

Currently, Hostinger as a company is offering two types of hosting out of which shared hosting and VPS hosting are two companies. Without a doubt, the company’s shared hosting is one of their USP where people opt for the same on an extensive basis.

The majority of the clients around 29 million use shared hosting from Hostinger which clearly shows the domination.

Shared Hosting

hostinger review

Speaking about Shared hosting, the plans are different into three categories. Out of which, the first one comes out to be Single followed by Premium and business.

Also, each of the plans offers some great set of features that you will get once you will buy Hostinger Shared Hosting.

Let’s look at each plan of Shared hosting, one by one.

Basic Plan

Right as the name suggests, the Hostinger Basic plan is an entry-level plan that is good for people who have just started their blogging journey. Yes, the plan comes with some of the best valuable features where the pricing starts from $3.99 per month. However, in the case of discounts, pricing varies a lot where you can get hosting at lower rates from Hostinger. 

In terms of the basic plan, you can easily host one of your websites and will get 10GB of disk space along with 100 GB Bandwidth, 1 FTP User, 1 email account, and plenty of more features.

Therefore, if you are someone who has got only one website, the Basic plan is the one you must go for.

Hence, for the people who have just started their blogging journey and need quality yet affordable hosting, Basic Plan is a better one.

Premium Plan

Well, going ahead in this Hostinger review, Premium Plan pricing is double to that of the Basic Plan. Yes, when it comes to the Premium plan, you will get more features and will get the ability to host multiple websites.

This plan is designed for people who have got multiple websites and are willing to host those websites onto a server. Yes, they offer 20 GB disk space and with unlimited bandwidth, you will find no issue in overall data transfer.

Plus, you will get unlimited SQL databases, email accounts, and many more things.

Additionally, the Premium plan delivers more RAM that can make your website much faster.

Hence, if you are someone who has got multiple websites to host, a Premium plan is the one you can effortlessly go for.

Why do People stick with Premium Plan?

Well, there are plenty of internet users who stick with the premium plan for years. The reason is quite simple as this plan delivers the capability to handle multiple small to multiple scale websites.

Even for websites that get thousands of page views per day, the Premium plan delivers wonders for such things.

Plus, as WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms over the internet, the company delivers an optimized Premium plan keeping WordPress in mind.

Hostinger has made some of the best tweaks to their overall architecture along with settings. This makes users to use WordPress in the best of all ways where the Premium plan offers three times more speed than the Basic plan.

What;’s more? The Premium plan also comes with a domain name right in the standard package. Yes, everything is included in the price where there is no sort of an annual fee associated with the plan.

You will also get a fee of cost SSL Certificate along with the Hostinger Premium plan. This is one of the better things where you can easily secure your website without an issue.

Overall, if you are someone who has got multiple small to medium scale websites and searching for hosting, Hostinger Premium plans are the best of all choice.

Therefore, you can look at different features from Hostinger, choose a better one, and gradually host each of your sites on Hostinger.

Business Plan

In this Hostinger review, the best of all plan from the Hostinger Shared hosting plan is none other than Business Plan.

Yes, Shared hosting Business plan offers some of the best hosting packages from Hostinger Company. This plan includes almost everything where you will get tons of value-added features.

Here, you will get a massive 100 GB Storage space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and many more things.

Just like a premium plan, the Hostinger Business plan offers the same set of features where you can choose this plan and easily host a multiple of your websites.

Also, with the plan, you will get an SSL Certificate and a free domain where you don’t have to pay for the domain in the first year.

Plus, if you are willing to opt for the Hostinger Business plan, you will get 1GB RAM that is double the Premium plan from Hostinger.

Also, even the CPU allocation doubles where you can easily choose a Business plan and host a multiple of your websites, the better way.

More with Business Plan

Going ahead in this Hostinger review, the Business Plan even offers 3X more speed along with a 5X speed boost.

This plan is great and much worthy when we compare it with the Premium plan in every single aspect.

Another essential benefit from the Hostinger Business plan is that you will get an automated backup function. With this, the company will automatically backup each of the files without any sort of issue.

With the Automated process from the Hostinger business plan, people will not face any sort of issue. Plus, the Business plan users get priority customer support from Hostinger Company.

Here, you will get access to Live chat from Hostinger where you can resolve your website queries on a one to one basis.

Indeed, the Hostinger customer support team is blazing fast where each of their support systems is one of the best ones.

In this case, you can ask for your issues from Hostinger and the company experts will easily answer each of your queries, the best way.

WordPress hosting

hostinger review

Going ahead in the Hostinger review, the company’s WordPress hosting is another one that is good for people using WordPress.

Yes, I have done plenty of research in Hostinger each hosting where I believe WordPress hosting is another better hosting from the company.

Well, if you will compare WordPress hosting along with a shared one, you will see that the plans are exactly the same. There, might be some differences but if you will look at an overall view, each of the plans offers similar features.

Traditionally, WordPress hosting from Hostinger comes into two types of categories. Out of which, the first one comes out to be Managed hosting and another one as Unmanaged hosting.

Out of which, the Managed WordPress hosting plans are a bit expensive when we compare it with the unmanaged hosting.

Well, in Managed WordPress hosting, Hostinger manages all of your accounts whereas, in Unmanaged one, you got to do most of the work.

Still, most of the plans from Hostinger is a better one where you can easily go ahead and choose any of the plans, without an issue.

VPS Hosting

hostinger review

Well, for people who have got websites with a large database, views, and pages, Hostinger VPS hosting is a quality one for them. With VPS hosting, you will get amazing speed, reliability, and much more in a very affordable budget.

Currently, the company offers six plan options that start from $9.95 each month right to $79.95 per month.

Also, with every single plan, you can choose Ram you want where the ram ranges from 1GB to 8GB and more.

Plus, in terms of CPU, it ranges from 2.4 GHz right to 14.4 GHZ, and even in space, the offer good space for every single website.

Yes, the company offers 20 GB of SSD Space which is one of the best ever things. With this, you will get blazing fast speed where the files will be retrieved in a much better way.

Further, if you will choose a higher pricing plan from VPS hosting, the 160 GB option is another better one.

In terms of Bandwidth options, it starts from 1000 GB for the first plan and goes up to 6000 for high tier plans.

Hence, if you are someone who knows how to manage the server, you can easily opt for the VPS hosting.

Unlike Shared hosting where plenty of people use the same servers, VPS hosting is quite different than that.

In this Hostinger review, VPS hosting allows one person per server that is a good thing. With this, you are bound to get better quality uptime where your websites will load at a faster pace.

Plus, with more RAM along with better processing power, VPS hosting will make your website load, at a greater pace.

More with VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

Additionally, with VPS hosting, you will get your very own dedicated IP Address for each of your servers. Yes, this is a massive advantage you will get over shared hosting.

Speaking about the shared hosting, you will use the same IP Address. But, when it comes to VPS hosting, you will be assigned your own IP Address. With this, you will get a much better performance where there will be no chance for your IP to get blacklisted.

Yes, with Hostinger VPS hosting, you can get access to the company’s Live Chat Support. With this, you can fire your queries and you will get answers to each of your queries, the best ever way

However, in terms of backup, the company doesn’t deliver an automatic backup for VPS plans. I this scenario, you will have to perform backup manually.

Right from your CPanel, you can perform the backup process with just a click of a button. This will help you to do a backup with minimum struggle and in a profound way

On the other hand, if you want to restore from your backups, the process is an easy one. Herewith just a few clicks, you can complete the backup process in no time.

Plus, you will also get Root Access right to your VPS Account. With this, you can make use of IPV6 right from the very start.

In terms of data transfer, VPS hosting can transfer data at a speed of 100 MB/s.

Eventually, if you are someone who wants to manage servers and eager to get value-added features, Hostinger VPS hosting is a world-class choice.

Here, you will get better RAM, processing power and with tons of features, you can simply go ahead and choose Hostinger VPS hosting.

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Well, when it comes to Hostinger Cloud hosting, the company has done some kind of trick with this sort of hosting.

Well, the company’s cloud hosting is similar to VPS hosting but it comes with some sort of tweaks.

Even coming down to pricing, it’s a standard price where you can easily go ahead and choose different cloud hosting packages.

Therefore, there’s not much difference where even if you will use Cloud hosting, you will get the same performance such as VPS hosting.

Plus, Cloud Hosting from Hostinger delivers immense scalability and with greater speed, this sort of hosting is perfect for every single medium to big-scale websites.

 A take on Hostinger web hosting features

hostinger features

Well, in this Hostinger review, you must have gone through every single hosting plan offered by Hostinger.

In the below sections, we will take a look at some quality features offered by Hostinger one by one.

Ease of Use

Speaking about one of the best and number one feature of Hostinger will bring ease of use into the spotlight. Yes, Hostinger as a company offers some quality packages where their ease of use has always been right on point.

In this case, the company offers its custom made Cpanel where each of the things is arranged properly. With this, you can easily access every single option and use it for the betterment of your website.

On top of that, speaking about installations, Hostinger delivers a one-click install. This includes the installation of WordPress and other such sorts of installations.

Plus, with the help of their easy customer service support, you can fire your queries and get it resolved the faster way. With this, you can easily ask your questions and with the company’s support, they will resolve the same, faster way.

Also, with Hostinger Live chat support, things have got a lot better. In this scenario, you can talk with live customer support and get your queries solved, within minutes.

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Website Builder

web builder

Yes, when it comes to Hostinger one of the best features, Website Builder is one quality feature from the company. In today’s world where the companies are focusing on just their hosting, the Hostinger website building feature is one amazing thing.

Yes with this tool, you don’t need any other website builder as the Hostinger website builder comes up with the best of all features.

In terms of the User Interface of Hostinger website builder, it’s easy to use where you will get a different range of designs along with templates.

On top of that, the website builder comes with no extra cost and you will get the same in your plans.


Uptime hostinger

Well, for any user who wants to host their websites, Uptime is one of the most essential features for them. With a better uptime, your website will be available 24×7 that will return more customers along with better traffic.

From my end, I have monitored Hostinger where I was pretty impressed by the performance of this company.

First of all, in this Hostinger review, the company managed to deliver amazing 99.99% uptime every single time.

What’s more? Each of the plans from Hostinger has offered brilliant uptime. This is one of the best things from a company like Hostinger where they will deliver good up time for each of their hosting plans.

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A good set of Pricing

Well, speaking about the first set of features, a good set of pricing is one better one. Regardless of the plans, you choose from Hostinger, you will get far better pricing in every single scenario.

Here, whether you choose their shared hosting plans or any higher-priced one, you will get a much better deal with each of them.

Plus, if you will compare Hostinger’s plans with other hosting service providers, you will notice that Hostinger offers better pricing with every single plan.

Hence, you can easily choose any plan and get much better features with low-cost pricing, every single time.

Websites load Fast

Yes, when it comes to hosting with Hostinger, each of your websites will load extremely fast. All thanks goes to the Speed boost technology offered by the company which definitely delivers faster loading times.

On top of that, website optimization is a lot faster where Hostinger delivers faster website loading on each of their plans.

Therefore, whether you are willing to go for the company’s shared hosting plan or any other higher priced ones, they will offer better speed quality.

Amazing Customer Support

Customer Support hostinger

Moving in this Hostinger review, customer support from the company is another better one. Yes, the company offers a different range of customer support options where you can go for a phone call, live chat support, or even email support.

With such a list of options, you don’t have to worry even for a second with Hostinger. Yes, as and when you will ask for answers to any issue, you will get answers as early as possible.

Better Uptime

With the extensive set of features offered by Hostinger, the company has offered amazing uptime every single time. Yes, as per their claim, they deliver 99.99% uptime at a little price point.

This is definitely the best of all things from a company like Hostinger where you will not face any sort of downtime issues.

Every single time, your website will be up, running where you can easily handle a good amount of traffic from different users.

Free SSL Certificate Included

free ssl certificate hostinger

Well, along with their hosting, Hostinger offers a free SSL Certificate. This shows that the company cares for its customers where they are offering SSL that can make your website much secured.

With this, if your website has got a padlock, your chances of ranking higher in Google rankings will be much higher.


  • WordPress Hosting is only a rebranded version of Traditional web hosting
  • Cloud hosting is similar to VPS hosting
  • While the company’s free hosting is good, the speed offered by them is pretty slow. On top of that, if you are someone who needs to perform blogging on a professional basis, the free plan is not the right one for you.
  • The basic web hosting package allows only one email per domain. With this, you can only make one email account where if you want multiple ones, you will have to go ahead and choose higher-priced hosting from Hostinger.

Final Word of Mouth: Hostinger review

Summing up the entire article, you must have got the entire Hostinger review in an in-depth manner. Yes, out of every single hosting available from different hosting providers Hostinger is one better company.

In this scenario, the company offers some of the best hosting deals where you can grab any of the deals in a much better way.

Therefore, whether you want to choose shared hosting or even higher ones, Hostinger delivers some world-class hosting to each of the users.

On top of that, Hostinger’s customer support has also been on a much better side. Here, the company offers almost every sort of customer support where you can easily opt for a call, email or even live chat support

Plus, if you are someone who is eager to buy Hostinger plans at Discounted Price, you can simply CLICK HERE.

With this, you will be taken to the Hostinger website from where you can easily purchase your best plans.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with Hostinger whereas the company has lived up to every customer’s expectations.

Therefore, right now, all you can do is to analyze different plans, choose the best one for you, and easily go ahead and host your website, stunning way.

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