GoDaddy Review: Know Everything about GoDaddy, Features [2020]

Godaddy review

Well, when it comes to choosing the best of all hosting companies, people might get confused over a period of time.

There are tons of companies that are offering hosting services. Still, in terms of the best one, Godaddy is one of them.

Yes, GoDaddy has been offering quality hosting along with domain services where you can simply choose their packages.

Also, to help you choose a brilliant package and know GoDaddy features, I have got for you a complete GoDaddy review.

Speaking about GoDaddy, it has always been the host for every single website. Yes, the company is an older one in the industry where they have built their user base.

Currently, they offer some of the best pricing hosting products that have compelled people to buy their services.

Therefore, right now, let us not waste any time, go ahead and unwrap an exclusive GoDaddy review, in this article.


GoDaddy review: Know everything about GoDaddy

Starting with the basics, we will first unwrap every single feature from GoDaddy and see their amazing functionalities:

1. Convenience at its best

Godaddy is one of the best hosting companies that deliver the best of all convenience features. Yes, their very first feature is convenience and Godaddy excels. They have got quite an optimized user interface panel. Here, you will face no sorts of problems to access every feature and use the same to make your site better.

On top of that, to add up to the level of convenience, you also get a free SSL Certificate, domain registration, and every other feature in the simplest way.

2. One-Click website staging

Godaddy review

Well, before you can implement the actual website, you must know the features that are working pretty well on your website.

For this, the company offers an exclusive staging area where you can test every feature and then implement the same on your website.

In this scenario, you can easily implement themes, plugins, and tons of things that can make your website much better.

Along with that, you can use the staging area to test different sorts of features. The moment you have tested those features and you like the same, then you can go ahead and implement those things in your final website.

However, one thing you must note is that you will get the staging area only in the Deluxe WordPress plan. Plus, going ahead in this GoDaddy review, the staging area helps to reduce the downtime by implementing the features on an early basis.

3. Daily Website backups

Indeed, for every WordPress user, daily website backups are one of the most essential things. Here, if you have a quality website backup, you can be sure that each of your sites is backed up to perfection.

Thankfully, GoDaddy as a company does the job for you where they deliver automatic backups for every single website. With this, you can retain your website copies within a period of 30 days.

On top of that, you also have the choice to restore the files in the database on your scheduled time and date. Yes, there are no sorts of hustle with Godaddy, and with automatic backups, I don’t think you will face many issues.

Now, speaking about the availability of Backup/restore tools, they are available right at the front and back of your website management system.

This makes it much easier for you to access those tools and backup your website, the better way.

4. Good Website Security

Godaddy review

Coming down right at the website security section in this GoDaddy review,  it has been on the better end. Yes, the company has got tons of security experts that have looked after security in a professional way.

With this, the company makes use of different performance tools like Norton, Spamhaus and many more to level up the security metrics.

Even more, you can move forward and add up different security packages to strengthen the overall security of your website.

Among different features, you can easily include WAF (Web application Firewall), malware scanning & removal, Google blacklisting and with DDoS attack prevention, GoDaddy security has been on the top class end.

Therefore, regardless of the package, you are taking from GoDaddy, Security is a thing that you will get the top class in each of the scenarios.

5. GoDaddy Review: Availability of GoDaddy Pro

Yes, apart from the strong GoDaddy features, their one more feature is none other than the GoDaddy pro. In this case,  it’s a complete suite of different tools that helps people to manage their website from a single dashboard.

Indeed, convenience is the key and with GoDaddy pro, your convenience is bound to reach newer levels.

Here, you can easily go ahead and update the Core plugins. Along with that, you will find every single feature of the website out in one place. With this, you can access each feature and use them to your advantage.

What’s more? With the GoDaddy Pro, you are eligible to set automatic backups. In an era of cybercrimes, we all know the importance of backups. Using the GoDaddy Pro, you can easily backup every single file, and don’t worry for a second.

Also, you can even go ahead and clone your website as per your convenience. Personally, I liked the Pro clients that managed websites on behalf of the customers. This makes the overall experience much hassle-free where you don’t have to worry even for a second.

Further, you can even earn pro rewards and make your website much better and graphic initiative.

6. Quick & Easy hosting

When it comes to hosting with GoDaddy, it has always been on the better end. The company offers quick hosting and with the use of most powerful features, there is no need to think even for a second.

Since the beginning, GoDaddy has offered quick hosting to every single user over the internet. Plus, their plans have been on the better end and you can get the best of plans at a cheaper price.

On top of that, the installation on GoDaddy is top class. Here, you will get every sort of convenience tools that can compel you to host in a good way.

Overall, with quick and easy hosting offered by GoDaddy, as a beginner, you can be of utmost relief. With the availability of the companies clean to use interface and good features, GoDaddy hosting is a much quicker one.

7. Easy WordPress Install

Godaddy review

The moment you will purchase the GoDaddy hosting package, you will get WordPress 1-Click installation right in front of you. Yes, with the WordPress one-click installation, there is no need to hustle by yourself.

All you can do is to tap on the WordPress One-Click installation button. With this, you can easily go ahead and complete the WordPress installation within seconds.

Further, even if you don’t know about setup and installation, GoDaddy as a company will take you through every single thing. This gradually reduces burden off the shoulders and you can then focus on other essential tasks.

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8. User-Friendly Interface

For any user, having a great user-friendly interface is a thing that is needed in most cases. The easier is any company’s user interface, users will love to use those hosting services to good extents.

In this scenario of GoDaddy review, the user interface of this hosting service provider has been bang on point. Yes, the interface offered by the company is truly cluttered free and it doesn’t confuse the users.

Here, you will find almost every single thing in the simplest way where you can do different tasks from the user interface.

Among such tasks, the key ones include daily backups, add-on domains and even accessing the WordPress website.

Also, you can even use their interface to change different domains and access the WordPress website in the easiest way.

Now, speaking about the Non-WordPress shared hosting, it comes with an exclusive CPanel that is easier to use. Their hosting manager is known as the best of all from where you can access every single thing in a better way.

This option is good for every experienced user who is eager to manage everything on WordPress, their way.

Altogether, the company delivers the best of all user interface using which you can easily go ahead and use it to better your website.

9. One-Click Migration Tool

One-Click Migration Tool

Yes, this is something you will not find in different hosting platforms. With the Migration tool from GoDaddy, you can easily migrate or transport your entire website from one host to another.

For now, the company has extended its migration technology where you don’t have to contact the customer service support.

Currently, they offer the One-Click Migration tool, and using it is pretty much straight forward.

In this scenario, you can simply click for migration and the entire website will get migrated within minutes.

Yes, this handy tool makes the overall migration much simpler.

Here, all you need is to follow the instructions from GoDaddy. Once the entire migration is completed, GoDaddy will send you an email to confirm the same.

10. GoDaddy review: Performance Section

Speaking about one of the most important things in a hosting company will bring performance into the spotlight. Yes, every user needs high-class performance and if the website is not performing well, it can lose ranking, profits, and users.

Therefore, let;’s go ahead and unwrap the whole performance scenario offered by GoDaddy.

High and Stable Servers

One thing which I really like about GoDaddy is that they give stable and high-speed servers. The company is known for giving exceptional performance where they offer 99.99% uptime, every single time.

With such brilliant uptime, you can be sure that your website will be up, running, and delivering value to the users.

Plus, the company’s engineers work day/night making sure that the servers are performing in the best ever way.

For the past 12 months, the company has offered 99.99% uptime. This is extremely amazing which shows the true power of the company’s servers.

Speaking about the user perspective, I didn’t found any sort of dip in the company’s performance. With my WordPress website, I found faster loading times, every single time.

Whether it was to install themes, plugins, or anything, GoDaddy has delivered exceptional performance, every single time.

In terms of the average load time in the USA, it was kept at 369.2 ms. However, the loading times differ from region to region.

All thank goes to the company’s high performing server that delivers exceptional performance to every user website.

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11. Support System

Support System

If any company has got a better support system, it is bound to reach new levels of success and glory.

Well, going ahead in this GoDaddy review, the company has offered brilliant customer support to every single user. Here, they have got quite experienced staff who are skilled enough to answer almost every single question.

Here, you can easily get access to their live chat support, phone, and even email support. I personally like the live chat support where the query gets resolved within minutes.

Plus, they even deliver 24./7 Customer service support which is another better thing from the company.

However, the company’s GoDaddy live chat isn’t available every single time. For this, you can email them or even phone calls can do the job for you.

What’s special in GoDaddy Support?

Another better thing offered by GoDaddy customer support is the WP Premium Support service. This service is available for WordPress managed users and with this, you will get support to the utmost top-class level.

Here, you just have to purchase a WordPress managed hosting plan and that’s it. After this, GoDaddy will do the job and resolve any issues for you.

They have got a team of experts who actively work to better up your website and keep it running.

A Take on Phone Support

As I said, phone support from GoDaddy has also been on the top class end. In this scenario, contacting Phone support of GoDaddy is simpler. Here, you can go to their website, and right in the support section, you will find the company’s phone support.

After this, you can contact them via phone, tell them the queries and their experts will resolve those queries, as early as possible.

However, for customer service, you must have the customer ID along with the PIN. If you have both, you can easily contact their customer service support and get your queries resolved.

From my experience, I didn’t face many issues with the company’s customer support. Plus, if the issue is too technical, you can contact them via email support.

Additionally, right after your phone call, you will be sent an email along with the survey.

Overall, the company’s phone support along with email and chat is pretty much powerful. Here, you will face no issues and can get your queries resolved, at the earliest.


Coming right at the GoDaddy pricing, it varies on the type of hosting you are eager to purchase.

Given below is a short pricing table that you can look at for each GoDaddy plans:

  • Shared hosting – from $2.99/month.
  • WordPress hosting – from $4.99/month.
  • Business hosting – from $19.99/month.
  • VPS hosting from $29.99/month.
  • Dedicated hosting from $89.99/month.

1. GoDaddy Review: Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is best for little, personal sites, or business sites with only a few pages. You get what you buy within the world of web hosting, and GoDaddy’s shared hosting is not any exception.

Its rock bottom, but the very fact you’re constantly jostling with other sites for resources makes it a no-go for larger sites.

GoDaddy’s shared pricing plans range from $2.99/month to $12.99/month.

Each plan builds on the previous set of features, working up to the foremost powerful ‘Maximum’ plan, which has fourfold the processing power and memory of the Deluxe and Economy plans (plus an SSL certificate for the complete term).

It claims to support ‘multiple complex sites with high-res photos and videos’, but we’d still recommend a VPS for such sites.

2. WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting


As you’ll have guessed, WordPress hosting is hosting that’s specially designed for WordPress sites. WordPress sites will work fine with any sort of hosting on this list, but WordPress-specific hosting comes with some added benefits, like auto-installed updates.

As you’ll see, it’s easy to select the simplest hosting plan for your site (or sites) based solely on the quantity of traffic you get monthly. $4.99/month for a site generating 25,000 monthly visits certainly sounds reasonable, but what exactly are you getting for your money?

All of GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting plans include:

  • A free domain (when you check in to a year’s plan or more)
  • Free daily backups with amazing one-click restore
  • Built-in signup forms for storing client data

Better still, the more you spend the more perks you get – including free SSL certificates with the last Ultimate and 5+ plans. 

3. Business Hosting

Business Hosting

‘Business hosting’ is GoDaddy’s secret weapon – the facility of VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, but without the tricky setup or higher tag.

If you’re outgrowing your shared hosting plan, this is often an excellent next step. You get all the advantages of a fanatical server, without the necessity for an IT guy to manage it for you.

All GoDaddy’s business hosting plans accompany unmetered traffic, unlimited websites, and databases, and a typical SSL certificate included.

The more you’re willing to spend, the more storage, RAM (memory) and CPUs (power) you’ll be ready to tap into. GoDaddy’s business hosting plans can cover everything from multiple basic sites (Launch plan) to multiple photography or resource-heavy sites (Expand plan).

4. VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

Just as ‘business’ hosting may be a happy medium between shared and VPS hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is one step closer to a fanatical server without the added tag.

With a VPS hosting plan, you’ve got a ‘virtual server’ that acts sort of a dedicated server, but within a shared space quite like having an apartment during a shared block of apartments, instead of a single dwelling.

In terms of plans, GoDaddy’s VPS plans look very almost like its Business ones. The sole real difference may be a jump in storage – up to 200 GB on the Expand plan and thus in price.

GoDaddy promises to urge your VPS server up and running in minutes and takes care of managing the entire thing for you.

These VPS plans are best suited to eCommerce sites or resource-heavy apps. They’re also an honest option if you’ve got multiple sites on the go because the isolated environment means one site won’t impact on the loading times of another.

5. Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server – this suggests you’ve made it! Welcome to your fully managed Hosting where you are the master of your hosting. Right from managing to storing and different settings, you can do every single thing.

Who needs a fanatical server? Any website with tons of content that’s expecting tons of traffic. Website Builder Expert is hosted on a fanatical server, for instance.

With prices starting at $89.99/month, GoDaddy’s dedicated hosting plans are – as you’d expect – a substantial jump in price from its VPS hosting plans.

With dedicated hosting, you must be skilful enough to manage your servers. Yes, you got to manage everything in this case and the speed along with performance is bound to be above par.

Plus, the storage and RAM increase steadily across the four plans, with the last word plan offering the foremost of every for $179.99/month.

Final Word of Mouth: GoDaddy Review

Coming at the concluding phase, you must have got every single detailing about GoDaddy review. Yes, compared with other hosting services, GoDaddy has maintained an edge over the competitors and have offered world-class services to their users.

Additionally, GoDaddy has extended its customer service support and have lured people with their good services.

Further, with GoDaddy, the plans and pricing are itself on the decent end. With this, regardless of the plans, you are eager to choose, you will face no issue.

The same thing goes with the performance and in this scenario, GoDaddy performance has gone top notch. Here, the company makes use of the fastest servers and the response time has always been kept at the fastest.

Overall, GoDaddy is a complete package and if you are interested in buying their packages, I have got one thing for you.

Simply, you can CLICK HERE and you will be taken straight to the GoDaddy Pricing Page. Thereafter, you can browse each of the plans and see which plan suits you the best.

After this, you can opt for the plan, host website, get access to different features and take your website right to the next level.

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