Review: One of the Best Gift Cards Platform [2021 Updated]

We receive referral fees from our parters. Read more is one of the best online retailer or gift cards based right in Pittsburgh in the United States. Well, if you are eager to know more about, I have got you a complete review.

Right on the website, you will see different sorts of cards available from different companies. From there, you are free to choose any of the gift cards at your convenience.

Coming back to the review, unlike other reviews, I will give you a complete and unbiased review.

Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s jump into the topic and unwrap a complete review. Review: What is is one of the best online gift card retailer which allows customers to purchase, deliver, and personalize gift cards.

Here, the customers can purchase gift cards at a full price or even as discounts from tons of retailers. Among the name of retailers, the best ones include Amazon, Airbnb, Sephora, Home Depot, and many more.

Now, was founded back in the year 1999 where the company was under After which, the Blackhawk network purchased the same in 2008 that led the company to become one of the leading gift card retailers.

More on

Well, going ahead in review, the first thing you might want to know is the different choices of Giftcards. In the process to choose among different gift cards, you have access to tons of options.

Also, you can browse for different gift cards and even change up your mind, as and when you want to.

Whether you are searching for a specific card or just looking to browse among the larder collection, you are free to do any of the things.

Value for Money: Is Safe to Use?

Well, the answer to the above question has always been on the simpler end. There are tons of people who are using and have got tons of benefits from the same.

The website offers gift cards in tons of forms that include cards from brands too.

Here, they bring eGift cards, physical cards, and tons of other cards that you can choose as at your convenience.

Coming down towards the pricing of the cards, it matches other stores. With this, the company is charging a reasonable amount and you can easily go ahead and choose cards from them.

Therefore, whether you are willing to buy cards from or any other store, the pricing will remain the same.

Shipping Costs

Next up in this review, Shipping cost is something you got to take into consideration.

Indeed, this is one valuable aspect that is an essential one and the one you need to take into account.

For physical gift cards, this is a downfall as you got to pay the extra shipping fee for the card to be delivered to your doorstep.

However, when it comes to, the point is quite different than that. This also brings the point that going to a store, buying a gift card, and coming back might be a better option.

Also, it is worth noticing that shipping fees along with the time taken for the card to come to your home is reasonable at

And, if you are someone who is constantly shopping online, these things will not hound you at any cost.

On the other hand, if you have chosen to buy an eGift card, you got to wait since the card will be delivered to you on an immediate basis.

Also, this is handy when you forget your loved one’s birthday or other special occasions.

Therefore, with, you don’t have to worry about the shipping cost. The company has focused pretty well to offer good shipping rates

Now, moving ahead in the review, we will have a look at the security and customer service support.

The Working of

Shopping on may be a straightforward process that will feel familiar to anyone who has shopped online in the past.

After arriving at the house page, you’ll buy gift cards from many retailers by brand or category.

If you’re specifically curious about cards at a reduction, you’ll find all of them listed on the Discount Gift Cards page. The discounted cards vary by retailer and by day, and discounts are often as high as 35%.

After you select the cardboard that you simply want, and you set the quantity you’d wish to load onto it, you’ll add it to your cart.

You also have the chance to personalize the cards here. you’ll add a private message, a private photo, or maybe an occasion-specific card cover.

You can add as many cards as you wish to your cart, and you’ll set them in order that they send to different recipients also.

Once you’ve got all the cards you’d wish to purchase in your cart, you’re able to buy your order. The payment page is incredibly secure and appears familiar to any accredited online retailer that you’ve utilized in the past.

If you chose an electronic card, the cardboard would be sent to the e-mail listed. If you chose a physical card, you’ll get to choose your shipping method and list a shipping address. Gift cards typically take about 4-9 business days to ship.

If you’re concerned that the gift card will expire, federal law prohibits gift cards from expiring for a minimum of five years of the acquisition date.

This gives you or your recipients much time to use the cards before the funds expire. If you’re interested in the remaining balance on the cards, you’ll check the balance on their site also.

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A take on Mobile App

In a world of apps and digitization, it’s mandatory for each of the companies to have a mobile app. Therefore, with, you will get their very own mobile app that can help you do perform buying, the easiest way.

Now, right on the app store, the app is named “Buy Personalized Gift Cards” which can help you find the app, a lot better way.

The app only offers you the option to buy gift cards at full face value. If you are interested in discount gift cards, you can easily go ahead and opt for the desktop version of

Here, the company is offering users two good ways that they can use to purchase gift cards online. Either with the help of a website or even an app, you can choose any of the ways and purchase gift cards, the best ever way.

Are there any sorts of Hidden Fees with

Well, as a company has been upfront whenever it has come down to the additional charges. However, you must understand the fees you are paying that can help in maintaining the overall transparency.

First of all, the prepaid Mastercard or even Visa Card charges a purchasing fee that is varied on the amount you are spending.

  • $10 to $75 Mastercard or Visa gift card will carry roughly $3 extra cost fee.
  • $350 to $ 500 Mastercard or Visa Card carries approximately $7 additional fee.

Now, you must note down that you will be charged a fee even if you decide to go with an electronic card instead of a physical card.

On the other hand, also charges different shipping costs. These will also vary depending on the locations. However, each of the things can sync together if you choose to send the gift card electronically.

Which if anything goes wrong with my Order?

One of the biggest worries for people is that people use an unfamiliar website and end up messing with their order.

Indeed, over the internet, there are tons of spam websites, and not each of the website is a good one.

This thing you have to take into consideration if you are willing to opt for Giftcards that can come from an authentic source.

Also, there can be times when your order is messed up and the company is looking into the matter. This procedure can take days where you can get your order fixed.

Further, these things mainly depend on whether the customer service department of the company is reliable or not. If the customer support is reliable, you can get your issue resolved, without an issue.

On the other hand, if the case is not the same, then you can face tons of difficulties with your order.

Further, right at the time of writing the review, the website was down for maintenance.

Plus, there was no sort of explanation of why the website was down and whether the orders were still processing.

This can be concerning for customers on a few occasions and can result in a headache for customers.

They can even think that is the website fake or some other things in regards to this.

Now, whether such issues come time after time or it’s the software issue, things are unknown.

Plus, even if the website goes down, is the customer support eligible to handle tons of queries is the question users ask every now and then.

Hence, right in the next section, we will talk about customer support and we will see whether the support system is good enough or not.

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Customer Service

Well, coming down at the customer service support of review, I gathered tons of things on the same.

First of all, as a gift card company is doing a decent job keeping customer support into consideration.

Everything related to order processing, the finding of the order, and tracking of orders were done fluently by

With this, I can say that the customer support of is on the decent end and you don’t have to worry about anything in this scenario.

Also, you may find several reviews over the internet that may say that the customer support of is not a good one.

However, from my end, I have tested the customer support and found each of the things in a decent end.

On the other hand, when customers know about the reasons for a canceled order, it’s impossible to blame the company for the same.

As long as you are not offering any justification for your orders, cancellation of orders will not help at any cost.

Making Gift appear Personal

There is one thing in a lot of people’s minds whether they should buy or not buy gift cards from a website. Also, they don’t know how actually the Giftcards will seem to be and whether the quality of those Giftcards will be durable or not.

Therefore, this is the point that had to be covered in this review.

Obviously, if you are willing to buy a gift card from a local shop, you can easily get a card, write a personal message and that’s it.

However, if you are willing to buy an eGiftcard, you don’t have to worry about any of the things.

Right from the website, you can select among a variety of eCards to send alongside your Giftcard.

Whether you think that this is neat or not, it’s all depends upon your personal choices and preferences.

If you are ok with the gift cards online, you can go ahead, choose among different options and select the best one out of it.

Is Safe?

Now, for the people who are thinking that is safe, I have got an answer for you.

Yes, whenever it comes to the online world, it’s always worrying for people to put their credit card information onto any website. The scams are everywhere and if you will come in those traps, things will not be better for you.

Also, plenty of people face order issues where the orders can be rejected due to different sort of security reasons.

However, coming down to, you will not face any of the above issues. I have tested the company and by now, I can say that they are the trusted source.

With, you can easily put in your orders and they will be processed in the best ever way.

Also, if you are willing to cancel your order before shipping, the company allows you to do the same too.

Hence, if you are willing to buy Giftcards, you can buy the same from The website is truly safe and even in inputting your card information, you will face no issues with

Final Word of Mouth: Giftcards Review

Summing up the article, the entire review is right here. Yes, the platform is a good one for the people who are willing to buy gift cards for their loved ones. The platform offers some really good options to choose from.

Plus, coming down towards the order and processing section of, each of the order processing has been on the good end.

Yes, the company offers some of the best order processing module where you will not face issues as a customer.

In this scenario, you can place your order and you will get the good live order tracking from the company.

On top of that, the company also offers the best sort of customer support to each of the people. Here, if you are having any of issues with your order, you can contact customer support and they will do each of the things for you.

All in all, the company’s customer support has been on the better end and you won’t find any of the issues with their support system.

Plus, the tracking of your orders is easier with this platform. 

Hence, if you are willing to buy Giftcards for your loved ones, is one of the best platforms.

You can go ahead, buy Giftcards from this platform and embark a smile of joy and happiness onto your loved one’s faces.




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