Getaround Review: Rent Out Your Car To Make Money

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One of the best technological evolutions the online industry has done is that it has made everything shifted online. Either it is to rent a room with the help of Airbnb or making money by renting your car, people are making a good amount of money.

Yes, yet another amazing website where people can make money is by renting their own cars. In this case, Getaround is an amazing website that helps you to do such things. With this, I have got for you a detailed Getaround review.

Speaking about the Getaround app, it’s yet another good website that can help you make money without a job with minimum efforts. In this scenario, you can rent your own car that can make it a good deal for making money at a much lesser price. 

What is Getaround?

Getaround Car rental

Getaround is one of the most brilliant and good car-sharing companies that is available right now. 

More a lot, Getaround is like Airbnb where you are renting your car instead of a house. Every time whenever you are not using your car, you can rent the same and make some good money out of it. 

Further, Getaround is competing with almost all of the traditional car renting companies. To be precise, Getaround is offering clients lower rates along with flexibility and good hourly rates. 

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How Getaround works?

Precisely, the Getaround algorithm works by matching car owners with potential drivers that are looking for car rentals. 

In this scenario, drivers have got the choice for the car they would like to rent. Also, there are no sort of compulsions where if you don’t have an issue, then you can rent your car with the help of Getaround app.

Moving ahead in this Getaround review, the car owners set the length of time for which they would like to rent the car. On the driver end, they search for the cars by the rental timeline. 

With the help of a phone app, drivers can find your car and can unlock the same with the help of a Getaround connect system. Also, with the help of GPS tracking & cellular communications, all these make the entire system much more secure and convenient. 

Also, speaking about the connect system, drivers can communicate with the Getaround app quite effortlessly. This comes handy with the help of smartphones where every sort of communication becomes simpler. 

Now, as far as the protection of the car owner goes, the app comes with Getaround connect system and GPS tracking. Alongside the app also offers engine lock and tamper detection too. 

What’s more?  Different car owners also have the privilege to track down the car & then unlock the same with their phones. 

From the Getaround side, the screen and monitor both the car drivers and owners. 

Plus, both the owners and car drivers can offer their own set of reviews and experiences. This keeps everyone in check being safe and secure. 

What are basic Cost savings when you opt for Getaround?

If we analyze the biggest rental car companies, almost each of them is performing to the absolute limits. 

In this Getaround review, the company boasts of a greater price range where you get more options to choose any of the models. 

For example, Versa shows up on the app of Getaround where it is $61 for eight hours. But, when it comes to choosing a bigger car, prices of any car can vary drastically. 

Ultimately, all depends on car owner pricing where they decide their own pricing. They can keep the price low or even high where each thing will be as per their concerns. 

On the other hand, if you live in DC and you are eager to drive an errand, this can be a fantastic option for you. 

Speaking about my personal experience, I discovered the eight-hour rental and saw some of the most tempting options. Here, a 2015 Versa car was available for $23 including taxes This was without a doubt, the best and most affordable deals compared to every other car renting company. 

Taking you ahead in this Getaround review, the strongest point of Getaround is the Bay area. This area has got its services in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland. See some Getaround related news.

How can you rent your car on Getaround?

For people who are eager to rent their cars on Getaround, there are certain things you will have to keep into consideration. Under such things, your car must be 2005 or newer model than that. Also, the car must have run under 125,000 miles where the company will take into account such things. 

If you are meeting the above criteria, then your car is eligible for Getaround. 

Now, moving ahead in this Getaround review, you will have to register your car first. In the registration process, you will first have to download the Getaround app. 

After which you can open the app and tap on “list your car”. In this case, you can select your car’s year and choose whether your car has run 125,000 miles or not. 

Thereafter, you will be told to fill up your basic information such as contact info, and also tell them how you came to know about them. 

Now, you can then sign in to your Facebook account the moment you are told. 

Speaking about Getaround, they make use of Facebook for both the drivers along with car owners. This helps them for verifying the identity and adding an accountability factor. 

Next up, you will have to name your car as per the recommendations given by Getaround. After this, you can easily share your car link with the car name of your choice. This can help potentially help in promoting your car to respective drivers. 

In terms of the location, its’ sent privately along with rental instructions to each driver. 

Also, you can set your car’s availability where you can decide each time and day you want to give your car for rental. 

Plus, you can even set-up a recurring schedule or even set days ahead of your car lending. 

Now, Getaround will eventually take high-quality photos of your car for making it look legit. Check for Getaround support and more information. 

On top of that, the company will also pick your car, install connect, and offer security parameters.

Indeed, going forward in Getaround review, Getaround focuses on top security measures where they will try their best to implement good security for the drivers and car owners. To make more money you can also get the app called DoorDash where you can deliver food and earn every day. 

What’s the use of Connect?

With the help of Getaround Connect, owners can have complete control of their vehicles via smartphones. 

With the help of connecting, you can track your car all way with the help of GPS. Also, you will have the power for disabling the starter in case if the renter is not behaving properly. 

In case, if you find any rough behavior on the renter’s end, you can easily lock and unlock the car at any point in time. 

Also, at any given point of time, if you want to uninstall the system, you can take your vehicle to an authorized mechanic. Thereafter, you can have your car system removed most easily. 

After this, the car will be sent back to Getaround. Coming down towards the pricing of Getaround, the company charges you $99 to help you connect with the Connect system. 

Again, for car owners, you will have to pay $20 per month where you can opt for a one-month trial period. In this one month, you can effectively learn about the app and explore each of its features. 

Also, at the time of your free trial with the app, there is no need to pay for the Connect feature too. With this, you can easily connect with the app and learn everything about the app. 

The billing is done one month after your free trial ends. Well, this is one of the most amazing things where you can use the app without spending money. You can also go through more money making apps that pay your real money. 

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How much money can you make by renting your car on Getaround?

As per Getaround data, people who rent their cars with the help of Getaround make around $10,000 a year. 

This is a pretty good amount for the people who are eager to rent their car and make a good amount of money.

However, depending from person to person, that money will vary drastically where you can look after your income to figure out. 

Also, as per another data, the average money renters make from Getaround has been $6,000 a year. Now, this is also a good source of part-time income where you can do your regular work and take this as your part-time income. 

Speaking about the minimum fees that are charged, you can spend $5 an hour that is affordable. Also, the pricing truly varies depending on different cars and hours. 

As a renter, you have all the power to decide on your car pricing and availability. However, you got to keep your pricing in a precise format and it shouldn’t be overpriced. 

Every car pricing must be reasonable where each driver can opt for your car and you can make good money out of it. 

Now, out of the pricing you set, the company takes around 40% of the commission on rental earnings. Yes, you are left with 60% that is still not a bad deal. 

Also, the moment your car gets into the marketplace of Getaround. Here, it can also happen that Getaround can set the pricing automatically based on the recommended rate. 

This is calculated based on the location, demanding of area, your car year, miles, and different sort of things. 

As per Getaround, if you can keep your car rate at the minimal extents, you can get more drivers where you can potentially make some good amount of money out of it. 

Every monthly, the earnings are sent to the car owners’ account along with the earnings report. Read some press release on Getaround

Is Getaround Safe?

Yes, Getaround is safe whereas they use the most stringent security measures for drivers and owners. Also, it is integrated with DMV that the owner can automatically check driver records right in real-time. 

For verifying renters, the company checks the driver records along with their social profiles such as Facebook. Also, the company uses 16 other points of reference and then goes ahead with the procedure. 

Further, Getaround comes with strict minimum eligibility requirements that every renter must meet. Before they can rent their car, they will have to meet almost every single requirement.

Now, the requirements include a license for a minimum of 2 years that must have the least of 2 minor violations. Also, your vehicle must have no Dui or any drug offenses in the past seven years. 

Additionally, the company’s auto insurance policy covers almost every sort of incident that occurs within an active trip. This covers the owner along with driver insurance that is an amazing thing. 

With this, you don’t have to pay even a single penny during an active car trip. Each thing will be managed by the company in case of any damage occurring. 

Currently, there’s a $1000 damage fee per accident. This is good whereas you can be assured about your car’s repair. 

Now, under the Getaround car insurance policy, collision, comprehensive along with liability coverage are a part of it. 

Still, before you can become a partner of Getaround, you can initially read every set of instructions and details. After you have understood everything, then you can simply go ahead and opt for the company plans. 

Wrapping Things Up

Coming at the concluding phase of the article, the entire Getaround review is right in front of you. Yes, from my end, I have tried my best to offer you the best review of Getaround where every sort of detailing is right in front of you. 

Plus, for the renters who were thinking whether to go for Getaround or not, the answer is “Yes’. Indeed, it’s a good platform for the people who want to make some side money. Though, you will first have to become eligible for the partner program. 

However, from your end, you can research too where you can then simply go ahead, join their program, and make some good amount of money, thereafter. 

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