GetResponse Review: The #1 Email Marketing Platform [2021 Updated]

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Indeed, if there is one form of marketing that is running at a relentless pace, it has to be email marketing. Almost all of the businesses make use of email marketing and along with automation, they are making a good amount of revenue. To extend things further, I have got you a complete GetResponse review.

It’s one of the biggest email marketing platforms available right now over the internet. Each year, the tool has offered quality email marketing solutions and people have reaped benefits from the same itself.

Right in this GetResponse review, I will break down the top-level features of this too.

Then, you will come to know whether you must opt GetResponse or not for your business.

GetResponse Review: What is GetResponse?

getresponse review

Since the year 1997, GetResponse has been around which shows the domination of this platform. Right from there, the company has gone through a series of changes and has changed to world email marketing, to the next level.

Plus, the company has also grown its team and it has come to different newspapers as well.

However, fast forward to the year 2021, there’s much bitter competition as all of the companies are offering some real good and extraordinary level features.

Even after having such a stronger brand reputation, GetResponse hasn’t left any stones unturned. The company executives have still worked pretty hard and have delivered the perfect bunch of features to the users.

A Take on GetResponse Features

Moving forward in the GetResponse review, there are some of the best and really good features from this company.

Therefore, let’s go ahead and unveil each of those features, one by one.

Email Marketing

Yes, this is among the top class and flagship features of GetResponse and the company has maintained its reputation in this scenario.

With the help of this feature, you can build some of the best emails, offer them to your subscribers and perform email marketing, to some great extent.

Email Creator

If you are someone who likes designing and creating emails on your own, then the Email Creator feature can be much more beneficial for you.

With the help of this feature, you can choose from different pre-designed templates.

Now, instead of creating any email design from scratch, you can choose among the existing templates. Also, you can even preview each of those templates and see which one of those works the best for you.

Yes, you can compare different templates and use your own creativity to make emails look attractive

Even more, to help you choose the right template, you can even go into different sections. In such a case, you can select the templates only from those categories that fit your need the best.

getresponse review

Right from there, you can easily edit the blogs and different sections.

Plus, it comes with the WYSIWYG editor that potentially helps you make changes on the page.

You can even make some good design changes on each blog along with those sections. Even if you are not having any sort of design skills, then too you are good to go with GetResponse design.

A Glance at Ecommerce Section

Additionally, GetResponse also offers an E-commerce section right in the email editor where you can add product boxes and other recommended product boxes.

However, you can access these features if you are setting up a store with GetResponse.

On the other hand, if you are eager to make use of the same email design on other campaigns, you can simply save the current design as one template.

Then, you can freely access your content design and make changes as you want in the future.

Now, the moment you are done with each of those designs and figuring out different emails, then you can go ahead and schedule the time when you want to send those emails.

In such a case, you can send emails immediately or even set up a time for the recipients to see them.

To be on the better side, you can gradually go ahead and ensure that each subscriber receives an email in their best possible time.


getresponse review

Going ahead in GetResponse review, Autoresponders are something that can be valuable for people who perform email marketing. Let’s say you want to create an email or a series of emails to send to subscribers on automation.

Since, this process is impossible to manually send each of these emails, one by one, you can easily make use of the Autoresponder feature.

Yes, with the help of this good feature, you can send different emails to subscribers in an automation basis. With this, you don’t have to do much, create email sequences and the autoresponders will do the rest job for you.

For example, you can make use of Autoresponders to greet the latest subscribers with a welcome message. Here, you can include a link to your business that the subscribers will click and they will come to your website.

The moment you are defined on the autoresponder schedule, then you can easily design the email publish it.

Also, if you can merge the autoresponder feature with marketing automation, you can reap some good benefits.

However, this is just an idea of using Autoresponders where you can easily use it, the way you want.

Email Analytics

getresponse review

In order to perform email marketing to an absolute level of perfection, you must know to read and understand numbers.

Here, email analytics does come into the scenario where you can use email analytics to understand your subscribers.

With the help of email analytics, you will get almost every possible information about every single subscriber.

This can help you understand the things you doing right versus the things you are doing wrong.

em analytics 1

Also, even if you are eager to understand any of the things regarding the campaign, you can learn the same from Analytics.

For doing this, you can review campaign analytics and see the metrics along with overall performance.

You can also access the dashboard and get an overview of the list that responded to different email campaigns.

It easily shows how many emails you sent were delivered to each of the subscribers. Plus, you can even see campaigns open and different click-through rates as per your liking.

Keeping all of the above things into consideration, you can get a much better idea of the things that made your campaign a hit.

Plus, if you are keen to analyze the overall growth of your list, then you can access the reports section.

Yes, in this section, you can get a clear idea of each demographics, subscription method, along with devices in graph-based format.

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List Management

list management

Moving ahead in GetResponse review, List Management is another valuable feature that is needed. Whenever building a listing, you would want people who are active and engaged with your overall brand.

However, you can only build a listing only if you are sending them emails that can encourage them to stay active.

Additionally, the GetResponse list managing feature helps in achieving this by first segmenting along with adding conditions to each of your subscribers.

For example, you can even segment different groups of people who signed using a specific message on the website.

list m 1

The moment you have created a segment for them, then you can create a personalized campaign for the segment that they receive from different groups.

With this, you can make different interactions with each segment in dynamic along with personal conversions.

Another way of managing the subscriber list is by adding conditions, step by step.

Additionally, you can even get granular with subscribers by segmenting the conditions on the basis of geo-locations, contact actions, and many more.

Further, from List Management, you can even check the profile of each of your subscribers. You can click on them to learn more about them.

Transactional Emails

For different people running e-commerce sites, you will need much more from the email marketing software. Yes, collecting subscriber names and sending emails is needed if you are willing to run a proper email marketing campaign.

Plus, you will also need tools that can send those emails to people who forget to check different carts along with receipts to customers for every transaction.

Overall with GetResponse, its Transactional Email feature helps to connect with API or even SMTP and then send transactional emails to the customers.

Now, once this type of system is automated, it allows to easily focus on the big picture. This tool offers a 99% email deliverability rate along with reliable infrastructure which ensures the process to be streamlined.

Plus, you can analyze and even review each of the performances of emails to maximize your sales opportunities.

A Glance at Sign Up Forms

sign up forms

Of course, you cannot launch an email campaign if there is no list of subscribers to send them to.

In such a scenario, GetResponse has got all of the bases covered in this case.

First of all, the platform sign up process allows users to collect the contact information which you will include in your email list

Plus, creating a form in this scenario is an easier one. You can choose from the four ways to create different forms and choose from the given templates that are organized into different categories.

With this, you don’t have to start things from scratch in such a case

Now, similar to building an email, you can even edit the existing fields, layouts and even adding out the newer ones.

Once you are ok with the form, then you can easily publish the same on your site by pasting the code on any page.

sign up forms 1

Additionally, you can even request GetResponse to host it from each of the other servers.

Plus, regarding the same, you can share the URL with the audience.

Now, if you are eager to take your form to a different appearance level, you must be able to find the preferred type from the tool’s list of Builder apps.

Then, you can click on the app of the form you are eager to build and edit the same before publishing.

Plus, there are other options for creating the form plain HTM if you are comfortable with the coding skills along with other integrations along with plugins.

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A Take on Landing Pages

landing pages

If you are eager to convert each subscriber into customers, you can make use of the landing pages instead of different forms.

Additionally, you can create the same by selecting from different templates organized into the type of promotions, download, sales, etc.

Yet again, building a landing page is much easier with the help of GetResponse. Here, you can make use of the drag along with drop builder to make pages, the best possible way.

Additionally, for running the A/B Testing on different landing pages, you can click on the + sign on the top bar of the page for creating as many variants as you need.

This sort of thing plays a much vital role in helping the people determine which of the variants will generate much better conversions.

The moment you are done with the landing page, then you got to determine which domain you are eager to publish the page.

Plus, you can even choose from three preset domains that are owned by GetResponse.

However, if you are having a website, it’s the best thing to publish a landing page under the domain for different branding purposes.

GetResponse Review: Webinars


Now, if your level of the method isn’t working well and not bringing sales, then you can make use of webinars to reach to the next level.

In such a case, you can host online presentations where the audiences can join for learning more about the topic.

Here, you can make your subscribers aware of the products and services you are willing to share.

The fact that the audiences have joined the webinar means that they are pretty much interested in your product.

As a result, you can expect more customers along with clients with every single webinar session.

Overall, GetResponse is among the top-class email marketing platforms that have built-in webinar capabilities.

Additionally, what makes it even better is that it works the best with features to set up a webinar and teaching people for the same.

On top of that, GetResponse is the only email marketing platform that offers built-in webinar capabilities. Now, what makes the platform even better is the fact that setting up a webinar is much easier than it seems.

Here, you can just follow a few steps and you will be able to perform better email marketing, without any issues.

A take on Marketing Automation

marketing automation

If you are eager to generate sales along with revenue on autopilot, then you can easily leverage GetResponse marketing automation features.

As mentioned above, you can even create a series of autoresponders for creating the drip-feed campaign.

Further, it even allows you to put software to work as it automatically sends each of the emails to a segment in your list.

Additionally, you need to create a workflow that is geared towards a specific goal.

Also, while you have the true choice for creating workflow by yourself, you can even choose pre-made workflow templates along with built-in elements.

On top of that, the workflow builder shows what kind of emails subscribers will gradually receive.

marketing automation 1

Now, right from that template, you can add elements easily from the right screen and customize things as per your liking.

Overall, the goal of every single campaign is to get people to reach the very end of the campaign. This sort of thing is done by letting the workflow perform the work for you.

Hence, by adding each of the conditional logic in the equation, you can easily create personalized automation messages on the basis of actions.

GetResponse Review: Conversion Funnel

conversion funnel

Moving ahead in GetResponse review, the Conversion Funnel feature extends your overall functionality to the next level.

Here, with the help of this good feature, you can create different types of conversion funnels, as per your liking.

This feature helps to bind every single piece together and even create a high converting funnel that is guaranteed to turn visitors into customers.

Firstly, you got to determine what is the exact goal of your funnel and if you are eager to build your funnel list, GetResponse offers a variety of lead magnets that you can use for your funnel.

conversion funnel

On the other hand, if you have got a magnet of your own, then things can work in a lot better way.

With the help of the Conversion funnel, you have the power to keep every single guest work at the back door. Here, you can create high-converting campaigns that is made up of different landing pages, sign-up forms along with emails.

In this scenario, all you need is to fill in the blanks and watch every single conversion roll in.

Getresponse review: A Take on GetResponse Pricing


GetResponse offers four plans with a 30-day free trial for all.

The higher plan you check-in for, the more features you’ll unlock. Also, the worth for all plans increases if your subscriber count exceeds 1,000 contacts.

To save on your subscription, you’ll check-in for a 12- or 18-month decision to get 18% and 30%, respectively, off the entire price.

Below may be a breakdown of the various plans available.


The lowest plan of GetResponse is out there at $15 per month ($12.30 per month paid in 12 months and $10.50/month paid in 18 months). Below is that the list of features included:

Everything under email marketing, landing pages, forms/surveys, e-commerce tools, templates, and tracking/reporting.

Limited automation features (drip campaigns, click and open follow-ups, and get in touch with tagging only).

  • Create unlimited lead funnels and only one (1) sales funnel.
  • Over 150 integrations with third-party platforms.
  • Basic customer service (24/7 live chat and email support).


Perfect email marketing solution for affiliate marketers looking to proportion their businesses. Available starting at $49 per month ($40.18 per month paid in 12 months and $34.30/month paid in 18 months).

Aside from what’s included under the essential plan, below may be a list of other things available during this plan:

Everything under the automation feature and therefore the ability to make five custom workflows.

Host up to 100 webinar attendees, unlimited registrants, unlimited live webinars, and three hours of recording storage.

  • Create unlimited lead funnels plus five sales funnel and webinar funnels.
  • Include up to 3 users (including yourself) during a single account.


Established businesses looking to leverage GetResponse’s email marketing and webinar capabilities should take this plan.

 Available starting at $99 per month ($81.18 per month paid in 12 months and $69.30/month paid in 18 months).

Everything under the automation feature and therefore the ability to make unlimited custom workflows.

Host up to 300 webinar attendees, unlimited registrants, unlimited live webinars, and 6 (6) hours of recording storage.

  • Create unlimited lead funnels, sales funnel, and webinar funnels.
  • Include up to 5 users (including yourself) during a single account.
  • Access to web push notifications and on-demand webinars.


This plan is for enterprises that want to run their operations using the premium features of GetResponse. to urge your price, you want to check in for a custom quote.

Below are what’s included during this plan apart from the features of the Professional plan:

  • Host up to 300 webinar attendees, unlimited registrants, unlimited live webinars, and 6 hours of recording storage.
  • Include up to 10 users (including yourself) during a single account.
  • Receive campaign and deliverability consulting for max results.
  • Access to transactional emails (paid add-ons)
  • Dedicate customer support (24/7 live chat; email, phone, and Slack support).

Final Word of Mouth: GetResponse review

The entire GetResponse review is all above and you must have got valuable insights on the same. Indeed, out of most of the automation-based services related to email, GetResponse is a company that is doing wonders.

Since their advent, the company has improved itself over the years. Currently, they offer almost every sort of email marketing feature consumer needs to run their email campaigns.

With this, you can go through the above review and even opt for the free trial period. Then, you will have a good idea of whether you need to go for GetResponse services or not.

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