21 Ways To Get Free Gift Cards Right Now [Updated]

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Do you know how to get free gift cards? 

I was wondering why am I paying full price on shopping when I already have multiple options to buy things for free or extremely less prices by using free gift cards. 

What does it feels like having a free Amazon gift card, Cash Back or a free gift card codes of many other stores? Obviously, you will buy things for yourself that you had a wish to buy for many days. Right!

I am going to share with you the most trustable ways to get free gift card for many stores like Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Kohls and many more. 

Ways to Get Free Gift Cards Online and Offline

 You won’t imagine the people who know the free gift card generator/hacks that are actually saving money on shopping and sometimes they buy things for free. 

Benefits of free gift cards.

  • Saves money.
  • Can invest saved money into any asset you would like. 
  • Use it whenever you see a sale on the eCommerce site.
  • Use it while in-stores purchase. 
  • Can buy a gift for your loved one for free or at less budget. And many more.


1. Earn Free Gift Card Code On Doing Daily Task

Earn Free Gift Cards Code

Have you ever thought that your daily activity can bring a free gift card Amazon code every week and month regularly?

Yes, today you can make money on streaming, searching on the web, playing games, shopping online and many more. 

For extra money, answering online surveys can be the best resource of income. Submitting a few surveys a day in spare time is a great idea to make money on the side. 

Join Swagbucks and get multiple options to get free visa gift cards for Starbucks, Netflix, Target and more. You can also transfer the Swagbucks points to PayPal account in the form of cash. 

It’s not compulsory how much time you need to spend. You can work as per your availability whether it’s day or night. You will find many activities as soon as you open the Swagbucks

2. Free Amazon Gift Card 2019

Prizerebel free amazon gift cards

There are online sites that provide free Amazon gift cards to their registered users. I have seen PrizeRebel on the internet and read some of its reviews to check how it actually works. 

I was little impressed with the opportunity that PrizeRebel offers to their users in terms of earning Gift cards and free gift card PayPal money. 

PrizeRebel is free to join with no hidden charges. As soon as you signed up, you will need to set a goal like how much you want to earn. Based on your expected earning, you will start receiving opportunities to make money.

If you want to boost income, then taking online surveys can be the best option for you. 

3. Share Your Opinion

Survey junkie to earn gift cards

Your opinion matters! Share your opinion on Survey Junkie and get rewarded on a daily basis. 

They wanted public opinion on a common product that we use. This will help them to understand what consumer is expecting from the product or company.

You will be rewarded with free Amazon gift card. They do have other gift card options, it depends on which stores are trending. 

You can also ask for cash instead of a gift card reward. Survey Junkie is highly recommended when it comes to earning money from online surveys.  

If you want to make money online, then you should go with it. And yes, Survey Junkie will not make you an overnight millionaire but will help you to earn extra income so that you can pay your bills. 

4. Get Your Friends On Amazon

Many people love Amazon Prime as there are many benefits that they are taking by being a Prime member. 

Now, you can refer a friend on Amazon Prime and earn $5 free gift card Amazon code. We already know that Amazon Prime is helpful. 

Being an Amazon Prime member, you automatically become a prime member that gives preference when you order something from Amazon. 

You will also be rewarded with unlimited Amazon prime video streaming, discounts, and express shipping benefits. 

5. $5 Rewards On Joining MyPoints

Mypoints Gift Card Rewards

Collect MyPoints reward points on shopping or submitting paid surveys and redeem points to PayPal account or use it for your next shopping. 

There are big stores where you can use points such as Amazon, Groupon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, eBay, Macy’s, Home Depot,  Expedia and many more.

MyPoints is known for giving high reward points, promo codes, discounts, cashback and Cash. The best part is that they even reward on shopping. You can collect those points and buy things for free in the future. Make sure that you use it all the time wherever you go for shopping.

I have noticed that many people are taking the interest in such free gift card Apps who helps people in earning it on a regular basis. 

6. Get Free Gift Cards By Reading Emails

Get paid to read emails for Swagbucks from today and start receiving free coupons for home, beauty, groceries, clothes and more. 

Swagbucks has rewarded over Million of user. There are many other tasks you can perform to earn extra free gift cards online through watching videos, playing games, shopping, and online surveys. 

Start working on whatever you feel like working. It’s up to you. Try to use as much time you usually waste in not doing anything. Make use of this time and turn it into money or make it valuable. Do something that rewards you. 

7. LifePoints


Become a member of LifePoints global community and share your view/opinion. Many companies wants to hear what people are thinking about their business. 

Your opinion may turn their product/service into a winner in the market. This will be compensated with the points by the LifePoints. 

Your opinion matters! You can take this as a part-time home job for extra money. You may not find challenges as they only share the brands that are popular and well-known in the market. 

If you are still struggling in earning money, then LifePoints can be your extra source of income from today.

And I cannot deny the fact that regular time spent on this can give you relief in paying your Debt, monthly bills, etc. 

8. PointsPrizes


PointsPrizes offers many polls and exciting prizes. 

You do not need to spend a full day. Just spend a few minutes on a daily poll and also make sure to join their Facebook page. You will receive a notification as soon as they come up with the new offer. 

They also share their ideas through their blogs. Do not forget to participate in the offers to grab giveaways. 

Keep visiting your PointsPrizes account and check whether there is any bonus or giveaways available for you. 

You can also watch videos and get paid to watch advertisements.There are many companies who wants to understand their customers. 

9. Join Panels – Free Gift Card Generator

The panel is something where you share your view and advise them on what should be done. 

Vindale Research will give you an opportunity to join the panel and collect gift cards. 

You will need to login Vindale Research and click on the panel. There are various types of the panel you will be able to see. Just click on apply now for whatever panel that you feel suits you. 

The panel usually takes 5-15 minutes. You will be paid as per the length of the panel. 

There are chances that you will be offered sweepstakes or prize for extra earnings. 

Set your daily points target and fix your time to work on it. Get your money or free gift card code and lower your budgeting problem. 

10. Pinecone Research

Share your ideas on upcoming products and get paid. Pinecone Research deals with the companies who are actually planning to launch a product but before launch, they do a market survey to understand whether people will like it or not. 

You will receive a questionnaire for future products directly to your mailbox. Just give your honest feedback.

This is something interesting. You have been informed of such products that are going to launch and the manufacturer wants your opinion before launching it. 

11. InstaCart (free gift cards no surveys)

Would you like to buy things online and get it delivered in an hour?

Instacart helps people in delivering their food from your favorite stores to your doorstep with a discounted price.

You will also receive exclusive coupons for your next grocery shopping. This app is perfect for the one who wants fresh products every day for cooking etc.

You just need to order online through Instacart. That’s it! 

The more you will buy from instacart, the more coupons and gift card you will collect. This will make your daily shopping cheaper. 

12. Work With Amazon

Wanna do part-time work with Amazon? Join Amazon Mechanical Turk and start doing some tasks that can be done on the computer. 

If you are good at internet research, data validation, identifying pictures or some basic tasks, then this is for you.

There are tasks that need a human intervention that computers can’t do. And keeping this in mind, Amazon has launched a Mturk for the people who can do human jobs for them. 

13. Plastic Gift Card

Plastic Gift Card

As people are getting highly interested in Cashbacks and Free Gift Cards, and based on this interest, Acorns has started spreading Gift card in the plastic form like our Debit/Credit card. 

This is a real time saver as you do not need to keep multiple gift cards for different stores. It makes easier to redeem your points for shopping when you don’t have money at that moment. 

By using Acorns, you can invest your spare change in the stock market. For example; if you purchase for $2.75, then Acorns will debit $3 and invest the remaining $0.25 in the highly researched stock. 

It’s a great app if you want to manage your finance for future planning. Saving a small amount of money every day may result in huge money that eventually help you or become a backup in unfortunate financial crisis. Read full Acorns reviews.

14. Groupon

Groupon Get Gift Cards

This is something all in one gift card, Coupon and discount hub. I was surprised when I saw the end number of options like online shopping, restaurants, Cruise, holidays and more. 

Groupon is what everyone should keep if they are searching for ways to save money. You just need to visit the Groupon and search for what you are looking for. 

You will find many products/services even half the price. Just click and see what are the extra benefits that you can take on sale. 

You can also request a plastic gift card to your doorstep and keep all the points in a single card.

I would recommend you to not go with multiple gift cards. Keep it one and use it for all the type of shopping.

15. Instore Free Gift Cards Instantly

Instore Free Gift Cards Instantly

Do you buy small things daily like juice, water, fruits, burger, etc? 

Shopkick provides such in-store shopping discount facilities. You just need to buy the stuff and scan the bill. You will receive a free visa gift card based on the receipt amount. 

The app is completely user-friendly. You will see all the options on the homepage of the App. 

Moreover, they also provide free gift cards for online shopping. Here, you just need to buy things online, you will receive your point in the app balance. 

My advice is, whenever you buy anything, keep the receipt and scan it when you reach home. 

It’s a 2-minute task. 

16. Cash Rewards

Cash Rewards

If you are willing to avoid cash back points as it finds you confusing, then you can use Drop app which help you in rewarding cash on any purchase you make from Drop. 

If you want to buy anything from your favorite store like Amazon, Walmart or other, then buy it through Drop app. 

Here, you just need to open the app and search for your product. Drop will bring you the best deals available in the stores. If you buy products through Drop app, then you will automatically receive a Cashback. You can later redeem that cash into Gift cards for your next shopping. Though, there may be a catch with free gift cards.

When you buy things through Drop app, they receive the commission. They share that commission with the actual buyer(You). 

This is how you receive the cashback.

17. Topcashback


Topcashback specialized in home & Garden, health & beauty, Electronics, Fashion and many more. 

To get the benefits of free gift card code, simply visit topcashback and click on the gift card. You will find multiple gift card options. 

Select one for which you do shopping regularly. Including gift cards, you also find cashback facilities. 

You are leaving money on the table if you are not taking such benefits.

You may be thinking of over-expenditure from your budget every month, instead, think about how you can get most of your money back. 

18. Get $10 Walmart Free Gift Card/Cashback

We sometimes search for free coupon codes, discounts when we really wanted to buy the expensive product. 

Now, it’s possible to get up to 40% discount from over 2500 stores. You just need to join Ebates and check the list of items on sale. You can buy clothes, groceries, electronics, and many more items.

For example, if you are planning to buy any item on Amazon, then simply open Ebates and find amazon products out there. Use Amazon through Ebates so that they can add cashback to your Ebates account. 

If you forget to redeem cashback, then Ebates will automatically send your cashback money to your Paypal money or by big fat check. You can also refer ebates to your friend and earn $25.

19. My Gift Cards Plus

Do you like buying gift cards for yourself or someone special? MyGiftCardsPlus is a well known online gift card provider like Amazon gift card, Walmart gift card, Kohl’s gift card, Target Gift card, JCPenney gift card, and many more online stores. 

They provide free points whenever you buy a gift card. You can collect those points and redeem them for free gift cards. 

This is for the one who loves gift cards whether it’s for gifting or collecting free points to redeem. 

20. Ibotta App – Free Gift Card App

Ibotta paid over $575,219,289 to its users. Ibotta is known for giving higher cashback and gift cards. 

How to use Ibotta App.

Simply open the app and select find offers. Select the product that you are willing to buy. Visit the store and buy the items. 

Once you reach home or you get free time, take a picture of the receipt and upload it in the ibotta app. 

Ibotta also reads your product buying behavior and brings the best offers of a product that you bought in the past. Read Ibotta review.

21. Swagbucks Chrome Extension to Get Free Gift Cards

Swagbucks has its own chrome extension that will help you to get free gift cards when you search for something on the internet.

Once you add the extension, you will not need to login to Swagbucks anymore. 

You will find different ways to earn free gift cards like shopping, gaming, work from home, and more.

If in case you are searching for clothes. Here, the Swagbucks extension will bring you the name of the store where you can get the same clothes at a lesser rate. There are many other support you will get while using it online. 


It’s important that we should not avoid free gift cards. You will find many ways to get Amazon free gift cards online or many other gift cards that I have just explained to you. But, you may find free gift card scams and you should avoid it.

Now, you know that maybe leaving money on the table by not taking cashback, coupons, gift cards that you own. 

You must use those gift points/card/cash to buy the item to its actual price.

Invest a few minutes of your time and plan your shopping accordingly. Check whether your shopping items are offering maximum cashback/gift card or not. 

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  1. I’ve used Swagbucks and found it to be a pretty quick and easy way to get a amazon gift card. Plus I always save my points and wait until they offer a special deal on amazon cards.


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