Hostgator vs Dreamhost: The Real Truth of Each Hosting [2021 Updated]

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Well, in a world where each of the users is looking for the best of all website hosting service providers, I have got for you a detailed comparison of Hostgator vs Dreamhost.

Yes, we all know that Hostgator is a really big company and can Dreamhost give it a tough competition? We will have to find the same in this article.

From my end, I have done almost every single thing where I have searched and tested each parameter of both hostings. In most of the cases, it was a tight battle and with that, I have got an exclusive Hostgator vs Dreamhost review.

Hence, without wasting even a single second, let’s go ahead and unwrap a complete Hostgator vs Dreamhost review.

Hostgator vs Dreamhost Review

Starting off with the Hostgator vs Dreamhost review, we will begin with the pricing section on the first and foremost place.

Plans & Pricing

Hostgator vs Dreamhost

First of all, we will talk about the pricing of Hostgator vs Dreamhost and see which is that company which offers affordable pricing and better deals.

You must know that Hostgator and Dreamhost offer a similar set of pricing. And, if you are looking for real cheap pricing from both ends, you got to choose the three-year plan to gain maximum benefits.

On the other hand, if you are searching for a monthly subscription, you got to pay a lot extra than usual.

Also, another thing you must note is that each of the companies offers a free domain if you will choose any of their plans.

Further, each of the hosting plans are based on the upselling model. Yes, if you are not careful in selecting the plans, you may end up paying for more.

Additionally, Dreamhost adds the DreamShield protection to the cart while Hostgator makes SiteLock and CodeGuard backups available.

Hostgator vs Dreamhost

Still, if you will compare Hostgator vs Dreamhost on the basis of pricing, you will find that Hostgator offers much more.

It delivers a better value and you can freely choose any of the plans from this company.

For instance, if you will choose the Hostgator Managed WordPress plan, it comes with unlimited disk space, better bandwidth, and many more things.

On the other hand, the same is the case with VPS hosting. Both the companies share almost the same pricing of plans. But, Hostgator offers double the storage when compare it with Dreamhost.

Hostgator vs Dreamhost: Features

Moving ahead among the list of features, Hostgator comes with a slight feature advantage over Dreamhost.

Here, for several dollars a month, you can get a chance to host affordable shared hosting plans. Also, you will get each of the resources that you need for supporting your small website.

Now, both the hosting companies offer a similar set of features and you will not find many differences in any of them.

Each of them in shared hosting plans offers a free SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, the free domain name for one year, and much of the things. Now, all these you will get if you choose the 12 month offer.

For instance, while the Hostgator hatchling plan offers unlimited storage, Dreamhost delivers a Shared hosting plan that offers just 50 GB.

This can be more than enough for the starter websites but as and when your website grows, you will have to opt for other plans.

A Take on the Control Panel

Hostgator vs Dreamhost

Going ahead in Hostgator vs Dreamhost review, the control panel is something that is valuable for every single user.

Using a control panel, you can access different things to your advantage.

Now, first of all, we will speak about the Hostgator control panel as they make use of the very same traditional cPanel.

This makes it much simpler for the users to access the cPanel and perform their wishful things.

On the other hand, if we speak about Dreamhost, they even offer a good cPanel and you will not find any issues accessing their cPanel too.

Hostgator vs Dreamhost: Backups Section


Backups have become a necessity where websites need proper and adequate backups in case of any power break. Also, there can be times when you may face malware on your websites.

With this, in terms of the backup offered by Hostgator, the company only offers weekly backups. Yes, with this you will only be able to take backups every single. There is no daily backup option that you must take into consideration.

On the other hand, you also have the option to create weekly automatic backups along with snapshots.

On the other hand, if we speak about the backup offered by Dreamhost, the company offers free automatic daily backups.

With this, you don’t have to worry about the backups even for a second. The company will offer automatic backups at any point in time.

In terms of backups, I can say that Dreamhost clearly wins the race. Yes, they offer automatic backups and the one that you can opt for, at any hour of the time.


Going ahead in the datacentre section, Hostgator vs Dreamhost offers two of their data centers located in the USA.

With this, if you are someone who lives in the USA, this thing is a boon to you where you will get faster page loading and responses.

However, both the companies don’t come with a free CDN service. Yes, this is something you got to take into consideration and you will have to install CDN from an outside source.

Still, the companies take their charges and can help install CDN for your own benefit.

Also, in terms of the SSD, both the companies offer a standard set of SSD storage on each of their shared plans.

Yes, there’s a major difference in speed when it comes to SDD and HDD which is a thing you got to take into consideration.

Therefore, in this case, both the companies offer SSD which is a good thing. Each data centers make use of SSD and are able to handle data and even send/receive the same, in a lot better way.

Uptime Guarantee


For the users and even visitors, uptime plays quite a vital role. In this case, if a website is offering brilliant uptime, chances are pretty high that users will opt for those websites and services.

Now, speaking about the uptime of Hostgator, the company has been known to offer one of the best uptime. Yes, their level of servers delivers quality and rarely can be the times when you will face downtime.

With this, you can trust Hostgator servers and they will offer a brilliant set of uptime, every single time.

Moving ahead in Hostgator vs Dreamhost review, Dreamhost offers decent uptime too. However, in my testing, I found that Dreamhost servers were down in most of the cases. With this, you cannot trust the servers of Dreamhost and in such case, Hostgator is the company to look for.


Hence, In such a scenario, I can say that Hostgator is one of the best services that offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Yes, as and when they are displaying it, they mean the same and have given such guarantee to different users.

Additionally, Hostgator even offers full credits of one month in case if the company faces any downtime.

On the other hand, Dreamhost will only offer you 10% of the next renewal fee.

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Hostgator vs Dreamhost: Customer Support

Hostgator India Support

Customer support is like a lifeline in the hosting world. If any hosting service provider isn’t offering good customer support, their name, services, and reputation are bound to go down.

This is how useful is customer service support and why you must take the same into consideration.

First of all, both the hosting service providers offer 24×7 customer service support. Yes, if we speak about Hostgator, the company has been known to offer good customer support, in every single scenario.

In such a case, they offer email, chat, and even phone call support to each of their people. Here, you will get each of the support systems free of cost and there is no need to pay even a single penny for each of the support systems.

Personally, I tested the live chat Support from Hostinger and was pleased by the results.

Here, I got connected to the support staff at a quicker pace and was able to ask queries.

After which, the executive was able to resolve my issues, without any delay.

Likewise, you can choose other support systems offered by Hostgator and you will get quality support, every time.

Dreamhost Customer Service Support

customer service support

Now, going ahead in Hostgator vs Dreamhost review, Dreamhost customer service support has been on the decent end. Now, the hosting company does offer email support and even deliver Dreambot as their AI-Driven service.

Plus, they offer a callback feature which comes with additional fees and charges.

In this scenario, though Dreamhost offers good customer support, they charge for phone call support.

This is a slight downtime from this company which is a thing you will have to take into consideration.

On the conclusive end, both Hostgator vs Dreamhost offers brilliant support but if you are willing to get good assistance without any extra cost, then Dreamhost is the go to option, without an issue.

Security Section

Hostgator vs Dreamhost

Going forward in the security section of Hostgator vs Dreamhost, it is a thing that has become a necessity.

Almost every single user wants good security for their website as the internet world is full of cybercrime attacks.

Hence, as an internet user, you must always look for websites offering decent and brilliant level security.

Additionally, in terms of security, both the hosts offer free SSL certificate from the Let’s Encrypt company. This even helps to rank the website on the top Google charts.

Also, one thing you must note is that Dreamhost includes the domain privacy for free. With this, you can be sure that each of your information is kept secure and can’t be read by any of the people.

On the other hand, if we speak about Hostgator, they offer spam protection from the SpamAssassin company.

Further, in terms of the advanced level protection, Dreamhost offers you the option to purchase DreamShield.

While on the other hand, Hostgator allows you for buying the SiteLock essentials.

Hence, if we speak about the security parameter of both the companies, each of the company offer good security.

And, if you are choosing to host based on security, you are free to choose any of them, without any problem.

Money back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

So far so good we are going on in this Hostgator vs Dreamhost review, the money back guarantee is a section that has been asked by most of the users.

First of all, if we speak about the money back guarantee offered by Hostgator, they offer 45 days of good money back guarantee.

Yes, in such a scenario, you get a chance to test and try Hostgator services. Here, you can try different features from this company and once you like them, then you can continue using those services.


On the other hand, if we speak about the money back guarantee offered by Dreamhost, the company does offer 97 days money back guarantee.

With this, there is a greater chance and number of days to test and try the Dreamhost company.

Hence, in this case, each of the companies does offer good money back guarantee and you can test and try different services, with this case.

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FAQ Section: Hostgator vs Dreamhost

Well, there are people who have lots of questions and answers in mind. Therefore, to simplify things, I have got answers to the most asked questions.

Q1. Is Hostgator better than Dreamhost?

If we speak on the basis of overall comparison, yes Hostgator is better than Dreamhost. There are tons of additional features and performances which speaks for themselves in this case.

Whether we speak about the uptime, plans, or even the true and money free customer service support, each of the things have been on the better end in this case.

Plus, the company also offers unlimited storage, free site migration, and much more features.

Therefore, with this, I can say that Hostgator is the better company when we compare it with Dreamhost.

Q2. Does Hostgator make use of SSD?

All of us know the use of SSD in hosting and in the case of Hostgator, yes, the company makes use of SSD storage.

However, in this case, you must note that the Cloud, Shared and Reseller plans make use of SSD. If you are someone who is willing to choose any of these plans, you are free to choose those, without an issue.

Also, even the higher dedicated plan of Hostgator has been upgraded to SSD which is another better thing. With SSD, Hostgator has got the ability to offer far better speeds.

Q3. Is Dreamhost good for Online Store?

Yes, Dreamhost comes with a series of WooCommerce hosting plan which accommodates a generous number of online visitors. Also, it comes with tons of storefront themes, Jetpack, and much more things.

Therefore, if you are someone who is a beginner, then you can opt for Dreamhost company.

Still, for the people who run massive online stores, then you can shift to other better hosting options.

Q4. Is Hostgator better than GoDaddy?

Now, for the people who are looking to opt for just a domain name, then you can say that GoDaddy is a better option.

However, if you are someone who needs a complete package, then you got to choose Hostgator as your primary hosting service provider.

Yes, Hostgator offers some of the best reasons to choose their hosting company. Right from their affordable plans to using faster speed SSD, this company is a gem of a choice, in every aspect.

Q5. Is Hostgator Reliable?

Yes, Hostgator as a web hosting company ranks among the top charts when it comes to offering quality hosting services.

It’s unbeatable in terms of uptime and even offers plans that are catered to the use of every single user.

On top of that, the company offers brilliant customer support which is available for free of cost. With this, you can take a look at every single feature and still you will feel that the company offers better and brilliant hosting services.

Q6. Is Hostgator Fast?

Indeed, Hostgator hosting is much faster and offers brilliant speed to websites. In this scenario, they even make use of the SSD that improves the performance to some massive extent.

Hence, if you are searching for a hosting service that delivers quality speed, Hostgator is the one to go for.

Q7. Does Hostgator Sells your information?

No, not at all. Hostgator doesn’t really sell your information to any of the companies. All they take is your contact information that is useful in case of billing type of the stuff.

Q8. Is Dreamhost a good website host?

Yes, I recommend Dreamhost company as it offers good services for people who are beginners in the online industry. Here, they offer good services and with decent customer support, you won’t regret it even if you choose Dreamhost hosting services. After which, you can choose their hosting and host your website, in a lot better way.

Wrapping Up: Hostgator vs Dreamhost

The comparison between Hostgator vs Dreamhost is all here and I have tried my best to deliver and explain almost all of the features.

Yes, comparing the list of features both the companies offer good performance, support, and tons of more things.

Speaking about the Hostgator services, it offers quality features along with brilliant customer services.

Yes, with this, you don’t have to do much from your end.

In this case, all you can do is to look at the plans and see which plan can be a better one for you.

On the other hand, there is the Dreamhost company which offers another set of essential plans and features.

Also, Dreamhost offers good performance and if you are thinking to start your online store, Dreamhost can help you in this case.

In such a scenario, they offer Woocommerce which comes with almost all of the necessary level features.

Hence, right now, all you can do is to look at each plan. Plus, if you are thinking about my choice, I will choose Hostgator without an issue.

Hostgator offers a brilliant set of features and even in pricing, the company has done brilliant work.

Therefore, for the people who are beginner, they can effortlessly choose Hostgator, without many issues.

Also, to make your work simpler, you can CLICK HERE and you will be taken to the Homepage of Hostgator.

From there, you are free to choose the plans as per your liking. Then, you can go ahead, host your website, and attract tons of traffic, without issues.

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