GreenGeeks Review: Is This the Best Green Hosting? [2020 Updated]

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If you are hunting for the best of all hosting, this article is one good one for you. Yes, there are different sorts of hosting available online. But, not each of those hosting is the best one. Therefore, we will be going through an in-depth GreenGeeks review.

Speaking about the company, it was founded back in the year 2006 and the focus was kept on the environmentally friendly hosting.

Since that year, this hosting company has grown tremendously and is now powering more than 500,000 websites. Also, the company is serving more than 40,000 customers which is another achievable thing.

In terms of catering to the website, they offer their services to beginners along with advanced level persons.

Hence, right now, let’s go ahead and unwrap an exclusive GreenGeeks review, right in this article.

GreenGeeks Review: Hosting Types

greengeeks review

Beginning with the GreenGeeks review, the company offers a different sort of hosting. In this scenario, you can start off with the beginner shared hosting which is a perfect one for every beginner.

Further, you can also grab the dedicated WordPress hosting along with the higher hosting options such as VPS plans and the dedicated server options.

Also, the company has managed to set itself apart by delivering scalable hosting. Yes, this is one of the best things by GreenGeeks where you also get the beginner hosting and WordPress hosting.

Further, you will also get your hands down on some extra features from this hosting company. Here, you will get back up along with other sorts of security features.

What’s more? You also have the option to choose your type of data centers. This is something not many hosting services deliver.

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A Take on Green Hosting

As per the company’s commitment on sustainability, they outshine in protecting the environment.

Here, the company delivers 300% renewable energy that makes this hosting one of the cleanest of all. Yes, you can compare GreenGeeks with any other hosting and you will find this hosting to be a good one.

With this, it helps to improve the hosting standards and protect the earth at the same time. Without a doubt, it takes tons of power to run hosting which costs money and harm to the environment too.

Greener isn’t Weaker

On a surprising note, GreenGeeks ranks up the chart with other industries such as air travel when we speak about energy use.

GreenGeeks is an EPA Green Power Partner that offers stronger and eco-friendly green operations. Despite offering such things, the company hasn’t compromised on performance and technology even for a second.

Their level of performance has always been on the upper note and has improved with every passing year.

On the other hand, the company’s carbon footprint is zero. But, this allows them to offer good hosting at many affordable rates.

Efficient Infrastructure

Going ahead in this GreenGeeks review, the company offers one of the best and efficient infrastructure. Beyond offering energy-efficient servers and the latest technologies, their infrastructures are efficient.

The company leads the charge when it comes to green web hosting and is continuing to give an example of the same.

GreenGeeks Review: Different Plans

Right in the below article, we will unwrap different plans of GreenGeeks hosting. After this, you will find it much easier to choose your wishful plans.

Shared Hosting

greengeeks review

Now, if you are a beginner and just starting out, you can start off with the shared hosting plan. In this scenario, you don’t have to spend time in all those technical stuff and you can easily get your site online, within hours.

Coming down to shared hosting plans, the company delivers three plans that offer unlimited bandwidth, storage, and email accounts.

Also, the plans come with a free domain name for the very first year. This is good from this web hosting company as you don’t have to pay extra for the plans.

Further, every shared hosting plan comes with good tools such as PHP, Python language support, Perl, SSH, Git, and many more.

Additionally, each of the plans comes with an SSL certificate from the Let’s Encrypt company. With this, you can be sure that your site is protected from any sort of virus and malware.

Also, with the SSL, you will get a padlock which is yet another amazing thing.

Cloudflare CDN

greengeeks review

Going ahead in the Shared hosting plan features, each plan comes with CDN. In basic terms, CDN is known as a Content delivery network where it helps to load websites faster by offering static pages.

Further, the Cloudflare CDN helps in creating virtual servers that load the website pages at a much faster pace.

Imagine that your data center is in New York and if a person from China comes to your site, he may see a delay. In such cases, CDN helps to streamline the entire process. With a CDN, servers can be mirrored so that a person coming from China can also access the site at the same speed.

Also, GreenGeeks makes setting up CDN in the easiest way. Here, you can just tap on the few buttons and you are all set to launch websites at a faster pace.

Lite Shared Hosting Plan

Beginning with the Lite Shared Hosting Plan, it comes at the cost of $2.95 per month. To avail this offer, you will have to sign up with the GreenGeeks shared hosting plan.

Further, this plan offers a standard type of performance which you can find on different WordPress sites.

It even offers improved performance where you will get PowerCacher and other types of caching technology.

However, in the Lite Shared plan, there is one restriction. Here, you get the chance to host only one of your websites.

Pro Shared Plan

Moving ahead in the GreenGeeks review, another brilliant plan is the Pro Shared plan. Yes, this plan offers every sort of thing where you will get a much better infrastructure and the performance is twice as good as the starter plan.

Further, with this plan, there is no restriction on domain hosting. Here, you have the chance to host unlimited domains without any sort of restrictions. Other than this, you will get all the basic to advanced level features such as SSL certificate, backup and many more.;

Premium Shared Plan

The Premium shared plan is the topmost level hosting from GreenGeeks where it features four times the performance of the Lite plan.

While other sorts of plans come with SSL, this plan comes with the Wildcard and Alpha SSL. With such a certificate, you will get advanced level protection for each of your websites.

Also, this SSL are 100% compatible with the browsers and they even come with a $10,000 warranty.

What’s more? These sorts of plans are PCI compliant where you will get the premium SSL certificate.


With the Shared Hosting plan, you will get each of the below-given features:

  • Unlimited Server resources
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • MySQL Database creation
  • Creation of Email accounts
  • Unlimited Domains on Premium and Pro plans
  • Free SEO and Marketing Tools

On top of that, you also get a chance to register a free domain for a year. This is commendable from a hosting service provider as people don’t have to pay any money for the domain.

Still, from the next year, you will have to pay domain fees along with renewal ones.

What makes Shared Hosting from GreenGeeks stand out?

Well, there are tons of features that make GreenGeeks hosting stand out from the rest.

Out of which, the ranked ones are as follows:

  • Speed Technologies
  • Security and Reliability
  • Datacenter options

Inclusion of Speed Stack

GreenGeeks is a web hosting company that offers Stack which means a set of different technologies.

In the inclusion, speed stack offers:

  • LiteSpeed web servers
  • SSD Drives
  • Fast DB
  • PHP 7
  • Content Delivery Network
  • HTTP/2

Datacenter Options

Currently, the company offers 4 different state type data centers. Here, you can purchase their hosting and you will get incredible data center support from every angle.

Hence, you can choose their web hosting and get brilliant data center support from every possible angle.

Scaling Up

Scrolling across different GreenGeeks features, scalability is one of the top class. Here, users are free to scale up the shared hosting which offers good performance in the above tier plans.

As and when your website grows and traffic will flow, you will have to opt for the higher-priced plans. With this, you can manage your website traffic and make revenue in the most efficient way.

With the easy upgrade from GreenGeeks, you can enhance your current plan to a higher plan. Also, this makes it extremely easy for beginners who are looking for a simple and good performing hosting.

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A Take on Higher Level Hosting

Of course, other than the shared hosting, there are other higher level hosting that you can choose. Moving ahead in this GreenGeeks review, the company offers VPS hosting, dedicated hosting along with different reseller packages.

However, if you are someone who doesn’t want to manage servers, you can skip this hosting. On the other hand, if you are someone who is technical, you can easily opt for the Higher level hosting.

VPS Hosting Plans

greengeeks review

Starting off with the VPS hosting, this hosting offers three types of plans. In this case, you will get your individual memory, SSD, Storage, bandwidth, and Cores.

Yes, you can adjust VPS hosting as per your needs without any issue.

Dedicated Server Plans

Well, even the dedicated server plans are good for people who are running websites with good traffic. In such cases, shared hosting won’t work the best and you got to upgrade your hosting to much better hosting.

Now, in the Dedicated server hosting plans, the company delivers four types of dedicated hosting plans.

In this scenario, apart from the VPS hosting features, you get a chance to choose your own IP address.

Also, in terms of pricing, it’s higher than the VPS hosting ones. And even in the transfer speed, Dedicated servers offer higher transfer speeds, without an issue.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Indeed, among different sorts of website users, the majority of them use WordPress. In such a scenario, GreenGeeks hosting offers different types of the best WordPress hosting plans.

Also, if you are looking to enhance your current website performance and look, WordPress hosting is the good one to start with.

Now, coming down to the plans of WordPress hosting, it offers 3 types of plans. However, you must note that each of the plans makes use of shared Hosting. With this, you will share your resources with other users in the pool.

But, in plenty of cases, you will face no issue with WordPress and everything will work perfectly fine.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Coming down to the Managed WordPress hosting plans, this sort of hosting offers every single technical setup.

Other features offered from Managed WordPress hosting includes:

  • WordPress migration
  • Free Domain transfer and registration
  • WordPress Core that will be automatically updated
  • Security Site scanning time to time
  • WordPress Core will be updated automatically
  • Site protected by DDoS and Brute force attacks
  • The site will remain isolated from other websites adding to another security level
  • Access 24/7 US Based Customer service Support

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A Take on other Content Management Systems

Going ahead in this GreenGeeks review, they offer specialized plans which is targeted towards Joomla along with Drupal CMS platforms. Therefore, even if you don’t like the WordPress platform, you can make use of other platforms and host your website with GreenGeeks.


WordPress Hosting

Alike other hosting companies, GreenGeeks also offers cPanel that is a lot simpler to use. Yes, if you have been using shared hosting, you might have heard about the cPanel.

Right from the cPanel, you can control almost everything of a website. Plus, the Cpanel of GreenGeeks is powered by different sorts of things and features that you will love to the core.

Additionally, there are different sort of customizations that makes site accessibility a lot easier.

Plus, using the cPanel, you can get your site online within minutes.

Eventually, CPanel is good for exploring where you can become a master in controlling the site if you can master the use of cPanel.

CPanel Features

Well, as I have said above, cPanel comes with tons of features that can enhance your website.

Aside that, some more additional features of cPanel are as follows:

  • Site Builder and Theme Installer availability
  • Softaculous software and the one-click installer
  • Good Security Options
  • Video Tutorials on different sort of hosting
  • Database Tweaks available
  • SEO and Search Engine submission
  • Survey software and polls
  • Form Generators
  • Magento, Prestashop and osCommerce platforms

Typically in the cPanel, you can search for different apps right in the cPanel. Or else, you can make use of the search bar and save more time in the process.

Also, if you can explore the account management screen, you can handle the following requests:

  • Manage Domains
  • Open Support tickets
  • Purchase additional Services
  • Handle Billing request
  • Access cPanel

GreenGeeks Review: Backups


Another important aspect in a hosting service provider is the backup section. Yes, there can be times when your website will crash and in such a process, your data will be lost.

Therefore, you got to be proactive in the backup process that can help you to save data for your website.

For this, GreenGeeks offers free backup for each of your websites. Also, the company offers automatic night based backups even for the shared plans.

This enables you to backup your data even while you are asleep. With this, the company offers free restores where you can easily restore your backup without spending anything.

However, you must note that only for the first calendar month, the company offers free restores. After that, you can pay $25 per month and restore your website to an absolute level of perfection.


Moving forward in the GreenGeeks review, performance is a thing that is important to every site user. Yes, none of the users want a website that is running at sluggish speeds.

With GreenGeeks, you don’t have to worry about performance as the company has installed plenty of servers. Yes., in such a scenario, you can buy their hosting and you will get improved performance, every single time.



In terms of the Uptime of GreenGeeks, it has been on the top class end. Throughout the year, the hosting company offers brilliant uptime but I faced some issues here and there.

However, as per the company claims, they offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Indeed, you will find the site running most of the time and will not face any sort of such issues.

These numbers are stellar and you won’t face any sort of uptime issues in this case.

From the company perspective, they take these things seriously from every angle. Still, the company doesn’t refund any money if the website fails to meet the uptime expectations.

But, from the first glance and after testing, the uptime of GreenGeeks looks a lot more promising and you won’t face any sorts of issues.


Speaking about the speed of GreenGeeks, it has been on the commendable end. Overall, the website pages load faster in GreenGeeks where you just need a good speed internet.

As per the 12-month average, I got above decent speed which is a good thing.

A Take on Additional Features

GreenGeeks deliver some additional sort of features that make web hosting, a good one.

Security Features

In terms of the security features, the company offers robust security features under 24×7 monitoring support.

Indeed, all of us want secure websites that can prevent it from any sort of malware and attacks.

Additionally, you can do things such as Spam Assasin for protecting your email. Also, you can make use of a password to protect your directories in an efficient way.

Site Builder

greengeeks site builder

For people who don’t know the coding of websites, you can make use of a site builder to build your website.

In such a scenario, all you need is to opt for the company’s website builder and build a website as per your liking.

It’s an easy to use website builder and equipped with mobile-friendly themes which you can customize as per your liking.

Simply, you can make use of the Drag & Drop builder and build a website, in a simpler way.

Website Migration

Website Migration

For plenty of users, website migration is a thing that is one of the most essential tools. In this scenario, GreenGeeks as a web hosting provider delivers free website migration to every website. Yes, this is one of the best things from this company where you don’t have to do all the hustle and additional works.

Right from transferring your cPanel to other things, the company transfers everything, within 1 to 2 days.

However, if you are someone who needs to migrate more than one website, you must have the pro plan with you.

Once you have that, then the entire migration process becomes a lot simpler than the usual.

Data Centers Support

Currently, GreenGeeks offer 4 data centers which are as follows:

  • Chicago
  • Montreal
  • Amsterdam
  • Phoenix

On top of that, data centers offer a good level of security along with redundancy.

Apart from that, more level of features include:

  • FM 200 fire Suppression
  • Dual City power grid feeds
  • Battery Power backup
  • Backup diesel generator
  • Onsite technician support 24×7
  • Card and Biometric security
  • Climatic control of humidity and temperature

Customer Support

Customer Support

For any website user, having good customer support is one of the most essential things. If any hosting provider doesn’t offer brilliant customer support, their ranking is bound to go lower.

Therefore, speaking about GreenGeeks customer service support, this hosting delivers 100% customer support.

Yes, you will get the true customer support guarantee with Greengeek’s customer support.

In this case, you will get live chat, email along with phone support where you can contact them and will get a response, as early as possible.

From my end, I tested the customer service support and got proven results. Here, I tested the live chat support of this company where the support was top class.

I got connected with the live chat support on an instant note where I resolved each of my queries.

Even more, the company’s live chat support is available for 24×7, and with this, you can contact their agents, in the easiest of all ways.

On the other hand, even the email support from GreenGeeks is a better one where you can send them an email. And, from their end, the company will respond to that email within 24 hours.

All in all, I have got no complaints with the customer support from GreenGeeks because they deliver what they promise.

Hence, if you are looking for a customer support service that offers brilliant support in the customer department, GreenGeeks is one of the better choices.

Pros of GreenGeeks

  • Best of all environment-Friendly hosting provider
  • Scalable Shared Hosting
  • Faster Servers
  • Higher security Protection
  • Backup features
  • Affordable Web hosting plans
  • Good Customer Support


  • To have the cheapest hosting, you got to take the 3-year plan
  • The money-back-guarantee comes with limitations
  • Domain name registration is pricey after the first year

Final Word of Mouth: GreenGeeks review

We have come to the ending phase of the article and the entire GreenGeeks review is right in front of you.

Yes, it’s one of those rare hosting companies that care for nature. With this, you will get premium hosting at the most affordable rates.

Additionally, the features of GreenGeeks are on the top class end too. In this scenario, they offer tons of features that include enhanced security, SSL, good backups, speed, uptime, and many more things.

Along with that, the hosting company offers tons of value-added plans for each user. Starting from the shared hosting plan to VPS and dedicated ones, you can access any of the plans, without an issue.

Plus, the company also offers good pricing for each plan. With this, you will one year free domain which is a commendable thing.

With the VPS and Dedicated plans, you can increase and decrease your sources as and when you like.

Therefore, each of the plans offered by GreenGeeks hosting is brilliant. Now, if you find a need to choose any plan, I have made the work simpler for you.

In this case, you can simply CLICK HERE and you will be taken straight to the pricing page. From there, you can explore different hosting plans.

Thereafter, you can choose your wishful plan, host site, and make revenue from those sites.

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