Hostgator India vs Which One is the Best? [2021]

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Well, in the midst of the battle between different hosting companies, Hostgator India vs are the two companies that have been running strong. Each of the hosting services has been offering quality services where you don’t have to do much in this case. Further, to make things simpler, I have got a clear cut comparison of Hostgator India vs

Well, by now you must have understood that Hostgator offers two types of hosting services. Out of which, one of their services is located in the United States. While the other one is located in India.

In India, Hostgator offered their services with a much needed localized payment option.

Apart from that, both the hosting shares some sort of similarity and differences which I will share in this article.

For over a long course of time, Hostgator India vs has been a hot topic to debate, and with this, we have got everything.

So, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap a clear cut of differences between the two.

Hostgator India vs Overview

Hostgator India vs

For first time users, you may get confused between Hostgator India and well, the parent company Hostgator was launched back in the year 2002 and the Indian version was fully functional from the year 2011.

Recently, the Hostgator Global Version was purchased by the EIG which is another better thing.

Further, another thing you must note is that Hostgator is one of the most popular choices among entry-level webmasters. Both the branches of Hostinger offer some of the real good plans too.

Plus, the company offers budget options that can easily cater to the needs of a different user.

For example, you can choose Reseller hosting, dedicated, and even Cloud Server hosting as per your convenience.

Additionally, as per the latest rules, if your web server is located in India, the website will get better priority in the Google Search results.

Here, you got to be in India for the above thing to work fully. Plus, another perk of Hostgator India is that you will get faster loading times.

Further, different surveys have shown that 40% of the visitors can leave the site within the start of 3 seconds if your website isn’t loading.

Yes, Latency is the main culprit behind the slowing of website speed. Hence, if you are from India and your servers are located in the Indian region, things can get much better for you.

With faster loading speeds, you can get better conversions, every single time.

Brief History of

Going ahead in Hostgator India vs, there has been one of the best histories of this hosting service.

Apart from offering valuable hosting features, has also been known to deliver unlimited domains, good hardware, unlimited bandwidth, and easiest of all configuration.

Also, the cPanel brings each of the necessary web management tools right at your fingertips. It’s incredibly easier to operate each for the novice and the advanced level person.

Further, in terms of the headquarters of Hostgator, it’s located right in Houston, Texas of United States.

The company was founded back in the year 2002 and right now, they are standing strong with all pride.

Plus, Hostgator has got over 20,000 registered domains where other features of Hostgator are as follows:

  • VPS & Dedicated Hosting
  • Website Builder
  • cPanel
  • Unlimited Email Address
  • One-Click WordPress Installation
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited FTP Account
  • 99% of Uptime
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Storage
  • Unlimited MYSQL database
  • Easy and Free Website Migration
  • 24×7 Customer Support Available

A Take on Shared Hosting Package

hostgator pricing

In the shared hosting package of, the company offers some of the best plans. Yes, you can choose among the three shared hosting packages and see which one is a good fit for you.

Even in terms of pricing of shared hosting plan, it starts from minimal, and then you can go ahead and choose the higher-order plans.

Pricing has always been the biggest USP for the Hostgator platform as the company has delivered plans in one of the best pricing.

Hence, with the shared hosting plan, you are free to choose the plan you like most convenient. Then, you can go ahead and upgrade your plans as per convenience.

Brief History of Hostgator India

Hostgator India is the official branch whenever we consider Hostgator Global whenever the Indian continent is taken into consideration.

Plus, the company’s data center is located in Kerala, Telangana, and Maharashtra too.

On the other hand, Hostgator has got its servers located in Singapore which is another valuable thing.

Well, the Indian branch was announced to enhance the overall experience for the Asian people. Especially, for the Indians where the hosting market is massive, Hostgator as a parent company tool such step.

Now, although Hostgator US offers similar features like Hostgator India, the quality of service is better for the Indians.

Additionally, as the servers are located in various locations of India, it reduces the latency and even drives up the overall response time.

Further, the slower loading time can trigger a 7% drop in conversion rate for e-commerce websites.

Therefore, if you are someone who lives in India and uses the Indian servers, you will not face any of the issues.

Secondly, you will also get a dedicated Indian IP Address. This can work in drastically improving your search engine ranking. Plus, the server uptime is 99%for the Indian version and it serves as a vital feature to attracting the Indian audiences.

A Take on Hostgator India Shared Hosting

Hostgator India Review

Moving ahead in Hostgator India vs review, Hostgator India also offers some of the best Shared Hosting Plans. In this scenario, you get the chance to choose from among the best of all Indian shared hosting plans.

Plus, the pricing of each plan is kept minimal where you are free to choose any of the plans.

Here, you will get unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, transfer, emails, and many more.

Additionally, you will also get a free SSL Certificate and with Dedicated IP you will get a boost up in Indian Google rankings.

Now moving ahead, we will compare both Hostgator India vs and see which one comes on top.

1. Hostgator India vs Page Loading Speed

Hostgator India vs

Now, moving ahead in the Hostgator India vs review, page loading speed is something you got to take into consideration.

If a hosting service provider is not offering good page loading speed, things can get detrimental for them.

Therefore, speaking about the Page Loading speed of Hostgator India vs, both the companies offer decent page loading speed.

Also, on the basis of SEO rules, Google does consider page loading speed an essential factor.

Hence, with Hostgator India vs, you must know that both the companies offer servers in different locations.

Even for the mixed audiences, will work in the best possible way. Here, you are free to use CDN network which can boost up the overall network speed to some good extent.

However, if you are someone who has got the .in extent, then I can suggest you to opt for Hostgator India.

With Hostgator India, you can get the fastest servers which is another valuable thing.

Additionally, for the people who are looking to host eCommerce websites, Google recommends using the Indian IP Address. With an Indian IP Address, you can gradually increase Google Rankings to some good extent.

On the other hand, if you are living in other countries, the .com version can be a good fit for you.

Here, with the .com version, you will get much faster loading speeds, in every single scenario.

2. Hostgator India vs Payment Options

Hostgator India vs

Moving ahead in Hostgator India vs, payment options is something worth considering. In the midst to choose among different payment options, hosting companies are trying their best to choose the best ones.

Yes, whenever it comes to different payment options, the Indian users faced tremendous issues with the global version of Hostgator.

Here, they didn’t have plenty of payment options and almost 90% of the users didn’t have credit cards.

With this, the company has made special net banking solely oriented for the Indian users. This is definitely a game changing move where the Indian users can easily make use of their net banking for payments.

Plus, in terms of the other payment options, you can make use of NEFT and even RTGS that is a plus point.

However, if we speak about, the payment options are fairly limited to credit/ debit card and the PayPal options.

Hence, if you are someone who resides in India, you are free to make use of the marvelous net banking feature.

This feature will definitely resolve each of your issues and you can then buy your type of hosting the better way.

Here, you can look among different hosting such as Shared hosting, dedicated, VPS, and other ones too.

3. Money-Back guarantee

30-Days Money back guarantee

Now, for any user, Money-Back Guarantee is something you must obviously take into consideration. None of the users like to buy any hosting services without the initial phase of testing.

Therefore, with both Hostgator India vs, each of the companies does offer its own set of money-back guarantees. This is something worth considering and you can opt for both the companies.

Each of them offers a massive 45 days free trial period. With the free trial period, you are free to test and try Hostgator India vs services.

Yes, in the process of testing and trial, you will not face any sorts of confusion in any case.

With this, you can easily test each of the services and see if the same is suiting your needs or not.

If your answer is Yes, you can choose any of the plans from any one of the services.

Or else, you are free to choose other hosting service providers.

Now, in the Money Back Guarantee, both Hostgator India vs offer good stuff. Here, you will not face any of the issues where you are free to test and try each Hostgator services.

Once you are done with the testing and trial process, then you can make up your mind as per your liking.

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4. Domain Name Registration

Moving ahead in Hostgator India vs, domain registration is another useful criterion for every single user. In this scenario, for the websites that are targeting only Indian audiences, they can opt for Hostgator India for domain registration.

Yes, the Indian version offers tons of domain extensions. Here, you will not fall short of any domain extensions and you can choose any of the extensions, as per your convenience.

Plus, as and when you are selecting domain extensions, you will be eligible for discounts too. Here, you can avail some of the best discounts on your domain names.

But, you got to buy those domains within the discount periods such as Black Friday sale, Christmas, or even Cyber Monday.

Here, you can get a chance to get the Hostgator coupons that can help you buy domains at a discounted price.

On the other hand, speaking about, they also offer good domain registration. Here, you also have the chance to choose .com domains that is one of the most fantastic things.

In this scenario, you are free to choose the .com or other domain extensions from Hostgator company.

With this, then you can easily host your website with the best hosting offered by Hostgator.

5. Web Hosting Quality

Hostgator India vs

Now, speaking about each of the shared hosting plans from and Hostgator India, each plan offers the best of all features.

In this scenario, whether you are choosing the Hostgator US or the Hostgator India company, each one will offer the best features and quality.

The best part with Hostgator is that they offer almost all of the things in an unlimited fashion.

Yes, with this, you don’t have to worry about the bandwidth, disk space, or any of such things. This truly gives you the privilege to host your website in the best possible way.

Also, even if you are someone who is using a massive amount of storage, no sorts of issue will arise.

You don’t have to optimize your storage space as each of the things is done by Hostgator.

Additionally, each of the Hostgator versions makes use of the latest cPanel. This is regarded as a widely used cPanel which delivers every single feature and function in the first place.

Plus, here, you can easily find almost all of the tools such as script installs, WordPress installs and each of the things.

Here, you can easily install WordPress with just a few clicks. Therefore, even in terms of website hosting quality, Hostgator India doesn’t fall short in any case.

It truly matches and offers one of the best quality in every single case.

Hence, speaking about the web hosting quality of Hostgator India vs, each of the company matches each other.

As a user, you will get a streamlined quality from both hosting service providers in every case.

6. Hostgator India vs Customer Support Service

Hostgator India Customer Support

Well, we know the importance of customer support service as a user. If any website hosting provider is not offering good customer support services, their name and reputation is bound to go down.

Additionally, the users will not be able to resolve their issues if the customer support isn’t of good quality.

Now, Speaking about the Hostgator company, they are well known in offering some of the best and decent customer support. There isn’t much difference if we speak about the customer support of Hostgator India and

Further, in terms of customer support with both the companies, they offer almost every sort of communication channel.

In this scenario, whether you like to opt for Phone call support, email or the live chat one, you are free to opt for any support, with no trouble.

On top of that, I personally tested the customer support of Hostgator India vs

Here, I tested the live chat support of both the sub-companies. In this scenario, I got brilliant customer support from every end.

Yes, the executive was knowledgeable and was able to resolve my issues, without spending much time.

This was the response I got from Hostgator India along with

This truly shows that each of the company has established much stronger customer support.

With this, if you are in India, you can opt for Hostgator India customer support. With this support, you can get answers to your questions, the better way.

Likewise, if you live in the USA, you can opt for customer support where you will get answers from well-trained executives.

Knowledge Base Available

Well, aside from the customer support offered by Hostgator India vs, there is a separate section. This section is known as the knowledge base and here you can get answers for each of your queries.

In this scenario, it doesn’t matter whether you have the knowledge or not. If you are willing to look for answers on your own, the knowledge base is of key help for you in this scenario.

With this, the moment you face any issue with your website, you don’t need to access customer support.

All you can do is to go for the knowledge base and look for your very own answers.

Overall, I can say the customer support of both Hostgator India vs are on the better end. Each company offers decent customer support and you are free to choose any of the companies, without an issue.

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8. Usability of Hostgator India vs

Going ahead in the review, usability is one of the most essential things in the hosting industry. This determines the usability of the website and is it easy to use for navigation and buying hosting.

Personally, I tested the usability of Hostgator India vs and was quite amazed by each of the hosting websites.

First of all, while exploring in different websites, I faced absolutely no sorts of issues in any case. Every single function along with the feature was listed right on the page.

Plus, even the pricing with Hostgator India vs was listed clearly, and here too, I faced no issue.

Hence, with either of the websites, you will get premium quality usability with no sort of complications.

All you can do is to visit each of the company websites and browse every function and feature, in the best possible way.

Final Word of Mouth: Hostgator India vs

Well, both Hostgator India vs are good companies and it all depends on your location.

For example, if you are someone who lives in the United States, then you can simply go for

Here, you will get all of the plans at much affordable pricing. Whether you have the need to choose the Shared hosting plan or even dedicated ones, the company will offer plans, at much affordable pricing.

On top of that, with both the companies, you don’t have to worry about the pricing in any case. In this scenario, you will get the true pricing and you can then easily go ahead and choose your wishful plans.

Plus, if you are someone who lives specifically in India, then Hostgator India is the perfect option for you.

Yes, with Hostgator India, you are free to choose among different plans, and the pricing is kept on the least end.

Now, in such a scenario, if you are a beginner, you can choose the shared hosting plan. Or else, for the experts, you can go ahead and buy the dedicated or VPS plans.

Additionally, with Hostinger India, you will get Indian servers at a slightly higher price. But, this will increase your site speed to some considerable extent.

Therefore, right now, you can see where you are located. Depending on the same, you can then choose among different plans and host your website, the best possible way.

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