GeneratePress Review 2021: The Fastest & Best WP Theme [Latest]

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If you are thinking to purchase one of the best WordPress themes, GeneratePress is the true option. Yes, out of almost all of the themes available over the internet, GeneratePress is the one that’s different from the rest. It’s a lightweight theme but still comes with all of the essential and mandatory features. With this, I have got you a complete GeneratePress Review.

If you are someone who is thinking to run a WordPress Blog or even changing your theme, this article will help you tons.

So, before wasting any time, let’s jump straight into the article and unwrap a complete GeneratePress review.

GeneratePress Review 2021

GeneratePress Review

Currently, if you can think of one of the best and world-class themes, GeneratePress is the one that will come into the limelight.

It’s quite a lightweight theme and among the fastest as far as WordPress is considered.

Plus, they offer Free along with Paid versions and you have the chance to choose the version of GeneratePress, as per your convenience.

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What is GeneratePress?

First of all, as I said above, GeneratePress is a lightweight theme that is multipurpose and can be used on almost each of the websites.

Plus, you can use this theme to create a blog, business website, a portfolio website, or even build your own eCommerce website.

Features of GeneratePress

Going ahead in GeneratePress review, features are something that is the most valuable for any of the user.

Some Key things about GeneratePress You Must Know:

  • It’s a WordPress theme
  • It’s lightweight and offers multipurpose use
  • The latest Price of GP is $59 for each year and $249 for a lifetime
  • It comes with massive 30 days of money-back guarantee without any questions asked
  • 1 year of updates & support on the lifetime and yearly plan
  • 40% off on the yearly renewal for each of the old customers
  • You can use the theme on up to 500 websites
  • Time Development and dedicated team for Support
  • The GeneratePress theme is already Gurenberg supportive
  • Fully translated to 30+ languages
  • Full Support of RTL Languages
  • Complete Access to the premium modules and library
  • WPML & GP compatible

GeneratePress Review 2021: Free vs Premium

Yes, there has to be a comparison between the Free vs Premium GP theme as users would like to know the features.

If you are comparing both the theme options, you must know that the premium version offers lots of value added features.

On the other hand, if you are using the free version, you have the power to install the theme, free of cost from the GeneratePress official website.

What do I need to do for the GeneratePress Premium Version?

In order to get the GeneratePress premium version, you can either pay $59 or even $249 can do the trick for you.

With $249, you are paying for a lifetime and you can use the theme on unlimited websites.

Plus, with a premium theme, you have the chance and power to customize the theme as per your liking.

There are massive 60+ site demo options that you can import and make a website, the way you want. Also, you can find each of the things about the GeneratePress Premium modules, in the given below sections.

A Glance at GeneratePress Premium Modules

GeneratePress Review

Speaking about the premium version of the GeneratePress theme, you have the option to add tons of value-added features. Here, you can explore different modules as follows:

  • Backgrounds
  • Colors
  • Blog
  • Copyright
  • Disable Elements
  • Menu Plus
  • Secondary navigation,
  • Site Library
  • Spacing
  • Typography

Now, for enabling each of those premium modules, you can go straight into the Appearance section, tap on GeneratePress, Modules and then press Activate for each of the above sections.

Take Some Knowledge on each of the GeneratePress Premium Modules


With the help of the Background Module, you can choose and keep different background images on your website


Here, you can customize the feature image, archives, columns with the help of the Blog module


Have the chance to choose and use different colors right in the header, navigation, body, widgets, and the footer section.


Edit and even change the copyright of your website in the footer section

Disabling the Elements

Turn off different elements right within your website posts and pages


With the help of element function, you can add different modules, dynamic heroes, advance hooks, and much more

Menu Plus

Menu Plus module help for making the menu sticky, mobile header, off-canvas navigation, and much more.

Secondary Navigation

With the help of the Secondary Navigation, you can add an extra menu along with the colors, layout, typography, and much more


You can break out different contents and make them look a lot beautiful using the section module

Site Library

With Site Library, you have the chance to enjoy around 46+ libraries, import different demo websites, and see which thing is working for you


Here, you can easily manage the margin along with padding using the Spacing Modules and controlling the padding in GeneratePress


In this section, you can select from around 70 different types of Google fonts to style in your website


Install the Woocommerce plugin and then activate the WC module for styling the product checkout pages.

GeneratePress Review 2021: Detailed Information on the Modules

I have jotted down the immense information and have come up with detailed information on every module.


GeneratePress Review

The Background module helps in adding the background images to the website. In this case, you can browse the eligible section and you can then import the images and even set sizes, positions, and a lot more with this function.


GeneratePress Review 2021

Use the Blog function to customize feature images, archive columns using the Blog Module customizer.

Select and control different options such as the post date, categories, author, tags, featured images, and a lot more in the module.


GeneratePress Review

Yes, GeneratePress offers you the option to play with different colors as you like. In this scenario, you can choose among different colors and insert them in the header, body, navigation, Widgets, Footer section, and much more.

Currently, GeneratePress is offering 60+ color options which you can use from the customizer.

Plus, you must note that you can color almost every single part of the theme.



Yes, the copyright module helps in editing and even changing the copyright section of the website. This symbol you can add in the footer section as per your convenience.

Disable Elements

Now, for the people who don’t like to include tons of content on their website, GeneratePress offers them the option to disable elements.

This you can do at the post/page level without an issue.



Element is one of the most important modules for the GeneratePress theme which helps to add dynamic heroes, advance hooks, layouts, etc.

Plus, most of the advanced features are present too that can be used to be included in the Elements module.

Most of the developers and users make use of this module to tweak and achieve each of the advanced level customizations.

To activate this module, you can Go to:


Also, another thing you must note is that the element section consists of three parts which are as follows:

  • Header

With the help of the Header element, you can build the header on your website, without an issue. Here, on the GP element, you have the chance to add a background image, style, and text at your convenience.

Plus, you can even add the style which is HTML or even CSS as per your convenience.

  • Hook

This is among the most powerful features in the GeneratePress theme. With this feature, you can insert contents right in the hook section of your website.

Plus, with this feature, users don’t have to create their very own child theme. With this element, it can help you to achieve the advanced level of customization in your blog

  • Layout

This element helps in controlling the specific type of layout needs. This includes controlling the layout needs in pages, categories, posts, archives, and much more.

  • Block

Thinking about one of the most advanced elements, take a look at block one. Yes, with the help of Block, you have the option to perform all of the advanced level customizations.

You can easily combine the Block with GenerateBlocks and then create a separate site footer, right sidebar, left sidebar, and site header.

Menu Plus


Yes, with the help of the Menu Plus Module, you can make the menu sticky, off-canvas navigation, mobile header, and much more.

To find the Menu Plus option, you can go to Customize> Layout, and then you can check different functions.

Secondary Navigation

secondary nav

With the help of Secondary Navigation, you can easily add an extra menu with colors, Typography, layout, and much more.

You can activate the Secondary Nav as follows:

Appearance> GeneratePress> Secondary Nav> Activate



Sections are the mini page builder available in the GeneratePress Premium add-ons section. Yes, if you are using the advanced page builder such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc, then you can simply avoid making use of such sections.

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What If I am using a Classic editor?

If you are using a classic editor, then you can use the section modules right on your page/post page without an issue.

Also, with the latest WordPress update sections, Sections are not usable within the Gutenberg editor.

Therefore, GeneratePress as a theme is building their own GenerateBlocks that are light WordPress blocks.

These blocks are compatible with the Gutenberg editor, without an issue.

Site Library

site library

After buying the premium version of the GeneratePress theme, you will get complete access to the website library. Yes, you can easily import the entire library and then make your website live, as early as possible.

These website Libraries can be imported with the GeneratePress options along with the demo contents.

Plus, GeneratePress makes use of the default editor, Elementor Pro/Free along with the Beaver editor for creating different demo websites.

How to Import Site Library on GeneratePress?

Importing the Site Library on GeneratePress is an easy task. You can import quickly and then activate the Site Library right in the Premium Modules.

Appearance> GeneratePress> Site Library> Activate

After which, you will get complete access to the site-library. Then, you can import the desired website content, without an issue.

There are over 50+ demo sites in the site library section. And, every single year, GeneratePress is increasing the library to put some more quality and value-added themes.


site library

With the help of the Spacing add-ons function, it can help you to manage the margin & padding. Also, you can even control the size in GeneratePress as per your liking.

Plus, you can make use of the module in the header, container separate, menu item, sidebar width, content padding, width padding, footer widget, secondary menu, etc.

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Now, choosing a different type of fonts is one of the most key aspects in this scenario. Right in the typography module, you have the chance to choose among the 70 different system fonts along with Google Fonts for styling your website.

Also, you can even customize your fonts for each area in the GeneratePress theme. You can even change the font family, font weight, font variants, header, footer, sidebar, menu, and much more.


Now, going ahead in GeneratePress review, WooCommerce is a plugin used on WordPress for e-Commerce websites. Yes, the plugin is a free one and it’s an open-source plugin.

Therefore, before using the module, you will have to install and activate the WooCommerce plugin on your website.

Additionally, the WooCommerce module will definitely help you in customizing different product pages, checkout pages, and much more. This you can customize with the help of different colors, typography options, etc.

GeneratePress Review: Support

Indeed, before choosing any theme, you got to consider the support option, without an issue. If any theme isn’t offering good customer support, then choosing that theme isn’t a reliable option.

Coming down to GeneratePress theme, they offer two types of theme options. One is the free theme that doesn’t come with any sort of customer support.

On the other hand, the GeneratePress Premium theme offers the best of all support. I will give them 5/5 stars for customer support.

Plus, the support executives were well trained and they gave answers to each of my asked questions.

With this, I can say that they offer an extensive array of customer support. Regardless of issues in your GeneratePress theme, you can just contact them.

Then, they will be more than happy to offer you an extensive array of customer support, without issues.



Likewise the customer support, documentation is another essential part of the project.

GeneratePress theme has got the best of all documentation. Here, you can find a different in-depth guide about every module such as customization, Filters, Hooks, etc.

Plus, you can even access the GeneratePress Theme documentation at

gp documentation

Also, you must note that the documentation is divided into 4 parts. With this, it becomes a lot easier to navigate and then search any of the tutorials within the knowledge base.

For example, if you are eager to know about the elements in GeneratePress. You can then search for the same in the documentation and you will get answers.

GeneratePress has done its best to explain each of the things, in the best of all ways.

On the other hand, you can even make use of Google to search for different options. It all depends upon your preferences which type of search option, you are eager to use.

How to install GeneratePress Premium Theme?

Now, if you are eager to activate the GeneratePress premium theme, you will first have to install the Free GeneratePress theme.

Steps to install GeneratePress Free Theme

install theme

  • First of all, you got to go into the Appearances> Themes> Add New
  • Then, you can search for GeneratePress
  • Install and Activate the Theme

GeneratePress Review

Now, after you have installed and activated the free theme, then you will have to download the GeneratePress premium plugin from the official website.

  1. First of all, you got to visit the GeneratePress official website
  2. Tap on the Log in Menu
  3. Log in with your Username and Password
  4. Then, you will be taken straight to the download section.
  5. Download the GeneratePress Premium
  6. Go straight to the WordPress dashboard
  7. Dive into the Plugins> Add New
  8. Tap on Upload Plugin
  9. Browse the GeneratePress Plugin
  10. Install & Activate it
  11. Go into Appearance> GeneratePress
  12. Enter the License key
  13. Activate each of the GeneratePress Modules
  14. Enjoy the Premium GeneratePress Theme

Is GeneratePress the Fastest Theme?

page speed

Well, in this GeneratePress theme, page speed is something that has been the key feature of this theme.

According to the study, Google states speed is the ranking factor and websites have to maintain optimum speed for desktop along with mobile devices.

The users that are visiting your website might have different mobile speeds. Here, you can use the 2G, 3G, or even the 4G speed as per your convenience.

It’s most crucial that your website is loading faster, without an issue.

Further, Google even looks after the 200+ ranking factors before ranking any of the websites. Out of which, Speed is among the high priority factors for Google.

Altogether, Google has to give users the true search experience and that is what Google is known for.

GeneratePress Speed Verdict

Well, I tested the GeneratePress Speed test on my website and the results which I got were truly commendable.

Yes, the numbers were above expectations and I can say that the speed of the GeneratePress theme, is truly fast.

With this, I can say that the Speed is something that GeneratePress as a theme as achieved.

Also, you must make sure that you are using a decent hosting service provider. If the hosting provider isn’t offering optimal speeds, then there is no use in choosing any WordPress theme.

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GeneratePress Lifetime Plan

Yes, compared to other WordPress themes available, GeneratePress offers a good Lifetime subscription.

Here, you can avail the GeneratePress lifetime subscription and get support on up to 500 websites.

Plus, you will get lifetime support from GeneratePress which is another better thing.

The Lifetime plan is available for $249 where you will get the theme to use, for years to come.

Also, there is a yearly option available from GeneratePress which is available at $59 for each month.

With this, you have the option to choose between the yearly plan and lifetime plan. Depending upon your budget, you have the option to choose among any of the above plans.

Get GeneratePress Theme


Q1. What is a GeneratePress Theme?

GeneratePress is one of the best multipurpose themes and is a lightweight one too. The theme is developed by Tom Usborne that mainly focuses on security, performance, and usability.

Q2. What is the Best Page Builder for GeneratePress?

Well, GenerateBlocks is the best Page Builder for GeneratePress. This is developed by the same developer who is the person behind developing the GeneratePress theme.

Q3. Is GeneratePress available for Free?

Yes, the GeneratePress theme is available for free of cost. You can easily download the GeneratePress theme from the WordPress dashboard. Or else, you can even visit the GeneratePress official website and download the free theme, from there itself.

Q4. Does the GeneratePress work good with Elementor?

Yes, the GeneratePress theme works the best with Elementor. You are free to design different pages as per your liking with the GeneratePress and Elementor plugin.

Q5. Can I use GeneratePress Premium on Unlimited Websites?

No, the GeneratePress Premium theme can be used only on 500 websites as per the new rules. With this, you can use the GeneratePress Theme to build your client websites, without an issue.

Q6. Do I have to renew the GeneratePress License?

No, only if you want the latest updates and support, then you can renew the GeneratePress theme license. Or else, you can continue using the website and you will not face any of the issues.

Q7 Difference Between GeneratePress Free vs Premium?

Well, the GeneratePress free theme comes with limitations and you can’t do tons of things in that theme. On the other hand, with the GeneratePress Premium theme, you can access all of the premium features.

Here, you can make use of the theme as per your convenience. And you have full control over the GeneratePress theme, in every single scenario.

Q8. Are you using the GeneratePress Theme?

Yes, I am using the GeneratePress Premium theme on this blog and I am using the Premium version of this theme. Also, I renew the theme each year to get updates along with support that can make my theme using experience, better.

Final Word of Mouth: GeneratePress Review

We are at the concluding phase of the GeneratePress review article. By now, you must have got the entire review of GeneratePress.

First of all, if you are a newbie blogger and searching for a lightweight theme, GeneratePress is one of the better options. Yes., with the GeneratePress theme, you can first go ahead and try the free version.

In this case, you can test the free version and see if the GeneratePress theme is suitable for you or not.

If the answer is yes, then you can think about whether you want to upgrade to the GeneratePress premium or not.

Once again speaking about the GeneratePress Premium theme, this theme offers tons of features and functionalities. Yes, using the premium theme, you can access some of the world-class features.

Here, you can easily access the sidebar, headers, and tons of things at your convenience.

Another thing which I like about GeneratePress is that it loads the website, at a faster pace. The theme is extremely light that gives it the edge to load websites, at a lot more pace.

Also, even if you are using a medium pace hosting, then also chances are high that your website will load faster.

Hence, right now, the decision is all yours whether you want to go for the GeneratePress free plan or the premium one.

If you choose to go for the Premium plan, you will have two options available.

Either you can choose the yearly plan that comes at $59 per year. Or else, you can go for the $249 Lifetime plan.

Also, to make things simpler, you can simply CLICK HERE and you will be taken to the GeneratePress Home page.

Then, you can install GeneratePress Theme and use it on unlimited websites, the world-class way.

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