Free SEO Tools: TOP 19 Zero Cost Tools in SEO [2021 Updated]

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We live in a world where technology over the internet has been revolutionized to some good extent. Yes, currently, each of the companies are expanding in an online space and is offering better and free SEO tools. In such a scenario, you can find better SEO tools over the internet.

Yes, I have done an immense series of research to bring you quality and better SEO tools. Hence, in such a case, you can explore the article and uncover some of the real best tools for SEO.

TOP Free SEO Tools

Currently, there are over hundreds of free SEO tools that you can find in the online market. But, not each of those SEO tools can be worthy for you.

Let’s go through a list of some great free SEO tools for you.

  1. Bing Webmaster Tools

free seo tools

Starting up with the first Webmaster tool, Bing Webmaster is the one that’s a better tool. Yes, it’s available for free and you can track your website performance using this good tool.

It comes with a complete suite of Analytics that can help you track your website performance, to some good extent.

Plus, it offers keyword reports, research for the keywords, and many more data.

Therefore, you can easily make use of the Bing Webmaster tools and analyze your website, to the best possible extent.

  1. Data Studio

free seo tools

Going ahead towards the second-best free SEO tools, Data Studio is the one that’s worthy from every angle. Here, if you have the need to merge data from divergent sources and share the same, then Data Studio is a worthy tool for you.

For each of the ideal SEO tasks and dashboards, Data Studio as a tool does the job pretty brilliantly.

  1. Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations

Going ahead towards the free SEO tools, enhanced Google Analytics Annotations can be of some benefit for you. Yes, if you are eager to know the dip or the rise in your website or even blog traffic, you can make use of the Google Analytics annotations.

This is one of the highest-rated Google Chrome plugins that you can use without spending for anything.

With this procedure, you can easily send each of the screenshots to clients and let them know the impact of traffic.

  1. Google Analytics

free seo tools

Moving forward towards another free and useful SEO tool, Google Analytics is the one that’s above everything. Yes, this tool is helpful in almost each of the scenarios for the website.

Here, you can use this tool to know each of the information regarding your website. Here, you can know which are those websites performing well or the ones that are performing on average.

Additionally, Google Analytics can even help you read the data, and then you can improve articles by seeing at the rankings.

Also, if you learn Google Analytics to the core, then you have a greater chance to study the data and make your website rank a lot higher.

  1. Search Console

search console

If there is one good free SEO tool available in the market currently, it has to be the Google Search Console. As soon as you will open the dashboard of Search Console, you can visualize different opportunities.

In this section, if you can analyze the data and understand how things work, then you have a greater chance that you can rank your articles higher.

Plus, it’s one of the most reliable Google search engine companions available in the online space.

Here, you can get one of the best and reliable sorts of data and you can import each data, as you like.

Also, you can import as many rows as you want as per your convenience.

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  1. Keyword Hero

If you are someone who needs to get more data about different keywords, Keyword Hero is the tool that can help you tons.

In such a scenario, you can use their advanced-level keyword research and discover the keywords that are worthy for you.

However, one thing you got to know is that since Keyword Hero is not a perfect system, you may see flaws here and there.

On the other hand, for the people who are struggling to find different keywords, then you can use the Keyword Hero tool in this instance.

Yes, it can take you time to find out the perfect keywords with the tool. Once you got the same, then you can use this tool and research for the keywords, as per your likings.

  1. MozCast

If we think about the original Google tracker, MozCast is the one that’s most beneficial in this scenario. Yes, with the help of this good tool, you can track each of the SERP rankings on an accurate basis.

There is no hit and trial here where the platform does show users an accurate form of data.

Additionally, another useful thing is that the tool does show different chances of improvement.

Keeping such things into consideration, MozCast is among those powerful free SEO tools that can help you with SERP results, on an instant basis.

  1. Beam Us Up

If you are in search of a free and good Desktop crawler, then the Beam Us Up tool can help you tons. Yes, with the help of this great tool, you can find out the potential SEO problems that is disrupting your overall experience.

Thereafter, you can solve each of those issues and make your website SEO, a lot sleek and faster.

  1. Link Redirect Trace

Moving forward towards other free SEO tools, Link redirect trace is a wonderful option. It’s a free Google Chrome extension and is even recommended by different SEO experts.

Yes, it’s an all in on Link redirect tool that you can use to your SEO advantage. With this tool, you can get different information about the HTTP headers, rel-canonicals, robots.txt, and other types of basic metrics.

Additionally, it even comes with a “Save Screenshot” feature that is beneficial to almost all of the users.

  1. Redirect Path

Quite similar to the Link Redirect Trace, the Redirect Path is another quite useful tool. Yes, it’s a type of nifty tool that you can use to redirect paths along with other types of header information for each URL.

Personally, I have used this extension and it has helped me in tons of different ways.

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  1. Screaming Frog

Moving forward towards other good and Free SEO tools, Screaming Frog is the one that’s one of the most valuable one out there in the market. It’s one of the popular crawlers available today in the market.

Now, you must know that the tool offers a free extension that can help you up to 500 URLs per crawl.

Therefore, initially, you can make use of the free version, and once done with that, then you can try up with the paid version of this app.

  1. SEOlyzer

Indeed, as and when we go through different SEO tools, the SEOlyzer is among those brilliant and better ones.

Here, it’s one of the better and log SEO tools that is even recommended by Aleyda Solis in her podcast.

It’s one of the most brilliant tools which you can use and analyze your website SEO in a lot deeper way.

With the help of this tool, you can get access to different features such as real-time analysis, page categorization, and many more.

Therefore, you can get your hands on this wonderful tool and use the same as per your website benefit.

  1. Answer the Public

Indeed, if there is one of the most popular tools available in the market currently, it has to be Answer the Public. It’s one of those great tools that has been offering immense value to the audiences, free of cost.

Now, in such a scenario, you can easily visit their website and from there onwards you can type in the keyword.

Then, the tool will come up with different variations of those keywords, in an effortless way. Yes, it’s a tool that millions of people use and each of them has been benefited to the core extent.

Altogether, if you are someone who is in need of massive questions along with ideas, then Answer the Public is a tool for you to use, every single instance.

  1. Keyword Explorer


In any case, if you aren’t familiar with the great Moz Keyword Explorer tool, I can tell you that this tool is a pure gem.

Yes, out of all the odds, this is one of those key tools from Moz that you must give a try.

With the help of the Keyword Explorer tool from Moz, you can easily find out the keywords along with their key data.

Here, the tool shows different keywords and even lets you know which are those keywords On top of that, the tool even offers keyword difficulty for each of the keywords. With the help of such things, you can easily find out those keywords that are beneficial for you.

Once you find out those, then you can easily make use of this great tool and perform Keyword research, to the best level extents.

15.Keyword Planner

Going ahead towards other free SEO tools, Keyword Planner is the one that’s better too. This is among those tools that deliver great keyword research from every possible angle.

Here, you can use the Keyword Planner tool and perform Keyword planning as per your liking.

Plus, the tool comes with different useful functions which you can use and analyze keyword data, as per your liking and preferences.

However, in such a case, you will have to be careful with different metrics such as competition, volume, and other more.

Once you have studied the metrics, then you have a greater chance to use Keyword Planner as per your preferences.

  1. Keyword Surfer

Among the key Keyword research tools, Keyword Surfer is another better one in its category. Yes, it’s a powerful tool that you can effortlessly use and find the keywords that can be beneficial for you.

As soon as you will open the interface of Keyword Surfer, you will find the ease of use from every angle.

It’s one of the better types of Chrome extensions that can help you find the keywords, as per your liking.

Hence, even if you are a beginner, you can make use of the Keyword Surfer tool and easily find out the best of all keywords.

Then, you can include those keywords in your website and rank those, without issues.

  1. Ubersuggest

If you know Neil Patel, then you might know the great Ubersuggest tool. Yes, with the help of the Ubersuggest tool, you can find the keywords as per your liking and preferences.

In such a scenario,  exploring the features of Ubersuggest, you can find different types of keyword analytics data, SERP results, and many more.

Additionally, with Ubersuggest, there’s a paid option as well. In such a case, you can initially start with the free option.

Then, once you start with the free option and you like the Ubersuggest tool, then you can go ahead with the Paid Option and research keywords, your way.

  1. Link Explorer

Exploring other different types of SEO tools, Link explorer is among the high-class ones. Yes, this is a tool that is in the SEO business, for plenty of years.

Additionally, with the tool, you can look at the link index, DA along with Backlink checker in the current SEO world.

Yes, this tool is free to use where you can research on keywords, links, find DA/PA, and much more.

With this, you can use this amazing tool and explore links, as per your preferences.

  1. Link Miner

Struggling to find a brilliant Link research free extension, Link Miner is a perfect one. Yes, it’s a free tool that offers brilliant link mining to the best extent.

Plus, you can use the Link Miner tool for finding the broken links on a quicker basis. Also, you can even see the broken link metrics on Google.

Altogether, it’s a simple to use tool which you can use to your advantage and perform link mining to your advantage.

Final Word of Mouth: Free SEO Tools

Going at the ending phase of the article, the best and Free SEO tools are all available right here. Yes, each of the tools are quality ones and you can make use of each of the good tools

Additionally, you can try and test each of the SEO tools. Yes, there can be some tools that will benefit you. And, there will be other tools that won’t benefit.

In such a case, you can use the better tools, perform SEO and rank your website, to the best possible levels.

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