TOP 12 Proven Ways to Get Paid for Searching the Web [2020 Updated]

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In the current world scenario, the cost of everything is going up at a much rapid scale. Plus, the income of people is slowing down and with this, plenty of people are looking to earn some money and support their living. Thankfully, the internet is a massive place, and to help you earn, I have got the best ways to get paid for searching the web.

Also, people have got the desire to save money for the holidays, buy home and do tons of things with that money. For this, you definitely need some sort of side income that can complement the entire scenario.

Hence, right in this article, we will certainly go ahead and browse for some of the best and proven ways to get paid for searching the web.

Best Ways to Get Paid for Searching the Web

Starting with the basics, all of us spend a good amount of time browsing the web and gather additional information.

Indeed, searching the web, completing surveys, and doing other things can actually help you generate money. Plus, earning money over the internet is a lot easier where you don’t have to spend any cash for the same.

All you need is a device, internet connection and you are good to get paid for searching the web.

Therefore, let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the possible ways to earn money, one by one.

1. Survey Junkie

get paid for searching the web

Going ahead with another better way to get paid for searching the web, Survey Junkie is a good one. Yes, it’s one of the most popular platforms available online that can help you earn a good amount of money.

In this method, you can earn virtual points for answering different sorts of survey questions. In terms of working, you got to create a profile and answer different questions to let you decide on the surveys you are qualifying for.

After all that, you will start receiving surveys as per your taste  and then you can start completely those to get points.

Now, speaking about the money you can earn from Survey Junkie, at an average you can easily earn $1 to $3 for each of the surveys.

In terms of the pros of Survey Junkie, it can enable you to earn 100 to 200 points for every survey. This is pretty good where you can complete different surveys and earn good money in the meantime.

For payments, you can easily redeem the points for gift cards and then you can also redeem those for extra cash. The cash can also be transferred using a PayPal account that is yet another valuable thing.

2. Swagbucks

get paid for searching the web

Swagbucks is one of the best loyalty along with a rewards operator that pays people for watching videos, searching the internet, completing surveys, and doing tons of more things.

Yes, on top of that, the company gives gift cards whenever you shop online for your favorite goods.

In terms of working, all you can do is to join their community by signing up. Once you have signed up, you will get instant access to the company’s search engine.

Now, with the use of search per hour, you can get 50 points that are another valuable thing. After you have collected enough points, you can then redeem those points and get cash back for the same.

In terms of the pros of Swagbucks, there are plenty of pros to look at. First of all, the company delivers tons of different ways to earn points. Whether it’s to watch videos, play games or even shop online, Swagbucks offers the best ways to get paid for searching the web.

In terms of the payments, you can easily redeem your cash with the help of PayPal that will be deposited within business days.

3. MyPoints

get paid for searching the web

Yet another best way to get paid for searching the web will bring the MyPoints into the spotlight.

It’s yet another brilliant service that delivers good cashback to almost every single user. Here, all you can do is to shop via this website and reap good profits by earning gift cards. Plus, you can also score good benefits on every single you buy

In terms of working, first, you got to create the MyPoints account by the process of signing up. Also, you can even join their research community and enter their network to get paid for searching the web.

Further, it even delivers other sorts of tasks such as printing coupons, taking surveys, watching movies, and many more.

Coming down at the Pros, you can redeem points for different gift cards with retail stores along with restaurants.

When it comes to cash, you can make use of your PayPal account and get each of the cash deposited to your account.

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4. Wonder

Speaking about Wonder, it’s a research service that works as a personal search assistant for people to different companies. Plus, it even helps you gain knowledge along with delivering information on each user behavior.

Moving ahead, to apply for the online work at Wonder, you can eventually join their research community and accept the trial assignment.

Once you are assigned the research work, you can then go ahead and complete that work, without an issue.

Additionally, in this scenario, you got to find different sources or answers to get paid for searching the web.

In this scenario, the pay rates are on the excellent site where you will get payments for the work you do. It all depends on the amount of research you do where you can earn $8 to $35 for questions to complex queries.

Hence, if you are searching for a website that can make you earn massive cash, in a short period.

In terms of payments, you will be paid via Paypal every two weeks. This sort of payment schedule is quite good and the company is known to deliver payments on time.

5. MobileXpression

get paid for searching the web

Coming down at a company pays for doing different marketing research, MobileXpression is a company that does wonders. As a company, they do their work by analyzing human patterns with the help of mobile devices.

Going ahead with the working of this company, you got to sign up and then complete a short registration form. Thereafter, you will have to install an app on your phone from where you will complete all the marketing and research.

Additionally, the software of this app helps analyze different patterns along with the behaviors of users.

In terms of the Pros, you can earn money without doing even a single thing. Yes, the app even offers some sort of cool rewards where the reward ranges from gift cards to flat-screen televisions.

Coming down at the payment section, you can easily redeem the points earned with the help of Amazon gift cards.

Altogether, it’s one of the best ways to get paid for searching the web where you can perform market research and earn money with the same.

6. Neilson Computer & Mobile Panel

Now, speaking about this sort of service, it collects data on the pattern of people using the internet. With this, the information is further used for designing different products along with the services.

This eventually helps to enhance product usage and results in much greater sales of the products.

Speaking about the working of Neilson Computer & Mobile Panel, you first have to join their community to register and answer different questions.

After this, you can download and then install the app on your mobile or computer. That’s it, you can then earn a good amount of money without doing much. The software is capable of doing almost everything in the background where it won’t affect the speed along with the battery of your device.

Coming down at the Pros, each month, the amount will be credited straight to your account. Plus, the more you use the app, you can earn a good amount of money in the long run.

Additionally, as soon as your payout reaches $5, you can instantly request for a Payout.

7. Qmee


Speaking about the Qmee research company, it’s a lot different than other companies. In this scenario, you will have to install the Qmee browser extension right after you are done with the signup process.

Thereafter, the service will monitor you in the background and deliver different rewards along with cashback depending upon your type of search.

Being a part of the Qmee community, you will be given cashback whenever you purchase products from Qmee partnered brands.

Also, you will be told to watch different ads and even complete surveys for earning reward points.

In terms of the Pros, the company has got no sort of minimum payout. This is extremely good for people who are looking for instant payout from the company.

For taking payout, all you need is to have your Paypal account. Once you have that, you can take all your payments, without any sorts of issues.

Also, once you will sign up with Qmee, you can get a few extra points right at the start.

8. FusionCash


This is another type of GPT website that helps users to earn cash along with other additional incentives. Here, users will have to complete different tasks in the form of offers, completing online surveys, and get paid for searching the web too.

In terms of the working of FushionCash, you first have to download the toolbar on your PC. Also, you can even download the same on your mobile phone in the form of an app.

Plus, the moment you are on the road to sign up, the company requires some of the most basic info in sign up.

Additionally, you will also get $5 as the signup process. This is one of the best things from a company that is offering $5 to each user for signing up. Also, you will get 1 cent for four searches that is another valuable thing.

Though the money is low, you can gradually go ahead and grow your money with the help of FusionCash.

In terms of the Pros, even if you don’t have PayPal, you don’t have to worry even for a second. In this case, the company has got the potential to deliver the money directly into your bank accounts.

Or else, even if you have your PayPal account, you can take money into your PayPal account, without an issue.

9. Microsoft Rewards

If you are willing the best of all ways to get paid for searching the web, Microsoft rewards are one better thing. With an intention to compete with Google search engine, Microsoft introduced their Bing platform. But, the platform didn’t fulfill much of the goals and it went failed.

However, the company has introduced yet another thing in the name of Bing rewards. Here, the company only pays users who are using Bing search engines. Still, they have done the slight changes and now the company pays people for completing different sorts of tasks.

Yes, here, you can do shopping at Windows or even play games and complete a quiz to earn good points.

Now, speaking about the Pros, users are paid 5 cents for every single search they complete. When compared with other GPT websites, this was a much good amount at the start.

However, on a daily basis, you can only complete 50 searches. This may sound low to you but you can pick up the same thing from the next day and earn good points all the way.

In terms of payments, you can earn gift cards for Xbox along with Windows Stores. Thereafter, you can either donate the money or keep it for yourself, the entire choice is yours.

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10. Crossmedia Research Panel

Crossmedia research panel is a research app that has been recently acquired by Google. The job of this panel is similar to Neilson panel where the signing up process is a lot simpler.

In this case, all you need is to perform the signup process and eventually go ahead to download the app. Once you are done with the same, the app will then automatically collect information about internet usage.

Here, your work becomes the simplest one and all you need to do is download the app on your device. Thereafter, the app will analyze your internet usage that will help them to enhance different products and services.

In terms of the Pros with Crossmedia Research panel, users can earn money the moment the app is installed. Here, you will get $2 on the upfront and also get $1 each week for installing the app on your device.

Further, you will get $4 upfront and $2 each week if you can successfully install the app on two devices.

Speaking about the payments, you are free to redeem each of your earnings in the form of gift cards from different brands.

Yes, the process is simpler and you don’t have to do much rather than installing the app.

11. SavvyConnect


Coming down yet another way to get paid for searching the web, SavvyConnect is a brilliant one. It’s a good marketing research app that offers a survey to people at fingerprints. Yes, the app is pretty fast and you will not find it tough to complete different surveys offered by SavvyConnect.

Also, with the help of the company’s VIP program, the company makes use of cutting edge and safe technologies. With this, they collect user data with the help of surfing habits they are performing.

From your end, the work is a  lot more simpler one. In this scenario, you just need to sign up and download the app. Thereafter, the app does it’s best to run in the background and you don’t have to do anything.

Also, if you are looking for another way to make money, you can simply complete surveys. Yes, the app even offers the privilege to complete surveys and make good money out of the same.

Speaking about the pros of SavvyConnect, there are lots of them. First of all, the moment you will install the app it will give you $5 as a signup bonus. Yes, this is one of the best things that the company is doing at the start.

Likewise, you can earn $5 for every single download that is done on each of the devices. Additionally, for completing surveys, you can earn anything between $1 to $3 which is another good thing.

In terms of the payment modes, it can be completed with the help of paper checks right to your doorstep.

12. Become a Search engine Evaluator

Well, speaking about the best of all ways to get paid for searching the web, becoming a search engine evaluator is one better thing.

This is a complete non-technical thing and even a legit way to make money online. All your work will be to filter down the search results and by doing this, you can make a good amount of money.

Here, the method is exactly similar to get paid for searching on the web.

Further, this sort of job is generally assigned to all those individual contractors and with this, you can perform this work from your homes.

However, you must know that this work is a little tough than the above ones as it requires brilliant research skills along with knowledge.

Plus, you will have to attend an interview to claim yourself fit for that sort of position. Well, it’s absolutely worth going for all those stages as you can earn an amount between $12 to $15 per hour.

This amount is quite staggering and if you are able to do the work with perfection, you can earn brilliant money from the same.

Further, if you are getting interested in this type of work, you can even make it your full-time job. With this, you can work on your skills, get this job, and earn the best amount of money, within a short of span of time.

Final Word of Mouth

We have come to the concluding phase of the article and each of the best ways to get paid for searching the web is in front of you.

Of course, keeping aside the last way, all the above ways require no sort of skills. In that scenario, all you need is a good speed net connection, mobile, laptop and get the job done, without any issue.

At the start, you may find it tough to earn money along with rewards. But, as and when you will go ahead, money-making will become a breeze for you.

Speaking about the last way that is the search engine evaluator, this way definitely requires some set of skills. Also, it even delivers higher pay rates compared to the above ways.

Therefore, right now, all you can do is to simply go ahead and look for each of the above ways.

Test each of them, grab some brilliant ones, and then go ahead and get paid for searching the web.

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