Freelance Writer Jobs for Beginners: TOP 17 Writing Jobs [2021 Updated]

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Well, in a world of websites growing at a rapid scale, the need of freelance writers is increasing at an extensive rate. In this scenario, almost every other website is eager to hire writers and if you have the skill to write good content, you can make good money from this work. Further, I have got you the best freelance writer jobs for beginners that can help you get good jobs.

Going ahead to be a good writer, you will have to acquire skills and read content to get more information. Additionally, you can read blogs of the top writers that will give you more insights about content writing.

Hence, if you are someone who enjoys writing and wants to make money as a writer, given below are some good jobs.

Let’s go ahead and unwrap some of the best jobs, one by one.

Best Places to find freelance writer jobs for beginners

After an immense series of research, I have compiled the best writing jobs that can help you make good money.

Therefore, without wasting time, let’s go ahead and discover each of the jobs.

1. iWriter

Speaking about one of the best sites to offer writing jobs is the iWriter. Yes, this site offers the best of all freelance writer jobs for beginners where the applying process is simple.

First of all, you will need to sign in and complete a small test to write articles.

Thereafter, the platform will test your skills and if they find you eligible enough, then you can work for the company and generate good cash.

Further, the company even offers a rating system where you can make more money with the Elite Plus writer plan.

Also, with the Standard writer plan, you can make decent money but if you want to make massive ones, you got to be in the top elite list.

In this scenario, most of the things depend upon your skills and expertise. As and when you climb up the writing ladder, you will become an Elite Plus Writer. After this, you can complete higher-priced projects and make good money for yourself.

However, if you want to become the elite level writer, you will have to prove yourself.

Once you have shown your skills, the platform will promote you and with this, you can start your journey to become a good writer in the long term.

2. Upwork

Secondly, another freelance writer job for beginners is none other than Upwork. Yes, the company has been standing for plenty of years and is offering plenty of jobs for freelance writers.

Now, in Upwork, you will first have to get yourself approved. In this scenario, make sure to fill all the details accurately and once you have done that, then the approval process will take a few days.

As and when your account is approved, then you can see the jobs dashboard. Right in the jobs dashboard, you can explore different writing jobs. In this scenario, you will find mixed writing jobs from different clients.

In this case, you can simply look for the jobs you will like the most comfortable. Once you have jotted down some jobs, you can then apply for each of them.

Coming down to your proposal, you must define your payment rates and even include the information that your employer is searching for.

On the other hand, the requester has the power to review each of the bids and if you are eligible enough, you can get a message of interviewing.

Once you have passed the interview, then you can start working on the project.

Now, each of the beginner freelancers will find it tough to work on this platform at the start. Yes, there are different things that you to take into consideration before starting the work.

On the other hand, if you want to improve your skillset, the company even delivers various skill sets that you can take.

After this, you will enhance your skills and this will open more doors of opportunities on Upwork for you.

3. BloggingPro

Moving ahead to find the best freelance writer jobs for beginners, BloggingPro is another good company. On this website, you have the freedom to blog on almost any topic of your choice. Yes, there are no restrictions and you can freely write and submit contents, with no sorts of stress.

Plus, there are different employers on the website that are looking for people who can write on a wide array of topics.

Here, you can look for different jobs by the use of categories, and the moment you find a job of your choice, then you can go ahead and send an application.

Further, you can even go ahead and browse jobs of different categories. Here, you got to choose the jobs that match your skills.

After you have chosen a particular job, then you can send an application for the same. There will be employers who will ask for previous work references too. Hence, you can offer them your past work and hope for the best.

Further, you must understand that there is no sort of membership for this site. Therefore, you will have to deal with the employers on your own.

In this scenario, you will have to make sure that each employer is delivering the payments on time.

Hence, these things will take some time where you got to understand each of the things in deep.

Then, you can go ahead and work on BloggingPro to make money with your freelance writing jobs.

4. Flexjobs

For every single freelance writer who wants to make money with freelance writing, Flexjobs is a good platform. Yes, with this platform, you can work effortlessly to accomplish your writing goals and make good money.

Speaking about the job listing options, the company covers some of the best options where you can choose between the part-time and full-time freelance career options.

Additionally, each of the jobs screened to ensure that there is no sort of a scam and you are getting paid for the work done.

Now, when it comes to joining the site, it’s done on a subscription basis where you got to pay a subscription to work.

Here, you can pay a subscription on a monthly, quarterly or even yearly basis to get started with the work.

Plus, in order to view different jobs, you will have to be an active member. However, there will be tons of jobs available and if you want to choose your type of job, you got to search the same.

Then, you can easily go ahead, and look for the jobs you like the most comfortable and profitable.

After this, you can go ahead, apply for such jobs, and do your writing work to an absolute level of perfection.

5. Freelancer

Indeed, if you are looking for another one of the best freelance writer jobs for beginners platform, Freelancer is a prominent one.

Yes, this platform is a good one for every other freelancer who wants to establish themselves in the online market. Now, to apply on this platform, you will have to make your profile first.

Make sure to include your best writing samples that can potentially help you to get good projects.

Next, the platform offers different sorts of membership plans. Hence, initially, you can start with the free plan, and then you can go ahead and purchase the paid plans.

Coming down to different projects available on Freelancer, they vary depending upon different factors.

Therefore, you will come across projects that run for days and the ones that run for months. In this scenario, it all depends on your level of expertise which type of project you are capable of doing.

However, one thing you must know is that you will not get work right from the start. As a beginner freelancer, you will first have to understand the working

Then, as and when you will gain experience, then you can begin attracting clients and you can start work, with no issue.


Founded back in the year 19987, is one of the largest journalism job sources. There are plenty of top companies that make use of this site which shows the importance.

Going into the job dashboard, you can easily create your account, upload a resume, and even subscribe to different categories.

Speaking about the job listings, they include radio, television, digital media, technology, financial, and many more.

Now, in whichever category you find that you can offer freelance writing services, you can apply for the same.

Still, in this case, you got to be extra careful, read all the eligibility criteria, and then apply.

7. Guru

Well, among the top class freelance writer jobs for beginners, Guru is a platform worth noting. Here, creating your profile is one of the most simplest ones and you can easily go ahead and fill up your basic information.

Plus, you can write down the freelance services you are willing to offer. Then, the employers will search for specific services and if they like your profile, then can contact you for further communication.

Further, you can even go ahead and search for the jobs available online. Then, right on Guru, you can apply for those jobs, without many issues.

Additionally, if you are eager to showcase your previous work, the site makes it super easy in this case. Here, you can easily make your portfolio and show your work in front of the global audience.

Also, Guru even offers job matches on a daily basis that can make it easier for you to apply for different jobs.

For beginners, Guru is certainly one of the best platforms where you will get quality clients. All you need here is patience and if you can find the best of jobs, then you can complete them and make right from Guru itself.

8. ProBlogger

For the people who are looking for quality freelance writer jobs for beginners, ProBlogger is one of the best platforms out there. Yes, this platform offers premium class writing work from where you can choose the ones that suit your needs.

Plus, each of the jobs at ProBlogger is screened where you got to make sure you are offering good writing.

There are no sorts of sign up process in this case and you don’t have to create your profile too. All you need is to find a job in your category and apply for that job, as soon as possible.

Well, jobs are plenty on this platform and all depends on your level of understanding. Here, you can choose which type of jobs you like to have and then apply to those ones.

Another thing you must note is that the competition here is fierce. With this, you will have to apply for the jobs, as quickly as possible.

Also, in applying, make sure to deliver your best samples that can compel the employers to hire you.

Additionally, another wonderful feature of ProBlogger is that it offers good resources for bloggers. Using the resources, bloggers can improve their blog in plenty of ways.

Plus, you can even go ahead, share your experiences, and promote your writing. Without a doubt, ProBlogger is one of the best platforms every single aspiring blogger.

9. SimplyHired

On a precise note, SimplyHired is a job listing platform that offers jobs for people in different fields. Yes, in this scenario, they offer good jobs for freelance writers where you got to look for your type of jobs.

Aside from the USA, the portal offers the privilege to find jobs in other countries too.

Now, to search for the listing, there is no need for you to become a member. Here, you can do a search using keyword, location and you will get different results.

Among different job results available, you got to choose the ones you find the most comfortable.

After which, you can easily ahead and apply for those jobs, with no sorts of issue. On the other hand, you can take these things a step ahead. In this scenario, you can sign up and create your own job profile. Yes, with this, you will get an edge over the competition and you can also showcase your portfolio.

By creating your profile, you will get almost all of the job updates, alerts, and many more. This can make it easier for you to apply for those jobs and work for companies.

10. Constant Content

If you are willing to join a completely content writing platform, Constant Content is the true one. Yes, on this website, you can register for free as a freelance writer. Quite carefully, you can fill all the information and include the best of your writing work.

On such platforms, portfolio plays quite an essential role and if you can include top-class contents, you will find no issue in such a scenario.

Now, going ahead, you will see different categories where you can find different writing jobs.

For registering as a writer, you can easily create your profile and check the list of skills you tick.

Indeed, for freelance beginner writers, you will find it tough to apply on this platform. But, if you can grind hard, you will come across a way where you will get job offers.

Once your account get’s approved, then you can simply start writing in the best possible way.

11. Textbroker

Among the best freelance writer jobs for beginners, Textbroker is another good website that offers writing jobs. Here, you can start off with a fee registration and verify your USA citizenship.

Then, you will have to submit your writing sample which will help them rate your writing. After this, you can go ahead and complete your writer profile.

In order to get work here, you can try one of the three ways. First, you can begin with an open order that comes on the first come first serve basis.

With this, you will be included among the team of writers from where you can work with them.

On the other hand, clients can send you to work directly for completion. But, for this thing to happen, you will have to elevate your writing and become a master in this scenario.

As a beginner writer, you can begin with a first come first serve basis. For this, you will have to remain active on this platform and make sure to grab writing work and do it with perfection.

12. Craigslist

Yes, yet another freelance writing platform and Craigslist will come into the spotlight. With this platform, you can find some of the best freelance writing jobs from all over the world.

However, you must note that the jobs listed on Craigslist aren’t verified. But, that doesn’t mean that you cannot find good freelance writing jobs here.

Just make sure to analyze the work offered by each client. Also, you can even fix the payment scenario and the days on which you want payment.

Well, the whole work of Craigslist is to offer you freelance writing jobs. Thereafter, most of the things depend upon you and the client you are working with.

To start off with Craigslist, you can include the necessary keywords and start searching for the jobs.

At the start, you may face some issues with clients and payments. But, if you can stick to this platform, then you will understand the entire thing and with this, you can grab better writing work with more security.

13. Freelance writing jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs is yet another exclusive platform for every single freelance writer. Yes, if you are searching for a platform that is solely driven for freelance writing work, the freelance writing jobs is the one.

Here, you can easily search for your best writing jobs from different categories, locations, and many more things.

However, from your end, you will have to see which are genuine clients and the ones who are not.

Further, while reaching out to different clients, you can showcase your portfolio. In this scenario, you will get an edge over the competition where you can then attract plenty of more clients.

14. Genuine Jobs

One of the most and best freelance websites, genuine jobs is a gem of a choice. Right after visiting their homepage, you can tap on “Apply Now” and you will be taken straight to the landing page.

Then, you can see all of the freelance jobs on the home page. Now, you will have to search for freelance writing jobs from them and apply on them.

In this scenario, you got to browse until you get access to some good jobs. Once you have got some jobs, then you can easily go ahead and apply to each of them.

Plus, you can even make use of keywords and search for freelance writing jobs. Yes, in this scenario, you don’t have to pay anything in searching for freelance writing jobs.

All you can do is to pay keen attention to every single writing jobs. From that, you can choose some quality ones and apply them on those, with no sorts of issues.

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15. iFreelance

Now, if you are someone who can pay for freelance writing, iFreelance is a brilliant platform. Yes, with iFreelance platform, you will first have to pay a monthly fee. Once you have done that, then you can start creating your profile. In the midst of creating your profile, you must include your top-class writing work on the first and foremost basis.

Then, once you have created your profile, then you can go ahead and bid on different projects. Or else, even the employer can contact you directly which is another good thing.

Plus, one thing you must note is that the platform doesn’t charge any money for commissions. With this, you will get all the money for your work you will do for the clients.

Therefore, in this scenario, your only cost will be the monthly fee. Additionally, on iFreelance, every single project is screened where you will only get genuine projects.


At, you will have to pass 4 steps to get started. In this case, you will have to fill an online application to get registered. Yes, then, you can take grammar along with formatting and then the short essay test.

Thereafter, you will have to upload your higher-level education or even any certificates that you have. Plus, you must note that there is no sort of registration fee which is a good thing.

However, you must note that this platform is a competitive one and you will have to up your skills to get projects.

As a beginner freelance writer, hurdles will; come your way but once you have gone across those, then you will get good freelance writing jobs.

17. Writer Access

Speaking about the last and one of the best freelance writer jobs for beginners, Writer Access is a brilliant one. Yes, with this platform, you can work for this company and complete different freelance writing assignments for them.

For the people who are eager to order content, Writer Access as a company can do the job with no sorts of issues.

Yes, the company has got tons of writers and if you can crack the deal, you can join that experienced team of writers.

Also, like other types of freelance writing platforms, you will have to go through an assessment test. This will help the company to access your writing skills.

Once you will reach a certain level, then you can go ahead and increase your pricing.

Overall, the process is quick, easy and you are allowed to keep 70% of the total income. Well, this is amazing as you can make a good amount of money from this work.

Also, as a beginner writer, the company has made the process simpler for you to understand.

As and when you will complete different projects, then you can charge your wishful price and get the work done, as quickly as possible.

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Final Word of Mouth

Well, for every aspiring writer, the best freelance writer jobs for beginners are right above. Yes, there are people who have the true flair of writing and with the above writing jobs, you will not feel short of work.

But, as a beginner, you will first have to enhance your writing skills. In this scenario, the first thing you can do is to read blogs as much as possible.

Yes, as and when you will read blogs, you will get the true knowledge about writing.

Also, at the start, you can work for free in order to build your portfolio. In this scenario, you can start offering clients your expertise with no cost.

As and when you feel like you can write, then you can then go ahead and apply on the above platforms.

Make sure to keep your portfolio as good as possible. If you have a solid portfolio, you can easily land good writing work, with no sorts of issues.

On top of that, you must also know that not each of the freelance writing jobs is a good one. In this case, there can be scammers who will try their best to steal off your work.

In this case, before applying for any job, you will have to be careful in every single way. Here, you can analyze each client and fix a deadline and assurance for the pay.

In most cases, you can take payments in advance to avoid any sorts of future issues.

Once that is done, then you can easily go ahead and start working for that client in the best possible way.

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