Hostgator India Review: Complete Review, Features [2021]

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With tons of different hosting companies competing with each other, they are trying their best to offer good services. Ranging from shared hosting to dedicated ones, I have got you a complete Hostgator India review. Indeed, Hostgator is one of the most renowned companies and has offered quality hosting plans, every single time.

In such a scenario, Hostgator India comes with some of the best plans that you can opt-in for your free time. Here, whether you are willing to choose the shared hosting plan or the VPS ones, you are free to choose any of the plans.

Therefore, if you have any sort of issue with the Hostgator India review, I am here to clear all of your doubts.

Without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap a complete Hostgator India review for 2021 and beyond.

Hostgator India Review

Starting off with the Hostgator India review, the company has offered some of the best plans and features to users all over the world.

Especially, in the Indian region, there are people who want to opt for affordable hosting and that is what Hostgator offers.

Their focus has always been on good hosting plans and the company has offered brilliant features with their plans.

Speaking about myself, I started my blogging journey where I choose Hostgator as my first hosting service.

Yes, even now, I use Hostgator which shows the trust I have in this hosting company.

Whether you are in search for shared hosting or dedicated ones, Hostgator offers world-class hosting, in every single aspect.

Especially, when it comes to hosting special features, they offer a 99.99% Uptime, Money-back guarantee along with Blazing Fast Support.

If you have each of the things in place, then you are free to choose among different plans.

Going ahead, in terms of the most important aspects while buying hosting, the true ones are as follows:

  • Uptime
  • Response Time
  • Customer Support
  • Price

If all of the above things are having a fine balance, then no sorts of issue will occur.

Understanding Hostgator Uptime

Hostgator India Review

Going ahead in Hostgator review, the Hostgator uptime is one of the most crucial things. In other words, if your website hosting provider is offering a brilliant uptime, then you are free to host your website and get good uptime.

Additionally, you can find uptime as the power and the time website is held live.

Suppose, your website is running 24 hours a day, then we can say that the uptime is set to 100%.

Now, speaking about the uptime of Hostgator, the company has offered one of the best and brilliant uptime, every other time.

Usually, I have got near to 100% uptime with Hostgator every time I have tested this hosting service.

However, 100% doesn’t seem to be real in most of the cases where you can say that the company offers 99.99%.

With 99% uptime, you don’t have to worry about your blog is up and running. With this number, you can be absolutely stress-free where the blog will work in the best possible way.

Additionally, Google loves websites that offer constant uptime. Therefore, even if your website is offering 99% uptime, Google will send traffic to your website.

Benefits of having such brilliant Uptime of Hostgator

  • User Satisfaction
  • Google Satisfaction
  • Professional Image among different bloggers
  • Greater chances of making money

Hostgator Response Time Concept

Going ahead in Hostgator India review, Response time is something that is worth considering. In this scenario, one thing you must note is that the response time is the overall time taken by the hosting service provider to respond to you back.

In technical terms, it is called as latency. Imagine, if you have a hosting service provider located in the United States. And, any customer searches, the request will first go to the United States.

However, if we speak about Hostgator Indian servers, the servers are located in India itself.

This is one of the best things from Hostgator company where the response time will be pretty fast for the Indians.

As I said, if your web hosting servers are spread out in abroad, it will take time for the overall response time.

But, if the web hosting servers are located in India, then you don’t have to do much. All you can do is to host your services with Hostgator India and you will get the best response time.

This is one of the best reasons so as to why Hostgator India is popular than With Hostgator India, the servers are placed right in India itself. With this, you can be sure that your servers are fast enough and you will not face issues with your website.

A Take on Hostgator India Customer Support

Hostgator India Review

Moving forward in Hostgator India review, customer support is something that is the most valuable. In this case, if a hosting service provider is not offering decent customer support, their name is bound to go down.

On top of that, speaking about Hostgator India, the company has always offered one of the best customer support. Yes, they offer 24×7 customer service support which is a valuable thing.

At any point in time, you can contact their customer support and you will get quality support, every single time.

Whether you want to contact Hostgator India in the day time or at night, you will get the same quality support, without an issue.

Now, the company claims that they offer 24×7 customer service support. But, to check the same, I tested Hostgator India customer support.

In this scenario, I tested the phone call support of Hostgator India. In the phone call support, the executive was able to connect with me instantly.

With this, I asked my queries to the customer support and got precise answers. With this, I can say that the company offers brilliant customer support.

Yes, the executive was well trained and he was able to answer my query to an absolute level of perfection.

Additionally, Hostgator also offers email along with live chat support. With these two support options, you will not fall short of anything.

Therefore, as far as customer support is taken into consideration, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Plus, even the response time of Hostgator India has been on the better end. You will not face plenty of the issues in this case.

Also, Hostgator India support delivers everything to perfection and you don’t have to do much.

Knowledge Base Available

In addition to the Hostgator Customer support services, the company also offers its very own Knowledge base. With the help of the knowledge base, you can access those and resolve issues, on your own convenience.

Here, the company offers an extensive array of the database that you can use to your advantage. Therefore, you can simply look into the knowledge base and find answers to your issues.

Hostgator India Pricing

Hostgator India Review

Well, for most of the users, pricing is something that is the most valuable thing. There are tons of people who choose hosting based on pricing.

In this scenario, Hostgator pricing for a shared hosting plan starts at just Rs.99 for each month. This is definitely much lower pricing where you will get access to tons of features.

Especially, within this plan, you will get unmetered bandwidth from the company. Also, if you are someone who is into the blogging business, you must know that Blogging does take a good amount of time.

In this scenario, you might need the best pricing from Hostgator company. Here, the company offers some of the most brilliant pricing in any case.

Here, whether you are willing to choose the basic shared hosting package or the higher-order package, you are free to choose any one, without an issue.

Indeed, the company has done their best to keep the pricing, as low as possible.

Plus, if you are someone who wants to host multiple domains, Hostgator delivers such plans too.

With their baby plan or the Business plan, you can host unlimited domains. Here, there is no sort of restriction with this company where you are free to host your number of domains.

Additionally, every single plan of Hostgator delivers the best of all quality so that you don’t have to face any sort of issue.

Plus, even on special days such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you can get as low as 80% Off. With this, you are saving tons of money on almost every single plan.

More to it, the hosting discount offers vary, and for that, you got to look at the official website for more details.

Verdict on Hostgator Pricing

Well, going ahead in Hostgator India review, the Hostgator India pricing is kept on a minimal extent.

With this, regardless of the plans, you are willing to choose, you are free to select any of the plans.

Whether you have the will to host one website or multiple ones, Hostgator  India offers tons of plans for the same.

Here, you are free to select any of the plans you find worthy. Then, you can use any of the plans and host your website, in a better way.

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Why go for Hostgator  India?

As per my testing along with the experience, I can say that Hostgator  India is one of the best hosting in India.

The company has worked hard for their reputation and have covered almost every single base. With such a covering of base, you don’t have to do much.

Moving ahead, the company also delivers useful set of features that you can opt for, without any issue.

Here, you are getting unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains if you choose the higher pricing plans.

Plus, the company even offers net banking if in case you don’t have a credit card. With this, even people with no credit cards can also opt for the net banking.

This gives people more options where they are free to choose any of the plans.

I guess this is a game-changing feature from Hostgator as it’s not being offered by most of the companies.

Yes, within 1 minute, you can pay the company for your hosting.

According to a survey that was conducted in Delhi, around 95% who want to buy hosting don’t have a credit card.

Therefore, with this, Hostgator becomes the go to option in such cases.

Indeed, I have availed of tons of discounts from Hostgator  India and have paid with the help of net banking.

The process is a seamless one and you won’t have any issues with the process.

Some Important Criteria to look for Before Buying a Web hosting

Hostgator India Review

Apart from these killer features, Hostgator India also has some notable features like

1) Automatic backup

This will take automatic backup of your website and confirm you don’t lose any data of your money-making an internet site.

2) CDN

It is a content delivery network that gives fast delivery of your website content.

Currently, Hostgator India is linked up with Cloudflare who is super professional within the industry. My website gets supercharged with the CDN.

In other words, you’ve got to buy the CDN separately but with HostGator India, you’ll catch on for free of charge.

3) Automatic Scripts installation: up to 50 scripts.


You can install WordPress within 50 seconds.

But What if you would like to make an e-commerce website or other social media type websites.

With the utilization of these scripts, you can even make your own social media platform or dating website in 2 minutes.

4) SSL support

You want privacy and security and HostGator India will provide you that.

Your customers won’t feel any security issues while buying stuff from your website.

Everything is formed secure in order that you won’t feel any security issue while making the cash online.

But this is often not the top,

In Addition, you’ll get Google AdWord credit worth 2000Rs for free of charge.

I mean are you able to imagine?

You will buy your hosting in Rs3500 and you’ll get a 2000 bonus so ultimately you simply paid 1500rs for one-year hosting.

This is crazy.

You will believe why i want Adword credit?

When you make a replacement website it’ll take a while to see in the google program.

but with the google adword, you’ll advertise your website in google search results for your choice of keyword.

This can ready to bring a few many customers to your website within the first few months itself.

If you’ll choose a low competition topic for your blog then advertising thereon topic will get a high ranking(generally #1) in Google.

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Final Word of Mouth: Hostgator India Review

Well, we have come to the concluding phase and the Hostgator India review is all right here. Indeed, Hostgator India has done wonders and has offered the best quality hosting to every user.

Speaking about the affordability of Hostgator India, they have kept their pricing to the lowest extent. With this, you are free to choose among the shared hosting and higher-level plans.

Every other plan comes with decent pricing that is another good thing. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you can go for the starter shared plans.

Or else, for people who are an experienced user, you can proceed ahead and opt for the High priced plans.

Additionally, even the customer support of Hostgator India has been on the higher side. In this scenario, whether you like to opt for phone support, email, or even live chat one, you are free to choose any support, without an issue.

Plus, the uptime of Hostgator India has been on the better end. With this, you will get constant uptime from Hostgator.

The company has installed all of the latest servers that offer good uptime, in every single scenario.

On top of that, the company offers tons of valuable features that are all useful in their own way.

Now, if you live in India and you are willing to choose the best plans, Hostgator India is the first choice of website.

Yes, the company offers some of the best plans as per every individual liking.

On top of that, I have made things simpler for you. You can CLICK HERE and you will be taken straight to the pricing page of Hostgator hosting.

From there, you are free to browse different plans and see which ones are a good fit for you.

After which, you can host your website and make tons of revenue, without an issue.

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