How to Grow your Blog: TOP Proven Ways to Grow Exponentially [2021]

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If you are someone who is willing to market and grow your blog, then this article can be a boon to you. Indeed, there are tons of people who have got the will to start their own blog. Still, starting isn’t a challenge, growing the blog is. With this, if you have got the intention and the eagerness to grow your blog, we have got you a series of good steps.

On top of that, we have got some of the brilliant strategies that can actually help you in growing your blog. With these things into consideration, let’s go ahead and unveil some of the better strategies, one by one.

How to Grow your Blog [The Best Ways]

Right now, you don’t have to do anything where you can unveil some of the better ways for growing your blog.

  1. Make Site Easier to Use

How to Grow your Blog

Going ahead with the very first step, you got to make your website much easier to use.

  • Make Layout easier to Understand

Starting up with the basics, you will want your audience to understand the layout, easier for understanding. None of the users would want a website that’s a bit on the complicated end. Plus, you must always ask yourself, “how can I make the website layout simple?”

Altogether, if your website layout is simple, then you can use that layout to your advantage.

  • Have a better and clearer navigation

Moving ahead towards the second better thing to grow your blog, you got to make navigation clearer and better. Yes, once your website has got the true navigation, then you can make site functionality, a lot simpler.

Plus, you got to make everything function together if you want the websites to have much better and clearer navigations.

  • Don’t ever forget the search box

Moving ahead among the tips to grow your blog, you must always put the search box inside your blog. Yes, this is something you got to take into consideration if you want to make blog navigation simpler.

Plus, it can help readers to search for their specific type of content, in the best possible way.

  • Your Blog Must always be Mobile Friendly

Yes, we are living in mobile dominated world and currently, websites have to be mobile-friendly. More than half of the searches over the internet are taking place on mobile phones.

This shows the intensive use of smartphones where you can even use this thing to your advantage.

Plus, right from 2015, Google has said that they are including the Mobile-Friendly term in their ranking factors.

With this, if your website has got mobile-friendly design, then chances are pretty high that your site will grow, to some good extent.

  1. Increase the speed of your Website

How to Grow your Blog

Going ahead towards the second top to grow your blog, increasing the speed of a website is something you got to take into consideration.

Almost none of the users like slow websites, neither search engines nor the users. Plus, as per Google, they have said that website speed is among the good and important ranking factors.

Hence, you must always make sure to work on your website speed where once your site has got the speed, it will attract a greater amount of traffic, without an issue.

On the other hand, there are different tools such as PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom that can easily help you evaluate your website performance.

By using these tools, you can increase website speed and take it right to another level.

Also, if you have implemented almost all of the strategies and still website speed isn’t increasing, then you will have to ask your website service provider.

There can be chances where issues might be with your hosting service provider.

Here, you can contact them and let them resolve issues that are coming with your website speed.

  1. Create Worthy Content

How to Grow your Blog

Yes, if you are not creating worthy readable content, then you are wasting tons of your time. With this, you will have to create contents that your readers will love, to the best possible extents.

In such a scenario, you must focus on creating content that can help you get more users along with audiences. Plus, it can even help your audiences to grow and even help spread your brand awareness, without an issue.

Additionally, you do these things by keeping each of the things interesting. Constantly, you can work harder by providing something new and dynamic to your audiences.

Now, given below are some of the greatest and good ideas that can help you create content that is worth every single time:

  • Tell a Story

Starting with the basics, you got to know that every single reader loves stories. With this, you can write contents that can compel a story to the viewers.

  • Make use of Conversational Tone

Secondly, you must always make use of a tone that readers can find a lot soothing. With this, you can find the true and perfect balance between the personal and professional things you write.

Also, you must always be true to your voice which can help build trust among your viewers.

  • Provide a different range of content

Going ahead to grow your blog, you got to use short but useful types of tutorials, case studies, videos, reviews, list posts, and much more to help make your content better.

Plus, you can even use podcasts in your content that can help you make those contents, a lot better than the usual.

  • Find User Interests

In this scenario, you can check your competitors and have a look at the popular posts. Also, you can even make use of keyword research tools that can help you find the interest of the users.

Here, you can make use of AHREF or even SEMrush which can help you write content, in a better way.

  • Make use of Visuals and Avoid the Unedited Ones

Yes, as and when you will include visuals in your content, you can attract a much better mass of audiences.

  • Always try to keep things original

Google rewards content that offers sites keeping each of the content originals. Yes, originality is the king in the modern date world and once your content is original, then you can attract a good amount of viewers.

Even more, if any type of content is duplicate, then Google can penalize that sort of content, in a straightforward way.

  • Focus on Stronger Headlines

Now, as per different surveys and reports, 80% of the readers will not go beyond reading your title. In these cases, you got to make sure that your headline is better and most importantly appealing.

If you are using a headline that is appealing, readers will read your website content, without an issue.

Plus, if you will browse the internet, you will find some of the best ideas for creating appealing headlines.

  • Always try to get the conversation going

If each of your posts sparks comments, different search engines will visualize that the content is updated on a regular basis. With this, you can find that the results will include higher rankings, every single time.

  • Provide different actionable content

Moving ahead, your readers would want to learn and become much better at whatever they are really passionate about. Plus, you must always try to tie different things in the content, without an issue.

  1. Build Engagements, every single time

How to Grow your Blog

Going ahead among the top tips to grow your blog, building engagement is something you have to do, every single time.

Yes, in such a scenario, you will have to build stronger engagement with each of your content. Plus, you must know that writing content is easy but engaging with each of such content is something, that’s a thing which can help your blog grow.

Given below are some of the better tips that can help you create engaging contents:

  • Keep Paragraphs Short

First of all, you got to make sure that each paragraph is short because people don’t like lengthy paragraphs.

  • Make use of Subheadings

Secondly, you can easily divide information into different types of sub-sections with the use of subheadings.

With subheadings, you can easily divide every piece of content, the better way.

  • Make use of Lists

Yes, Listing are an essential part in content creation where it makes content easier for the eyes.

  • Use Visual Aids

Yes, make sure that your content has got some of the better visuals that can appeal to the audiences, every single time.

  • Highlight the important points

Make sure to bold or even highlight words or phrases that are useful ones. This can help the readers to know important sentences, without issues.

  • Use Readable Fonts

On the other hand, you will have to make use of good readable fonts that can be an easier one for reading. With this, readers will not find any sort of issues for reading the articles.

Plus, you must make the font size a lot larger than usual. With such things in practice, you can make the readers engaged and even hooked up for a longer period of time.

  • Make Content Easier to Share

Don’t ever forget to include the social media sharing buttons wherever possible. Yes, if you can include sharing buttons, then users can share your content that will gradually increase your content reach, every single time.

  • Mention good brands in your post

Yes, you got to mention some of the better brands in your post where people will find your content a lot engaging with those things.

  • Adding a Call to Action at the bottom of your Post

Indeed, including a call to action at the bottom of your post can help users take adequate action. Plus, it can eventually enhance the overall reach and availability of your post.

  • Use Social Proof

The moment you have got or you have built different social proof signals, then chances are high that you can build a stronger social presence with that thing.

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  1. Optimizing Content for Search Engines


Optimizing your website and its content for search engines is what makes your site easily discoverable by users checking out terms relevant to you. And whilst it’d sound complicated, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to try to do it. Here are some tips to spice up your search rankings:

  • Optimize your Meta title & Meta description

Add important keywords but don’t overdo them. Your page title should be between 60-70 characters while 155-160 characters for your meta description. you’ll use an SEO plugin to try to do this.

If you’re on WordPress, I like to recommend using the beat One SEO plugin to optimize your pages. Here’s an excellent guide on how you maximize your meta tags.

  • Use keywords in your post title and subheadings

Add your main keywords in your post title. you’ll also start your post titles with a commonly-searched word like review, how, what is…, where, how can, or does the…. for instance, if you’re writing about starting a blog, rather than writing your title “Blogging”, you ought to write “How to start out a Blog in 20 Minutes” or “How to start out a WordPress Blog”. Be as specific as possible.

  • Interlink your posts

Link your new posts to other relevant content or to “top searched” pages (if relevant).

You’ll use Google Analytics to look see your top pages: attend Acquisition » All Traffic » Channels » Organic Search » Landing Page.

Link bent other credible sites. Confirm to link to a selected URL that’s relevant to your content.

Not only will this send trackable traffic to the source (who might visit and even share your post), but search engines will likely reward this behavior.

  • Write descriptive ALT tags to your images

Most social channels and other social sharing tools use your images’ ALT tags because the post title when sharing your post on social media.

So always add captivating ALT tags to your images to pique other’s curiosity. This tutorial will assist you to find out how to feature an ALT append your images with WordPress.

  • Keep your URL short and with keywords

For example, I’m writing about the simplest SEO practices. You’d want your URL to be like this:

Not this: Hint: If you’re using WordPress, you ought to change your default permalink structure to a custom one. Once you are doing this, make certain to redirect your old URLs to new ones.

  • Integrate long-tail keywords on your content

Grow your search traffic by using multiple “long-tail keywords” as they’re easier to focus on (because they’re less competitive). Read this straightforward guide to find out the way to work with long-tail keywords.

Ensure your body content is thick and unique. generally, Google favors longer, fresher content to shorter duplicates

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  1. Create your Subscriber List

Email Marketing

If you are someone who is serious to grow a blog, stronger email marketing is absolutely essential. In such a scenario, if you are serious to grow your blog, then you will have to make use of email marketing in growing your blog to the best possible extents.

Throughout the list, you can easily build powerful connections and effectively market work in a trustworthy space.

Additionally, in order to make most of the email marketing, you got to gain each of those subscribers, in a far better way.

Plus, given below are the top tips that can help generate a subscriber list, without an issue:

  • Find a good Email marketing tool

Speaking about the email marketing tool, you got to use a tool that’s simply offering a good set of features. Plus, you will have to look at the pricing section as well where you can use that tool for storing your subscriber emails and other data.

  • Make sure to Put a good Opt-In form

On the other hand, for collecting the details, you will have to make use of a brilliant opt-in form. Yes, good opt-in forms can easily help you to collect your subscriber information, in a much better way.

Final Word of Mouth

Going at the ending phase of the article, the best ways to grow your blog are all available here. Indeed, as a person who is willing to start your own blog, you got to follow almost each of the strategies given above.

Yes, every single strategy is a better one and once you will accomplish each of the strategies, you will find no sort of issues in the same.

With such things in place, you can easily follow the above strategies and grow your blog to the next level.

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