Frugal Living Tips: TOP 18 Frugal Living Tips, Proven [2020 Updated]

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Time after time we have seen the word considered as a negative term. Although, living a frugal lifestyle is one of the best ways to save money for the future. Currently, there are tons of people who are in debt and the reason is quite simple. Yes, they spent lavishly and then had to suffer debt. Thankfully, if you are someone who wants to know the best frugal living tips, I have got the best ones for you.

Hence, let us first understand the actual meaning of frugal living and then dive into different proven tips.

Actual Meaning of frugal living tips

In simpler terms, frugal living means spending within your limits in a lot more careful manner. If you can do this with perfection, your mind will always work in calculations whenever you are in need to buy something.

Therefore, you will spend more money on the stuff you need and less or no money on the items of no need. With this, you can easily establish a clear balance between your living and spend in the most beneficial way.

However, on the other hand, frugal living doesn’t mean living without spending on anything. Also, it doesn’t mean you won’t go out to different vacations too. The best thing about frugal living is that you are in control of your spending.

Here, you have the power to decide when you can live stingily and where there is a need to spend.

Does frugal living mean living Cheap?

In the route to discover frugal living tips, frugal living doesn’t really mean living cheap. Cheap means going to any store and buying the items without thinking about their quality.

On the other hand, frugal means accessing the desires and then deciding the things we really need.

For example, you can decide to spend less money on clothing so that you can save funds for your next vacation.

Best frugal living tips

After a series of immense research, I have got you the best of all frugal living tips. Let’s go ahead and discover every single frugal living tip, one by one.

1. Start Budgeting

frugal living tips

Yes, speaking about the best of all frugal living tips will bring the phenomenon of budgeting into the spotlight. Here, you can start off by creating your budget and sticking to it in every possible scenario.

By creating a budget, you will have a clearer idea of the money you will spend. Plus, you can make good decisions on the stuff you need and the ones you got to avoid.

On the other hand, you must know that there is nothing wrong to buy things out of your budget. This you can do on a few occasions while most of the other time, sticking to your budget as to be the goal.

Also, you must make sure that for purchasing the things outside your budget, you are saving money for it.

For example, if you are thinking to buy a nice pair of shoes for a trip, you can accumulate money time after time for the same.

Luckily, if you can browse over the internet, you will find some of the best budgeting tools. From there, you can easily design your budget and spend money on the things you actually need.

2. Meal plan

frugal living tips

Indeed, buying everything for eating won’t do any good and will make you spend more. On the other hand, doing the same will make you fat too that will incur additional costs in the gym.

Therefore, creating your very own meal plan is another better thing among the best frugal living tips.

In this scenario, you can list out the different items you need for your meal plan. Go to shopping, purchase those food items and that’s it.

Coming to home, you can prepare your meal plan into small containers for the entire day. With this, you will have meal plans for the entire day which will reduce the greater chance of overspending.

On top of that, if you can practice this each day, you can easily save tons of money that you could have spent on daily foods. For food saving, you can rely on Groupons to buy food on a discounted price than retail price. 

Especially, in the modern date world when junk food eating is on the rise, you can prevent yourself from eating those foods.

Yes, in this scenario, you can make your meals, eat it, save money, and live a much healthier lifestyle.

3. Cooking in Bulk

 Cooking is an art and if you can cook properly with proportions, you can save good money in this scenario. Yes, this is one of the best frugal living tips where you can cook in bulk and save food for later consumption.

Here, you can cook food in bulk on the basis of what’s on sale next week. Typically,  you can cook on Sunday afternoon and freeze different portions. Then, during your ahead days, you can de-freeze those foods and eat them in the best possible way.

Well, even if you feel that this thing will not save any money, it does save some good amount. All you need is the consistency to cook food in bulk that can reduce the cost of everyday food cooking.

4. Have a look into your pantry

Well, there are tons of people who have got their pantry loaded with the stuff they don’t need. It’s an issue of millions of people that have resulted in overspending in plenty of cases.

Therefore, if you can look into your pantry, you can have a better chance of the stuff you need and the ones you don’t have to buy next time.

Also, there are people who have got packed foods stuffed into their pantry. All these foods can give you short term pleasure but when it comes to long term satisfaction, you got to eat healthy foods.

Further, you must make meals of what you have in the pantry that can easily eliminate the risk of overspending.

Additionally, you can skip a visit to the grocery store once in a month. In that week or day, you can have a look into your pantry and list down the items you don’t need.

After which, the moment you go out for the next grocery shopping, you don’t have to buy those stuff.

5. Checking on Coupons

frugal living tips

Yes, in a society where competition is everywhere, you can look for coupons on different items. Here, you will have to put in the research and look for the websites that are giving coupons.

Ultimately, with the help of coupons, you can save a good amount of money in the long run. Groupons assist people to find on the product that you are planning to buy. 

Every single time you will use a coupon, you can save a good amount of dollars on the same. If you can save a few dollars every single time, those savings will add up on a quicker note into a better thing.

Also, there different websites that are solely dedicated to offering coupons. With this, you can take advantage of such websites, browse coupons, apply some, and save good money for the future.

6. Sell items you don’t need

Among the best frugal living tips in the current world, selling out items you don’t need is the prime one. There have been many times when we have purchased the items we don’t necessarily need.

Yes, it might be out of excitement that we need those things but after a few days, we realize that we have spent over the limit.

In such cases, there is no need to get angry as you can easily sell out the items you don’t need.

Whether you have a collection of bags, shoes, or even clothes, not each of those items you like. Hence, you can take a day off and differentiate the items you don’t really need.

This can consume some good amount of time but if you can carefully differentiate the items, you can then sell those, to the needy.

All you need here is a little amount of a day’s effort where you can sell the items you don’t need to the needy and generate good money from the same.

Looking for a few places where you can sell used items? Some of them include Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark along with eBay.

You can register yourself on these websites in the easiest way. Then, you can easily sell your used items and generate a good amount of money, from it.

7. Buy used items

frugal living tips

On the contrary of selling used items. Buying used items is another frugal living tips among the rest. Yes, there have been plenty of cases where the pricing of the new product has been high.

However, if you can browse websites that sell used items or we can say second-hand items, you can get those at a much lesser price.

Yes, with this, you can save some good amount of money and use that money on other essential stuff.

Also, you can even browse for used items in the offline market and see if you can get those in working condition. Especially, when it comes to washing machines, oven, or other home appliances, you can easily get second-hand items.

With this, even if you buy two to three second-hand items, you will save some massive money. Thereafter, you can save that money and when the time comes, you can spend it on useful items.

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8. Return items you don’t need

Now, in the scenario to return stuff you don’t need, you got to have a look at your recent purchases. Yes, you will have to analyze different items and on the basis of that decide whether you have the need of those stuff or not.

Also, plenty of stores offer a return period where you can think about the items you have purchased recently.

Of course, not every item you need and there can be some items you would like to return. Thereafter, you can return those items, get your money, and spend it on other useful items.

9. Buy Car you can afford

Buy Car you can afford

Indeed, among the best frugal living tips, this is a thing not many people understand. People tend to buy expensive cars they can’t afford on EMI’s. Well, this can look glorious to you at first glance.

But, as and when you will have to pay EMI and you don’t have the money, then the issue will arise.

Hence, if you are eager to buy a car, make sure that the car is within your budgeting reach. There is no harm to buy a low-cost car as long as you are spending within your budget.

On the other hand, when you will have money to buy an expensive car, you can buy the same without an issue.

It all depends on the money that you have and if you can spend it wisely, you can go ahead and buy your dream car, without any sorts of issues.

10. Walk or Cycle if you can

Walk or Cycle

Even if you have a car to drive, if you can walk or cycle for close-by destinations, you can save terrific money from it. Yes, there are tons of people who use cars for shorter destinations which incur money on petrol/diesel.

Plus, the pricing of such oils is on a steeper note, and using cycles or walking can reduce that to considerable extents.

Hence, whenever you get an opportunity, you can walk or even use a cycle. With this, you will also keep yourself healthy as walking along with cycling burns calories.

Eventually, when you will look back into your life, you will be thankful to the decisions you made. Such activities keep the body moving, healthy, and free from diseases.

11. Shop for the Best Insurance

For plenty of people especially in the United States, insurance is a huge expense. On the other hand, if you don’t have proper insurance, it can eventually hamper your financial goals.

Without insurance, you will end up spending more and this can even make you go bankrupt.

Therefore, it’s essential to choose the best insurance plans as per your life and budget.

The moment you have got a better understanding of insurances you need, you can shop around with much freedom.

Now, to get the best of all insurance, you can visit different online insurance websites. There, you can see any offers on insurance. Yes, there will be some insurance companies giving offers where you can grab those offers, as soon as possible.

Thereafter, you can avail those insurance for yourself, family, and live your life with minimal stress.

12. Swap Lightbulbs

Swap Lightbulbs

If you are someone who is using the traditional lightbulbs in your home, it’s high time to replace those. Yes, traditional bulbs consume more power that incurs additional electricity bills.

With this, you end up paying more than the usual. On the other hand, if you want to live a frugal life and spend less, the best way in this case is to change the traditional bulb into LED bulbs.

Yes, by doing such a simple thing, you will notice the true difference in power consumption.

Over a period of time, you will see that the electricity bill will come low. Also, with electricity bills coming out low, you can easily save some good money from this scenario.

Therefore, consider doing such a switch if you are willing to save hefty money on electricity in the long run.

13. Automate investments and savings

Before you can automate your investments along with savings, you will have to set spending goals. With setting a deadline of spending, you will always spend less and this can give you a chance to automate on savings and investments.

Now, to automate investments and savings, you can perform the same at any age of your life. Make use of different automation tools available online where you can define your budget and automate savings along with the investments.

More to it, if you are nearby to your retirement, automating the investment and savings can be another better option.

Next up, you can consider automatic payments for each of your bills. This can reduce your headache on paying bills and each of them can be paid within the deadline.

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14. Evaluate on your subscriptions


This is an issue modern date humans are facing to some good extents. They tend to buy the subscriptions and later on realize that those subscriptions were useless.

Especially, when we speak about entertainment, people tend to buy subscriptions they don’t really need.

In this case, it can be Amazon Prime, Netflix, or any other subscription.

Hence, in such cases, you will have to take a step back and analyze each of the subscriptions. Out of which, take out those subscriptions which you don’t really need.

Also, you can determine the subscriptions that are worth keeping so that you can spend your time in leisure too.

Altogether, you are in charge of life and if you can cut off additional subscriptions, you can save good money from it.

15. Get a Part-time Job

Part-time Job

Moving ahead in the best frugal living tips, getting a part-time job is one brilliant one. One of the best ways to accelerate your savings is by choosing a part-time job. With a part-time job, you can enhance your savings to some good extent.

In the midst to research a job, you can look for the job in an online or offline way. Most importantly, you can browse for different online jobs and see for which jobs you are capable for.

On the other hand, you can even search for plenty of more creative ways to work for other companies.

If you can do a part-time job constantly, you can save plenty of money for the future and use that money for further uses.

16. Pay each of your debt

Pay each of your debt

Talking about yet other frugal living tips, paying off your debt is one of the best ones. In this scenario, you will have to note down on the debts you are yet to pay.

Here, you must make it a priority to clear off your debts as early as possible. On top of that, if you can pay your debts as early as possible, you can then have a clear mind to invest money and earn from the same.

Along with all those, you can break free from financial constraints and then make massive money in the ahead future.

17. Downsize

Yes, if you are someone who dreams of living a lavish lifestyle, you got to have that much of money. On the other hand, if you don’t have that much money, downsize is the number one thing you can do without an issue.

For example, if you are living at a space whose rent is peak high, you can shift to a smaller space. With a large space, you are paying for more rent where you can use that money for other useful kinds of stuff.

On the other hand, if you can shift to a smaller apartment, you can save plenty of money on the same.

Therefore, it’s always useful to downsize living space to the ones where you can afford it. With this, you will not have any extra burden to spend more and you will save more money from the same.

18. Determine the things you don’t need

As humans, we have the tendency to buy different things we don’t need. Yes, all of us do those things and if you can analyze on the stuff you don’t need, you can save hefty money on the same.

In this scenario, you can make a note of things you don’t necessarily need. These things can range from different items ranging from eating, furniture, clothing, and other appliances.

Here, you can make use of different online websites that pay you to sell. In this case, you can sell all your used stuff and make good money out of them.

Although things take time and if you can potentially learn to differentiate between the things. You are then free-minded and all-time ready to save money in every possible situation.

Benefits of Frugal Living

Benefits of Frugal Living

First of all, the truest benefit of living a frugal life is that it will make way for you towards financial freedom. With a Frugal life, you will have total control over your behaviour and with this, you can control on the stuffs you effectively buy.

After which, you will spend less on the stuff you don’t need, more on the stuff you need and can potentially enhance your savings.

You can even have the chance to invest your saved money into assets that will grow over time. One of the prime example of such money growing asset is the stock market. Every single day, you can invest in stock market and learn the basics.

Once you become a master in that thing, then you can potentially go ahead and earn massive money from the same.

Also, every single time you will make a choice to spend money, you get to think what matters you the most.

Then, you constantly buy those things you need and save money in the background.

Maybe you can save funds aside for your future choices or invest those into assets. Altogether, frugal living is the thing plenty of millionaires live even today and are benefited from time to time.

Further, if you are on the verge of retirement, following the frugal living life can actually save you tons of money in the process.

How you can start living a Frugal Life?

If you are someone who hasn’t attempted to live a frugal life, you are missing out on major things. Yes, frugal living tips are the necessity of each of our lives and at the start, you may find it difficult to live a frugal life.

There will be cravings along with the challenges that will come your way. However, you don’t have to be afraid and take the first step towards frugal living.

It may seem difficult at the start for you but the moment you try different frugal living tactics, things will get better for you.

In this case, you can begin by spending less on the items you don’t necessarily need. This is one of the biggest mistakes where tons of people do the same.

On the other hand, you can save plenty of money on the meals you make. Here, you can try to make meals in advance. This will gradually help you to lower down food cost to considerable extents.

However, in the process to live a frugal lifestyle, you don’t have to do it in an overly basis. Everything has their limits and if you can manage frugal lifestyle, you will go much farther in life.

Also, sometimes, you can spend a bit more without thinking much. As humans, we want new things and if you are buying those on an occasional basis, that’s pretty good.

Therefore, if you are willing to start living a frugal life, you can begin by laying out different strategies. Also, you can even follow the above tips that are all proven and can help you live a life, without much stress.

Final Word of Mouth: Frugal Living Tips

Well, coming right at the concluding phase of the article, you must have got the best frugal living tips.

Indeed, from my end, I have put in a lot of research in each of the above ways. On top of that, every single way is a proven one and you don’t have to do much in this case.

Also, if you ever think that living frugally is hard, you can try it on your own. At the start, there will be tons of issues which will come your way. Still, if you can manage to deal with the issue and think logically, you will understand things.

Among frugal living, the thing that draws the line is the stuff you need versus the ones you don’t need.

Yes, this clearly creates the line of difference where if you can learn to control your desires, you can go a long way.

Additionally, right now, all you can do is to follow each of the above frugal living tips. Thereafter, follow them and you will see your life prosper in every single way. s

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