Hostgator vs Hostinger: Comparison, Features, Pricing [2021 Update]

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The fight to be the best hosting service provider is ongoing in the competitive hosting industry. Yes, the competition is steep, and talking about the two good hosting companies, Hostgator vs Hostinger are the two good ones.

Both the above hosting companies have managed to offer quality hosting services, every single time. Plus, in the hosting market, you will get access to tons of hosting service providers. But, not each of those hosting service providers is a good one.

Also, if you are someone who needs to choose between the two best hosting providers such as Hostgator vs Hostinger, you can fall into a confusing state.

Therefore, in this scenario, all you can do is to sit back relax and uncover a complete Hostgator vs Hostinger review.

Hosting vs Hostgator Review

If you are someone who is searching among the two best hosting providers, Hostinger and Hostgator are the two giants in the hosting industry.

Yes, both companies have been standing for years and have offered quality hosting services.

Additionally, the pricing of each of the hosting services are affordable and you will get the best quality features.

Hosting Overview

Hostinger is one of the best choice company for people who are willing to opt for an affordable yet feature-rich hosting service provider. Yes, even for the people who want to start off with their own blog, Hostinger is the company you can opt for, without an issue.

Plus, the Hostinger services are priced quite reasonably for pros along with beginners.

In terms of its foundation, the company was founded back in the year 2004. Since then, the company has built quite a strong foundation and are offering different sort of web hosting plans.

Currently, aside from hosting plans, the company is also offering domain registration too. Here, you will get the best pricing for domain registration which is another good thing.

However, if you are willing to start off with a massive business, it is recommended that you go for the business plans of Hostinger.

Additionally, you must note that all of the other plans of Hostinger are easy to manage and affordable.

Hostgator Overview

Well, speaking about one of the oldest hosting firms will bring Hostgator into the spotlight. Yes, the company is standing for years and has offered some of the best and quality hosting services.

The company started their hosting career right in the year 2002 from where they have grown to exponential heights. Plus, among different services of  Hostgator, you are bound to get access to different features such as good uptime, bandwidth, and other domain services.

Now, in terms of affordability, they aren’t as cheap as we compare them to Hostinger. But, the company has managed to offer good hosting services at much decent pricing.

A Take on Types of Hosting Plan

Now, that you know some insights about the hosting companies, the next step is to know about the hosting plans.

Here, let’s go ahead and compare each of the hosting plans, and then we will go ahead and uncover each of their features.

Hostinger Web Hosting Plan

Hostgator vs Hostinger

Well, starting off with the first-ever hosting company, Hostinger is the one that offers one of the best budget-friendly options. In this case, regardless of the web hosting plans, you are choosing, you will get affordability in each of the plans.

Yes, all of the hosting plans offered by Hostinger deliver all kinds of web hosting. Whether you are thinking about dedicated hosting to VPS hosting, the company has made pricing simpler for each of the plans.

More to it, different hosting plans offered by Hostinger are as follows:

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • CMS Hosting

Now, another thing to take into consideration is that every plan comes with tons of other features.

Plus, you are free to use each of the plans without any sort of issue. Additionally, for each of the plans, you can get a chance to avail much better savings.

On top of that, you can save a lot more by using the Hostinger Coupon Code.

Additionally, in each of the plans, you will get the free domain checker to find the best of all domains.

Therefore, with this, you can easily go ahead and choose the plans that are the most comfortable for you.

Once you have chosen each of the plans, then you are good to go to choose each of them.

Hostgator Hosting Plans

hostgator pricing

Moving ahead in Hostgator vs Hostinger review, Hostgator plans are not as cheap as Hostinger But, in terms of features, Hostgator doesn’t fall short of hosting in any case.

Each of the Hostgator plans is full of features that you got to take into consideration.

Plus, aside from offering different plans, the company does offer free domain name services, website builders along with unlimited hosting features.

Well, Hostgator offers the below web hosting services that are as follows:

  • Cloud Web Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • VPS Hosting

With the availability of free domains, you are free to cut down on the costing which is a better thing.

Here, you are free to register a free domain name and then transfer them with the Hostgator services.

Plus, you are free to buy the services of Hostgator with great savings with the help of the Hostgator Coupon code.

Final Verdict

Well, Hostinger offers cheap hosting plans that are all good in their own way. Additionally, Hostinger comes with a different set of options in their hosting plan and that is where Hostinger wins the race.

Additionally, each service of Hostinger suits every other budget which is another beneficial thing.

Therefore, in this comparison, Hostinger plans are a far better option, without an issue.

Comparison of Hostgator vs Hostinger Features

Going ahead in Hostgator vs Hostinger features, you must note that both the companies offer tons of features.

Yes, each of the hosting company are feature-rich and with this, let’s go ahead in the comparison of Hostgator vs Hostinger for features.

Hostinger Features

Starting off with the features of Hostinger, the company is known to deliver tons of them. In this scenario, you will get quality features

With the help of such features, you are free to host a website, at your convenience.

Now, going ahead, some of the best and quality features of Hostinger Hosting are as follows:

Easy Setup of Website with 1-Click Install

hostgator pricing

Starting off with the features of Hostinger, you can easily get the 1-click installation. Here, with the help of this feature, you can install tons of things with just a click of a button.

In this scenario, you can install WordPress, Magento, and tons of such platforms, with one click.

This is truly amazing as it gives you the privilege to install such things without even a hint of an issue.

Good Speed Performance


Yes, if you are looking for a hosting service provider offering the least pricing with good speed, Hostinger is the true choice.

In this scenario, you can see that the company offers greater speed in every aspect. Whether you are choosing their starter plans or the dedicated ones, Hostinger has offered some of the best quality plans.

Daily Backups

Now, this is among the top priority features that is the need for every internet user. With daily backups, you don’t have to worry about your website data being compromised.

CPanel Interface

Forget the old CPanel as the Hostinger company offers the all-new cPanel interface. With such an interface, you are free to explore each of the features of cPanel.

With this, you can explore different features and opt for the best ones.

Best Security Available


Yes, security is something that is of the most consideration. In such a scenario, if a web hosting provider is offering good security, people are bound to avail their hosting services.

Now, talking about the security of Hostinger, the company offers the best of all security. In this case, they regularly update their security to the best possible extent.

With such a security update, you don’t need to do much. In this scenario, you can possess the best security from the Hostinger company.

Now, some security features are available for free of cost while some others are present at a cost.

In this case, you are free to see which security features are good one for you. Once you have done that, then you can possess the best of all security, in every possible case.

Overall, Hostinger as a web hosting company has been offering some of the top quality features. Main thing here is that they are offering such features at a low cost price.

Therefore, if you are someone who is looking for low cost hosting, then you can simply opt for Hostinger.

Hostgator Features

Moving ahead in Hostgator vs Hostinger review, features offered by Hostgator are all amazing too.

In this scenario, Hostgator offers the best sort of hosting plan for every single person. Especially, when it comes to the feature section Hostgator doesn’t fall short of any option. The company offers every single feature, to the best possible extent.

Now, going ahead in the Hostgator, you will get the given below features.

Weekly Backup

Starting off with the first-ever feature of Hostgator, weekly backup is among the top class ones. Here, the company offers a weekly backup that is one of the best things.

With this, you can be free from any sort of backup confusion. Also, the company even offers manual backups. With this, you are free to perform backups on your own.

Support of PHP Language

Indeed, there are tons of PHP developers looking for services giving PHP support. In such a scenario, you are free to choose Hostgator as it offers the marvelous PHP support in every single case.

This gives developers the privilege to enter the source code and do alterations as per their ease.

cPanel Support

Indeed, cPanel is the heart of any hosting service provider. With Hostgator cPanel, you are free to select any function and perform the same to perfection. Yes, you can access any of the thing in cPanel and control your website, the way you want.

Better Loading Speed

Another benefit you will get with Hostgator is better loading speeds. Yes, with amazing loading speeds, you won’t have any issue with your website loading speeds.

This will give you an added benefit where you have the power to load websites at a faster pace. With this, users will stick to your website and with traffic, you can grow your revenue.

One-Click Installation

Hostgator vs Hostinger

With one-click installation, things become simpler in every case. Here, all you can do is to opt for the one-click installer and you will get everything installed. Yes, in this Hostgator vs Hostinger, with this feature, you have the power and the chance to save tons of your time.

Free SSL Certificate

Hostgator vs Hostinger

In this scenario, the free SSL Certificate is of most importance. Indeed, there are intruders and attackers who can steal your website data.

In such circumstances, all you can do is to opt for the Free SSL certificate offered by Hostgator. This certificate will help protect your website data. Plus, you will get a pad lock which will help increase your Google SEO Rankings too.

Final Verdict

Well, comparing features of both hosting companies, I can say that both the hosting service providers are offering excellent set of features. Still, in Hostgator vs Hostinger review, the only difference is that Hostgator offers weekly backups.

While on the other hand, Hostinger offers daily backups.

Asides from this, both Hostgator vs Hostinger are winners for me as they offer some of the best quality features.

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Hostgator vs Hostinger Customer Support

Customer support is something that is among the most crucial thing. Every single website user wants the best customer support services from their host.

Now, speaking about Hostgator vs Hostinger, let’s go ahead and see each of their hosting services.

Hostinger Customer Support Services

Amazing Customer Support

Going ahead with the customer support services in Hostgator vs Hostinger review, Hostinger is the first one. Well, the company offers almost all sort of customer support but email support is their best one.

With email support, you don’t have to do much where all you can do is to simply ask them your queries and they will respond in a quicker way.

I have tested tons of the hosting companies but haven’t seen an email customer support as responsive as Hostinger.

Here, the moment you will ask a query to their email support, you are bound to get answers, as early as possible.

With this, all you need is to ask their email support your queries. After which, the support is good enough to offer responsive answers to each of your queries.

On top of that, the company also offers extensive knowledgebase. Here, with the help of the knowledge base, you can easily find answers to your queries. In such a scenario, if you are someone who wants to find and solve the issue on your own, you can make use of the Hostinger knowledge base.

Hostgator Customer Support

Going ahead in Hostgator vs Hostinger review, Hostgator customer support is another thing that is decent. Yes, the company offers almost every type of customer service support and you will get quality, in each of their support systems.

Also, they offer customer support for 24×7 that is another beneficial thing. With such a brilliant support, regardless of your query, you will get answers to your questions.

In this scenario, if you are facing any of the issues, you can take help from their customer support.

Plus, with the live chat and email services available for 24×7, you are free to contact their customer service support, at any point in time.

Final Verdict

Well, if we compare customer support services of Hostgator vs Hostinger, Hostinger has got an edge over Hostgator. They offer better customer support services and with their extended knowledge base, you don’t have to face any issues.

Therefore, in the customer support section, Hostinger is the clear winner.

Hostgator vs Hostinger Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Most of the online hosting provider offers a money-back guarantee. But, still, you will have to know much more about both the company services. Therefore, right now, let’s go ahead with the money-back guarantee feature and see which is that hosting service that stands tall above the other one.

Hostinger a refund Guarantee

Hostinger offers 30 days money-back guarantee on its services. You can easily migrate your site with the assistance of this while a refund option is always available in the bags for you.

Hostgator a refund Guarantee

Commonly all the online hosting providers offer 30 days money-back guarantee. Hostgator offers 45 days money-back guarantee, which may be a very big advantage of Hostgator.

Final Verdict

Both offer a money-back guarantee but Hostgator offers 45 days and hostinger offer 30 days. Both win during this money-back guarantee.

Therefore, it depends upon your choice along with liking which is that hosting company you will try out.

Or else, you can try out both the hosting companies and see which one offers good hosting services.

After testing, you can come to a conclusion on the selection of hosting services.

Hostinger & Hostgator Payment Option

Bluehost Buy Domain

Let’s inspect the payment options offered by Hostgator & Hostinger.

Hostinger Payment Options

While shopping from Hostinger you’ll use different payment options credit and debit cards (MasterCard/Visa/Diner’s/Discover). Plus, the company even offers payment with the help of PayPal or even Bitcoin.

This is something that is not offered by most of hosting companies.  

It also offers coin payment options. On your request, it also offers a net banking option. Consistent with your convenience, you are free to choose any of the payment options at your convenience.

Hostgator Payment

Hostgator offers different debit & credit (MasterCard/Visa/AMEX/Discover) payment option. Other options you’ll choose for payment of HostGator services are:-

  • Electronic transfer
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Paypal
  • Money Order
  • Pay through bank wire

Final Verdict

Both are winners during this service of payment. But the difference is that Hostinger offers a coin payment option that’s different from Hostgator.

Therefore, in this case, too, Hostinger wins the scenario by a slight margin.

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Wrapping Things Up: Hostgator vs Hostinger

We have come to the concluding phase of the article and the entire Hostgator vs Hostinger review is right here.

Yes, both the hosting service providers are exceptional where they offer quality services to each of the users.

Right from the features to customer service support, you will find that Hostgator vs Hostinger are all complete.

Now, for the people who are willing to choose between Hostgator vs Hostinger, we have made the confusion clearer.

In this case, Hostinger is the clear winner where you will get the best of all services for your websites.

Indeed, Hostinger has been one of the oldest hosting companies to date where they have offered quality hosting, every single time.

Speaking about their uptime, the company has always offered brilliant uptime in every scenario. With such a good uptime, you don’t have to do much and all you can do is to make sure that your site is loading fast.

On top of that, the company offers tons of the best features that you will not find at this price range. In this case, you are free to opt for any of the company plans.

In terms of the plans, Hostinger offers plans catering to every single consumer.

Here, you can opt for the shared hosting plan if you are a beginner and here also, you can get an access to different features.

Plus, if you are someone who have got a massive website, then you will have to go ahead and choose the higher pricing plans.

In both cases, Hostinger is the company you must go for.

With this, it’s your choice for which plans of Hostinger you are willing to go for.

For instance, you can CLICK HERE and you will be taken straight to the home page of Hostinger.

Then, you can browse among different plans choose the best one and host your website, the better way.

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