25 Hobbies That Make Money For You And Surprise Others

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For every single person on this planet earth, hobbies have always been like a lifeline. Whether you are bored from your work or eager to spend some quality leisure time, hobbies have always been the savior. On top of that, if you came across hobbies that make money, this will be an extremely amazing thing. 

Almost every single person is eager to make money fast from their hobbies. Well, such hobbies include everything ranging from dancing, singing to tons of other stuff. 

It all depends on your particular interest and your liking so as to which type of hobby you are persuading. 

If you can master your hobby and convert that into your profession, goodness and money are all-set to come your way. 

Hence, right at this stage, I have got for you the best hobbies that make money. Under hobbies, I have included almost all of the top class ones. 

Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap some really good hobbies, one by one. 

Best Hobbies that make Money

I always advise people to follow your passion. Your hobby can be a turning point in your life in terms of making money. 

1. Blogging

Blogging as a hobby

Yes, speaking about the number one hobby that can make you millionaire overtime will bring blogging into the spotlight. Though blogging may seem like a pretty complex term, it’s benefits are far more than amazing. 

Overall, if you are good at writing and like to craft your expertise on a note format, blogging is truly the right thing for you. If you are really interested then, you can start your own blog and start making money the way I am making from this site.

In this scenario, the investment is low where you only need to pay money for domain and hosting. 

Once you have done that, then you can possibly go into the website, write content, and wait for it to rank. 

However, if you want quality traffic from Google, learning SEO is a thing you will have to do. Altogether, if you have almost every single thing in place, then you can go ahead, perform blogging and make tons of money in the long run.

Plus, you can also learn affiliate marketing and start inculcating the same in your affiliate marketing blogs. 

With this, you can promote products of other websites and start earning some good amount of money from the same. You can also travel to new places and share your own experiences in your travel blog. 

2. Taking Online Surveys

Well, if you don’t know that you can earn money from filling online surveys, this is the best section for you. Currently, there are tons of companies that pay money to each of their users who fill the online survey form. 

In this scenario, the survey could be anything ranging from a car survey to electronics and many more. On top of that, you can even make money by surfing over the internet from time to time. 

Further, if you can capture some of the best online survey websites, you can start filling the survey forms of each of them. 

For people who don’t like to invest much of their time, an online survey is one of the best hobbies that make money, in the short term. 

In this scenario, you will have to complete at least 10 to 15 surveys if you are serious to earn money from each of the online survey work. Yes, the most important thing here is to offer your time in completing those online surveys. 

Plus, another thing to note here is that you will have to see for different payment options by the survey companies. Here, each of the survey companies will offer their own set of cash withdrawal options. In this case, whichever option you like, you are free to opt for each of those companies, without a hint of an issue. 

Gradually, as and when you will complete each of the surveys, you will earn money and with experience, you can earn some good amount of money by completing those surveys. 

3. Photography

Photography hobby

On a serious note, only for the people who are passionate about photography can make millions from photography. Yes, with photography, you don’t need to leave your ordinary work or even your education. 

By continuing photography in your part-time, you can enhance the same in tons of ways. Here, you can learn online coaching from different mentors where platforms like Udemy offer the best of all photography lessons.

Gradually as and when you will gain experience, your love for photography will grow even stronger. Thereafter, you can go to weddings and start clicking photographs. 

However, if you are interested in wildlife photography, nothing can be a better thing than this. In this case, you can possibly go out on a wildlife adventure, click photographs and earn some good money in the future. 

Well, if you are solely interested in photography and don’t like to do anything else, Photography is one of the best way to make extra money  in 2020 and beyond. 

Going ahead, if you are thinking to learn photography, there are tons of videos available over the Internet. In such cases, you are free to learn photography as per your liking and convenience. Therefore, in this scenario, you have the power to learn photography at your convenience. 

Or else, if you want to learn photography more effectively, you can go ahead and opt for online learning platforms. Here, Udemy can be worthy for you where you can use this platform and then learn photography, the better way. 

Thereafter, you will have to practice photography if you are eager to learn it to perfection. Then, you can launch your very own website and then, you can start attracting different clients. 

After which, sky is the limit where you can become a brand and then perform photography for clients, in the highest possible way. 

4. Writing

For over centuries, writing has been the hobby practiced by people and is still growing on a greater scale. Well, whether people need to write a book, movie script or almost everything, writing is the stuff that is needed, in the first place. 

Therefore, if you have got the true flare of writing, you can simply start writing for different online websites. In this scenario, you can approach them via cold emailing and can layout your expertise. 

After which, as and when they respond, then you can continue writing for them in the long run. 

On the other hand, there are different sorts of online freelancer websites that can offer you, clients, for writing. In this type of scenario, you can place your bid on those clients and if your portfolio is lucky enough, you will get the project. 

Plus, if you want to make writing as your professional career, you can simply start writing for clients on a fee scale. With this, you can start building your portfolio, show the same to your potential clients, and start earning good money. 

Altogether, if you have got the sheer passion of writing, this is one of those hobbies that make money in the quickest amount of time. 

5. Drive To Make Money

If you like driving, then DoorDash is for you. You can actually make money driving. This is a food delivery app where you pick up the food from a store and deliver it to the customers. 

The more orders you complete, the more money you will make and instantly. And of course, extra tips is the bonus money for you. 

If you want to make money daily then DoorDash can be the right option for you. The process to join Doordash is pretty simple. The system will guide you step-by-step so that you complete the process without any confusion. 

In this scenario, the very first thing you must know is to drive and have a driving license. Companies such as DoorDash will require a driving license and to drive in the best possible way. 

Further, coming down to the pay, payments will depend and vary from company to company. Here, you will have to sit back and look at the companies that pay for driving. Out of which, DoorDash is a good option and is well-tested by me. 

Likewise, you can look for other companies that are willing to offer money for driving. Gradually, you can choose one company, perform driving and earn some of the best possible money, without an issue. 

6. Graphic Designing

Graphic design

If you are that sort of a person who thinks in a creative format, graphic design is a skill you must go for. Also, if you are good at drawing since your childhood, graphic design can be a hobby that can make you a good amount of money. 

Starting off with the basics, you can begin with learning different courses online. In this case, plenty of free graphic designing courses are available online. Additionally, if you have got money, you can effortlessly invest in paid courses. 

As and when you will gain experience, then you can simply go ahead and approach clients related to graphic designing. 

However, it would be difficult at the start but as and when you will gain experience, you can design your portfolio in the long run. 

You can start from zero and with experience, you can make some hefty amount of money with Graphic designing. 

7. Carpentry

Though some people might think that carpentry is a skill that has become old, such claims are not true at any cost. Yes, in a world where every single person is dreaming to become a doctor or an engineer Carpentry will be that skill that will be of much importance in the future. 

Well, if you are interested in carpentry, you can join some carpentry shop in the first and foremost basis. Further, with Carpentry, you can learn different woodcutting skills too. 

On top of that, in a world full of online courses, you can learn carpentry designing in an online way. 

Additionally, if you can lean antique furniture designing, you can generate a good amount of money within a really short time. 

Therefore, for the people who are interested in carpentry and woodcutting, Carpentry is one of the best hobbies that make money. 

8. Auto Mechanics

If you have owned a car, you must have known how expensive it is to repair your car. Indeed, the stuff that is used to repair the car is expensive where for people interested in car repairing, auto mechanics is a golden opportunity. 

Well, the best part in Auto mechanics is that you don’t need any sort of high school diploma. This is a skill that can be learned based on hands-on experience. 

Additionally, you can also join some of the best auto mechanics workshop. With this, you can learn almost all of the advanced along with the basics of Auto Mechanics. 

Even more, there are tons of online courses you can opt for to learn the Auto mechanics basics. Once you have learned that, then you can join any of the Car repairing workshop, learn from there and make it one of the best hobbies that make money for you. 

9. Fitness

In this obesity and sick world, if there is anything that can save a person, it has to be fitness. Well, if you are someone who likes to keep themselves healthy, fitness can be the game-changer for you. 

If we speak about the earlier years, the fitness industry was not in much force. However, as and when we are heading into the ahead years, the need to keep a body fit is increasing on a global scale. 

Now, what you can do here is that you can first make your body fit and active. In this scenario, you must join a proper gym that can offer you different fitness training. 

Thereafter, opportunities are endless in the fitness industry where you can also become a gym trainer. Although, you will have to perform a certification program for the same that doesn’t cost much too. 

After becoming a trainer, you can gradually join the gym and start training the newbies. Once you have become the master, then you can potentially join a mega gym and offer your training including your own personal fees. 

On top of that, if you can establish yourself as a good fitness trainer, then you can go into homes, deliver your training, and establish yourself in the long run.

10. Music Teaching

All over the world, Music has been spreading the essence of love and utmost joy. Indeed there are tons of music lovers and if you are one of them, opportunities await you. 

In this scenario, if you are passionate about music, you can gradually start to earn some of the most fundamentals of music. 

Here, you can learn to play different instruments or master that one instrument to perfection. Currently, there are millions of people who are sitting at their homes waiting for someone who can teach them music. With this, you can learn the instrument to perfection. 

Thereafter, either online or offline, you can gradually start your training classes where you can teach people about music. 

Though, right at the start, you will face some sort of issues but as and when you will go ahead with time, people will come asking for you if you are the masters in that field. 

Gradually, you can visit people’s homes and charge a good amount of money for your musical skills. 

Altogether, if you are pretty much passionate about music, this is one of the best hobbies that make money in the short and long term. 

11. Web Designing

For the people who are drawn towards creativity, web designing is a field that can make you tons of money in a short period. 

Now, with web designing, you can basically choose one platform such as WordPress and become a master in the same. Here, different sorts of online courses are available over the internet related to web designing. 

Additionally, you can also access websites such as Udemy that can deliver you web designing courses. Further, there are tons of things related to WordPress that you will have to take into consideration. Such sorts of things include using a proper theme, installing necessary plugins, and much more. 

For this, once you have learned the basics of Web designing, then you can join any good company as a freelance web designer. After joining the same, then you can easily make websites and get money for the same. 

Once you have got the experience, then you can proceed ahead and start running your own agency. Indeed, at the start, you will face tough times. But, as and when you will gain experience, you can easily build websites for clients and start generating money.

Without a doubt, Web Designing is one of the best hobbies that make money on the side far more easily in the long run. 

In this scenario, you can expand such things by opening your very own Web Designing company. Yes, options are plenty for you where you can build your company from scratch. 

Here, you can hire employees who are skilful enough and then, you can slowly go ahead and build your website designing business, to the best possible extents. 

12. Social Media Marketing

If you are someone who likes to spend tons of your time on social media, social media marketing is a skill you got to master. Indeed, the social media world is massive where if you can learn to promote products and services using social media, you can surely become a millionaire.

Here, there are tons of different social media courses available online. From your end, all you can do is to start learning those courses, one by one. Thereafter, you can practice those skills and implement the same in running ads for the clients. 

Though, you will have to struggle at the start where you will make mistakes. However, as and when you will learn the core secrets of social media marketing, you can soon become one of the best social media marketers.

Or else, if you want  to learn social media marketing more deeply, you can gradually join the respective company. 

There, you can learn almost all of the basic and advanced level skills related to SMM. After this, you can work as a freelancer, offer services to clients, and make SMM as one of the best hobbies that make money in 2020 and beyond. 


13. Crafts

In a world full of technology-oriented skills, crafts is a skill only a few people have. Indeed, the modern date schools have increased their craft period where this can be a good opportunity for people who are interested in designing crafts. 

In this type of scenario, you don’t need to do any special course if you are eager to learn the craft. All you can do is to use YouTube and learn some of the best craft related videos. Though, you got to invest some good amount of your time because each craft video will be a lot longer. 

As and when you are done with the video-watching then you can bring your skills into play. Here, you can effortlessly make crafts of your choice and practice as much as you can. 

Also, online there are tons of craft-related people who are offering their services. Hence, after you have become the master in crafts, then you can also start your very own craft offering services. 

At the start, you can easily keep your costing low but as and when you gain experience and clients, you can higher your pricing. 

Not in the current time but gradually, Crafts is one of the rare hobbies that make money quite comfortably in the long run. 

14. Proofreading & Editing

Apart from writing if there is any other skill that is in high demand, it has to be proofreading and editing. Indeed, the modern date proofreaders are charging a good amount of money to proofread the document.

From your end, you can do the same but first, you will have to learn the basic skills. On first and foremost, if you want to become a proofreader, you must have access to all the paid proofreading tools. Now, this you can buy in bulk where the pricing of each tool is reduced to a considerable extent. 

Thereafter, you can start off with reading as much as possible. Over the internet, some websites offer you to proofread the document. 

In return, they pay money to the proofreader that is quite an amazing thing. 

Gradually, as and when you will gain experience, you can join a digital marketing agency for the same. 

After which, once you know that you have gained confidence, then you can easily go ahead, start your own company and maker proofreading as one of the best hobbies that make money. 

15. Buying and Selling

If you are interested in buying and selling of different kinds of stuff, the buying and selling of stuff can do wonders for you. In this scenario, first, you got to choose from different level things that you can sell either online or offline. 

On an online basis, you can sell different sorts of stuff ranging from websites to different amazon products. Indeed, the world of online buying and selling is pretty huge where you can effortlessly set your very own profit margin. 

In this scenario, the margin can be set depending on the type of products. Also, it’s quite easy to see how you can particularly leverage thousands of products and make some hefty money from the same. 

On top of that, there are different sorts of outlets where you can sell your items. Generally, you will have to be pretty clever in buying and selling of different products. 

Once you understand the entire scenario, then you can simply go ahead and try selling different sorts of items. 

In this scenario, you have got the option to take buying and selling online. Here, you will have to learn different things so as to from where you can buy and then sell each of those products online. 

16. Coaching


Indeed, one of the best hobbies to make money online or even offline is coaching. Here, you can be a mentor of different activities and earn money from the same. 

Now, as you all know that we live in a digital age world. In this case, people are searching online for different courses and this can be one of the best opportunities for you. 

Or else, in the offline field, if you are passionate about fitness, you can become a gym coach. In this scenario, you can take up different training sessions where you can learn about the fundamentals of fitness and training. 

The moment you are done with the same, then you can easily go ahead and train tons of people and make them live a fit life. 

Additionally, you can also become the life coach where you can simply solve people’s life issues. Indeed, plenty of people are struggling with their life issues. In this scenario, you can become a savior, solve their issues, and make them live a better life. 

17. Public speaking

If there is one better way through which you can generate some hefty money and sell stuff, it has to be public speaking. There are tons of people who are scared to speak in public. Therefore, if you are interested in public speaking,  you can simply go ahead and master your speaking skills. 

Here, you can go on to learn from different online courses that are available on the internet. Indeed, this type of thing will consume time but as and when you will master the skills, things will get better. 

Thereafter, you can start your very own public speaking classes. Either online or offline, it really doesn’t matter as long as there is flair in your speaking skills. 

After this, you can even affiliate your business where public speaking is one of the best hobbies that make money in millions. 

18. Pet sitting

Currently, there are millions of people who like to own pets. But, in the chaos of a busy lifestyle and work all over, people may find it difficult to look after their pets. 

Well, if you too are fond of pets and eager to take care of them, this is the right time when your skill can come into play. In this type of scenario, if you have a big house, you can start your very own pet sitting business. 

Indeed, with the help of pet sitting, you can look after the client’s pets for which they will give you a good amount of money. 

Also, if you want to go a lot deep in pet sitting, pet grooming is another thing that is in high demand. With pet grooming, you can charge a good amount of fees from the clients. 

With proper grooming of pets, they can become more attractive, healthy, and better in the long run. 

Altogether, you can club all your pet grooming services into one where you can charge pricing based on packages. 

Eventually, as and when you will make your name in the industry, you can easily charge premium fees depending on each of your services. 

19. Baking

For the people who are serious about selling baked stuff, baking is a thing that can make you a good income. 

Yes, if you have been baking cakes at your home as a hobby, you can go ahead and turn the same into a profession. Therefore, in this type of scenario, all you can do is to first start competing in different competitions. 

Though this type of thing may consume your time and effort, they are worth establishing you as a brand. 

After you have taken part in most of the competitions, then you can simply start your very own store. Now, in a world of digital age and technology, there is no need to set up a traditional store. 

In this scenario, you can simply start your baking business in an online way. 

Altogether, with time, you can learn new baking skills and turn your profession into a true profession. 

Gradually with time, you can establish yourself as a brand, bake some of the best foods, and serve customers to the absolute limits. 


20. Antiques

Well, antiques does come under the category of buying and selling but it’s much more than that. In this type of scenario, you can be specialized in different antique kinds of stuff. You must know the name and history of almost every single antique stuff. 

On the other hand, if you are pretty much fond of gems, you can effortlessly study about them. Yes, gems have still got a major market place where if you can keenly understand the selling of gems, such hobbies that make money are far better than the rest.

Also, in every single street or online, Antique shops have got their own reputation. Their customers are potential buyers where they don’t look after money before spending on those antiques. 

Further, if you can go a little ahead and make contact with the antique sellers, you can tie-up with them. In short, you can work as an affiliate for them, generate them sales, and take your hefty commission. 

21. Flipping Websites

Right now, there is no sort of doubt that we live in a digitized world where everything is running online. In such sort of scenario, if you can learn how to flip websites and make money, money can start coming in for you pretty quickly. 

Currently, there are tons of companies that are offering services to flip websites. With this, you can effortlessly tie-up with those websites and offer them websites for sale. Although, the commission rate does vary from website to website which is the thing you got to take into consideration. 

Once you have understood the entire system of flipping websites, then you can go ahead to start your own company too. Yes, the cost to start your own company is negligible where you can simply scale it to indefinite heights. 

Altogether, for the people who are looking for hobbies that make money quickly, flipping websites is the one I would recommend to each of my users. 

22. Cooking

Yes, eating foods have been the thing that is going on since life has been on earth. Almost every single human wants to eat for their basic survival. However, in the modern date times when plenty of cool restaurants have opened up, cooking and food eating has taken a giant leap. 

Hence, as a person who is interested in cooking, this can be the best opportunity for you to turn it into a business income. Well, even if you don’t know cooking, you can learn the same from one of the best online platforms that is YouTube. 

With YouTube, you can explore different sorts of cooking videos and learn to cook some of the best foods. 

After this, you can start your very own YouTube channel with zero money. Yes, you don’t need to pay any money to YouTube where you can get money from ads that are displayed on your YouTube channel. 

On the other hand, you can also start your very own website and begin selling home-cooked foods. This is one of the most unique concepts you can try in the cooking industry. With this, the competition will be pretty less where you can start giving your cooking services to the clients. 

Here, you can choose your very own delivery partner and compare the pricing of each one. Ultimately cooking is one of the most brilliant hobbies that make money where you can expand it to unbelievable heights. 

Slowly, with time, you can expand your cooking business where you can even start your very own show. Though times with take time, it will be worth every penny in the end.

23. Swimming

Well, for the people who are interested in swimming, you can take this hobby and turn it down into a profession. Here, if you are a moderate level swimmer, there is no issue of any kind. In this scenario, you can enroll yourself into a better swimming course and learn all the advanced level swimming. 

Thereafter, as and when you have learned swimming, you can enroll yourself as a coach. Currently, not many people are becoming swimmers and there is a massive opportunity for you. 

Hence, as and when you get selected as a swimmer, you can make people learn swimming most amazingly. 

With this, you can effortlessly turn your hobby into your profession, earn money, and live your life to the fullest. 

24. Making Courses

Well, whether you are from the teaching industry or not, if you are fond of teaching, making courses can be one of the best things to make money. Yes, the courses can vary from anything where you can make your courses and effortlessly sell them on online platforms. 

Now, for this, you can be expertise in anything and sell your courses online. In this scenario, the best online platform on which you can sell your courses is Udemy. 

Yes, by selling your courses, you are not only converting your hobby into a profession. But, you are also making money by selling your courses. 

Gradually, as and when you will sell your courses, people will know you that will help in establishing your brand. 

25. Play Games

If you like playing games and want to make money from this hobby then this is for you. You can join Swagbucks and start money playing games. 

You can also join Twitch to make money where you can stream live games and make your own video. There are professional streamers who make seven-figure every month. All you need to do is, start your game and stream it on Twitch. 

Final Word of Mouth

Well, hobbies are without a doubt one of the most essential things in every person’s life. It lets us to live our life a little more and enhances our body and mind to some really good extent. Plus, with hobbies, your mind tends to remain in a much better state and you can perform activities in a better way. 

Hence, right now, you must have got the best of all hobbies that make money. From my end, I have tried my best to offer an extensive range of hobbies based on every individual wishlist. 

Whether you are interested in cooking, course making, swimming, craft making or any other activity, the way is all clearer for you. 

However, from your end, you will also have to perform a series of research. Analyze yourself and see in which of the above hobbies you are better. 

Right at the start, you can pick up one hobby and go ahead with it to polish the same. Indeed, at the start, you will not earn money but as and when you will go ahead in time, the money will start to flow in, 

On the other hand, before pursuing a hobby as a profession, your goal must not be to earn money in the first place. 

Firstly, you must always think to pursue a hobby as a passionate thing. Gradually with time, you can then simply go ahead, make money from that hobby, and eventually grow ahead in your future life. 

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