Best Freelance Editing Jobs: TOP Editing Jobs for Freelancers [2021]

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Indeed, we are moving into the digital world and the need of people with online skills is becoming a necessity. Among different online skills, freelance editing jobs is the one skill that is in major demand.

Every single year, tons of websites are opening and with this, they all need writers along with those freelance editors. Yes, the work of a freelance editor is a steep one where you got to check each of the things in articles. Here, you will have to rectify different errors and make sure that the article is complete without any errors.

Yes, no matter how good your article is, if you have grammar or even spelling mistakes, all those things will go in vain if you don’t proofread the articles.

Especially, in today’s modern data world, it’s all content-driven and if you can produce quality content, you don’t have to do much.

Now, with much of the hype and popular demands, there are tons of proofreading jobs available. So, if you are someone who has got an eagle eye to catch one of the best jobs, you have come to the right place.

Below, you can find the best of all freelance editing jobs. Yes, the jobs match and fit almost every other person so that you don’t have to think much.

Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unwrap the best Freelance Editing Jobs, one by one.

Freelance Editing Jobs: What is Proofreading?


In an attempt to keep all of the things in simple words, Proofreading is to look for and mark grammar, punctuation, spelling formatting errors, and tons of such things in documents.

This is the last step of the editing process where you can then easily go ahead and submit your documents.

Now, as an editor, you got to see that the document you are editing is free from any sort of errors. Yes, this is a thing you got to pay into deep consideration.

Further, you also have to add or delete sentences, rearrange words, paragraphs, sentences, and do many more things.

Now, that you have got a basic idea of what proofreading is about, let’s go ahead and unwrap different freelance editing jobs.

Freelance Editing Jobs: Websites that Offer Such Jobs

Freelance Writing

Indeed, we are living in a digital age and in this scenario, ample of websites have come up offering freelance editing jobs.

Whether you are willing to become a freelance editor or want to start your own agency, you got to start from somewhere.

In such a scenario I have got you some of the very best websites that offer good freelance editing jobs for beginners and advanced.

Freelance Platforms for finding Online Gigs

Well, if you are a freelancer, given below are some of the very best places where you can find some quality freelance gigs.


Talking about the very first website will bring Upwork into the spotlight. Yes, it’s a freelance platform that offers different types of freelance jobs.

In this scenario, whether you are a beginner or an advanced level person, it doesn’t really matter.

Here, you will get a chance to find quality editing freelance jobs. All you need here is to first make your account.

Yes, you got to fill in the details and even get verified by Upwork.

Then, you can see different jobs and bids on the ones that seem good for you.

From the employer’s end, they will shortlist and see which of the candidates are eligible for their job.

If you have got the skills that match their expertise, then chances are pretty high that you will land those jobs.

Altogether, the interface of the Upwork website is pretty simple and you will not face any of the issues in this scenario.

All you can do is to create an account with Upwork, apply for the jobs, and hope for the very best.


Moving ahead in the second-best freelance editing jobs website Fiverr is the one that is the best of all. In this case, this is among the top class website that offers quality work to the people who are capable of doing the same.

Here, you will have to create your profile and showcase your skills. On top of that, you will have to create gigs with which you can attract clients.

Indeed, Fiverr doesn’t offer any sort of bidding system and all you need is to make your gigs as valuable as possible.

Then, the clients will contact you and all you can do is talk with them and bag orders for your gig.


Indeed, among the top-class freelance editing jobs offering companies, FlexJobs is yet another valuable website.

As the name suggests, this is the place where you can find some of the very best flexible work from home jobs.

This is like the job board where you can look for the special section where tons of freelance editing jobs are available.

Also, the best thing here is that you can find jobs based on your location.

Here, all you need is to easily create your account on the Flexjobs website, log in and look for suitable jobs.

Indeed, in this scenario, you can first go ahead and create your account on this website. Then, you can enter each of your essential details and after approval, you can log in to the system, without an issue.

After which, you can take a look at different freelance editing jobs. You can then apply for different jobs and hope that you land with some of the best editing jobs.

Yes, it will take time for you to land up a good job. Once you have landed up a good job, then you can go ahead and grab the best of all, without an issue.

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Craigslist is one of the best American Websites that is dedicated solely for the classifieds. Yes, it offers different sections where you are free to find the jobs as per your needs. Here, you can find jobs of your kind.

Plus, this is one of those valuable places where you can start getting clients for different freelance editing jobs.

Additionally, you can find different sorts of opportunities such as finding the full time or even part-time jobs.

Also, if you are someone who lives in America, you are free to search for freelance editing jobs on Craigslist.

If you can research in a keener way, chances are pretty high that you will land up with one of the best jobs.


Yes, whenever we are speaking about a business-oriented platform, LinkedIn is the one that comes to my mind.

Currently, millions of people are on LinkedIn and here you can find almost any kind of job as per your liking.

In this case, LinkedIn gives you the option to segregate jobs as per your liking. Right on to the filter, you can put freelance and then start searching for jobs based on the same.

Also, make sure to look for jobs on the basis of your qualification. Here, you can filter out different jobs and see the ones beneficial for you.

Then, you can go ahead and apply for those jobs.

Further, on Linkedin, it might take a good amount of time for you to look for the best of jobs.

In this scenario, you can ahead and filter out the job profiles as per your liking. Once you have done that, then you can apply for those job profiles.

Yes, if your profile matches the expectations of the employer, you will land up some of the best jobs, without an issue.

In terms of the next freelance editing jobs websites, Guru is the one that is worthy enough. Yes, it’s different from other freelance online portals but offers one of the best freelance jobs.

Here, different companies find freelance workers for commission-based rates. Therefore, whether you are a beginner or advanced, you can work with clients in that fashion.

Plus, whether you are a beginner or advanced level person, you can grab some of the best opportunities in this scenario.

All you can do is to log in to their website and look for the proofreading jobs as per your liking. Here, you can look at the jobs as per your preference and once you find those jobs, then you can apply on them.

Yes, among finding different jobs, it will take some amount of time. But, if you are on the right track and looking for some good jobs, you can land up some brilliant jobs.

You can simply make your account on and then go ahead to find the jobs as per your liking and preferences.

Companies that are Hiring Freelance editors

Best Freelance Editing Jobs

Indeed, other than the websites that offer jobs, you can even grab some of the best companies. Given below are some of the best proofreading and editing companies that offer some of the best jobs for editors.

Polished Paper

Among the best and top-class companies that offer freelance editing jobs, Polished paper is a better one.

This is a professional editing and proofreading company that operates in North America, Sydney, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, and even London.

Now, the company keenly looks for editors along with proofreaders who have got exceptional command over the English language.

Also, you must have expertise in some of such fields where if you know to perform proofreading along with editing, you can land some of the best jobs.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you have a degree in anything, you can still join the company and make a good amount of revenue.

Now, if you are eager to join the company, you can register and then upload the resume right on Polished paper.

Then, it will take a period of 35 minutes after which you will know if you are qualified for that job profile or not.

If you are capable enough for the job, chances are pretty high that you will land up a much higher paying job, without an issue.

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Additionally, they have ample of freelance opportunities for the people who deserve this post.

Hence, if you want to get yourself selected for the company, you will have to be that much experienced.

Once you crack such jobs, the road ahead for you will be much better and bigger.

Also, the company does keep 20 minutes of online tests if you have the will to join them. Once you will join the company, then you are free to go ahead and do your job and grab a good sum of money, in a long time.


Yes, if you are searching for the best of all freelance editing jobs, you can opt for the Scribendi company.

In terms of job positions, the company offers job roles for freelancing along with people who want to apply for their full-time positions.

Also, you must know that the company looks for a bachelor’s degree along with a good amount of experience in the candidates.

The company also expects that users must have a good amount of experience in editing or proofreading.

Yes, the company offers a stringent approach of segregating and if you are capable enough, they will hire you for the work.

In this case, if you are good at editing, you have the opportunity to earn anywhere between $15 to $20 for each hour. With this, you will have to apply and send the resume along with a cover letter to their professional email.


If you are someone who has got massive experience in editing or proofreading, the WordVice company can be the right fit for you.

Yes, the company is looking for editors that have got a massive amount of experience. Plus, you must have an advanced degree if you want to get a job at WordVice.

Plus, they even expect candidates for having a decent amount of knowledge. Also, another thing you must note is that this is a remote position and you will get guaranteed flexibility and freedom.

Further, you got to submit your resume, complete the sample test, and then you will get hired. Also, you are allowed to include the pay rate in an application for the company to evaluate you before hiring.


If you are searching for an American based company, Lionbridge is the one which is one of the better companies.

Yes, this is an American based localization AI data service company that offers jobs in tons of categories.

For the people looking for freelance editing jobs, Lionbridge can be a much better company for you.

Now, if you are a beginner, this company can be a boon for you in tons of different ways. Similarly, you can find some of the best proofreading jobs to suit your needs.

Here, the place is a brilliant one for beginners who are willing to start off with their journey.

No matter in which part of the globe you are residing, you are free to search for online proofreading jobs in this scenario.

Also, as per different Glassdoor reviews, the average salary of an editor at Lionbridge can be around $46978 per annum.

Therefore, for this type of a job, you got to be extremely talented and if you have the skills, then you can easily go ahead and opt for the best freelance editing jobs.

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If you are willing to work as an independent contractor to work from home, you can choose Gramlee without an issue.

Yes, in this scenario, you are free to submit your application by visiting their official website.

In this scenario, they charge $0.02 per word from the clients. With this, if you are someone who is slightly more experienced, then you can stand a chance to grab much higher pay work.


SmartBrief is another one of the best freelance editing jobs company which focuses on the business news. Yes, they hire work from home proofreaders along with editors who have got the true amount of experience.

Though the company has very rare job openings and you got to take each of the job as per your liking.

In this case, you will have to find which are those job profiles that are the best as per your convenience.

In terms of the pay, the company pays $15 for each hour which is a much better thing. Hence, you got to be extra careful in such things and then you can decide on things based on your convenience.

Final Word of Mouth: Freelance editing jobs

Yes, the top-class freelance editing jobs are all here and you don’t have to do much. Before you can choose any of the editing jobs, you got to be prepared to perform editing for different companies.

In such a scenario, you can either study from Google or you can opt for different courses available online.

Here, at the start, you may face some sort of difficulties. But, as and when you go ahead, then you can opt for some of the very best freelance editing jobs.

Now, among each of the jobs platforms given above, some of them are based on bidding while others are companies.

In this case, you have the choice and option to choose the best of all freelance editing jobs. Then, once you have got the experience, then you can simply go ahead and search for much better jobs.

Eventually, things take time and if you can grab some better jobs, you can increase your revenue to some better extent.


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