GreenGeeks Vs Bluehost: Which is a Better Hosting? [2021 Updated]

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Comparing GreenGeeks vs Bluehost, you must know that GreenGeeks is a relatively smaller company. Yes, the company focuses a lot on their green angle and the hosting pricing is relatively different than other hosting companies.

On the other hand, there is Bluehost which has been the true king when it comes to offering hosting solutions. Yes, this company does offer some of the better hosting and even the pricing has been on the better end.

Further, I have done an immense series of research on both GreenGeeks vs Bluehost and with this, I have come to the conclusive end.

So, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap a complete GreenGeeks vs Bluehost review.

GreenGeeks vs Bluehost Review

Starting with the basics, we will first cover the plans along with the pricing of both the hosting. Then, we will go ahead with other features.

Pricing & Plans

GreenGeeks Vs Bluehost

Beginning up with the Bluehost hosting, the company delivers almost every type of hosting to their customers.

Here, you can buy shared hosting, managed, Unmanaged WordPress hosting, VPS, Dedicated, and even reseller hosting. With this, you can see that Bluehost delivers a complete powerhouse of hosting packages, to every user type.

Also, in the pricing section, you will see the differences where Shared Hosting is the cheapest one from the lot.

On the other hand, if we speak about the plans from GreenGeeks, they also offer different shared hosting plans. Here, you can even choose the WordPress hosting plans at your convenience.

Additionally, the company offers some of the best features with every plan so that you don’t fall short of anything.

Plus, the plans and pricing of GreenGeeks is similar to Bluehost. But, if you will choose GreenGeeks budget Lite Plan, then you will see a list of more significant features compared to the basic package.


Also, while the promotional price is the same for both hosting packages, you will find that the renewal rates with GreenGeeks is on the higher side.

Overall, the Greengeeks VPS plans have always been on the expensive end. Especially, with Bluehost promotional pricing, you can get VPS hosting at a much lesser rate.

Also, you can even get a chance to get additional features such as free site transfer along with the Softaculous web app installer.

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget and if you are a beginner, you must always go for Shared hosting.

And, in this scenario, Bluehost offers some of the very best shared hosting at much affordable pricing.

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A Glance at the Feature Section

GreenGeeks Vs Bluehost

Giving you a glance about the features, GreenGeeks does offer more set of features. Yes, both Greengeeks and Bluehost are the companies that deliver basic level features that you would expect from a budget hosting company.

Also, they will also offer a free domain name for one year, Cloudflare integration, automated WordPress installations along with updates.

However, in addition to the above, the GreenGeeks hosting delivers unlimited email addresses, LSCache Integrations, nightly backups along with their LiteSpeed web servers. All this you can get in the budget Lite plan.

On the other hand, speaking about the Bluehost Basic package, it offers none of the above. Email in Bluehost is offered by Microsoft 365 where you get a free period of 30 days.

Additionally, the company also performs backups but on its own time frame.

One thing you must keep in mind is that neither of the companies offers full control over backups. Both recommend you to perform regular backups with the help of cPanel.

Also, whether you have the need to move an existing website or want to build a new one, you will have access to free website migration and website building tools.

Further, if you are the developer, you must know that you got to have the SSH along with the FTP transfer capability such as Git, WP-Cli, and Drush.

With this, you must know that the GreenGeek platform supports scripting languages.

Additionally, GreenGeeks is a green-oriented hosting service provider that says to deliver three times the overall power.

Simply putting things, GreenGeeks does offer more set of features for users at different levels.

GreenGeeks vs Bluehost: Performance

GreenGeeks Vs Bluehost

Indeed, for any of user, Performance is something that is the most essential thing. If a web hosting service provider isn’t offering good performance, their name, reputation is bound to come down.

Also, with the server locations in Canada, Europe, USA, GreenGeeks offer better performance for Global users.

On the other hand, Bluehost does offer amazing server performance where they also have got servers located in different parts of the world.

Now, how does GreenGeeks achieves better results? Well, the company makes use of a set of technologies such as the speed stack which helps the website perform much better.

Also, they even include the LiteSpeed web Servers along with LSCache Support, SSD Hard drives, and even MariaDB databases.

Uptime Guarantee


For any of the users, an uptime guarantee is something they care about. In this scenario, GreenGeeks offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee where Bluehost doesn’t really lag far behind.

Here, you will get to see much better and decent uptime guarantee from the Bluehost hosting service provider.

Both the companies have got their servers installed and each of them offers a much better and reliable uptime guarantee.

Hence, in the uptime section, both Bluehost and Greengeeks offer the best of all uptime support, in every single scenario.

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GreenGeeks vs Bluehost: Security Section


We are living in an online world and tons of cybercrimes are taking place, every single day. therefore, it’s the duty of hosting service providers that they offer good security to their websites.

Starting off with the GreenGeeks security options, they do go an extra mile. It delivers the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with each of their plans. Also, the GreenGeeks offer SSL certificates that are all available free of cost.

Also, the company even offers security scanning, Spam protection, threat analysis, secure vFS, automatic Brute force protection, and many more.

Further, they even offer the Cloudflare integration and with DDoS attack protection, you will not get anything better than this company.

On the other hand, if we move ahead towards the security of Bluehost, the company even offers good security features.

Here, you will get a basic level of security features. But, if you are searching for more advanced level ones, then you will have to pay for the same.

Yes, with Bluehost, for every advanced level security feature, there is a price that you will have to pay.

Or else, if you can choose Bluehost higher-order plans, then you will get each of those features, within the package.

In the security section, both companies offer their own set of the best security features. But, if you are willing to opt for security features without having the need to pay extra, then you can go ahead with the GreenGeeks hosting.

Customer Support


Going ahead in the GreenGeeks vs Bluehost review, Customer Support is something that has been the deciding factor in most hosting comparison

If the website isn’t offering decent and good customer support, chances are pretty high that they will lose all their confidence and reputation with time.

Personally, for me too, customer support is something I need to have from any hosting

Now, speaking about the customer support section, Bluehost offers almost every single customer support option.

Yes, in this case, you can opt for phone call support, live chat, or even email support.

Here, I tested the customer support of this company and was amazed by the results.

The executive was quite polite, friendly and he was able to resolve my issues, the perfect way.

On the other hand, speaking about the customer support of GreenGeeks, the company does offer plenty of customer support.

Customer Support

Here, you can get access to live chat support, email, and even phone support.

In this scenario, the phone support is available from Monday to Sunday within a stipulated time frame.

On the other hand, their chat option is available on an instant basis which is another good thing.

Now, coming down to the availability section, Bluehost is ahead of the GreenGeeks hosting customer support. Yes, with Bluehost, you don’t have to wait for long hours.

In this case, you don’t have to wait for hours with the Bluehost customer service support.

Knowledge Base Available

Other than both the hosting company customer support, for the people who have the will to resolve issues on their own, they can make use of the knowledge base.

Yes, with the help of a knowledge base from both hosting, you can find a collection of answers.

With that, you are in charge of finding solutions to your hosting.

And, if you are dedicated enough, you can find answers to different questions with the help of the knowledge base, without an issue.

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Ease of Use: GreenGeeks vs Bluehost

GreenGeeks Vs Bluehost

Moving ahead in GreenGeeks vs Bluehost ease of use section, both the companies offer some of the best ease of use support.

We will begin with the Bluehost company as it has been online for over 2 decades now.

In this scenario, Bluehost has offered each of the functions on their website, the simplest way. With this, you will not any sort of accessibility issues with this company.

Additionally, even if you are a newbie looking for a hosting service provider, Bluehost will offer you amazing ease of use.

With this, you can easily access any of the features and you won’t face any sort of issues.

On the other hand, if we speak about the ease of use for GreenGeeks, this company has got some issues in this case.

Here, you will have to spend some time understanding the functions. Still, you can understand each of them if you have got the basic interface knowledge.

Hence, in the GreenGeeks vs Bluehost ease of use section, both the hosting companies offer a good set of support.

Therefore, you can choose any of the hosting companies from the above options if you are searching for much better ease of use.

Money-Back Guarantee

GreenGeeks Vs Bluehost

Going forward in GreenGeeks vs Bluehost review, money back guarantee is something almost every single user is searching for.

Each user wants to first test the services and then pay for the same.

Therefore, speaking about the Bluehost money back guarantee, the company offers good 30 days of guarantee.

Within those 30 days, you can test and try each of the features from Bluehost hosting. Here, you must always choose the plans that are suitable for you.

After the testing, if you like their hosting, you can continue with the services.

On the other hand, there is GreenGeek hosting which also offers 30 days of free trial period. With such a free trial period, you have a better window of 30 days to test and try their services.

Once you are done with that, then you can decide on your own whether you want to get their services or not.

Yes, each of the companies offers 30 days of money back guarantee. With such sort of money back guarantee, you don’t have to do much.

All you can do is to test each of the hosting and see which one is suitable for you.

Then, you can go ahead and opt for that hosting, the better way.

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FAQ: GreenGeeks vs Bluehost


Is GreenGeeks hosting good for WordPress?

Yes, the company does offer some of the best and value-added features for WordPress hosting. Here, you will get the one-click installation, automatic WordPress updates, free WordPress migration along with expert WordPress support.

Q2. Does Greengeeks make use of cPanel?

Of course, Greengeeks hosting makes use of cPanel for each of their hosting tiers. This includes the one-click installers along with other cPanel features.

Q3. Is GreenGeeks hosting Fast?

Yes, GreenGeeks hosting is perfectly optimized and offers faster loading speeds, most of the time. Here, you can make use of the Speed Stack which is a combination of technologies such as SSD drives, optimized MariaDB Database, and many more.

With such technologies, you can be sure that GreengGeeks will offer outstanding performance.

Q4. Does GreenGeeks deliver Shared Hosting?

Yes, Greengeeks offer different types of Shared Hosting plans. Here, you will get unlimited bandwidth along with disk space.

Also, if you are someone who needs a web presence or a smaller budget, this is one of the best solutions.

You must keep looking for discounts where you can avail some and get good discounts on the GreenGeeks hosting.

Q5. Why is Bluehost so cheap?

Well, Bluehost makes use of the policy known as CPU Protection for each of their plans. With this policy, whenever you are using Shared hosting, there are other sites present on the same server.

This is the reason why you can get Bluehost shared hosting plans at a much cheaper rate.

Q6. Is Bluehost good for Beginners?

Of course, Bluehost is well known to cater to the beginner’s demands to perfection. Starting from the interface to different hosting plans,  the company has always offered simplicity, in every case.

Here, the plans start at a much cheaper rate, and with good customer support options, there is no need for you to look any further.

Even for the first year, the company includes the domain name, free of cost.

Therefore, for the people who are new to blogging or eCommerce starters, you can choose Bluehost as your primary hosting.

Q7. Is Bluehost Good for WordPress?

Yes, WordPress itself recommends Bluehost which shows the power of Bluehost in hosting services.

Also, currently, Bluehost is hosting more than 850,000 WordPress sites Therefore, you are in a good company where you will not face any sort of website hosting complications.

Bluehost at any point in time is a brilliant hosting solution for people who like to use WordPress as their CMS platform.

Q8. Is Bluehost Billed Monthly?

No, Bluehost hosting doesn’t come with a monthly subscription plan. In this case, you got to choose Bluehost if you are willing to pay monthly.

However, if you are willing to choose Bluehost VPS or even Dedicated hosting plans, then you can choose their monthly plan.

With this, the Shared hosting plan from Bluehost doesn’t offer a monthly billing option which is a thing you must take into consideration.

Q9. Does Bluehost give Free Domain?

Yes, whenever you will choose Bluehost plans for 1 year and more, you will get Free Domains, without an issue.

In this scenario, with the free domain, you have a good chance to save some good money on the same.

This thing you will get with most of the hosting service providers available right now in the market.

A final word of mouth: GreenGeeks vs Bluehost

Yes, we are at the concluding phase of the GreenGeeks vs Bluehost review and the results are all in front of you.

Both the hosting service providers offer a good set of features, pricing, and most of the essential stuff, every user needs.

But, there has to be one winner and in this case, GreenGeeks takes the lead by a slight margin.

On the other hand, Bluehost isn’t left far behind as they even offer world-class features at affordable pricing.

The company does offer better support for WordPress and is especially recommended by the WordPress official website.

Hence, from my end, both the companies are equally good but GreenGeeks has got a slight edge over Bluehost in this case.

With this, it all depends upon your type of personal requirements.

After you have made up your mind, then you can easily go ahead, choose any of the above hosting and make revenue from your website, a brilliant way.

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