Food Delivery Jobs: Top 15 Food Delivery Jobs in 2020 

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Currently, there are tons of people who are looking for the best of all food delivery jobs. Indeed, this gives people an opportunity for side income where they can live their life in a lot better way. 

In today’s world, living has become expensive and when it comes to the USA, the bar has been raised to some good extent. Gone are those days when people used to earn little and lived a better life.

Right now, every person is struggling where if you can get one of those Food Delivery Jobs, things can get a lot better for you. 

Right now, if you are someone who has got a valid driver’s license and you are at least 18 years old, you are ready to make some extra money with food delivery. 

In the present world, as many companies are coming up to deliver food, demand for drivers has increased to exponential heights. Even right now as the Corona scare is everywhere, people are afraid to dine in at restaurants. 

With this, I have done all the research and got for you the best of all Food Delivery Jobs. 

Let’s go ahead and unwrap every single food delivery job, one by one. 

Best Food Delivery Jobs

1. Doordash

Looking at Doordash, this company have enhanced their overall services where they offer $9 to $15 per hour. This is one of the best rates you can get in a food delivery company. 

For new drivers, the signup process is also simple where you can sign up in minutes and start making money as a food delivery partner. 

DoorDash delivery service

After you are done with initial registration as a driver, then you can install the app. Thereafter, you will see different time slots where you can choose which slot you are available. 

On top of that, the company demands that you must be above 18 years old and must have a valid driving license. 

Talking about the Doordash company, it’s among the leading food delivery companies based in San Francisco. 

Well, since its launch in the year 2013, the company has offered jobs to tons of people in the USA. 

The model of Doordash is designed to perfection where they cater to every driver who wants to earn a side income. 

Lastly, the Doordash app offers $500 as a bonus on each referral which is another valuable thing. Read full DoorDash driver review

2. Postmates

Speaking about the best delivery app, Postmates is one good app that is different from other apps. Here, the company has been paying good hourly rates to almost every single driver which is a good thing. 

As per the company, they claim that they pay 100% on each delivery to their drivers. This is one of the best things any company can pay to their drivers. 

Postmates fleet app screenshot

Discovering one of the best Food Delivery Jobs, Postmates doesn’t really ask for any time commitments in the signup process. 

Yes, the signup process is also free where you don’t need to commit to any time bondage. After you have completed the signup process, you can then go ahead and choose the time of your choice. 

If you have a vehicle, you are 18 years old and have a driving license, you can easily work for Postmates. 

Currently, the company is located in San Francisco where they are offering over 2,0000 US cities. This is an incredible achievement from any company where their reach is quite massive. 

Also, the company helps people with their taxes and is working different sorts of non-profit organizations too. Read full Postmates review

3. Grubhub

Speaking about one of the best Food Delivery Jobs will bring Grubhub into the limelight. Yes, it’s one of the most popular delivery services where they have become the top-class delivery company to work for. 

Here, you are eligible to work for Grubhub if you have a vehicle, id, auto insurance along with a Smartphone. 

Plus, for some areas, the company permits biker personnel which is another good thing. Now, when it comes to hourly rates, it is subjected to change as and when with time. 

Further, speaking about this food delivery company, it’s Chicago based where they are famous in online food ordering. 

Here, the company works best to connect restaurants with consumers and makes money in between. 

Therefore, you can easily go ahead, apply for Grubhub, and potentially work for this good delivery company. 

4. Caviar

If you are someone who has a car, bike, truck, or even scooter, the Caviar food delivery company is waiting for you. Yes, its one of the best Food Delivery Jobs in the USA where the signup process with them is absolutely simple. 

In this case, all you can do is to enter your personal details in the signup process and complete the same, as early as possible. 

However, if you want to do a job at Caviar, you will have to show a 2-year experience. If you have got the experience, then you can simply go ahead and apply for the Caviar job. 

Speaking about the company, they have been working for over 8 years and have served tons of clients. 

In terms of the company’s payment method, it works flawlessly to pay the drivers. Yes, they have partnered with the Cash app where drivers can instantly withdraw their income. 

This is another better thing from the company that maintains transparency among the drivers too. 

Altogether, Caviar is one of the best Food Delivery Jobs company where you can go ahead and apply for Caviar, the better way. 

5. Ubereats


On average, Ubereats pay around $8 to $12 which is pretty impressive. Even if you work part-time for Ubereats, you can earn a good amount of money with this company. 

Especially, if you live in the US, Ubereats have been paying pretty well to each of its drivers. 

In this case, you must be above 19 years old where one-year experience as a driver is mandatory with Ubereats. 

After this, you can then go ahead and sign up for Ubereats job. For this, you will have to enter your personal information where you can then complete your sign up process. 

Now, when it comes to the rates offered by Uber Eats, it might be low than it’s competitors. But, the company is a gem to work for where they offer tons of other benefits too. 

They offer some good amount of work for every single driver. Plus, their hourly rates are also flexible where you will not feel under pressure in any case. 

Also, when it comes to payments, the company has done its best to offer quite agile payments. Here, you don’t have to cry for payments where they offer payments from time to time pretty effectively. 

For instance, Uber drivers can cash out payments for up to five times a day. This is one of the best things where you can be paid via Instant Pay. 

Also, in case of a cancelled order, Ubereats offer $5 to their drivers which is another useful thing. 

Hence, seeing the above features, Ubereats is one of the best Food Delivery Jobs companies available right now. 

6. Instacart

Instacart Food delivery

Well, among the best Food Delivery Jobs, if you are looking for a company that pays handsomely, Instacart is a good one. 

Indeed, as a company, they are paying $10 to $25 each month which is a better thing. Plus, if you are someone who is looking to make money while doing that grocery shopping, Instacart is a good company to work for. 

Here, you can sign up with Instacart where you can be a full-time service shopper where you can buy groceries for people and deliver the same at the customer’s doorsteps. 

Altogether, if you are having a vehicle along with a Smartphone, you can register for the company, without issue. 

The reason for this is that people are quite busy where they want their groceries to be delivered to their doorsteps. 

With this, if you can offer them groceries at their doorsteps, things can get much better for you. 

Plus, the app offers tons of features for every driver where each driver can work flawlessly and without any sorts of extra issues.

Check this out:

7. Favor

If you are someone who has a reliable means of transportation, Favor can be one of the best companies for you. 

Here, all you need is a driver’s license, a vehicle, and a smartphone to work with Favor. Plus, the company has been offering some really good incentives for each of its drivers. With this, you can work for Favor, get regular pay, and enjoy the benefits of incentives too. 

Also, the company doesn’t really cut commission from tips where you get around 100% commission from your earnings. 

Additionally, other than just a food delivery app, favor also helps customers in their day to day activities. This includes grocery shopping, dry cleaning, and tons of other things. 

Hence, you can easily make use of the Favor app, work for them, and earn a good amount of money, in the long run. 

8. Saucey

Now, among the best of all Food Delivery Jobs, Saucey is one of the best companies. Here, if you are looking for an evening job, Saucey is a company that can be worth for you. 

In this scenario, you can sign up with Saucey where the signup process is absolutely free of cost. 

However, certain requirements are associated with the company. In this case, you must be 21 years old, must have a vehicle, driving license along with a smartphone. 

Now, speaking about Saucey, it’s a liquor delivery app that operates between midnight and noon. 

Plus, the company offers drivers the privilege to choose their area which is a better thing. With this, drivers can work flawlessly where they also guarantee minimum wage. 

In this case, you can earn a good amount of money with Saucey, in every case. Further, this Food Delivery platform even guarantees drivers with proper pay. 

Therefore, if you are willing to apply for Saucey, you can easily visit their website and apply for the same. 

9. Shipt

Shipt works quite on the similar pattern just like Instakart. 

However, the company working methodology is a lot different where they offer full-time shopping. With this, the company does the grocery shopping and you will get everything delivered right at your doorstep. 

Further, to complete the requirements of Shipt, you must have a driving license, working vehicle and must be 18 years old. 

If you are fulfilling the above requirements, then you can easily go ahead and apply for Shipt food delivery jobs.

For now, Shipt isn’t operating in every state and city but the company is planning to expand in other states and cities. 

Additionally, the company requires the drivers for lifting a minimum of 25 pounds. Hence, if you can do that, and then you can easily work for Shipt Company.

Shipt was founded in 2014 where it was then bought by Target right in the year 2017. 

10. goPuff 

If you’re 21 years old and you have access to a vehicle, goPuff is one of the best food delivery jobs company for you.

Yes, the company is one of the best ones to work with where you don’t need to do much. 

Now, except some of the cozy items such as snacks or drinks, the company does focus on offering essentials straight to the customers. 

Plus, drivers that work with goPuff can effectively choose their own slot which is a good thing for drivers. 

When it comes to payments with goPuff, drivers are given monthly payments where each payment is done into the bank account. 

11. Eaze

If you’re 21 years or older and you have a vehicle along with a smartphone, you can go for Eaze food delivery jobs. 

Yes, the company has proven useful for new drivers where you can earn a good amount of money with Eaze. 

However, with Eaze, you will deliver medical marijuana rather than normal foods. As we speak about California, medical marijuana is legal where you can deliver the same right to different customers. 

You will need to work between 9 am and 10 pm on an hourly basis. On top of that, Eaze offers monthly payments to their drivers. In this case, you will get payments right into your bank accounts. 

On top of that, drivers can keep 100% of their tips which is another best thing of all. 

Hence, if you are ok to serve medical marijuana, you can join Eaze and work with them as a driver. 

12. Deliv

Deliv delivery

If you’ve got a vehicle made in 1998 or later and have a legitimate driver’s license, you’ll work on Deliv. Plus, you must have a one-year driving license and must be able to 50 pounds. 

Therefore, if you are ready to meet the above requirements, you can work with Deliv. 

In some cases, Deliv even runs different background quality checks on drivers. When it comes to earning potential, you can earn some good money with deliv. Plus, in terms of tips from customers, earning can grow to a great extent. 

Deliv basically works by delivering retail items which does include food. Besides the same, the company offers one of the best food delivery jobs for different people who are seeking for a driver’s job. 

13. Whole Foods Market

If you’re looking for the best of all full-time food delivery jobs, Whole food market is one better company. 

However, in order to work for Whole foods market, you must have a driving license, vehicle and must be 18 years old. 

On top of that, while hiring different drivers, the company looks for people that have got past driving experience. 

Prior experience helps them to serve customers in a lot more faster and better way. 

Whole Foods Market is a company that only deals with organic products. Further, they deliver products that are free from artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and hydrogenated fats. 

Currently, the company is in the USA and are thinking to expand their reach to tons of other destinations too.

14. Reinhart Foodservice 

For people who are looking for food delivery jobs as a full-time career, Reinhart is a service you can simply go for. 

Altogether, if you are above 18 years old, have a driving license along with vehicle, Reinhart foodservice can help you in the same.  

Here, the company’s job comes with tons of benefits and special packages for each of their employees. 

Further, for over a period of 50 years, the company has been running and has served tons of drivers with good sustainable jobs. 

Also, the company has paid on time making it one of the best food delivery job outlets in the market. 

15. Amazon Prime Now

First and foremost, to work for Amazon as a delivery partner, you must have a driving license, must be 18 years old and you should possess a vehicle. 

However, when it comes to choosing vehicles, you don’t need any sort of specific vehicle. As long as you have got a license and a vehicle that is running fine, Amazon Prime Company has got no issue with the same.  

Prime now even offers brilliant service for their Prime members where each of the people get same day delivery. This is another fantastic thing for people who decide to opt in for Amazon prime’s subscription package.

Further, other than offering daily wage and minimum wage guarantee, you can also generate money from tips. 

Yes, from every house, you can earn tips where this can help increase your monthly money, without any sorts of issues. 

Eventually, Amazon is one of the biggest companies where if you can stick with Amazon, you can earn good money, periodically with time. 

Final Word of Mouth: Food delivery Jobs

Coming right at the concluding phase of the article, I hope you have got the best of all Food Delivery jobs company. Indeed, each of the company named above is the best of all where you can decide which company you are willing to go for. 

Here, you can get to choose among high pay companies to some good ones that offer freedom to their drivers.

Of course, the likeness of every person will differ where you can easily go ahead and choose food delivery jobs of your choice. 

Still, there are certain things you got to take into consideration where you must be above 18 years old. For some companies, the age bar is 21 years old that you got to take into consideration. 

Plus, you must have a vehicle that you can use for food delivery and must have a driver license. Therefore, before signing up for any company, you must have every single thing in place. 

After which, you can eventually analyse each of the above companies. Quite keenly, you can see which are those companies that can be the best for your work. 

Thereafter, all you can do is to start working for that company. With this, you can earn some good amount of money as a side income, without an issue. 

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