Is Harris Poll Online Survey Legit? Complete Review

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Do you know that money can be made on spare time through paid online surveys?

Yes, Harris Poll Online survey will give you an opportunity to make money online from home in few minutes. No matter whether it’s a day or night, you can work at any time.

Harris Poll Online is one of the oldest and most popular online survey company that pay huge rewards to their signed up members.

They are also a member of “National Council of Public Polls (NCCP).”

You can join Harris Poll for free and start earning money from online surveys.

“I am no longer recommending Harris Poll Online, instead, you can sign up for Survey Junkie.

How to Sign Up Harris Poll Online?

It’s a very simple process. filling out the information that takes a few seconds and then confirm your email address.

Once done, you are ready to make money from surveys.

Make sure that you fill out the right information so that Harris Poll online will send you the relevant surveys that you can answer easily in a few minutes.

Harris poll online reviews

You can redeem Harris Poll Online rewards to gift cards such as Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, iTunes, restaurants and many more. They do not have cash payout option.

I believe, rewards in the form of gift cards is a very good deal. Anyways, we do shopping online and offline.

Once you reach 1250 points, then you can convert it into $10 gift card/vouchers for shopping.

Harris Poll Online is a reputed company and this should be in the list of your money making survey companies.


Harris Poll Online connected with many industries that give a huge scope to its members.

You may receive a survey related to the below topics.

  • Shopping.
  • Consumer product.
  • Services.
  • Movies.
  • Politics etc.

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Redemption Processing Time

If you want your reward HIpoints to redeem and convert it into gift card/vouchers, then you need to select the company and apply for vouchers.

The redemption process takes up to15 business days.

For merchandise, it process takes 7-14 days to receive the merchandise via USPS. Harris Poll covers the shipping and handling charges.

Surveys Length

First of all, you will receive a survey based on your profile, so that you cannot find challenge in answering surveys..

A long survey can take around 15 to 20 minutes to complete and a short survey hardly take 5 minutes.

You will be paid as per the length and the type of surveys.


If you disqualify from any survey, then still you will receive 15 HIpoints and also get eligible to take part in Sweepstakes & get a chance to win $10,000 every quarter.

This is the best part that I liked in Harris Poll Online.

Being not qualified, you can still join other surveys available on Harris Poll and make money online.

What is Sweepstakes?

Harris Poll Online gives an opportunity to its member to enter into HIstakes and get a chance to win up to $10,000 every quarter.

If you get disqualified for some surveys or you have answered surveys that do not give reward point then, you can make an entry to Sweepstakes to win the prize money.


Minimum age criteria is 13 years for USA and Canada. And for other countries, age limit differs.

Good About Harris Poll Online

  • Gives a chance to win $10,000 every quarter.
  • Offer good HIpoints on each survey.
  • Varieties of surveys.
  • Simple sign up process.
  • User-friendly.
  • Get a reward even though you are disqualified.

Problems With Harris Poll Survey

Harris Poll Survey don’t pay cash instead, they give you an option to redeem your reward points into shopping voucher.

You may receive 3-5 surveys a month. It’s better you sign up with other survey companies to receive more surveys. You can join surveys companies such as Survey Junkie, SwagbucksPoint Club, MySurveyGlobal Test Market, and Paid Survey at Home.

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Final Thoughts?

Harris Poll Online can be the best option for you to start making money from surveys. It’s a trustworthy survey company and also makes sure to give the best service to their members.

Yes, It’s a legit survey company.

They are also good in payouts. Once you apply to redeem your point, you will not need to worry about the delay. They are good at doing points redemption within the deadline.

Though it doesn’t pay out cash, but you can enjoy gift voucher of big brands like Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, etc.

If you still want to go for cash paying survey companies, then I would highly recommend you to go for Survey JunkieSwagbucks, and Inbox Dollars

It’s better if you sign up with these companies and take advantage of receiving online surveys from different survey sites. This strategy is only for making more money through online surveys.

Harris Poll sends around 3-5 surveys a month which is very less, but it’s good in terms of earning points.

If you want to make good money then, relying only on one survey company is not recommendable. You need to join at least 4-5 best survey companies and have handsome cash in your pocket.

“I am no longer recommending Harris Poll Online, instead, you can sign up for Survey Junkie.

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