GreenGeeks vs Siteground: The Winner is Shocking [2021 Updated]

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Right after Siteground hosting increased its pricing, people are starting to look for other alternatives. In such cases, GreenGeeks is one of the better alternatives and if you are looking to opt for the best hosting, this GreenGeeks vs Siteground review is the best one for you.

Speaking about the GreenGeeks company, it has been one of the best companies and one good Siteground alternative.

Both of the companies are reliable hosting companies and are brilliant ones for eCommerce stores and even blog growing.

However, there can be a few times when you can feel a bit confused to choose a better hosting service provider.

In such cases, let’s go ahead and unwrap the complete GreenGeeks vs Siteground review.

GreenGeeks vs Siteground: Overview of Siteground

Starting with the first web service provider, Siteground is one of those services that is recommended by WordPress itself. Yes, the company has picked up speed within a short duration and have offered some of the best and quality plans.

In terms of their roots, the company was founded back in the year 2004 and it has got massive 16 years of experience in the hosting niche.

On the other hand, Siteground makes use of the Google Cloud for taking advantage of their true faster network along with the higher level of server redundancy.

On the other hand, Google does match 100% of energy consumption with renewable energy.

That’s not all where Siteground ensures that each of the technical superiority is adopted with the latest technology.

Also, since the company offers managed WordPress services, the company takes effective care of your security, website speed, software updates, and many more to keep the website up.

Now, you must also know that this type of convenience comes at an extra cost. As a result of this, Siteground is a bit costlier than the shared hosting services.



Going ahead in the GreenGeeks vs Siteground review, GreenGeeks is another company that is rising up the charts. They have worked and are slowly taking up on each of the industry giants.

Using their hosting, you will be proud of saving the environment as their energy consumption is near to 300% Green Energy.

If you will compare GreenGeeks vs Siteground, GreenGeeeks offer all of the security features that you will find in Siteground.

Also, the company even offers stable hosting performance and makes sure that the website is always available for maximum time.

Hence, from the above scenario, you can see that GreenGeeks isn’t left far behind and offers some of the best hosting services.

GreenGeeks vs Siteground: Essential Features

Well, right now let’s dive into the essential features and see each of those, one by one


In terms of a hosting company offering value-driven features, Siteground is among a good choice in this scenario Yes, they offer Managed Hosting Services and also offers shared hosting, cloud hosting, high-performance enterprise hosting, and even enterprise-level hosting.

Plus, you have the option to register domain names or even purchase each of the add-on-services with the help of Siteground.

Also, the company even offers enough type of SSD Storage, free SSL, unmetered bandwidth, Cloudflare CDN, daily backups, free email accounts along with WordPress management tools.

Additionally, there can be chances where you will have to upgrade towards higher plans. This can help you sustain more traffic at a better cross price

Another thing you must note is that the Siteground team has got exclusive WooCommerce plans for creating an online store with fewer efforts.

On the last end side, Siteground even allows the selling of their services on their GrowBig and higher order plans.


In this GreenGeeks vs Siteground review, GreenGeeks is another one of the best and popular hosting companies. Here, the company comes with tons of those features such as free SSL, free Cloudflare CDN, Backups, email accounts, WordPress installers, LSCache solutions, and much more.

Now, unlike Siteground, the GreenGeeks offer unlimited storage and data transfer.

As I said above, GreenGeeks offer up to 300% green energy which can minimize environmental issues.

Also, the company even offers a free domain name for one good year. With this, you can save your money on buying the domain name.

Plus, for each of the business users, GreenGeeks designed the managed VPS hosting plans along with cPanel based on the reseller hosting.

Final Verdict

In this case, I can say that GreenGeeks is the true winner as it has got its entire focus upon the renewal of green energy.

Also, the company does offer almost every set of features that is the most essential thing in such a scenario.

GreenGeeks vs Siteground: Speed & Uptime

In the midst of choosing any hosting service provider, speed and uptime are two of the most essential things.

If any hosting is not offering the best of speeds and uptime, chances are high that the name of that hosting service provider will definitely go up the ranks.

Now, almost every single reputed hosting service provider offers almost 99.99% uptime. Each of those owners knows the importance of uptime and they offer brilliant uptime, in every single scenario.


GreenGeeks vs Siteground

Going ahead in GreenGeeks vs Siteground review, Siteground hosting makes use of the Google Cloud platform where you don’t have to worry about the website speed.

Here, you can make use of the SSD storage that will offer the fastest global network and offer speed, to every single website.

Additionally, Siteground offers multiple sets of data center locations that are spread across the four continents.

Also, they offer Cloudflare CDN that covers 90 massive countries along with 194 cities, without an issue.

What technology does Siteground use?

Siteground makes use of the best and latest technologies such as the HTTP/2, PHP 7.X along with the in-house developed SG optimizer caching solutions.

In terms of the Uptime offered by Siteground, the company offers a good 99.99% uptime guarantee. This thing compensates for every 1% drop in their uptime with a month of free hosting.

On the other hand, if you are looking for web hosting that delivers super-fast site speed, Siteground is a good option.


GreenGeeks vs Siteground

On the other hand, the GreenGeeks hosting company also takes uptime and performance quite seriously. Regularly, the company has been known to upgrade their servers that can deliver far better and worthy performances, every single time.

Here, GreenGeeks makes use of the Solid State Storage Array in their RAID-10 for quicker page loading and maximum hardware redundancy.

Plus, it also offers the best of all web technologies which includes LiteSpeed, HTTP/2, LSCache, MariaDB, PHP 7.X, and a free Cloudflare CDN.

Also, the company has been implementing the HTTP/3 along with the QUIC for faster in-browsing website loading times.

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GreenGeeks Data Centers

Taking a glance at the GreenGeeks data center, the company offers three data centers. Here, the data centers are located in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

If your website receives traffic from all parts of the world, you can consider choosing GreenGeeks hosting company.

Also, the CDN helps improve the website performance/speed to some good extent too.

With such availability of data centers, you can be sure that the hosting service provider will deliver amazing website speed and even the uptime will be pretty decent.

GreenGeeks vs Siteground: Documentation & Support

Customer Support

For any of the users who is using hosting services, they might know the importance of customer support.

Yes, if a hosting service provider is delivering amazing customer, people are bound to use their services for hosting purpose.

At any point in time, quick and user-friendly customer support is one of the most important aspects in web hosting services.

Sometimes, there can be times when your website may face technical issues and you would expect a web hosting company to assist you to resolve those issues, as quickly as possible.

Also, you must know that every single website owner isn’t a tech person and they can face ample of issues in the troubleshooting process.

This is the reason why a brilliant customer support team is essential for resolving different issues.


Starting with the basics, Siteground as a hosting company is famous for its 24×7 quick customer support.

Here, the company offers every sort of customer support where you can opt for live chat, email, and even phone call support.

For connecting with Siteground, you got to wait before the Siteground executive can connect with you.

Also, if the Siteground support isn’t able to resolve your website issues, you can then connect with the Siteground technical assistance team.

Combining the power of AI with Human Staff, Siteground customer support has reached to massive heights.

What about people who need to resolve issues on their own?

If you have the will to resolve issues on your own, you can simply make use of the support documentation.

In this case, you can find extensive knowledge that can certainly help you resolve website issues, on your own way.

GreenGeeks Customer Support

Customer Service

Moving ahead in GreenGeeks vs Siteground review, the GreenGeeks customer support is something that is beneficial too.

Yes, it’s an eco-friendly platform but they have paid a large amount of heed towards the customer supports section.

Especially, if you will look at the technical support of GreenGeeks, you will understand the importance of that support system.

Here, each of the executives is well trained and can resolve almost any of the queries.

Alike Siteground hosting, GreenGeeks offer quicker technical support over live chat, phone calls, and even support tickets.

In addition, it brings an extensive knowledge base for self-help which is another better thing.

Personally, I tested the customer support of GreenGeeks and was pretty much pleased by the results.

In this case, I got a brilliant response and the support executive was able to resolve my website issues, a better way.

Final Verdict

Well, coming down to the customer support results, I can say that both the companies have offered brilliant customer support.

Either we speak about Siteground or even GreenGeeks, if you want good customer service support, you can choose any of the following companies, without an issue.

GreenGeeks vs Siteground: Pricing Section

For any person who is willing to choose a web hosting service provider, Pricing is one of the most essential factors.

Yes, in the pricing of GreenGeeks vs Siteground, you will notice a significant difference. Right after Siteground moved with the Google Cloud, they increased their pricing to some good extents.

On the other hand, looking at the pricing of GreenGeeks, the company offers to host at relatively lesser pricing.

Siteground Pricing

 Siteground Shared Hosting

First of all, let’s begin with the pricing of Siteground where the company offers Shared hosting starting from $6.99 per month. Yes, this type of pricing is a bit on the expensive end.

The company has always got its focus on the premium users, agencies, and developers and ensures offering a premium experience.

Yes, they believe in the quality of users and this they do by hosting a larger number of websites.

Further, hosting over 2 million websites is a remarkable achievement for a company like Siteground too.

Speaking about the Shared Hosting plans offered by Siteground, they offer three types of Shared Hosting plans.

Here, you can choose any of the hosting plans depending on your website.

Plus, in terms of the pricing, it starts from $6.99 for each month and goes up to $14.99 per month.

On the other hand, if you are thinking to renew your website hosting, it’s expensive too.

In this case, you may need to pay $14.99 per month to $39 for each month depending on your type of plan.

Although larger websites offer auto cloud hosting but, I would recommend you to opt for cheaper options such as Hostinger.

Also, if you are willing to expand your website functionality, they also offer you an option to expand the services.

In this case, you can buy additional services like security add-ons, third party products, and enhance your website.



In terms of the pricing offered by GreenGeeks, the company follows a traditional model that comes with the lowest pricing.

Yes, compared to Siteground, you will notice that GreenGeek’s pricing is lesser even if you choose the 1-year plans.

Here, you can grab the Shared Hosting at just $2.49 for each month. This is relatively cheaper when you compare this pricing with the Siteground one.

Also, the company delivers tri-angular level purchases and the pricing does go up to $8.95 for the highest tier plans.

Further, speaking about the GreenGeeks reseller plans, the pricing starts from $19.95 for each month.

This gives you the option to hold up to 25 cPanel accounts, without an issue. Plus, you can even upgrade to higher-order plans for hosting up to 80 cPanel accounts by paying around $34.95 for each month.

GreenGeeks VPS Plans

VPS Hosting Plans

Going ahead in GreenGeeks vs Siteground review, the company also offers a different set of the best VPS plans.

Here, these VPS plans are suitable for larger businesses, eCommerce store,s and publications where they receive a massive amount of traffic.

The GreenGeeks VPS plans and pricing starts from $49.95 for each month where you will get 2 GB of RAM, 4 CPU Cores, 50 GB SSD Storage, and 10 TB of bandwidth.

Also, you will get almost all of the standard features from this company plan.

Likewise, there are other hosting options available too. From your end, you can analyze each of the plans and then choose a better one, depending upon your level of thinking.

Final Verdict

Coming at the concluding phase of GreenGeeks vs Siteground pricing, GreenGeeks is the clear winner in this case.

Yes, the company has always strived to deliver quality hosting services and kept its pricing to the lowest extent.

Considering everything, I can say that the GreenGeeks pricing is a lot more on the affordable end.

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Money Back Guarantee

GreenGeeks vs Siteground

In this GreenGeeks vs Siteground review, money back guarantee is something that is of true importance.

Not every user can pay money immediately for trying web hosting services. In this case, companies offer money back guarantee to test and try services.

Starting with Siteground, the company offers 30 days of money back guarantee. Yes, with this thing, you can test the Siteground services, in a much better way.

Once you have tested the same, then you can go ahead and think about whether you want their services or not.

On the other hand, in terms of the GreenGeek hosting and services, the company offers massive 30 days money back guarantee too.

Here also, you have the power to test and try every single feature of this hosting service.

One you have done that, then you can go ahead and opt for their web hosting, with no issues.

GreenGeeks vs Siteground: FAQ

To make your minds a lot clearer, I have got a set of questions and answers that can help you choose a much better-hosting company.

Q1. Is Siteground a good Hosting Company?

Yes, indeed Siteground is one of the top class hosting companies and has been running since 2004. Also, they offer some of the real good plans which are oriented towards people who believe in quality…

Likewise, you can browse different plans available on Siteground and choose a much better one. However, you must know that the pricing of Siteground is a bit expensive than most hosting companies.

Q2. Why is Siteground Expensive?

Siteground makes use of the Google Cloud technology to offer unmatched speed along with high availability. Additionally, they also give a free SSL certificate, CDN, Daily Backups, 24×7 Managed Support, email accounts, and much more.

Considering each of the above things, Siteground has to offer their services on an expensive end.

Q3. Which is a Better Web Hosting between GreenGeeks vs Siteground?

Well, to choose the best web hosting between GreenGeeks vs Siteground, GreenGeeks is a clear winner.

The essential point here is the pricing as GreenGeeks offer their plans at the lowest pricing. With this, you are free to scroll and browse any of the plans offered by this company.

Also, for beginners, GreenGeeks is a much better web hosting service.

Q4. Why Should you Choose GreenGeeks over Siteground?

There is only one option and that is affordability. In this case, GreenGeeks offer one of the most affordable hosting solutions compared to Siteground.

Plus, the company doesn’t miss on any of the features and offers almost all of the essential ones.

Here, you can browse different plans along with the pricing of GreenGeeks and choose a far better one.

Plus, they even offer the free domain name for the first year, good cPanel experience and with LiteSpeed servers, you don’t have to do much.

GreenGeeks is a perfect package for every person who has got a low budget.

Q5. What is Green Web Hosting?

Almost all of the web hosting service providers make use of tons of energy. In this case, a host is said to be green if it is making efforts to be much energy-efficient and make use of the practices to make this world, a better place to live.

Q6. Is GreenGeeks good for WordPress?

Yes, GreenGeeks is one of the best options for WordPress without a doubt. In this scenario, every single plan of GreenGeek is a specialized one, and with WordPress plans from GreenGeek, you don’t have to do much.

Still not being an official WordPress host, GreenGeeks has got the power to deliver some of the best hosting services, without an issue.

Q7. How to choose the Best GreenGeeks plan?

In order to choose the best of all Hosting plans from GreenGeeks, you will have to understand your requirement on the first and foremost place.

You will have to figure out which are those hosting plans good ones for you. Once you have figured out on the same, then you can easily go ahead and opt for that hosting plan.

Also, GreenGeeks offer the option to upgrade hosting based on your convenience. If you are receiving massive traffic, you can upgrade that hosting, to higher-order plans.

Final Word of Mouth: GreenGeeks vs Siteground

We are at the ending phase of the article and the best GreenGeeks vs Siteground review is right here.

Indeed, both the hosting service providers are better ones but if you are thinking of a complete package, GreenGeeks leads the charge, by a fair margin.

The main USP of GreenGeeks hosting is that they offer some of the very best affordable plans and pricing.

Here, you are free to browse and see through each of the GreenGeeks hosting plans. Plus, they even offer impeccable customer support. And, in case of any issues, their support executives are ready enough to resolve those issues, as early as possible.

On top of that, even the performance and the uptime from GreenGeeks has been on the commendable end.

Also, for the people who are willing to test the GreenGeek hosting, the company does offer 30 days of the free trial period.

During the free trial, you can test and try GreenGeek Services.

Now, if you are willing to browse different plans, you can CLICK HERE and you will be taken to the GreenGeeks home page.

From there, you can look at different plans, choose a better one, and host your website, without any trouble.

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