Hostgator vs Wix: Which is a Better one from them? [2021 Update]

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Currently, tons of different hosting service providers have come into existence and each of the hosting service providers has got their own set of features. However, not each of the hosting service providers is a better one and for the same, this article can be a good one for you. Here, I have got a complete Hostgator vs Wix review which you can unwrap right here.

Indeed, choosing the best hosting service provider isn’t an easy job and you got to take some good things into consideration. This includes ease of use, reliability, speed, uptime, and tons of such things.

Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap a complete Hostgator vs Wix review.

Hostgator vs Wix Review

Hostgator vs Wix

Regardless of what you think, Hostgator isn’t a company of those allegators. It’s just a name where they offer some of the best hosting services.

The company has been standing strong since 2002 and was founded by Brent Oxley. Since then, Hostgator has shown massive improvement and has grown to be one of the most brilliant hosting providers.

Further, in the year 2012, the company was acquired by EIG which is a company that owns almost half of the hosts.

Here, Hostgator offers some of the very best set of features which is the reason people choose Hostgator as their primary web host.

On the other hand, if we speak about the Wix company, it was founded back in the year 2006 by Avishai Abrahami and Giora Kalpan. Right now, the company has become popular and they have got a user base of millions all over the world.

Also, while Hostgator has kept its main focus on the special web hosting solutions, Wix is a type of DIT host.

The main focus of Wix is to allow people to create websites as per their liking. Without the need of fancy content management systems, you can use Wix and design websites at your convenience.

To add on to this, Wix even offers the amazing drag & drop builder with HTML5 functions. Plus, it even offers ready-made templates and lots of features for free.

Also, it even offers HTML5 functions to make each of the things, a lot smoother and better.

Moving on to another hand, Hostgator does a bit of each of the things where if you are eager to build your site on a content management platform, Hostgator delivers the same to you.

Here, all you can do is to opt for the one-click installations. In this case, you can just perform a click and you can then install all of the things, without an issue.

Plus, if you are eager to build a website from scratch, you can do the same on any of the plans.

Now, let’s go ahead and perform the actual comparison of each of the features from Hostgator vs Wix.

Hostgator vs Wix: Ease of Use

Indeed, the ease of use for any hosting service provider is among the key things. Here, the signup process with Hostgator was among the easiest ones where you can easily go ahead and complete the entire sign up process.

Within just two to three pages, you can easily complete the entire sign up process.

On the other hand, Hostgator even offers tons of upsells which is another better thing.

Plus, moving ahead towards the Wix platform, the sign up process there also is one of the simplest ones. Like Hostgator, Wix sign up process is a simpler one too.

With this, you can carry ahead with the signup process of both companies and see which one offers a stable process.


For any of the users, the interface stands as one of the most important parts. In this case, if a hosting service provider is offering a clean and stable interface, you don’t have to do much here.

Starting off with the interface of Hostgator, the company has always offered one of the best interfaces in every scenario.

In such cases, you will get the best of all interface and you can access any of the features, without an issue.

On the other hand, Wix doesn’t come with a cPanel which Hostgator offers. In this case, the Wix’s very own control panel is specifically optimized for web services and doesn’t really offer complex tools for administration.

From my view, I can say that the control panel of Hostgator offers some of the best level cPanel features.

Also, cPanel is optimized for different kinds of work whether you want to install new websites or perform other work, cPanel from Hostgator offers each of such things.

Therefore, in this scenario, cPanel from Hostgator is the true choice whenever it comes to opting for a better interface.

Free Website Migration

Website Migration

Going ahead in Hostgator vs Wix review, website migration is a thing that is a need for almost every user. If a hosting service provider is offering paid website migration, things can become quite detrimental for you.

Hence, starting off with Hostgator, the company has got a free website migration for each of its users.

With such website migration, you can easily request the support team of Hostgator and they will perform the migration for you, a better way.

Here, regardless of the number of websites you have, the company offers free website migration without any conditions.

However, you must also note that there will be no sort of updates for on-site configuration and even website contents.

On the other hand, if we speak about Wix, it’s a website development platform but they don’t offer a website migration service. With this, you cannot transfer the cPanel based site to Wix.

Here, the best thing you can do is to recreate the entire structure of the WordPress/CMS site on Wix. Then, you can manually transfer those contents into the Wix based site.

This seems to be a greater amount of work compared to what Hostgator offers.

Hence, in this case of website migration, we can see that Hostgator offers a true sense of reliability and good support.

With Hostgator, you can migrate almost any number of websites without any issue.

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Free Domains

Free Domain registration

Going forward towards the next section of the Hostgator vs Wix review, getting free domains has been one of the key factors. With a free domain, you can possibly save a good amount of your money.

Also, modern date hosting providers have been offering free domains to almost each of their users. Here, you can get a free domain and then host your website, in the best possible way.

Speaking about Hostgator, the company does offer a free domain. With this, you can save some good money and only pay for the hosting.

On the other hand, Wix also offers a free domain that is a better thing. With this, you can simply opt for Wix one year plans and get the domain, free of cost for one year.

However, with both Hostgator and Wix, you must know that you will get the free domain if you will choose a one-year contract.

If not, then you got to pay for the domain price with the two companies.


Hostgator vs Wix

In the ahead review of Hostgator vs Wix, backups are a thing that has become a necessity in today’s world.

Here, if a web hosting provider is offering adequate backups, you don’t have to do much in this case. The company will back up each of your data and you won’t face many of the issues.

Indeed, the internet is a scary place, and with the presence of tons of malware and viruses, it’s much important to have backups.

Starting off with Wix, the company doesn’t offer those easy and automatic backups. Instead, you can use Wix and generate backups whenever you need with Wix.

This gives you the convenience to perform backups as and when you want.

On the other hand, the Hostgator backup policy is a bit more on the complex end. Here, backup runs for more than a week on a random day basis.

Plus, the company even makes sure that they don’t keep mirrored or even redundant backups.

This means that Hostgator offers only one backup at the current moment.

Hence, if we speak about the verdict in terms of backup, I can say that the Wix platform is a clear winner in this case.

With this, you can perform backups with Wix at any point in time, without major sort of issues.

Staging Environment

In the Hostgator vs Wix review, the Staging environment is something that is a gold choice for beginners.

With a staging environment, you can test each and everything of a website before making it go live.

Yes, this gives you complete freedom and the true will to test different sorts of things.

Now, speaking about the Wix platform, it comes with a “Sandbox” environment where you have the option to create a staging website. This will be a clone of your website where you can do the necessary changes.

On the other hand, Hostgator even offers its very own staging environment. With this, you have the option to test the changes and such a staging environment comes with every other hosting plan.

Here too, you are free to perform staging and see which are those functions and features, you like to test.

Then, you can implement those into the staging environment and if you like them, then you can go ahead and implement those into your actual website.

Website Builder Comparison

Moving ahead in Website builder comparison, Wix is known as a primary website builder. The company offers some of the best website building options as per user convenience.

Therefore, let’s go ahead and unwrap the website builder comparison of both companies.

Creating Site with Wix

Hostgator vs Wix

Starting off with the Wix platform, the company offers two decent ways for the building of your website.

The first way is Do it Yourself where you have the option to create your website based on your own specifications.

Here, you can start off with a template and with the help of drag & drop builder, you have the option to add and remove anything as per your convenience.

Additionally, Wix does offer over hundreds of templates and you can choose and try any of the templates, as per your convenience.

Plus, the Wix editor app offers you full control over almost every other aspect of your website.

This thing includes each of the background apps, blog, booking, store, and much more.

Also, the Wix editor gives you the option to control almost every aspect of your website. This is one of the most valuable things where you can enable and even disable features, as per your liking.

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More about Website Creation

Going ahead, the second way is to let Wix ADI fix and make a website for you.

Here, all you need is to answer is a few questions and once you do the same, the system will generate a generic website for you.

In this case, the system does it by selecting a combination of billions of features that you have selected.

With this, your final website will look exactly the same as you have imagined. Also, unlike other website builders, Wix ADI doesn’t ask you for choosing any theme. Instead, you will be asked to choose a general style for your website.

After which, your website will be designed as per your expectations. Then, you can easily edit the website and add content along with pictures.

Additionally, another essential feature of Wix builder is that it gives access to advanced features.

This is something that almost all other website builders lack. Hence, if you are a developer, and you would like to dig deep in, Wix offers full control of the Wix Code API along with javascript.

Aside from those features, you also get an access to some more valuable features that are as follows:

  • Create custom forms, quiz and so on
  • You can even create custom interactions where you can set up your site to act in a certain manner.
  • Also, you can easily separate your content from the site and can add images text, the easiest way.

Creating a Site with Hostgator

Hostgator vs Wix

Going ahead in Hostgator vs Wix review, Gator is the name of Hostgator website builder. Like most of the website builders, it’s pretty simple to use and is meant for people who have got a slight technical background.

Creating an internet site with HostGator is straightforward. Immediately after your check-in, you want to choose a template (or theme?). this is often just because all templates are categorized into industries.

Like Wix, HostGator gives you templates to settle on when building a site. However, unlike Wix, the templates of HostGator are basic and not as expansive as Wix’s.

Also, HostGator’s themes are arranged by industries like business, beauty, music, and entertainment, they still aren’t quite as expansive because of the templates that Wix offers.

To build your website, you’re given a haul and drop editor. It works a touch like creating a PowerPoint presentation. The Wix Editor makes use of an equivalent system.

Like Wix, Gator by HostGator also comes with an onboarding tutorial, so therein respect, both sites are fairly similar.

It is important to feature that, unlike other site builders, Gator by HostGator gives editors complete control over the eventual look of their site.

You can also resize, change fonts, and switch colors with no headaches whatsoever. you’ll even add videos, blog posts, and social media posts easily. As far as creating an internet site goes, Gator by HostGator is up there with one among the simplest to use.

However, there’s one thing that we noticed with the Gator. Unlike with Wix, images don’t automatically adjust once you add a replacement feature to your website.

This suggests that before adding a replacement feature, you would like to try to a touch of space management, if not you will be stuck in an endless loop of resizing pictures.

HostGator is extremely mobile responsive, and you do not need to design a special site for mobile. The sites created can fit any size of the screen easily.

The same are often said of Wix. All sites created with Wix are mobile responsive by default. there’s even a Switch Editor view button that allows you to see how your website would look on a mobile.

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Hostgator vs Wix: Uptime

Hostgator vs Wix

Indeed, for any website user, uptime is a thing that is of key consideration. If any website isn’t offering a good and decent uptime, the user base of that website is bound to decrease to some good extent.

Well, I tested the uptime of Hostgator and got some of the best results. In this scenario, the company offered a brilliant uptime of 99.98% which is pretty good. With such uptime, you don’t have to do much and your website will be up and running, every single time.

On the other hand, in the case of the Wix platform, the company offers 99.96% of uptime. 

Even with Wix, you will face little downtime issues but if you are willing to opt for quality uptime, Hostgator is the true option.

Hence, comparing the uptime of both companies, I can say that Hostgator offers one of the best uptime.

Here, you can easily host any number of websites and still Hostgator will offer you good uptime, every single time.

Customer Support Section

Well, moving forward in the customer Support section of Hostgator vs Wix, it’s the need of every user.

Every single user needs brilliant customer support where they can ask queries and get proven answers.

With this, exploring the customer support of Hostgator vs Wix, I explored every single detail.

Customer Support Channel

Hostgator India Customer Support

Going ahead in Hostgator vs Wix review, we will first start off with the customer support of Hostgator.

Yes, the company has been standing for years and they have offered some of the best and world class customer support.

Here, you will get every support system where you can access phone calls, email, and even live chat support.

I personally tested the live chat support of Hostgator and was amazed by the results. As soon as I have chosen the live chat support, I got connected to the support system.

After which, the support executive listened to my queries patiently. Then, he resolved my issues to perfection.

Alongside, the other support offering by Hostgator has been on the better end too. With this, you are free to choose any support system of Hostgator.

Here, you will get quality support, without much trouble.

On the other hand, speaking about the customer support of Wix, it’s not available for 24×7 like Hostgator.

With this, you will get standard hours in which you can contact Wix customer support.

Here also I tested the customer support of Wix but wasn’t impressed by the results.

The company executives tool longer to respond and weren’t able to resolve my issues.

Verdict on Customer Support

Well, in the customer support section, we have a clear winner and Hostgator wins this race, by a clear margin.

The company offers tremendous customer support and is available for 24×7. With this, you are free to contact any customer support of Hostgator and you will get the true and best response.

In this case, all you can do is to choose Hostgator if you are keen in the customer support section.

Knowledge Base Available

Both the companies Hostgator vs Wix offer good knowledge base. Here, knowledge bases are with articles you can opt for and get answers to each of the questions.

The knowledge base if for people who want to resolve issues on their own. Additionally, you can easily explore the knowledge base and see different answers.

Then, on your own, you can remove issues and make your website fully functional and running, yet again.

Final Word of Mouth: Hostgator vs Wix

The entire Hostgator vs Wix review is right here and by now you must have got a clear-cut idea. Yes, the Hostgator vs Wix comparison was a steep one and we discussed almost all of the essential points.

In this case, if you are someone who is a beginner, I would recommend you to go for the Hostgator hosting company.

Here, the company offers each feature in the best possible way. Whether you speak about the uptime or even the ease of use, Hostgator as a web hosting company shines, without any trouble.

Plus, even in the customer support section, Hostgator delivers exceptional services. You will get beyond expectations customer support where you can easily resolve issues, without trouble.

Even if you will watch the speed of Hostgator, you will see that the company offers some of the fastest servers.

With such good servers, you will always get faster speeds, every single time.

Also, if you are an advanced level person, Hostgator still offers you some of the best and quality plan options.

With this, you are free to test and try different plans. Then, you will get a clear idea to see and choose the plans most suitable for you.

To make things simpler for you, simply CLICK HERE and you will be taken straight to Hostgator  Home page. 

After all, it’s your money and you got to decide the plans on the basis of your requirements. Once you have chosen the plan, then you can go ahead make a website as per your wish and grow big, in the gigantic online world.


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